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Yoi: releases welcome to the madness

Everyone else 2 seconds later: fully detailed fan art, beautiful gifs, 10 pages worth of fanfiction, cosplay people already preparing themselves, endless screaming, the crops have flourished, rain has been brought forth by the gods, my depression is gone, the bees are fine


A messy little comic where Otabek calls it out.

Part 6/Part 8

It only gets happier from here, I promise. Next part coming out next week 👍🏾

Important Facts About Yuri On Ice !!!

(all mentioned in the AnimeNEXT panels feat.
Takahiro Ogawa, Junpei Tatenaka, Noriko Ito, and
Izumi Hirose)

- Viktor and Yurio both have the iPhone 6plus and Yūri has the 6s
- Pichit is into Harajuku fashion.
- Takahiro Ogawa’s (animation producer) favorite character is Georgi.
- The difference in clothing color is frequently modified to fit the color scheme of the scene, also so it looks like the characters are not wearing the same clothing.
- The bottom left corner of the X on the shirt Yurio wore in his exhibition skate is slightly longer than all the other corners.
- The bolts on the bottom of each characters skates are customized to each individual character, showing their different skating styles.
- Each of the main characters have specialized eyes, Yurio has a green to blue gradient with blue shadow, Yūri has Brown with gray undertones, and Viktor has different tones of blue “like the sky”.
- The original sketches for Yūri’s Katsudon were rejected manytimes, the reason stated was because it needed more “Eros”
- Backgrounds for the different skating rinks are computer generated and the characters are drawn into the rink.

(This started as a response to this post of @rcmclachlan‘s but immediately took on a life of its own and got so long that I think it would be rude/derailing as a response, so here it is as its own post, sorry about whatever this is.)

I’ve just decided that Yuuri Katsuki is the Hugh Dancy of photoshoots, in that every photographer meets him, goes slightly cross-eyed, panics, and starts throwing questionable props at him and putting him in ridiculous situations.

Yuuri Katsuki as Hugh Dancy drinking a mojito on a ladder in a pool for no reason.

Yuuri Katsuki as Hugh Dancy Not Knowing How Chairs Work

Yuuri Katsuki as Hugh Dancy In Eyeliner And A Collar

Yuuri thinks this is just how photoshoots work, don’t they?  It’s how his have always worked, anyway, he sort of assumes his photos always seem so weird because it’s just some flaw in him, that he’s so unattractive photographers have to distract from his terrible face and katsudon body with weird settings and poses and props. 

At some point Phichit tries to sit him down for a conversation about how he has to stop doing That Look at his photographers because it incapacitates them and that’s what leads to things like that photoshoot where he’s balancing a pumpkin on his head while a chicken stares at him.  And Yuuri is just all; what look, I am trying not to make eye contact at all, it’s the only way I can survive having so many people looking at me, why are there so many makeup people.  And Phichit has to explain that it comes off as gazing coyly up through your eyelashes, Yuuri, you were practically batting them at the poor man and Yuuri just wails I COULDN’T SEE HIM, YOU TOOK MY GLASSES AWAY, I WAS SQUINTING.  

Phichit just: that poor man, he thinks you’re practically engaged, please wear your contacts and stop accidentally making people fall in love with you, I am running out of space on my wall for photos of you not knowing how different kinds of furniture work.

What I’m saying is that when Yuuri eventually stammers out to Phichit that he’s thinking of having some, you know, *lowered voices*, boudoir photos taken for Viktor’s birthday, Phichit’s response is twofold.  

First: get him, Tiger.  Second: hire a lesbian who will not give two fucks about your Eros but actually understands photography. It’s the only way they will turn out actually-sexy and not you naked-but-strategically-draped-in-goldfish, standing en pointe in a Home Depot, for some reason, waving a box of crackers.

Phichit assumes his advice was followed when Viktor’s one and only social media post on his birthday is I AM DEAD. I AM DEAD AND MY PERFECT AND PRECIOUS HUSBAND HAS KILLED ME, RIP ME, MY SOUL HAS LEFT MY BODY, I AM ASCENDING TO A HIGHER PLANE NOW.

Then again, who knows.  That’s also the sort of thing Viktor posts on any random Tuesday if he caught a glimpse of Yuuri’s ankle during dinner or something.

Phichit sends Yuuri a thumbs-up emoji anyway, because he’s an idiot and needs all the encouragement he can get.

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Maddie.......... who is chihoko.......

Hahaha okay I’ll try and sum it up! All of this information is courtesy denkimouse on Twitter so you should definitely go read their explanation as well!! They live-tweeted the event and shared a lot of great information! I’m going to be cutting a lot of details lololol

PSA: I just woke up and am still shook so if anything is inaccurate I apologize and please let me know!!!

At the event there was a stage-reading of a YOI story! Victor, Yuuri, and many others are in Hasetsu before a skating show and get drunk. Victor is helping Yuuri stretch and Yuuri says something, a bit slurred, about how “Chihoko is more flexible” than he is.

The next morning, Victor is missing! Yurio is mad and blames Yuuri, nobody can find him anywhere. Victor is naked and stretching on top of a castle, essentially trying to prove that he’s more flexible than this CHIHOKO PERSON. Yuuri is like “o my god.” Victor asks Yuuri to join him and Yuuri Katsuki actually strips off of his clothes and goes to stretch on top of the castle with Victor.


  • Chihoko isn’t a real person, Victor just misheard him
  • People accused Yurio of getting rid of Victor because Yurio had show name ideas including “Yuri On Darkness, Yuri On Galaxy, etc.”
  • Seung-gil kissed Nishigori?? shook
  • When Yuuri woke up (the morning after getting drunk) “Overcome Chihoko” was written on his back
  • This:

People have talked about the scores being too high in Yuri on Ice, but just for the record, Yuzuru Hanyu’s world record setting score that just happened tonight is actually a couple points higher than Yuuri Katsuki’s WR free skate score. Remember that Kubo noted that they wanted YOI to be ‘a little past’ where skating currently was. This combined with Nathan Chen’s five quad programs both happening since YOI ended shows that skating is if anything, already surpassing it (which Kubo herself noted in a recent interview).

So basically what I’m saying is, if we want to keep ahead of the curve, let Yuuri land a quad axel in season two