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Back when the Natsu & Asuka omake came out, I saw a few posts (and a couple of asks) questioning whether Natsu has romantic feelings for Lucy considering his nonchalance when Asuka asked him to kiss her. After his initial surprise, he was like, “Well, this won’t kill us.”

And that got me thinking.

I believe that this is a pattern with Natsu.

Things that, at first glance, he doesn’t seem to care about are later revealed to be very important–or have become important–to him.

Two examples of this:

On the day Natsu brings Lucy to FT, she shows off her guild mark to him. His response?

Yeah, Luigi, he reeeeallly cares about your guild mark. Now go away and let a guy stuff his face in peace.

Except that day, and that moment does become important to Natsu.

He remembers the one-year anniversary of Lucy joining Fairy Tail, a date that even Lucy herself had forgotten.

And when Natsu realizes that the dying f!Lucy has lost/damaged her right arm, along with her guild mark, he remembers how excited she was to get it that day.

And it hurts him.

Or how about his face when Lucy’s all starry-eyed and excited about seeing the rainbow blossoms of Magnolia?

For Natsu, the rainbow blossoms are old news, right? He’s seem them several years in a row already. What’s the big deal?

But he recognizes what a big deal they are to Lucy. So when she’s too sick to go cherry blossom-viewing, he digs one up and floats it down the canal for her to look at.

This is one of the most romantic things Natsu’s ever done. But nowhere in that omake does he look sappy or gush or anything like that all.

Which is part of what makes him such a fun character. :)

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Do you know about any other sort of radio shows like Cabin Pressure?

I’m SO happy you like cabin pressure!!!! 💛💛

But tragically I can’t think of any other radio sitcoms that are anywhere near as good and funny :/ Anything John Finnemore’s done is worth checking out (John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme is amazing, and I loved the most recent series of Double Acts (Penguin Diplomacy and the one with Una Stubbs at the lesbian wedding were A++++)), but they don’t have the same feel-good, i-would-die-for-this-character emotions that you get from CP. 

Pretty much any panel show on Radio 4 is good for a laugh - The Unbelievable Truth, The News Quiz, The Now Show, and Just a Minute are all gold, and Meet David Sedaris makes me cry laughing sometimes, but it’s autobiographical comedy rather than a sitcom.

Other radio sitcoms I enjoyed that aren’t in quite the same league as Cabin Pressure are Hut 33, Bleak Expectations, and Claire in the Community. 

If anyone else has any recommendations please let me know!! :)

Thunderbird headcannons

- going out in the rain to jump in the puddles

- some students are afraid of lightning and thunder and their housemates immediately take it upon themselves to keep them company with warm mugs of hot chocolate

- a buddy system when exploring

- “picnics and exploration” thats there motto

- trying new things, roller coasters and different foods but its okay if you dont want to bc adventure is only fun if you’re willing

- talking about trips and showing souvenirs “you had the money to go to italy and you brought back a rock” “it has sentimental value” “are you fucking kidding me right now”

- not all the students have the resources to see the world but the entire house gets together to raise money

- bake sales do not work, and all the older students are tired of hearing the first years suggest it “but this recipe is really” “nope, trust me it will not end well”

- no one talks about what happened at the first fundraising bake sale the thunderbirds ever had

- ever

- summer field trips

- “i did not take four years of spanish just so i can watch you play charades with the entire german population” “i know german” “no you really dont, you just think you do“ 

- “why is it always a European country, i actually want to go somewhere where the people don’t think the only language i speak is chinese” “you do speak chinese” “i speak cantonese and they always assume its mandarin, which is annoying and racist”

- “i’m with her, you know how many times airport security has signaled me out, i was put in holding last time” “ you’re right maybe we can all take a portkey to indonesia or something”

- Polaroids, pictures of everything

- selfies with funny faces, landmarks, animals, food, everything is put into a big scrapbook thats shelved into a bookcase in the common room, every trip has its own scrapbook

- learning beautiful languages so they can better understand the world

- reading books and exploring fictional worlds in the place of real ones

- loving different cultures and wanting to be respectful and kind to all

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How about rfa + v + saeran with an MC that is constantly traveling? Like she has some job where she's an assistance or team member or attache to someone or something and so she's always traveling around the world. She's can be in Korea one day, France another, a few days later visit South Africa, come back to Korea, and the next week be in America. She's been almost everywhere and absolutely loves it and is always bringing back things with her from her travels to share.

This is a fun request anonny! I’ve never been a big fan of traveling myself but I bet it’d be a lot of fun to travel with the RFA and friends! Thank you very much for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung is honestly pretty sad at first when he finds out that you have to travel a lot due to your job
  • He doesn’t like the fact that he can’t be with you since he has to stay at the Vet clinic when you’re out
  • But after he gets over his sadness, Yoosung is genuinely interested to learn about all of the different places you’ve been to
  • He loves hearing you talk about your different adventures and adores scrolling through photos of your past trips
  • Always makes it a point to call you whenever you have cell reception because he’s super clingy and misses you dearly
  • When you come back, Yoosung will give you the biggest hug of your life
  • But there was once an instance where Yoosung had a week off and decided to go with you to your next destination, a place where he’d always wanted to visit, India
  • He loves all of the bright colored clothing and has a newfound love for Indian food, something that Yoosung promise to learn how to make so he can start cooking lots of Indian food for you when you two get back home
  • You always bring home snow globes from the various countries you travel to and Yoosung’s eyes always light up when he sees the new one you’ve brought home
  • Yoosung uses his vacation days to go travel with you to whatever country your destined to next because no matter where you go, he always adores spending time with you


  • Zen’s highkey excited for you being able to travel so much because of your job but is lowkey jealous as well
  • He wishes that he’d have the opportunity to travel along side you, but with his acting career it’s almost impossible
  • The minute you land in a new country and turn your phone on, you have about a hundred texts and voicemails from Zen with him telling you how much he misses and loves you
  • When you tell him that your next country destination is Paris, Zen immediately takes time off from work because no way your going to the city of love without him
  • But when Zen isn’t able to go traveling with you, he’ll always call you before you go to bed, no matter what time it is in Korean, since he made a little promise to himself to always wish you goodnight and have you fall asleep to his voice
  • This boy is always waiting for you at the airport whenever your supposed to arrive home and will give you the most passionate kiss in front of everyone there
  • Zen loves the little souvenirs you bring home, especially any new articles of clothing, and will treasure the heck out of it because it’s a reminder to him how much you love him


  • Jaehee is so happy for you when she finds out that you’re an avid traveler for your job
  • She wishes that she could go along with you but she knows that the only reason why you do travel so much is because of your job so she doesn’t want to interfere
  • Before you leave on a trip, Jaehee will plan out your travels so she knows exactly when the appropriate times to call you are
  • And she’ll definitely call you the second she knows you’ve landed and won’t stop calling until you pick up
  • When you tell her that your newest travel location is Brazil, Jaehee starts packing her bags
  • She explains that Brazil is famous for their coffee exports and she’d absolutely love to go there especially with the woman she loves
  • But for the times Jaehee can’t go, she loves when you bring back little souvenirs for her, the two of you now have a collection of coffee mugs and cups from all of the countries you’ve been to
  • Jaehee is honestly so happy and excited for you because you get to travel so much, she likes the fact that you enjoy your job so much and is secretly looking into applying to the same company as you now


  • Jumin’s an avid traveler himself so he’s pleased to learn that you travel a lot as well due to your job
  • He still doesn’t get why you’d just quit your job since he can provide enough for you but after you explain why, he understands
  • When you’re away, he misses you so much to the point where he’ll just get on his own private jet and fly to wherever you are to see you
  • You tell him that you’re visiting Napa Valley for your next trip and the second those words leave your mouth, Jumin’s got the jet ready
  • He tells you that Napa Valley has the best wineries and the views are stunning so there’s no way he’s not going along with you
  • You have to explain to Jumin that you’re going there for your job but he still goes because no one can deny Jumin Han his wine
  • If there’s ever a time he can’t go along with you, you always make sure to bring back some kind of alcohol for Jumin, which he greatly appreciates
  • Jumin never likes being without you but since the two of you work all of the time, he makes sure to set some time aside to go on luxurious trips with just the two of you


  • Seven is hyped that you travel a bunch but is somewhat upset that you typically go only for work
  • He gets super sad whenever you leave but he has a tracker on your phone so he knows where you are at all times
  • Definitely hacks into street and building cameras in whichever country your in so he can keep and eye on you and to make sure that you’re alright
  • He’ll also try to take time off of his own work to go with you but you have to explain to Seven that your going to these places because of work
  • Still, there have been times when Seven’s secretly stowed away on the airplane and much to your surprise, you see him when you’re in a new country
  • He takes some time off his own work to go with you when you tell him that you’re going to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome
  • When the two of you get there, Seven admires all of the great architecture and runs around excitedly while holding your hand
  • He also takes time to pray to thank God for giving him you to have in his life
  • Whenever Seven doesn’t go with you on trips, you always brings back some random souvenirs to show him and the two of you have a collection of miss-matched items from all over the world
  • Seven tries to travel as much as possible with you because his time with you is precious, so be prepared for lots of surprise visits from Seven when you’re in new countries


  • V travels the world all of the time so he’s excited when he finds out that your job has a lot of traveling to different countries involved
  • He loves seeing your eagerness when it comes to traveling so when your work company allows it, V usually comes along with you
  • But when there are times when he can’t go with you, V becomes very lonely and yearns for your warmth
  • So expect a lot of phone calls from V where he’s almost in tears as he tells you how much he misses you
  • One of V’s favorite countries to visit is Berlin, Germany so when you tell him that your job has it as your newest destination, he becomes extremely excited
  • When your done with work, you and V wonder the streets of Berlin as V takes about a hundred photos of all of the older buildings and nature scenes
  • Since there are times when V can’t go along with you, you make sure to take lots of photos of the country that you’re in to show V, who’s proud that he’s making a little photographer out of you
  • V never likes not being by your side so with his smooth talking, and some of his wealth, V becomes your new escort and happily accompanies you to all of the countries you visit


  • Saeran is somewhat annoyed that you have to travel so much because of your job
  • Although he’d never admit it, Saeran loves having you around since you’ve become his pillar of support so he becomes quite sad whenever you leave to another country
  • He’ll send a few texts to you to make sure that you’re okay but Saeran will also hack into any kind of camera, phone, or video feed to make sure he can see you safe and sound
  • You’ve offered for him to come along a few times since your company would allow it but Saeran always refused, saying that traveling to a completely new country made him feel uneasy
  • That is until you told him that you’re next destination was Greenland, a country that Saeran had always dreamed of going to because of the peaceful nature and colder weather
  • When you finish up work for the day, you lead Saeran around, taking in the beauty and tranquility that Greenland has to offer
  • If Saeran doesn’t go on a trip with you, you always send him postcards with little messages of love to him and he secretly keeps all of them in a drawer
  • Saeran is always begging you to let him travel with you and your company after that trip, saying that he’d even be willing to get a job there if it means that he can travel the world with you
Bangtan Reacts! When S/o is a traveling photographer and sends care packages.


           Every package you sent him made him very happy. You know how much he likes food so you send him a bunch of snacks from where you are.

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            He enjoys the souvenirs and photos you send him. If he hasn’t been to any of the places you’ve been to, he’d make plans to travel there in the future.

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           Not only do you take photos of the place around you, but you also pay attention to the culture. Hoseok receives many pictures from you with explanations about the culture written on the back, and he loves it.

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           He’ll be reading the extensive letter you sent along with the package. He would be eating the snacks that were sent as his eyes scanned over paragraphs as well as the pictures that were also sent.

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           He enjoyed displaying the souvenirs you sent him. Your occupation was very interesting to him and he wished that he could be there with you to experience what you do first-hand. Though, the packages serves as a catalyst for the experiences you’ve had and that will have to do…for now.

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           Of course, every time he received care packages from you it was like another birthday to him. Every package you sent him, he loved and cherished. You didn’t have to send him packages every time you traveled somewhere, but you did, and he was grateful.

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           He would receive packages from you and open it as soon as he places his hands on it. He likes to show the souvenirs he gets to his hyungs and munches on the foods he gets without hesitation.

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Out of Nowhere - Bart Allen x Reader - Part Two

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Part One

Requested by Anon - a continuation of the Bart X Male Reader where the MR meets or is introduced to the team for the first time.

Bart was always spontaneous. Planning ahead was not in Bart’s vocabulary. You lost count of how many times Bart would just scoop you up and run you off to do this or that without any warning. 

There was this one time where you had just finished getting dressed for the day when Bart came tearing through your house. He was talking so fast that all you heard was a hum as he picked you up in his arms and ran off. You had no idea what happened until you both suddenly stopped outside of the front gates to Disneyland. 

Honestly, you did enjoy Bart’s spontaneousness. It was part of who he was, and most of the time, like the surprise trip to Disneyland, it was great. However, there were times where you wished he would have talked to you beforehand. 

A perfect example of this was when Bart decided to introduce you to the team. 

It was a bright Saturday afternoon, and you were lounging on your bed. Bart was buzzing around your room, rearranging your furniture. You had mentioned wanting to do it, and Bart just took over. Not that you minded, after all his super-speed made everything go faster. 

“This doesn’t work at all,” Bart mused as he sat down next to you to study his work. You sat up to look around the room.

“I don’t know. I like where most of it is, but the desk has to go somewhere else,” you said. It was currently placed in front of the door to your closet, leaving it inaccessible. Bart nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, that’s not going to work,” he muttered thoughtfully before suddenly snapping his fingers. “I know!” With that, he zoomed around the room. You moved further onto your bed as your furniture appeared to move on it’s own. “Tada,” Bart shouted, posing at the completely rearranged room. Giving him a smile, you laughed at his showboating.

“Perfect,” you praised as Bart collapsed on the bed beside you. One of his legs flopped over yours. You bent over to kiss him softly on the lips. “Thanks, Bart.”

Bart eagerly kissed you back, blushing adorably. “Aww, it was nothing,” he swooned. You laid back to lie down next to him as you both fell into a long moment of silence, enjoying one another’s company. After what was probably an eternity for Bart, he broke the silence with a sigh. “What are we going to do now?”

“Well,” you began, letting out a sigh of your own. “I don’t know.” You both laid there for several seconds until Bart suddenly jumped up, startling you.

“I know what we could do,” Bart declared as he grabbed your hand to pull you into a standing position. In one swoop, he picked you up and zoomed off. You didn’t know what happened until you finally stopped only to find yourself facing an bunch of surprised masked faces.

“Hey guys, this is (Y/N),” Bart introduced after a moment when nobody moved. “My boyfriend.” He took your hand before turning to give you a bright smile. You didn’t notice as you were too busy staring at the superheroes in front of you. 

“Hi,” you squeaked after a long moment of silence. The heroes didn’t move, choosing to study you with an intensity that made your skin crawl. You slowly stepped behind Bart to hide from them. 

A man with a blue bird on his chest stepped forward. “Bart, did you just bring someone without clearance into the cave?” You peeked over Bart’s shoulder to see the realization dawn onto his face. It gave you the smallest amount of satisfaction to know Bart felt the same discomfort you did.

“Umm,” Bart mumbled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. “No?” You gave Bart a poke in the back at his answer. 

“Yeah, he totally did,” Beast Boy retorted childishly, frolicking towards you. He held out his hand. “I’m Beast Boy. It’s nice to finally meet you, (Y/N).” You carefully took his hand, still overwhelmed by everything.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Beast Boy,” you replied, giving him a tight smile. You send a pointed look towards Bart. “However, it would have been nice to get a little more warning first.”

Bart blushed, biting his lip in shame. “I guess this was one of the times that we should have ‘planned’ beforehand?” he asked. He buried his head into his hands when he saw your nod. “I’m totally feeling the mode.”

“Bart, can I speak to you?” the man with the blue bird on his chest interrupted, taking Bart’s arm to drag him away from you. You realized from the man’s actions that he must be Nightwing, the leader of the team. Bart gulped before allowing himself to be dragged away from you. Beast Boy stayed with you as the other heroes gathered around you. 

“He’s so going to get it,” Beast Boy whispered in delight.

You bit your lip, hoping Bart wouldn’t get into too much trouble. Though, you hoped this would be a lesson for Bart about planning ahead. “So, who are the rest of you then?” you asked, hoping you avoid the awkward staring that happened before. 

“You mean Bart didn’t blab everything to you?” an man in a Superman t-shirt remarked sarcastically. You narrowed your eyes at him.

“Bart hasn’t spilled any of your secrets,” you defended. “He might not always think before he speaks, but he knows what he is not supposed to say.” The man flinched a little at your snappy tone. “Heck, I don’t even know where we are right now.”

“You’re at the cave, Hermano. It’s our headquarters of sorts,” the beetle guy said, stepping forward. He held out his hand. “I’m Blue Beetle, and that’s Superboy.” He nodded towards the Superman t-shirt man.  

“Nice to meet you,” you replied, shaking his hand while sending Superboy a look. Superboy had the decency to look slightly ashamed at his previous comment. You glanced over towards Nightwing and Bart, who were having a heated one-sided discussion across the room. “Is that going to end anytime soon?”

The others followed your gaze. “Probably,” Beast Boy informed, smiling childishly at you. “Honestly, it’s nothing to worry about. It wouldn’t be a normal day if Bart didn’t get yelled at for something.”

“Oh,” you responded, frowning slightly. You didn’t like the idea of Bart being scolded all the time. Obviously, sometimes Bart deserved it, but you knew it was the wrong way to handle him. When you saw the devastated look on Bart’s face, you knew you had to step in. 

The others’ eyes went wide as you marched over to put yourself between Nightwing and Bart. Nightwing just glared at you while Bart’s mouth dropped open in surprise. 

“Excuse me, Nightwing, but I think Bart has had enough,” you interjected, doing your best to appear confident even though your knees wobbled with fear. 

“(Y/N), what are you doing?” Bart whispered in your ear. You reached back to take his hand, squeezing it in reassurance. 

“I know Bart can be impulsive, but he really didn’t mean any harm,” you explained, making sure to stare right into Nightwing’s white lenses. 

“Compromising the cave’s location and our identities would be considered as harm,” Nightwing stated coldly.

You narrowed your eyes, taking a step towards Nightwing. He backed away from you which gave you a small amount of pleasure. “Bart did do no such thing. I didn’t see how we got here, so you don’t have to worry about that and the only identity Bart blew was his own.”

Nightwing stared at you for a long moment before sighing, “Alright,” he relented, shifting his gaze to a shocked Bart. “He can stay, but next time call ahead.” Bart nodded in response as Nightwing walked out of the room. 

“Babe, how did you do that?” Bart asked when you turned to face him. You gave him a big smile.

“I have my ways,” you teased, tapping his nose. When Bart’s head dropped, you raised it by gently taking his chin. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Bart mumbled, biting his lip. He shifted nervously before continuing. “Are you still mad at me?” Your heart broke at his sad face. 

“No, but do you understand why I insist we talk about things before you carry me off?” you replied, giving Bart a quick kiss on the cheek when he nodded solemnly. He blushed as he noticed Blue Beetle, Superboy, and Beast Boy watching both of you from across the room. 

“Crash…” Bart breathed before taking your hand. Pulling you across the room, he began to jabber on. “Let me give you the tour, and show you the souvenir room and the hanger bay and the…” You laughed as Bart dragged you out of the room, leaving the others behind.

Superboy shook his head at the two of you, while Blue Beetle and Beast Boy watched with interest. “Who would have thought Bart would have found a boyfriend?” Blue Beetle commented.

“And who would have thought he would have found someone who could stare down Nightwing?” Beast Boy remarked, running after you and Bart. “I gotta find out how he did it.” Superboy and Blue Beetle shared a look.

“It wouldn’t hurt to listen in when Beast Boy asks, right?” Superboy questioned, cocking his head curiously.

“No, it wouldn’t hurt,” Blue Beetle replied as he broke into a run to catch up to rest of you with Superboy right behind him. The day turned out to be one of the best in Bart’s life for it was the first time he realized how lucky he was for catching you.


More pics from Florida!

My brother and I found this DBZ themed noodle bar in Orlando and it was the most amazing thing everrrrrrrr <333

Also I thought I’d show the souvenirs I bought - some Christmas ornaments and a pair of chopsticks =)

The Unexpected || Wally West x Reader

Request: “Wally West 17.”

Prompt No.17: “After we beat up some thugs, how about dinner?”

“The north entrance is secure. No loser can now enter this area,” Wally voice came in through your ear piece.

“Well then you should kindly escort yourself out.” You leaped off the roof and landed softly on your feet.

“Hilarious,” he said, his voice caked with sarcasm.

“Yes well it wasn’t hilarious the last time because of your careless mistake,we nearly ended up in a fish tank, just waiting to be experimented on,” you pointed out, scouring the area for any intruders.

“That happened ONE time! Would you get over it?”

“Never,” you smirked.

The two of you had been assigned to guard duty by Nightwing. Apparently some high duty smuggling job was going to take place. So the two of you had been assigned to protect this precious location and ensure that the ‘losers’ remain unsuccessful.

Working with Wally meant always being prepared for the unexpected but then again that is what made working with him exciting. You never knew what the world would throw at you but as long as you were with Wal-man, you could take it.

“So are you doing anything tonight? Busy with friends? School? Family?” Wally asked casually.

You could imagine his face being a little scrunched up and his eyebrows furrowed. The thought made you smile. “Why? Don’t tell me you wanna show me your souvenir collection again?”

“No I’m just uh-“ he appeared right in front of you “-just a little curious.”

“Curiosity may just be the end of you Kid Flash,” you murmured while leaning in a little closer to him.

The safety of the gun clicking made the two of realize that now you guys were surrounded.

“I look away for one second and this happens.” You felt Wally’s hot breath brush your lips.

“Duty calls,” you grinned, turning around to face the idiots who were going to get their ass kicked.

“Hey,” Wally said as your back pressed against his. “After we beat up some thugs, how about dinner?”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” you said while launching towards the poor soul who was gonna get punched by the unexpected.

Nebraska Gothic

- The river has been dry for years. Your grandparents still insist upon going to it every summer. The town has gathered at the dry beds. You can hear running water in the distance. Your throat is dry and your swimsuit is damp.

- You’ve been driving past cornfields. You aren’t sure how long you’ve been driving. The road stretches in front of you lazily and endlessly. The corn waves on both sides of you. There are no signs. There is no hope.

- The crabapple trees release their red petals in the spring. You can’t see through the thick rain. The petals carpet the ground. Everything has become a blur of red and pink. You hear rustling somewhere in the foliage.

- Your friend insists on shooting the stop sign. It’s full of holes; you can no loner read the words. A tinny bang sounds as you pass by the sign. Your friend doesn’t have a gun. You don’t mention it.

- The distance between places is measured in time. The older residents have an uncanny ability to get the minutes correct. People have stopped talking about death.

- They say it’s tornado season. You run a drill once a month in your classes. Your teacher tells you not to think about the tornado. Your teacher tells you tornadoes do not exist. The siren begins to sound. Your teacher smiles.

- You cross over a railroad track. And another. And another. Red lights flash in front of you. A whistle sounds desperately outside your car windows. You cross over a railroad track.

- Your friend tells you about the time she went to the ocean. She promises to show you the souvenirs she brought back. At her house, she opens a cabinet that smells of the sea. It is empty. “See?” She asks. You nod. You see.


Reviving Vintage VWs with @kustomlifespace

To see more of Nick’s meticulous Volkswagen restorations, follow @kustomlifespace on Instagram.

When the UK’s economy soured, and Nick Kaye’s (@kustomlifespace) construction company in Mid Wales went under, he saw it as the chance to pursue his true passions: carpentry, interior design and Volkswagen buses.

“Each bus has a story to tell,” he says. “I love it when they get stripped back to show all the lost souvenirs and trinkets they picked up along the way — old coins, key rings, maps and stickers that show where they’ve been.”

Each restoration is completely customized, allowing Nick to tailor the restoration to the clients’ intended use. It also caters to Nick’s obsessive attention to detail. “I get hung up on the smallest of details, which the majority of people would never even notice. But it’s all worth it when somebody actually does.”