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SU's story editors and Outline Writers (they write the outlines with input from Rebecca, Ian, and Kat) are Matt Burnett (who used to troll the fandom until that bit him in the ass) and Ben Levin (who enjoys Ska music and is the 3rd most frequent song writer). Prior to SU they had an online webseries High School Ronin Dojo DX and were writers on the live action CN show Level Up. They're also the ones who write the Keep Beach City Weird Blog

Thanks for the information, as always! You seem to know lots of fun facts about the show’s staff.

  • Calista Flockhart: Guys, I can't be on Supergirl anymore. I can't move to Vancouver but I don't mind going there to shoot a couple of episodes?
  • The CW: What do you mean???? We need you in the show!
  • Calista: I'm really sorry guys...
  • The CW: FUCK! What about the queer fandom who has been rooting for you and Kara to get together????
  • Calista: I really can't do more than a couple of episodes.
  • The CW: OK... ok... *takes a deep breath* we can solve this...
  • *Kill Bill siren*
  • Staff: what do you mean????
  • The CW: I mean, we've got to bring our A game here... we need a hot new powerful woman so they can ship her with Kara. Someone who is known to the fan base. Someone who can turn straight girls gay! KATIE MCGRATH!!!! That's it!!!
  • Staff: done but that only about levels up to the queerness of season 1.
  • The CW: That's why we're gonna bring in Maggie Sawyer... and we're going to make Alex Danvers gay!!!! The only thing better than subtext gayness is actual canon gayness!!! Our 2 leading ladies are going to be heavily shipped with 2 other women and then we're going to bring in a good looking white male character to be the real love interest for Kara so the straights don't complain. GENIUS!!!!
Just some more thoughts

I think something to into account here is that Yuri on Ice was a show that wasn’t based off any pre-existing media. It wasn’t a game, or a visual novel, or a manga or a light novel. It was a completely original concept made by a small company. A company that while it had made a few pretty good productions (Days, Kids on the Slope, Zankyou no Terror) none of them, to my knowledge were ever on the level that Yuri on Ice is now.

Making an anime isn’t easy, unless you’re UFOtable or Kyoani or another one of the really well known studios. You aren’t given that big of a budget, which you need when making animation. So you make do with what you have! And honestly what MAPPA did with Yuri on Ice, from a budget given to a show that was a anime only original concept is pretty fucking impressive! So that’s why i’m inclined to forgive animation goofs and decreases in quality (which will be fixed in the blu rays I have no doubt!).

And also because their concept was original, its highly unlikely that they were granted any more than one cour to work with, which is 12 episodes (thirteen if you push it). And to be honest there’s only so much you can do in 12 episodes! I do screenwriting and the hardest thing I’ve found when planning out a series is minimizing it to 12-13 episodes because that’s all you’re gonna get unless your show does take off the ground! Heck, sometimes that’s if you’re lucky. Look at some live action shows that only get 5-6 episode seasons to work with!

Its hard to fit so much story, and so many characters, and their character arcs and development into 12 24-25 minutes episodes,  Unless you’re a writing god, you’re gonna have flaws and bumps and maybe even plot threads that need to be left open in the hopes of another season (because thats what you want when you make a show, assurance that your audience DOES want to stick around and watch more!) in your final episode.

 And here’s the thing, no matter how great your story is, your ending will ALWAYS be the weakest part.  Look at Naruto, look at Bleach, look at Free!, Look at Dangan Ronpa 3, HECK LOOK AT NEARLY EVERY VIDEO GAME IN EXISTENCE. Their endings are the most descive parts, and they’re a BITCH to write, and lucky for YOI it does have another season to hopefully clear up some remaining questions everyone has.

But you know what, for what we did get. With all the constraints and limitations Mappa had when creating an Anime original concept, that was going against some pretty good stuff this season. IT DID A PRETTY FUCKING GOOD JOB AT IT. 

So maybe you liked the ending, maybe you didn’t, maybe you liked some parts and you didn’t like others. But i think one thing we can all agree on is that Mappa did a pretty good job creating this show from nothing! Kubo and Yamamoto worked their asses off creating a show thats gonna be remembered and with any lucky season 2 will be just as great, if not better!

I certainly enjoyed the ride this show gave me, and I hope the rest of you did too!





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Honestly Im of the opinion that AT has just gotten better and better, and I think a lot of that can be attributed to how the crew seems to handle critisism. Much of AT is improvised as the creators respond critically to feedback and figure out how to make the best show they can moving forward.

They dont pander- they know what they want too, and arent afraid to experiment and take the show in ways one might not expect

Basically, they realized that while the show had its charms in the early seasons, to keep going that direction would ultimately hinder the show and creatives staff potential, and so they slowly waded into more complex character dynamics and themes, and the show grew both with its writers and with uts audience


Kai - 170310 Churro King’s Instagram update: “#츄로킹 #서포트 나왔습니다 #KBS 드라마 #안단테 현장이고요 밤까지 열심히 촬영하시는 안단테 제작진분들을 위해 #시경 역의 #엑소 #카이 씨가 불러주셨답니다 도착하자마자 스텝분들이 시경이 부른 간식차라고 말씀드리니 너무 좋아해 주셨고요 다들 너무 맛있게 드셔 주셔서 감사드립니다 다들 즐거운 분위기 속에서 촬영하시네요 카이군 멋진 연기로 많은 분들께 사랑받길 바라겠습니다 응원할게요 엑소 멤버분들 매번 직접 현장에 불러주시거나 다른 현장에 보내주실 때 츄로킹 찾아주셔서 다시 한 번 감사드립니다 행복합니다”

Translation: “#ChurroKing came to #support the production crew at the shooting of #KBS Drama #Andante, who are working hard into the night. We were called by #EXO’s #Kai, playing the role of #Shikyung, and as soon as we arrived, the staff showed their appreciation upon hearing that the snack truck was sent by Shikyung; Thank you all for enjoying it; Film in a happy mood; Kai, we hope you receive a lot of love for your great acting; We’ll cheer you on once again; Thank you to EXO members for always inviting Churro King to their shoots and other events; We are very happy”

Credit: churrokingtruck.
Leslie Knope pens a letter to young women after Trump win: 'We screwed this up'
"We elected a giant farting T. rex who does not like you, or care about you."

While journalists like Megyn Kelly are urging citizens to give President-elect Donald Trump a chance, and comedians like Ellen DeGeneres and Stephen Colbert are calling for solidarity and respect, one TV favorite has come back with a big ol’ KNOPE.

“I acknowledge that Donald Trump is the president,” writes Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope (or, rather, a member of the show’s writing staff) in an open letter for Vox. “I understand, intellectually, that he won the election. But I do not accept that our country has descended into the hatred-swirled slop pile that he lives in. I reject out of hand the notion that we have thrown up our hands and succumbed to racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and crypto-fascism … Today, and tomorrow, and every day until the next election, I reject and fight that story.”