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so i have this au i was working on where everything is the same except everyone’s a mermaid

just a couple things: the flowerscouts would all be betta fish, space kid is one too, the woodscouts are a piranha (edward), a viperfish (petrol), and an atlantic sharpnose shark (snake), and qm is either a fisherman or a scuba diver, or both honestly


Victuuri headcanon dump

  • Everyone knows Victor and Yuuri dancing around the apartment to terrible music is basically canon, but they also skate around on their hardwood floor in socks. Victor would be listening to a song before wordlessly dragging Yuuri up to skate an idea for a show. 
  • Victor has notebooks upon notebooks upon notebooks. Most of it is in cramped cyrillic that only him and Yakov (barely) can read. Some of it is grocery lists, music notes for a song he wants commissioned, routines, costume designs, and god knows what else. Yuuri finds one open on the couch and stops reading after he sees “Victor Katsuki” scrawled over and over and over again in the margins in English. 
  • Yuuri doesn’t mention how all his notebooks from the age of 10 until post grad have “Yuuri Nikiforov” in them somewhere. Victor somehow knows. 
  • Yuuri loves cuddling. He loves the feeling of himself in Victor’s arm or Victor in his arms. It’s hard concrete proof that “This is real. He loves you. You love him.” and he’ll never get tired of it. 
  • The worst part of Victor being gone (For work, visiting, general life) to Yuuri is sleeping alone. They usually end up skyping before bed to make it a little easier, and Victor leaves him Makkachin to cuddle instead. (Makkachin does not mind and loves being cuddled so win win)

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If you're still doing the fic title ask, can I have "Your Hair Was Long When We First Met"

send me a title and i’ll write a ficlet for it

Your Hair Was Long When We First Met

It’s another regular Sunday morning - one of those where they like to take their time to get out of bed, and once they do they want to make sure they have a strong coffee on the way. Victor is sipping from his mug, quietly admiring his fiancé’s profile illuminated by the morning light, his tousled hair sticking up in a funny way, so distracted by his natural beauty he doesn’t even register that Yuuri is looking right back at him, smiling softly, probably thinking the same things.

“Vitya,” Yuuri says softly. “Do you remember the first time we met?”

Victor wants to say he does - “Of course, baby! How could I forget?” - but he has a feeling that the first time he remembers is not the same first time Yuuri is talking about, and he really wants to hear the story from Yuuri’s point of view. He takes a long sip, savoring the taste of coffee in his mouth as he scratches Makkachin’s head gently.

“Care to refresh my memory?” 

Yuuri, being the sweetheart he is, smiles and stirs on his seat. It’s adorable - almost like he’s counting on Victor’s negative to tell him the story, and Victor is all ears for him. 

“Well, I’m… actually not sure if it counts since it was more of a one-sided thing,” he pauses, pouting at the broken cookie he withdraws from his mug. “Oh.”

Victor gives him his cookie, getting up to fetch a spoon. “Go on, I’d love to hear that.”

Yuuri fits the rest of the cookie in his mouth (not surprising) and takes a sip from his coffee, greedy, and there’s something so adorably intimate in that scene that Victor catches himself smiling at him. Yuuri blushes, chewing on his cookie as Victor hands him the spoon. 

“I was fifteen,” he starts as Victor takes his seat and scoots closer, eager to listen. “You came to Nagoya for one of those ice shows - Fantasy, I think that was it? - and I’d not shut up about it. I really wanted to go see you, and it wasn’t even like my parents wouldn’t let me go, but I’d bring it up at every opportunity and I think I almost drove Mari crazy with it,” Yuuri laughs at the memory. Victor rests a hand on his thigh, listening carefully. “I was so eager for it that I didn’t even want to consider missing that chance.”

“So you went to Nagoya,” Victor guesses with a smile.

“Yeah! I had some money saved from a local competition prize and Mom agreed to go with me. I bought the tickets the first day they started selling, we managed to get a really good seat and from that moment on I could barely sleep just thinking I’d get to see you up close when skating.” 

Yuuri’s eyes light up as he says that, like he’s still that kid, and Victor’s heart swells. He loves his - how comfortable Yuuri’s grown with him to the point he doesn’t blush about confessing what a huge fanboy he’s always been. If anything, it makes Victor blush, thinking he’s not worthy of so much love.

“When the Big Day arrives I can barely sit still. I wake up at 6am and start preparing my bag - we’re not even sleeping over, mind you, but for some reason I want to bring a bag with me - and I’m ready to leave by 9am when I start camping by the door… Anyway,” Yuuri waves his hand and laughs. “We go to Nagoya maybe like two hours earlier than necessary and time just seems to drag until the gates open and we are allowed inside. I know we are not supposed to throw things on the ice after performances since it’s an exhibition, but the staff asks if we have something to gift the skaters and I’m so excited to show them my crocheted poodle that I made for you,” at this point, Yuuri blushes a little, touching his cheeks and chuckling. “They promise me it’ll be delivered to your dressing room with the small letter I wrote and we’re invited to take our seats…”

Victor smiles. It’s hard to remember all gifts he’s received throughout his skating career - mostly poodle plushies, granted, but Yakov wouldn’t let him keep all of them - but he always made sure to keep letters from his fans. He makes a mental note to show Yuuri his letter-box and look for his letters together. 

“Nagoya…” Victor hums, his thumb drawing circles on Yuuri’s thigh. “How old was I then? 19? I don’t remember much about it…”

Yuuri’s eyes light up, taking Victor’s hand in his. “Are you serious? It was one of the most gorgeous exhibitions I’ve ever seen in my entire life! You skated to Arwen’s song, and I have no idea how I managed to see through all my tears - but I did, I can still remember the routine if I close my eyes and think of the melody. It was magic, angelic - you looked so ethereal in your silver and lilac outfit, gliding on the ice, the skirt fluttering behind you, your hair half-braided and flowing like moonlight on a river…” 

Yuuri’s voice trembled, and Victor noticed the tears welling in his eyes as he took a deep breath. He felt a knot in his throat - he remembered the exhibition now, remembered exactly how it felt, but he’d never have guessed how deep it had touched spectators. Gently, Victor brought his hand to his lips, placing a soft kiss on the back of Yuuri’s hand as his fiancé wiped a tear. 

Victor can’t believe how lucky he is.

“It was so beautiful,” Yuuri sniffs, smiling at him as if he can’t quite believe that years after that, Victor there with him - holding his hand, living together, and that he’s telling him the story of how he fell in love once again with him, and if anyone had told him this was what the future was holding for him Yuuri wouldn’t have believed them. 

“I’d never have guessed that the love of my life was out there watching it when I was skating to that routine,” Victor smiles, and he’s not sure if it’s a tear rolling down or if it’s Yuuri’s thumb gently brushing on his cheek. 

Yuuri smiles. 

“I bought the show’s DVD but I start crying every time I hear the first notes of that song,” he chuckles, scooting closer to Victor, seeking to feel more of him and remember how real this is. “Even before that, it was like I was falling in love every time I saw you skate.”

Victor envelops him with an embrace, his fingers threading through Yuuri’s hair as it has become their habit. He can’t bring himself to speak at that moment, but he knows exactly what Yuuri means - the constant falling in love at the smallest details, waking up to remember how blessed he is to have him as fiancé, a man who gets emotional about an encounter that happened years ago, who treasures those memories as preciously as the ones they’ve made together.

Victor feels like he’s the luckiest man in the world. He wants Yuuri to know how much he appreciates him. 

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I know you've drawn ur camper OC, but what about yourself as a camp counselor? how long would you survive the campers,,,

those little shits would rip me to shreds in a week, and if they didn’t kill me, i’d let daniel have the honor

A Cocktail of Emotion (Part 2)

Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader (first person POV, ‘I’ pronoun)

Genre : Soulmate!AU

Warning : idk what to warn you guys lol

Word Count : 1578

A/N : Heyaaaa I finally post the 2nd part… sorry it took so long! I just came back from Singapore 3 days ago and I was super tired and as usual, my brain isn’t functioning properly… Anywho, since I’m making this story 1500 words per part, this story would probably have several more parts before the ending and just to be clear, there will be angst somewhere over the btw I really appreciate the support some of you have been sending me through dms, comments and even submissions, it means a lot to me and I’d definitely reply them. I think I might make more Tom holland stories so if you wanna be notified, go ahead and dm me, I’ll put you in my tag list! 💕

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Part 1

School wasn’t bad.

So far at least.

I managed to get through the first and second period without a hitch. The teacher didn’t bully or tease me for being the new student and the other students were actually very accepting of me.

But despite all that, I was very disappointed that my imagination didn’t became a reality.

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eternity or bruised with jasper (from camp camp!!)

i don’t really like how this turned out but oh well i’m too lazy to try to make it again