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방탄소년단의 따끈한 챔피언송 인증샷~ 조준~ 발사~💕 방탄과 함께라면 언제나 봄날입니다…👍🏻 다시 한번 방탄소년단의 챔피언송 수상을 축하드립니다^^ 짝짝짝👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

A proof shot of BTS’ hot ‘Champion Song’ (award)~ Aim~ Fire~💕 As long as you’re with BTS, it’s always a spring day…👍🏻 Congratulations once again to BTS on winning ‘Champion Song’^^ Clap clap clap👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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actualprincessmagnusbane  asked:

I'm perpetually out of the loop these days- what's going on with Matt Daddario and a tweet if you don't mined explaining/telling me where I can find one? Thank you =)

haha there’s nothing going on with Matt Daddario and a tweet. Matt Daddario is enjoying himself on a farm with a 100 cows around him. 

but there’s drama around Matt Hasting (The director of the show) and a tweet that he liked, if you go on his twitter and then go into his likes you’ll find it. 

anonymous asked:

"Just stalked his Twitter and it looks like he did a Facebook chat?" - He did an ig live stream (I didn't see it) so theres no video, its gone once its over. But that girl who tweeted that is the ONLY one who has said anything about it so its suspicious. I don't trust anything coming out of anyone from that show but one tweet with zero verification and no one else saying anything? Eh, huge grain of salt.

Of course always lol! There’s no corroboration yet so its just talk right now. 

Time will tell!

What’s in my bag - Larissa “Lardo” Duan (in her senior year)

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