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a Twenty One Pilots poem

Columbus, Ohio is where the story will start
A young boy with big dreams and a passionate heart
A basketball in one hand and a pen in the other
As well as an encouraging kind older brother
Whether singing about tacos or rapping about birds
His brother quickly realized this boy had a talent with words
Recording songs in his basement and thinking about death in his bed
Throwing out a rubber band and confronting demons in his head
While not a fancy singer or a skillful soprano
He continued to work hard composing tunes at his piano
Gave up the hoop and threw away the free throws
Set out for the road and began to play shows
Created a band, wanted to see who would listen
But along the years he realized something was missing
Before a concert, one of the drummers disappeared
A substitute came, quiet his job, and all the worry had cleared
They played a great show, bowed together in stage light
Decided to become a duo, kept the name, it felt right
Twenty One Pilots: Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun
A whole new adventure of their life had begun
They were amazing, had potential, but didn’t want to exaggerate
So these two humble friends began to work and collaborate
Dedicated their lives and made music their choice
Drums, ukulele, bass, and an unusual voice
Made an awesome record, put their grandpas on the cover
Word was spread on Twitter of Laura, a proud mother
Soon they were playing festivals, a song on the radio too
Their first hit single titled Holding On To You
Josh’s nose ring, hair dye, and gages make him look strong
But it wasn’t but a couple years before anxiety came along
Tyler’s tattoos and ego might make him look okay
But on the inside he was battling depression every day
These two boys came to realize they’re not the only ones with this infection
And this is what helped inspire their music’s strange direction
The melodies were always happy, the lyrics were always dark
But the relatability of the music is what helped create the spark
People of all ages heard Tyler’s message and Josh’s rhythm
And it didn’t take very long before people sang along with them
Ski masks, skeletons, Mexican food, and more
People were anxiously waiting for what else was in store
From working on a farm to a political top debate
These boys started gaining reputation in every state
With hilarious interviews and discovery of Vine
Their music career without genre was doing pretty fine
Soon mysterious messages began to surface
People created theories and searched for its purpose
A stellar new album that hit the top of the chart
Featuring Stressed Out, Ride, and Tear in my Heart
With a unique sound and message called Blurryface
They soared towards fame and the duo found their place
Fans spotted with red beanies, kimonos, and a logo on their hand
While the boys took weird photoshoots and joked “You’re out of the band!”
Their live shows were astounding, they blew everyone away
Rolling around in a hamster ball and climbing stuff on tour all day
They almost caused an earthquake, as well as almost got sued
One of their festival shows was canceled, and leaked Heathens started a feud
However, they kept their heads up, continuing to play Mario Kart 8
And after shows they’d drink Red Bull and eat cereal staying up late
Spooky Jim Christmas would watch Stranger Things or eat Reese’s Puffs
And although filming heavydirtysoul was freezing, they both skipped out on earmuffs
They played Madison Square Garden and sold out hundreds of shows
Their names quickly became trending like #JoshDunsLegs or #TylersNose
They took off their pants at the Grammy’s and won the APMA’s
And we’ve got plenty of fanfics and fanart to last the clique for days
If you go to a show stay hydrated, nobody in the pit wants to faint
And if you’re lucky you’ll see Josh’s red eyeshadow and Tyler’s iconic black paint
But if you see Joshler kissing pictures, shut up, we all know they’re fake
Although we can find them hugging or doing their legendary handshake
Whether creating awesome remixes or performing the Hometown magic trick
These two happy boys will always be absolutely sick as frick
So while I probably most likely left a couple things out
The most important thing is to stay alive, because that’s what this band is about


Twenty One Pilots :: Las Vegas Emotional Roadshow : Mandalay Bay Events Center : Feb 18, 2017


Part 1 sketch series
I always enjoy watching an artists process so I thought I would upload a few quick videos showing my sketch stage. I apologise for the bad focus in the end, I’m recording in one hand and drawing with the other 😜
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