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Steve Harrington x Chubby!Reader

Notes: Deep within the Steve Harrington tag I discovered @dicckgrayson ‘s list of HC for a chubby!reader and I was in love. This was born and I think I have one more idea for Stevie. Be on the lookout for more Steve Harrington in the future! Enjoy my loves!

Word Count: 1296

Warnings: Insecurities. The sex. Cute Steve okay??

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, or Steve Harrington, so if you own either let me know and I’ll give you full credit!

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Orc Beauty in the Details (imo)

Eyes: Orgrim

Warm, glossy glance, full of emotions. Beautiful color of the iris.

Eyebrows: Durotan

Thick and stands out. Pretty line. 

Nose: Orgrim

Wide and long just right. Nice shape of nostrils.

Mouth: Orgrim

Lips are thick and seem soft. Quiet straight teeth, lovely fangs.

Ears: Blackhand

Unique shape, don’t look like elven ears.

Chin: Grommash

Nice shape, plus these tattoos!

Hair: Grommash

Dark, long, thick and healthy, lovely hairstyle.

Beard: Blackhand

The most beautiful mess I’ve ever seen! Also love braids!

Pircings: Blackhand

Not too much or chaotic but noticable. Nose ring is so awesome!

Scars: Orgrim

More = better! Love this one on chest and face.

Tattoos: Grommash

Lovely tribals, what can I say?

Size: Blackhand

Bigger is always better X)

Chest & Waist: Blackhand

Wide chest, slim waist, hairy! *nom* (no nipple pircings!)

Back: Grommash

Just look at these muscles… perfect triangle! (And butt looks nice too xD)

Shoulders & Arms: Orgrim

Wide, bulky and sculpted. Yummy!

Hands: Grommash

Perfect male hand: Thick and strong!

Weapon: Blackhand

Just look at this damn hammer!

Shoulder Pads: Blackhand

What can be more epic than two dragon’s skulls?

Forearms: Grommash

Metal + Leather + Fur = Cool (plus it’s really neatly made)

Waist: Orgrim

This belt is just cool! Whole thing maybe is a little neglected BUT it shows some thighs >:)

Boots: Blackhand

Massive and aggressive ^^ and! both the same X)

Accessories: Grommash

Nice necklace and this chain around his neck!!!


Thigh Loving. (M) pt.2

{pt. 1}

Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smuttt  (╯✧▽✧)╯

Word Count: 1,840

Summary: You love Jimin, but not so much your thighs. So when you go to get intimate, you have second thoughts..that is until Jimin shows you some thigh appreciation.

a/n: wow, thank you so much for the amount of attention the first part got. i didn’t think anyone would like it, let alone read it. (✿☉。☉) anyways this is my first full smut fic, so i apologize if it’s..meh. but thanks for reading!

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Jimin continued kissing down to your chest as he slipped his hands under your shirt and slowly started to pull it higher. He brought his lips down to your slightly exposed stomach. He gave your soft skin light pecks as he kept exposing more skin until you reached to pull your shirt off entirely.

Jimin let out a soft breath as he took in your chest only covered by your see-through lace bra. It gave you a boost of confidence so you decided to take his hands and bring them to your breasts. He watched with dark, hooded eyes as you cupped your hands over his and squeezed your boobs. You felt his cock immediately throb against you.

He ducked his head down and started to tenderly knead your breasts while leaving open kisses along the fabric of your bra. 

“As pretty as you look in this, I’m afraid it has to come off.“ 

He said as he looked up at you with hungry eyes through the black strands of his hair.

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anonymous asked:

can I request an Isaac imagine where the reader and Isaac have a love/hate thing going on. Like when a bad guy comes around they'll protect each other bc duh, pack but other than that, its all banter, angst and HEAVY sexual tension.

Anonymous said to redbrickisaac: think you could do an imagine where the reader is like in the pack & has a love/hate relationship w Isaac? Like lots of witty banter & sexual tension, maybe add in someone else flirting w reader & Isaac gets lowkey jealous? Oh you would make my life

A/N: Not sure if this is me combining two different prompts or I just took so long that you had to ask for it twice. Sorry if that’s the case. I hope it was worth the wait.

Pairing: Isaac x reader

Word Count: Approx.1.6k

Musical Inspiration: “Mercy” – Shawn Mendes

You and Isaac rest side by side, leaning against the brick wall of the school building, both trying to catch your breath.

You can hear Isaac’s heart racing from where you sit and can’t help but think it’s a good thing that he trusts you in the field of battle even though he can’t seem to stand you any other time. Even if you normally put on a fake sneer and pretend to hate him back, he’d listened when you told him to duck when that omega wolf had tried to take him out with a sneak attack.

He glances at you sitting next to him, gaze unsure before it’s turning away again. “Thanks,” he tosses at you tersely, like there’s not even the smallest possibility of there being more to say.

“Yeah, anytime,” you answer just as shortly, with a shrug that’s meant to seem uninterested.

Your words say so little, but inside, your heart’s screaming for more. For you to inch just a little closer, to graze your fingers over his thigh, show some sign that there’s more behind your actions than just the protection of pack.

You do nothing and just sit there. Because as far you know, Isaac wants nothing more from you than this. So this is what you give him.


Derek isn’t happy about the sudden onslaught of omegas trying to take up residence in Beacon Hills. Patrols around the town at night become longer and more frequent. Training is kicked up a notch, too, so that he can be certain you can take care of yourselves, and each other.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Isaac asks with a smug expression when he knocks you to the ground, again.

“You couldn’t handle all I’ve got,” you answer as you stand up, brushing the dirt from your clothes like you didn’t just get your ass handed to you.

“OOoohhh,” the others goad and laugh as they wait their turn. They’ve become rather invested in this love/hate thing you and Isaac have going on.

“Oh, really?” Isaac asks, brow arched. “Then, show me. Don’t hold back this time.” He’s still smirking, which means he doesn’t believe you.

“Fine,” you agree loftily. “But when you’re the one flat on your back, just remember that you asked for it.”

“Not going to be a problem,” Isaac tells you with a sarcastic wink as he falls comfortably back into his fighting stance.

“We’ll see,” you retort, not wasting a second before you’re lunging at him.

He’s ready for it and easily ducks the move, trying to duck under your guard and get at you while your off-balance but you’re too smart for that.

This time, you match Isaac move for move, anticipating each attack and blocking him before he can claim victory. You we’re holding back before, and now he knows it. He grins, clearly enjoying the challenge of trying to best you now that he knows you’re on even footing, the other members of the pack cheering both of you on. You think you even hear Erica taking bets.

In the end, Isaac gets you in a choke hold. “Good fight,” he whispers in your ear still managing to sound superior. But that’s because he thinks he is, you realize, when he adds, “Still not good enough.

You grab his arms with both hands and pull down on them to loosen his hold a bit. Tucking your chin to your chest, you flex your knees, lean over, and pull him over your back, effectively dropping him to the ground in front of you and knocking the breath from his lungs.

As he stares up at you with wide eyes, you smile down at him and shrug. “You did ask for it,” you remind him as the other members of the pack clap and hoot and holler. Erica loudest of all. Clearly, she bet on the right person.

Isaac stares after you as Derek calls you over to him. You’re not sure if you should be pleased or wary about it. Though, you’re definitely wary of the pinched look on Derek’s face.

“You’ve had that in you this whole time?” He asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yes?” You say, unsure if that answer is the one he wants or not.  He certainly doesn’t look happy about it.

Derek sigh, shaking his head at you. “You can’t hold back like that,” he tells you. “If we’re going to get better, stronger as a pack, we need you at your best. And that was the best thing I’ve seen from you yet.”

You can’t help the smile that blooms on your face at the compliment. “Thanks, Boss.”

Derek chuckles at the nickname, reaching out to touch your arm affectionately. “Now, let’s go show the others how to fight like that.”

Together, you turn back to the group where Scott and Liam are going at each other, smile still in place. Until your eyes reach Isaac’s glowering gaze.

He quickly looks away, pretending to be absorbed in the way Scott is pinning Liam to the ground. The tense cut of his jaw, the only sign that you weren’t imagining things.

Great, now he really hates you.


Erica calls for a celebration when the last of the omegas is run from town, a desire that Stiles vehemently seconds. That’s how you end up at a bonfire with the rest of the pack, surrounded by loud music, carbonated drinks, and joyous chatting and laughter.

You sit a bit away from the others. You’d been hoping that Isaac would show and you could maybe resolve this weird tension that’s suddenly between you. Because while Derek has been turning to you for your input more now that he knows your full capabilities, Isaac’s grown more and more distant.


A can of soda appears in front of your face and you follow the hand holding it to gaze into the face of your Alpha.

“Thanks,” you accept the drink, popping the tab and taking a swallow as Derek sits next to you.

“Doing alright?” He asks, eyes trained on the fire burning in the center of your little clearing.

You shrug. You seem to be doing that a lot lately. “I guess.”

Derek turns to face you think he’s going to call you out on your lie. In a way, you’re right.

“You should figure out whatever’s going on between you and Isaac,” he says.

“Oh,” you say dumbly. You didn’t know anyone had noticed. “I, yeah,” you agree because what else can you possibly say?

Derek turns back to the fire. “Now’s your chance,” he says, and you realize that he’s not looking at the fire, he’s looking past it. At Isaac’s retreating back.

“Where’s he going?” You mutter to yourself.

“Better hurry if you want to find out,” Derek says casually.

So you do, you leave your soda sitting on the ground next to Derek, and run to catch up with the boy that’s trying to walk away from you.

“Isaac,” you call, hoping to slow him down.

His shoulders tense, but his steps don’t falter. In fact, you’re pretty sure he speeds up.

“Wait up,” you yell, even though it’s obvious that’s the last thing he wants to do.

When you catch up, you grab his arm, stopping his movements and making him turn to face you.

What is your problem lately?” You ask, staring into Isaac’s scowling face.

Isaac rips his arm free of your grip. “Just go back to your boyfriend, (Y/n),” he hisses, starting his walk home again.

Suddenly, everything that’s been going on the last few weeks might make a lot more sense.

“Wait a second,” you stop him again, refusing to let go of his arm this time. “The cold shoulder you’ve been giving me, the snapping at Derek, the giant stick you’ve had up your ass… it’s because you were jealous?”

“Yes! Alright?” Isaac whirls on you, eyes flaring in his anger. “I was jealous.”

“What the hell, Isaac?” You ask because anyone with a lick of sense could tell that you and Derek could never be an actual thing.

Isaac takes a breath, all of the fight suddenly going out of him. “I wanted…” he sighs, “Nevermind. It doesn’t matter now.”

“No,” You immediately refuse. “I will not ‘nevermind’. Tell me.”

Isaac grimaces, drawing in on himself. “Don’t do this, (Y/n). It’s not fair.”

“You know what’s not fair?” You counter, incredulous smile on your face. “It’s not fair how I could possibly want an absolute idiot as much as I do.”

Isaac’s gaze rises to meet yours from where he’d been studying the pavement, forehead scrunched adorably in confusion. ”What do you—”

He doesn’t get to finish his question before you’ve wrapped your arms around his neck, lips pressing against his as you take a leap of faith.

Thankfully, your faith in Isaac’s feelings for you is completely justified.

He wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you closer, prying your lips open with his tongue so that he can lick inside.

You break apart after a few minutes, smiling at each other.

“So,” you say coolly, “communication is a thing that we probably need to work on.”

Isaac laughs, eyes crinkling happily. “You may be right about that.”

“Oh, I’m glad that you agree,” You say, a smirk growing on your face. “Because I’d hate to have to fight you on it. We both know I’d win.”

“Oh, is that what you think?” Isaac asks, playing along. “Because I’m pretty sure I was going easy on you last time.”

“Agh,” you scoff. “Liar.”

“Rematch?” He offers, laughter shining in his eyes.

“Oh, definitely.”

You win again. Isaac doesn’t mind, especially with all the consolation kisses that you give him for being second best. He’s totally content in the knowledge that in your heart, he’s absolutely number one.

What Should I Do?

Originally posted by kths

REQUESTED BY @bangtansweetiessarangCould u do a fanfic where taetae & reader r married the fanfic takes place on the wedding night r reader is a virgin(tae isnt)& also is shy that makes tae horny reader has adorable moans that also turn on tae & bts teases tae for waiting luv ya blog❤


GENRE: Fluff + Semi semi-Smut + Suggested Smut

there really wasn’t a lot of smut in here but there is a suggested smut tho ;) lol i’m sorry if you wanted a full smut tho! but i do hope you’ll like it! this request was sort of similar to the jungkook scenario i wrote recently, but it was still fun to write! :D HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope we’ll continue to run this blog together and I hope I’ll be able to post more this year! I love you all! Thank you for your love & support! <3 without furthermore, enjoy! :’) 

After a long day of the big wedding, all you wanted to do was to rest on the bed without having to worry about taking off the after-party wedding dress you had on as well. You wanted nothing more but to go to sleep already, but clearly Taehyung had something else in mind.

His eyes were unable to look away at your body and the way you curled up on the bed. The way the bottom of your dress sneakily lifted up to your thighs, showing some bare skin had him thinking about things he shouldn’t be since he knew you were tired and a night’s rest was probably what you wanted the most. But he wanted you. He wanted to touch your bare thighs and travel his fingers up your soft skin and right to your core which would probably be dripping wet for him - only him - as he was now claimed as your one and only and you were claimed as his one and only.

But his thoughts were interrupted when he heard your soft voice calling for him.

“Tae, are you okay?” You repeated, looking at him with concerned eyes.

“I’m fine.” He answered with a small smile on his face before walking closer to you.

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And Ode to the Lack of Visible Dong in Dragon Age

Clothing falls
and sense has fled
gird your loins
The dong will come.

The night is long
and the bedroom is dark
look to the devs
for one day soon
the dong will come.

the toys ares lost
and the sex store is far
keep to the internet
the dong will come

the night is long
and the bedroom is dark
look to the devs
for one day soon
the dong will come

bare your skin
and show some thigh
stand your ground
the dong will come

the night is long
and the bedroom is dark
look to the devs
for one day soon
the dong will come


Thank you codexharlot for this beautiful parody!