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I think another dumb thing I saw recently is someone claiming that K$ith is coded white because he doesn't have monolid eyes. It makes me wonder if this person seen an anime in their life or know that a lot of M*r Asian characters like Mako have a similar eye shape to K*ith. With K^ith being Asian in the other versions, like him being half Japanese and Chinese in the comics, it doesn't seem likely the show staff would white wash him here. I know Korean K&ith is a headcanon right now, but come on

“oh man here come ke!th johnathan smith hes not asian lmao hes white coded bc he has no asian features”

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Wait I haven't been on Tumblr for the last two weeks because of my exams and now that I'm back everyone's talking about Tumblr being homophobic. Wtf happened ?

they’ve implemented this new “safe mode” for all users under 18. even some users over 18 are struggling to turn it off. it’s supposed to block “nsfw” content, yet tons of actual nsfw content is slipping through the cracks. and what it is blocking? lgbt content. lgbt positivity and education. we’re all doing our best to show @staff that their filter is shit, but who knows how that’s going to go.

This fucking guy. I had forgotten about this fucking guy.

First of all, “Estormo?” “Estormo the Lightning Mage?” Surely that’s an ancient Ehlnofex name of grand esteem! Fucking “Estormo.” If he had been a fire mage, he’d be, what? “Eferno?”

…Actually, “Eferno” is kind of cool. “Estormo” is NOT.

And let me try to figure this out. Ancano finds out I’m going to Old Bromjunaar to get the Staff of Magnus from Morokei, who they KNOW has awoken like the other dragon priests, raising a horde of ethereal draugr slaves and setting up magical traps all through Labyrinthian. They also know by now that I’m the Dragonborn, because of that time I ABSORBED A DRAGON’S SOUL IN THE COURTYARD OF THE COLLEGE.

I’m the Chosen One, out to claim one of the most powerful artifacts in all Tamriel from a demi-litch, and Ancano is apparently like, “Well, okay, he might survive that. But if he does, HE SHALL BE NO MATCH FOR ESTORMO!”

Look, Ancano. It’s real cute you have faith in your boyfriend like that. But he’s a dude in a black robe who shoots lightning from his hands. I thu'umed him up against a wall and face-changed him with three hits from a frost mace.

Granted, I guess Ancano’s relative sense of Thalmor “might” is fundamentally screwed up, because when I actually show up with the Staff and start shooting the Eye with it, he seems genuinely amazed that his stupid plan of “shoot ball with lightning, see what happens” is now failing.

I guess when you’re raised constantly hearing how “superior” your race is, it never occurs to you that MAYBE your stupid level 4 destruction spells are exactly as shitty as anyone else’s stupid level 4 destruction spells.

Either way, I would think Ancano would have realized that if a guy is a lightning mage who named himself Estormo, he’s got to be a fucking idiot who is DESTINED to fail hilariously.

Fucking Estormo.


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To all the lgbtq+

please do not be discouraged by the ‘sensitive content’ shit that’s happening. we are not ‘sensitive content’  we deserve to show our gayness @staff and I’m not talking about sexual things like sex. I’m talking about things like holding hands and positive things. I see a lot of things like actual sex gifs and stuff floating around not being marked as ‘sensitve content’ how is that right?

I’m not able to tell people that I support gays or that I like girls or that lesbians are cute? but others are able to show themselves naked having sex and that goes unmarked? that’s bullshit. 

why should my sexual orientation be put to shame? why should who I am be counted as “sensitive material’? 

safe search is for people who don’t want to see NSFW thing. I don’t want to see that but what I do want to see is my fellow lgbtq+ be happy in who they are and their sexuality. I don’t want them to be ashamed that they like boys or girls or whatever they like. I don’t want them to be ashamed of their identity, sexuality, or gender. 

I thought this site was for us to express ourself and be able to post what we want. how does Tumblr want us to express ourself or be happy in our skin when innocent stuff like two girls holding hands or I saw a picture of wonder woman marked as ‘sensitive content’ 

this thing that’s happening is putting us down and basically saying that hiding ourselves and our gayness are more important than straight people having sex where we can see it. I can’t even express how mad and upset I am. us ‘sensitive content’s’ shouldn’t have to be hidden from other homophobic people. 

I’m upset that my girlfriend and I would be marked as ‘sensitive content’ or that some of my other friends would be too. 

please, understand me and my fellow lgbtq+ and supporters, understand that this update fixed nothing, it only made it worse. understand that this update it’s basically you telling us to go back into the closet, it’s telling other members that haven’t come out yet that they can’t because it’s not right and its ‘sensitive material” 

it is a sensitive subject for some people but not in the way this update is putting it. it’s sensitive for people to talk about if they haven’t come out or are afraid to. 

I feel like this update is telling us that we should be proud to be lgbtq+ or nothing we say matters. this update is the worse one yet and if this is where Tumblr is going I don’t want to be a part of it. 


dear, lgbtq+ members 

you are valid, your sexuality is, your gender. that’s who you are and don’t let anyone tell you differently, you deserve to be able to cast your opinions. you should be able to express yourself however you want. don’t let Tumblr tell you differently. we’ve been unaccepted but don’t let tumblrs hoe ass get to you. YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU ARE VALID! JUST KEEP BEING YOU!

-with love, Hailey ‘sensetive content’ 

i cry just thinking about the fact that yurio feels at ease and happy around otabek. it’s just so sweet how otabek’s company makes them feel this way. i am so grateful that the yoi staffs are showing this bits in their official arts/merchandises.

so @staff has introduced a Safe Mode which, if you’re under 18, forcibly keeps itself turned on in order to hide posts flagged as “sensitive content.” I made my way to the op of one of the posts and it was literally one I’ve already reblogged before which has no “sensitive content” in it.

what this update shows is that @staff doesn’t know anything about their user base given a) there are a lot of us under 18 and this decision is likely to noticeably reduce traffic to this website and b) clearly they don’t realize that people, regardless how old they are, aren’t going to follow blogs that post things that make them uncomfortable/offend them/things they shouldn’t see.

@staff won’t ban blogs run by actual nazis, let users add photos to text posts or hyperlink text on mobile but they can ruin the app for at least half of their user base.

@staff learn how to run a website without alienating a substantial part of its users




@staff is it because i called everyone fucking weeaboos that you BLOCKED MY OWN FUCKING POST FROM ME