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Crisis Not Averted

Jacob Frye x Reader, Arno Dorian x Reader

Request: Anonymous-  Can you write something where the reader is pregnant and it’s between jacob and arno, making them fight each other? 

Words: 1923

A special thanks to @datbluepencil for the Beta!

The air was still with your surprise, your blurry vision staring down at the two red lines glaring up at you. You swallowed, hot liquid leaking from your eyes. Everything that happened in the past two weeks was lying atop your shoulders, weighing you down like a bag full of bricks. You were pregnant. You hadn’t prepared for it, hadn’t expected it. Hell, you weren’t even sure if you’d be a good mother. Sure you’d babysat when you were a teen, but this was different. You were about to spend the next nine months with a living being growing inside of you, and after that you’d have to take care of that being for the next eighteen years.

Were you ready for all of this? You’d seen some of your friends who’d gotten pregnant and their lives had changed completely. They no longer had time to do the little things that young folks did, they had to dedicate everything, sacrifice everything for their child. Could you do that? And, a choked sob bubbled up your throat, your eyes closing as the pregnancy test fell to the floor with a heavy clatter, you didn’t even know who the father was. You couldn’t even get your own life in order, how were you supposed to raise a child?

Your arms wrapped around your legs, your head falling to rest on your knees. Tears stained the fabric of your jeans, your hands gripping painfully against your skin. Were you sad? Angry? Fearful? Happy? You weren’t even sure anymore, one shaky hand reaching out to pluck up your phone. You fumbled to click Evie’s name in your phone, bringing the device up to your cheek. It rung out twice, the sound putting you on edge before her familiar accent answered.

“(Y/N)?” She inquired, distant shuffling coming from the other end of the line. It took you a full minute to reply, your voice barely above a whisper as you did.

“I need your help.” You bit your lip, willing the tears to stop. “Please, Evie.” You sobbed, rubbing your eyes on the sleeve of your jacket.

“I’ll be right over.” She promised, hanging up with a curt, “see you in five!” Everything was a daze in between the time you hung up and the time your door opened. Your mind was plagued with questions and doubts, each second ticking by like eternity. Your tears were drowning your sanity, fear creeping in on you.

“(Y/N)?” Evie called out, her boots clicking elegantly along the floor as she searched for you.

“In here.” You replied hoarsely, listening as her footsteps drew closer. You began to doubt your decision as the door creaked open, almost wishing that you’d never called her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, dropping down to your level to observe for any signs of injury. You swatted her hand away, throwing yourself into her arms with a whimper. She hushed you, keeping silent despite her curiosity. Your heart broke at her loyalty, both hands gripping onto her coat tightly. Your regret faded into gratefulness, the streams of hot, salty tears prompting you to speak.

“I’m pregnant.” You muttered, flinching in fear when the hand that had been rubbing your back stopped. For a minute she didn’t reply, finally sighing as she pulled back from your embrace.

“Let’s get you out of here before we talk about this.” She said, a small smile tugging at her lips. She tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear, guiding you out of the small, warm bathroom and into the spacious living room. A hand was around your shoulder as she sat you down on the black leather couch you’d spent weeks looking for with her. Would you be able to do something like that again if you had this child?

“Who?” Evie asked, getting directly to the point. You shook your head, shame coming from the action.

“I don’t know.” You replied honestly, vulnerability slipping into your tone.

“You’ve got to have some idea.” She urged, allowing your to lean against her for support. You swallowed thickly, nodding slightly.

“It’s got to be,” you paused, looking to her fully, “Jacob or Arno.” Her sigh of annoyance was almost endearing, both eyes rolling at your reply.

“Of course it’d be one of those two idiots.” Her hand on your shoulder squeezed for a moment in reassurance. “It couldn’t be some rich prick with a nice body.” You chuckled, thankful that you had her to talk to. She smiled back to you, pulling out her phone.

“What are you doing?” You questioned, sitting up as fast as you could. A slight tremor of fear ran through you. Would something like that hurt the baby? You didn’t know the least about being pregnant.

“Getting them here.” She replied, hands already moving gracefully along the screen of the phone as she typed away, sending messages to both Arno and Jacob so they’d get here. Fear flashed through your eyes, Evie easily picking up on your distress despite your best efforts to hide it. “I’m only getting them here, if you want to tell them, it’s your call.” 

You sighed, nodding. They’d have to find out eventually, better to get it over with. But how were you supposed to tell them that you weren’t even sure whose it was? You’d been so lost in the feelings you held for both of them, you weren’t even sure which one you were in love with. You planned on taking a vacation to get away from it all-somewhere on the beach probably. Funny how that turned out, you laughed mirthlessly.

“Sister dearest!” Jacob called, finally walking through the front door. He was only about half an hour late; you, Evie, and Arno already settled in on the couch. Despite how calm and collected you looked on the outside, you were going crazy inside. Jacob’s gaze settled on you, a slow smirk spreading as he shot you a wink.

“You’re late.” Evie deadpanned, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Sorry, had a bit of scuffle before getting here.” He swaggered over, confidence oozing from his black leather jacket like he owned the world. He didn’t hesitate in dropping down next to you, your nerves jumping at the close proximity. You flicked your eyes towards Arno then back to Jacob like the answer would be written on one of their foreheads.

“You always get into a fight.” Evie retorted, a comforting hand resting on your knee for a moment. She nodded once, a hint of a smile on her features.

“I’m fine, thanks for asking.” He grumbled, a toothy grin flashing towards Arno. “If it isn’t Frenchie!” Arno rolled his eyes, his arms resting on his knees.

“And my favorite Brit.” He laughed.

“Ouch,” you muttered into Evie’s ear, a shaky chuckle drawn from your throat. You felt like you were going to be sick, the butterflies in your stomach eating you alive.

“Breathe,” she whispered back, tapping your back once to get your muscles to relax. It didn’t work very well, the tenseness only fading a fraction. You watched as Arno and Jacob talked back and both, your hands clenching and relaxing in a shoddy attempt to release some of your nervousness.

“I’m pregnant.” You blurted out, dropping your head in your hands. You were too stressed out to hold it in any longer, your anxiety rising with the silence. You could hear each of the other occupants breathing, Evie’s hand resting upon your shoulder again. Taking as much courage as you could from her, you looked up to the others. Jacob and Arno were both staring at you, shock evident on their features.

“I’m going to be a dad.” The two whispered in unison, brows furrowing as they looked to one another.

“What did you say?” Jacob asked, Arno’s gaze narrowing at him.

“I said I’m going to be a dad, what did you say?” He questioned, accented voice slowly pronouncing each word.

“That I’m going to be a dad.” Jacob’s eyes moved to you, a brow raised in question. Arno followed suit, hands tensing at the implication.

“I-I don’t know… who the father is…” You trailed of, crouching back further into Evie. She welcomed you with open arms, careful to keep her expression neutral.

“It’s me, it’s got to be.” Arno mused, his gaze far away. It’s true, you had been with him. He said he loved you and you just felt too damn much in the moment. You were too weakened by emotions, giving in to every sweet movement.

“Sorry mate, it’s definitely me.” Jacob argued, crossing his arms over his chest. Jacob had been so vulnerable, so emotionally bare. You’d given in, taking everything he gave and giving just as much.

“She doesn’t know who it is.” Evie stated, no judgement in her tone. Your heart twisted with anger at yourself. You had been too weak and now you’d placed your three best friends in a very compromising situation.

“Maybe not, but I promise that it’s mine.” Arno said through clenched teeth, glaring at Jacob from under his eyelashes. You swallowed, opening your mouth to say something before Jacob cut you off.

“Believe me, that child is mine.” Jacob ground out, his hands balled into fists, body ready to pounce forward at the first chance he got. Again, you tried to speak, only to be interrupted by Arno.

“I think I’d know more about it than you.” He argued, his own hands clenching together. A curt laughter left Jacob’s lips, your hand raising at the action. This wasn’t good, this wasn’t good at all.

“I bet you didn’t even get her t-” Jacob’s sentence was lost in a grunt, Arno’s fist pounding against the Englishman’s jaw. Your heart stopped beating, eyes widening as you tried to get up. Evie held you down, shaking her head. Jacob looked to Arno for a full minute, disbelief in his gaze. Then, without hesitation, his own fist came flying up, ramming into Arno’s chin with an audible crack. 

You winced, pulling against Evie’s hold as Arno’s hand flew at Jacob again, the younger man dodging it and sending his own punch out toward the Frenchman. Evie slipped out from behind you, mouthing a ‘stay’ to you. You obliged, if only because you thought you’d make it worse. Jacob was going for Arno’s gut, the latter aiming for the former’s temple when Evie stepped in, bringing them both to their knees with a swift, hard kick to the leg. She was glaring at both of them, standing in between their silent feud.

“She is pregnant, and sitting here beating the hell out of one another isn’t going to make a bloody difference. So if you two wankers don’t get off your arse and go be useful by buying ice cream or something I’m going to throw you both out onto the street like the urchins you are.” She yelled, silence following her outburst. The two men were breathing heavy, their wide eyes on the elder twin. “Now shift!”

Arno and Jacob both scrambled to their feet, curses under their breaths as they sprinted out the door, shoving the other out of their way in their haste. You watched Evie with two raised brows, her lips curving in a smile.

“Stress isn’t good for the baby, leave it to me to get those two idiots in order.” She said, a decidedly mischievous twinkle in her eye. You nodded, sending your own smile to the girl. “Now, about baby names…”


for pinescone week day 5, highschool au (sorry this is late & messy, i am sleep deprived)

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