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A recent selfie from Sadachi Momoko, our new Saeko-neesan!  

She has previously been in the Sailor Moon Musicals as one of the Witches 5, and in the second One Piece Live attraction show (so not concurrently with Takato).  

[170526] hongseob fancafe trans

Hello everyone~? It’s been a while since I’ve wrote ㅠㅠ I’m sorry but I’m always looking at what you write!
This is the first broadcasting of “Only One” wooooow 🎉🎉🎉 I’m so nervous..! But we’re going to show you a nice stage and I’ll try to show a cool image~ Will you take care of today’s first Music Bank broadcast??
If you do not see it i will be just like the picture👉👈
(runs away) Anyway!!
Eat a lot of rice today, do not get hurt, do not be hurt, and I love you so much I always appreciate you❤️ Do not forget the events mentioned in the V app yesterday. Please join us~~ Good bye🙌🙌

I love you more today than yesterday😍

translated by for24k
take out with full credits 
*translation may contain inaccuracies 


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Jyushimatsu: So I am the culprit?

Ichimatsu: It wasnt your fault. It was the bat’s fault.. *hug

Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu are my fav character from the anime but the reason I watch it was because I want to see Ue-chan, Wada and Asato together.

That was my first intention.. but here these two already stole all of my attention! Both Kitamu and Ren played Ichimatsu×Jyushimatsu character SO GREAT!!! They put their whole heart into it and I could say that they’re just too perfect for the roles. I cant think others who might be better than them. I really love their chemistry. I know that Ichimatsu×Jyushimatsu are so close to each other and they really show it here more than what the anime did. That was just too precious♡