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“Just Look At Me, Round Face.”

As promised… Kacchako (Katsuki x Ochako) fanart for everyone :)


If you guys were wondering..

I always had this in the back of my mind that maybe Kacchan is actually this suave dude when it comes to love stuff, like the kind of person who will straight out admit it when he finally finds out about his own feelings, ..because he knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to show or fight for it. I really think he goes with ‘actions ARE effort’ kind of saying. (But ofc i love Kacchan being jelly and all that)

((had to repost it becuz tumblr is being a mess…))

i had a ton of fun drawing her! got to practice on drawing wings and high-lighting/shading :) hopefully i drew her to your liking c: thank you for letting me draw your oc! ♥


ID #90955

Name: Andreia
Age: 26
Country: Portugal

My name’s Andreia, 26 years of age and from Portugal. I’m currently doing a Masters in Museology, so there’s one thing I like a lot, Museums.

I also like to read, watch movies & series, nature, photography, exploring creativity in different ways and diverse mediums. My mail box is open to pretty much anyone/everyone: it doesn’t matter what age, gender or country or whatever it is you want to talk about (though I can only read and write in english, german and portuguese). I’m really bad at these introductions, as I find it always a bit intimidating to have to “resume” yourself in a few lines. Looking forward to get to know you!

Preferences: No!

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What do you think of Susan returning? Love triangle? No wedding Olicity? They are very sad today. Not true positives for us

Who is “they”? LOL It almost sounds like you meant Olicity. I don’t think they’re sad today. I think they’re shopping for new linens at Bed Bath and Beyond today. But I don’t think that’s what you mean. I think maybe you meant fandom. Yes, I imagine some fans are upset. But most everyone I mingle with over on the Twitters is just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about the whole thing, as they should be.

Here’s what I’d like to know: why does the news that they’re not done with Susan (the phrase “Susan is returning” wasn’t used… just that they’re not entirely done with her yet) automatically mean bad things for Olicity fans? Bad things for people who felt she was mishandled on the show, perhaps. Bad things for people who are beyond tired of watching the show try to justify her existence, sure. But as an Olicity fan… bad things? 

Originally posted by usedpimpa

Pretty sure Susan and Oliver broke up in 5x19. Pretty sure Oliver and Felicity got back together in 5x22. Pretty sure what David said about that Olicity wedding didn’t magically change between yesterday and today. So you’ll have to forgive me for not understanding where this connection is being made. 

Does Oliver love Susan more than he loves Felicity? (Please don’t make me use the comparison pictures, but I will if I have to) Was Susan a consolation prize when Oliver thought he couldn’t have Felicity? Pretty sure yes. Can Oliver have Felicity now? Pretty sure yes. Why is there reason to worry here? 

There isn’t. Now, for everyone else who’s annoyed about Snoozan cuz they found her dull and terrible and all the other reasons I listed up above the gif… I think what Stephen meant in his FB Q&A vid is that we’re gonna see what the show set up with Snoozan play out in season 6. She knows about his Bratva membership. She knows he’s the Green Arrow. Those things were “””conveniently forgotten””” when they broke up (so abruptly… “my apologies… 😂 I still laugh when I think about it). So for those who were annoyed with how they were handled, perhaps this could be redemption on the show’s part. Maybe they’ll handle the resolution of all that in a way that makes us go “okay so she wasn’t a complete waste of time”. I mean, I have my fingers crossed. Then again, I tend to err on the side of giving the show a chance to do it’s thing before blasting it to the rafters but that’s just me. 

Personally I think this means Oliver will be outed as the Green Arrow at some point this season and I’m ready. 

But worried about Olicity? No, nope, negatory, nuh uh, never, don’t make me laugh. I wasn’t worried last year when they were broken up and dating other people. Why would I start worrying now? In our moment of triumph? (Wow, just gave myself Moff Tarkin feels… #StarWarsNerd)

I mean, if you wanna worry about her breaking up Olicity, be my guest. If you wanna complain about how the show handled her character in season 5 (well trod ground if you ask me but… you do you), go right ahead. If you wanna throw some things at the wall, well… I won’t tell. I’ve heard it’s cathartic. 

But it’s not even JULY yet (I still have a few days) and October is so very, very far away and you’ll have to pardon me for not wanting to throw my hands up in the air and run around panicking every time a bit of news drops about season 6. I’m on hiatus, I’m conserving my energy and I’m still adding wedding dresses to my Olicity wedding Pinterest board (meaning: I have better things to do). 

I’m going to say something that will probably cause me a lot of backlash. 
I’ve read a lot comments were people rant about how terrible Laura is, how she’s an asshole toward Shadow. And don’t get me wrong this is all true, to a certain degree. It stops being true when you think a woman deserved to die because of cheating on her husband. Yes, Laura wasn’t the faithful, sweet wife that american tv shows usually portray. She was a depressed, apatic woman, who tried to kill herself and literally felt nothing. 
Now Shadow is adorable, the man of everyone’s dream, but he totally failed to see Laura’s depression. Can you really love somebody and not to notice how empty they feel? I think not. He had in his mind this idealized version of Laura, in which she was this sweet, meek thing, that she’s not. 
He did know nothing of the person he married. 
So yes she isn’t exactly the most correct person in the world, she promised she would wait for shadow and didn’t mean it, but can we really say she is an asshole for the sole reason of not loving him back? even when he’s in love with a mystified version of her?

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#25 with Finn valor please??

You were mildly aware of the vicious stare watching you as you chatted with Dolph Ziggler who was visiting the RAW roster tonight. As a long time interviewer with the company, you and Dolph went way back. He had always been a good friend.

“So, what are you doing after the show tonight?” Dolph asked you casually.

You shrugged, “I think Finn and I are going to get a bite to eat. How about you? Any big plans yet?”

He shook his faded blonde hair, “Nah, no plans yet. You and Finn, huh? How long has that been going on?”

“A while.” You blushed, “I figured everyone knew by now.”

“Not us on the blue brand.” He reached out and stroked your cheek, “Let me know if any plans change, okay, sweetheart?”

“I’m sure she will let you know.” A thick, Irish accented voice growled behind you.

You became aware of the heat of Finn’s body pressed slightly against your’s. Dolph looked between the two of you and nodded, “Laters, (Y/N).” And he quickly scampered off.

You spun around to face Balor who’s brows were furrowed into a glare watching the Show Off walk away. 

“What was that?” You asked.

“I didn’t like the way he was touching you.” Finn shrugged. He shrugged out of his Balor Club jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders, “Your skin is cold. Wear this.”

“Look here mister,” You wagged your pointer finger at the demon, “You can’t go chasing off my friends like that.”

Finn’s blue eyes reminded you of the sea before a storm, like he was trying to control any anger down inside himself, “You’re mine. I don’t share.” He said simply, wrapping an arm around you to lead you to his dressing room. “Let’s go get something to eat, Love.”

You rolled your eyes, “Food is not going to take away from the fact that you’re in trouble.”

A smirk formed on his lips, “You’re the only trouble I want to get into, Love.”

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if you're still doing prompts, I'm always a sucker for freewood

They say that he laughs like a hyena, that he was a grinning scavenger until he found the right prey, until he killed with a calm certainty that comes with a kind of cigarette smoke nausea- you’re doing the wrong thing but it’s in your nature now anyways.

And the things you’ve always loved are dangerous, like mousetraps and dry ice and devotion-the kind that infects people until they can do nothing else but die for you-but you think he know better than everyone else, you know this because he’s sitting on your couch smiling at you

And the things the two of you do to each other: he drains the mercy that had flooded your lungs as a young liar, pulls away the hesitation wrapped around your trigger finger and hands you a gun, and you show him how to tie peoples guts to every word he says and he goes out and kills for you because that’s the thing everyone missed while they were dying for you.

There’s something to be said about falling in love in a deadly city cause everyone inside is kissing their lovers goodbye with sharp teeth and hiding garrote wire in ties and laughing with hysterical sounds and puppet-mastering a whole damn crew to the deadly devotion you instill and oh wait-that’s just the two of you with you fingers linked on a penthouse balcony railing.

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why do you think JYPE have never sent GOT7 to South America? pretty much everyone does well there so I've always wondered why they've never done a show or anything down there. I've always understood why they haven't come to Europe but never understood why they wouldn't capitalise on their popularity in S. America. or is that just a market JYPE have never been interested in?

JYPE have never held tours / concerts / fanmeetings in Europe and South America, I don’t know why. With 2PM they’ve always focused on Asia only. Tours in Japan bring the most money, that’s why GOT7, 2PM and now Twice are promoting there. 

For example, 2PM can easily gather 150.000 fans during the tour in Japan. Now think what other country can give JYPE so much money? Tours in other countries bring less money because there are less kpop fans there. 

JYPE have never mentioned Europe and South America so we can’t be sure if they have any plans to go there.

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I know there are people who actually dislike some characters of haikyuu!! But I'm such a crybaby and have such a soft heart that I love everyone? ✨I can't bring myself to dislike anyone ;-; (not saying that disliking characters is wrong btw if anyone does well you do you my friend I won't be against you for it). So my point is I love all the volleyball dorks. 😂💜


 It’s funny because it’s only with Haikyuu that I’m like this lol. I really like Boku no Hero Academia and there are definitely some characters that I don’t like, but when it comes to Haikyuu I just can’t???? Maybe it’s because I’m super invested in the show and I’ve paid attention to the characters so individually… I don’t know. WHY AM I LIKE THIS WHY CAN’T I HATE ANYONE

Guess what I got?

Spoilers, it’s one of the most ridiculously fun comics I ever read. It opens with Mario and Luigi singing about their plumbing business, Peach is wonderful and has a great prison escape scene, like gosh imagine a game where she is this hardcore? Mario gets captured and everyone has to work together to break him out, Peach shows up dressed as Luigi armed with a ton of bombs, Luigi snuck in disguised as Peach to break Mario out, I am loving this. @thefingerfuckingfemalefury I don’t know if you read this but you have to, it’s hilarious!

Also @jogress if you ever want to read this ever just ask.

Two Drinks

Based on this post:  The drinks at the Falcs Family BBQ were very strong and there are so many people who need to know about Eric Richard Bittle.

Snowy subtly shook his head, and tried to catch Guy’s eye but it was too late.

“What’s up?” he said as he grabbed his beer and sat next to Jack.

“Oh, I was just showing everyone Bittle’s clutch shot from his last game…” Jack shoved his phone into Guy’s hand, as Snowy smirked and slapped Guy on the back.

“Come on, Guy. Sit and stay a while,” Snowy said with a grin.


“I wouldn’t go over there if I were you,” Marty said.

“Why?” George asked with a frown.

Marty and Thirdy answered simultaneously, “He’s on a Bitty roll.”

George stopped, turned around and walked the other way.

She could hear Jack in the background, “I keep telling him to try out for one of those baking TV shows, eh?”


Gabby could only hold her smile for so long, and she had been nodding for five minutes straight.

“So I see these pointy little ears poking out from under his pillow, and it’s his stuffed rabbit!” Jack said with glee. “And it turns out his name is Señor Bun!”

“How cute,” she said.

It’s not that she didn’t enjoy hearing about Bitty – or didn’t think seeing Jack desperately in love was the sweetest thing ever, but damn it, she just really had to pee.

“I think I hear Owen calling me. I’ll be right back, Jack!”

“Sure! Then I can tell you about Bun’s backstory.”


“And he loves baking so many pies. Do you like pie?” Jack asked Thirdy’s youngest daughter.

“I love cherry!” Michelle answered. “I love it so much, but I still don’t love it as much as you love your boyfriend.”

Jack stopped talking and looked at Michelle. He could feel his ears burn.


“Do you want to make a balloon animal with me?” Michelle asked as she thrust two balloons in Jack’s hand.

“Euh, sure.”

“Good. You can give it to your boyfriend. I’ll show you how to make a doggie.”

Jack smiled and happily began blowing his balloon, then continued, “He also makes blueberry muffins, and…”

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I really wish you all in the SSD would stop being unfriendly to me and ignoring my asks whenever I send them and then block me when I confront you all about it on messager. Why are you all being so mean to me!? I did nothing to you! I just want to talk to you guys and I can't be part of this group if you are going to block and ignore me! That's very unfriendly! For a bunch of people who watch a show about friends you sure as hell aren't very friendly and welcoming!

Originally posted by signofthestyles

allow me to let you know that the SSD is a very too many exclusive elite top club group alliance, just for the finest coolest people in the universe, you gotta understand not everyone can get in u know? our first super unattainable requisit number one is to know who the flop you are because, even if as powerful as we SSD people are, guessing who the anons are is beyond our skilled abilities, and therefore, we cant befriend those persons, you got me right? Of course you do little fella, I knew you would understand the problem right here

btw this all was sarcasm, wanna be our friend? let us know who you are,and if you’re a nice, cool person to be with, you’re in. Easy as that. But if you’re gonna go the creepy anon way and complain in asks, you won’t get anything from us or anybody at all, your choice bud

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I love the way he leads. He doesn't do it by force, he does it by example and in a super caring way. I feel like he doesn't just expect respect, he earns it. He's not a perfect person and probably would prefer to be more quiet in many moments but he puts himself out there for the good of the group. He's their shield in a lot of ways and we all know people always have it out for him. He's incredibly humble for someone so smart and talented, he always shows gratitude, always encourages others. 1/5

He doesn’t do it in a forced way either, you can see that he really loves everyone and is so proud of them. He shares what he knows. We have endless anecdotes about members going to namjoon to help them with lyrics, music, english, anything. He could hoard all the knowledge to himself and stay as bts main writer but no, he wants everyone to contribute. He doesn’t feel threatened at all by other people’s success. You can even see it in the way he disses people. Which honestly blows my mind. 2/5

“Yo players haters you should love yourself” that for me is sooo namjoon. He’ll be dissing you but still telling you to love yourself. He doesn’t really go for the low blow in disses, like he could have exterminated Bobby if he wanted but what would that do? Lead to a bunch of fanwars? I think by now he has found peace with the place he is in the industry so even his disses come from a place of peace. Plus as a person who was/is insecure he can see that in others and feel for them. 3/5

I really love his lyrics. His brain is clearly a special place and the way he plays with words legit made me start learning korean because I want to be able to appreciate it properly. His craft is so good and he talks about important things. His flow is breathtaking sometimes, I love it so much. I also love his performance style. Like I said before it seems to come from a place of peace instead of anger or arrogance like so many rappers. I like angry rap too but this is refreshing. 4/5

I love love love his dorkiness. More and more he’s not one bit afraid to show it and that is so important for rap I think. It shows that any kind of personality can be a rapper, as long as you know how to rap. Maybe some awkward kid who watches him will be like “hey, I can do that too and I don’t need to change who I am to do it.” And to finish off, how he is always eager to learn and to go back when he makes a mistake. Not many do that in a real way. He does. Every time. I love him 5/5


tell me what you love about namjoon

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But honestly why can't we just support our babygirl (L) without judging her personal life? Like wtf dudes it's her choice let her be happy. But, if we actual find proofs showing us that she's not treated the way she deserves, only then we can you know- try and do something? And don't stereotype people, no matter if they're weed smokers, black, muslim, gay or whatever. That's not cool bro, everyone has the power to choose who to be.


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I love Wayhaught very much, but I'm worried their relationship through season two will feel forced. I'm worried that SyFy (not Emily Andreas and everyone else) is using Waverly and Nicole to get views for the show. Views aren't a bad thing (they keep the show going after all), but I feel like the relationship may become inauthentic if Wayhaught is being forced into stuff to just garner viewers.

I have to be honest with you, Anon, out of all the things I’m worried about when it comes to Wayhaught, them feeling forced is not on the list. I just don’t see it being an issue with Emily at the helm and the group of writers she’s assembled.

I know you expressed your concern regarding SyFy using them to get viewers, but honestly, it doesn’t remotely bother me if they market the hell out of the pairing and make sure they’re visible to bring in viewers, as long as the relationship on screen continues to be as three-dimensional and authentic as it has been so far. Which, I really think it will.

Even the cheerleading scene is something I consider to be authentic relationship development at this point. They just had sex for the first time, they’re getting to know each other better; I like seeing it established that they are flirty and sexy and have a hard time keeping their hands off one another. And it helps balance the angst and conflict that is natural in a show like this, especially when part of the pairing is currently possessed by goo.

Anyway, this is obviously just my opinion, so it doesn’t carry any weight beyond that, but ‘forced’ is not something I see happening.

How Hyungwon would Love you...

✎i got this idea because every day i confess my love for this beautiful meme.

✎everyone in the world has their own way of loving and being loved, and these are just some ideas i think of when i think of him (slight weensy bit of smut but not really but still warning you btw)

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we are here to inform you that you are formally invited to celebrate san diego’s most iconic youtube celebrity !! yeah, that’s right. it’s ANDREA VILLANEUVA’S 26TH BIRTHDAY PARTY !! it’s going to be held at one of san diego’s finest dance clubs onjune 30th. how fitting. it will be a private party, so that means you must show your personal invite at the door to be let in. you better not forget it at home or you’ll be denied entry. MARSHMELLO djing, so you know it’s about to be lit.

be prepared to drown in unlimited amounts of free alcohol and food (vegan options will be available, since andy is vegan herself) so come with empty bellies, people. andrea asks that instead of bringing gifts, that everyone donates to one of the organizations chosen and displayed at the party. raffle tickets will be for sale for $10 each as well !! the money for these tickets will go to a certain charity – we are all aware how much giving back means to andy. you’ll be entered to win a couple of amazing things by purchasing these tickets. first prize will be a trip for two to BORA BORA for four days (all expenses included) !! second place will receive a trip to the beautiful hawaiian islands for two. the third is a giant gift basket with over $500 worth of gift cards to various fashion valley stores. the fourth, and final, prize is a gift basket with over $300 worth of gift cards and merchandise !!

┈ ✧ this event will take place on the dash, so every one of our members (their timezone not effecting them getting to interact) can participate. it will begin at 7pm thursday, june 29th and go until saturday, july 1st at 7pm (but only takes place during the 30th in the rp). feel free to post character outfits as well as use youtube and normal celebrity appearances as non-playable characters in your interactions. andrea is very much a figure that is in the public eye as well as has friends in high places, so keep that in mind during the event. we hope you enjoy !!

Don’t be nice!
Nice is boring.
Nice is fake.
Nice was an adaptation
designed to win you love.
It doesn’t work.
Be real instead.
Nice is a mask
which covers up your anger, irritation,
frustration, disappointment
(beautiful energies you learned to smother
when you were young).
Nice will suffocate you
and everyone else around you.
Nice keeps others
from ever really knowing you.
Take the risk of not being nice!
Take the risk of showing yourself.
Be prepared for others to dislike you.
To think you’re selfish, cold, mean,
or even worse: “Unspiritual”.
Say what you mean!
Say yes when you mean yes.
Say no when you mean no.
Take the risk
of looking after yourself!
Be prepared to feel alive again.
To feel your heart pounding.
To sweat. To shake.
To wonder if you have the right…
To finally feel your guilt and shame
instead of running away from them.
Be prepared for your ‘nice’ world
to crumble.
Be prepared to lose your
carefully crafted image.
Be prepared to feel
the rush of newness.~

~Jeff Foster

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The Moment I Knew - thoughts? I personally think it's underrated but I'm interested in what you think

It’s my favorite deluxe song! I think we all know that feeling when a person lets you down and it feels just terrible. I love the red lipstick reference and also, I love the bridge:

What do you say when tears are streaming down your face
In front of everyone you know?
And what do you do when the one who means the most to you
Is the one who didn’t show?