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[Today Winner] 170620 T-ARA wins 1st place @ The Show
[MPD fancam] 170615 T-ARA <What's my name?> (Eunjung Focused) @ M!CD
[Fancam] 170617 T-ARA <What's my name? > (HYOMIN Focused) @ MuCore

So this is the bareskin swim binder (rose/XS) released last year by FLAVNT Streetwear, and I had to make a post about it because I love it so much =D. Most binders bind by compressing, whereas this one basically has a flat surface on the front that won’t conform to the shape of my chest (which means my chest ends up conforming to the binder, creating the appearance of flatness). This plus the racer back makes it a lot less constricting (for me and my relatively small boobs at least) and easy to move in (great for swimming, plus after seven years of daily binding my body won’t tolerate other binders for more than 2-3 hours at a time, so this was a lifesaver o__o). I also like wearing it under mesh shirts since it doesn’t scream LOOK I’M A BINDER I’M HERE THIS PERSON HAS TITS. It also doesn’t show under v-neck t-shirts and some sleeveless tops/shows a lot less than my other binders under tank tops.

[Fancam] 170617 T-ARA <What’s My Name?> (Jiyeon Focused) @ Mucore

I fell in love with Over to Gravity Falls by skimmingmilk and syl-writes-stuff, and this is our love child. :D

No, but seriously that stuff is brilliant, go read it if you haven’t already! :^)