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22 april 2017

@pixlokita scibbly comic for shinichi ½!


Showing @elizajaneface a pix of my #clexa license plates and talking about #wanheda at #wizardworldsacramento . 🎥 Video by @meg.dmngs

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Daddy Exiam had looked all over for Fauno Pan but did not find him. He showed pix of Fauno to many people. The reactions he got were odd, he thought:

“Cute pet! Very unusual coloring! Oh my gosh..its EXIAM! Can I get a selfie with you?”

“ HAVE one of these?” 

“I’m not sure I’d return him if I found him, to be honest. You offering a big reward?”

 He went to a governmental office at the spaceport, to file a missing person report.

This is when it REALLY hit him that beings like Fauno Pan were considered to be a perfectly legitimate pet species by many!

“I’m here to report a missing person. “ Daddy Exiam would say. Officials would see the picture he provided from his phone and say things like:

“So, you lost your spotted, horned, bloodsucker. Was he wearing a collar? Was he chipped? Why not? ”

“Fill out THIS form to report a lost or stolen pet.”

“I’ve never seen one of these. They are very rare pets. Very expensive, especially in that unusual color! He was probably stolen if you carelessly allowed him out without a collar and tracking device. Sorry, sir. “

Daddy Exiam was bewildered. HOW could anyone think someone like Fauno was not a person with the same rights as anyone else? 

And more importantly, what to do now? The authorities were probably not going to be much help.

anonymous asked:

Everyone needs to chill out with the IG stalking. Seriously, it's social media. They're in a relationship, very obviously. They don't need to go liking each other's pix to show that they're "ok" or whatever. I like them together as much as the next person, believe me, but they don't owe us any proof, and the deeper people dig, the more crazy theories are going to pop up. Everyone should relax and be happy that they're happy. Because they are!

that’s true, they don’t owe us anything. though I know it is just a super little thing, I think it’s cute to see when they like each other’s photos on sm. I know it’s just a simple double-tap to the screen but shit, whenever the person I was interested in liked one of my photos, my heart when beating through the roof. LOL. 

but yes, it does seem like they obviously could be together. we just gotta take what’s given to us and know when we shouldn’t cross a line. 

Sci-Fi Simblr Focus: Holycannolis

Not exactly a new Simblr, but back from hiatus and showing gorgeous pix from a new game set in Risastorm’s Tinar. At this moment, the Del Blue family is their focus. Charming pix. Seeing stuff like this is so exciting to me. So much fun to see Risastorm’s colorful worlds get used more.



I love the beautiful color choices they have made for world and sky and buildings.

Again, if you like sci-fi or colorful settings, this is a blog you may wish to have a look at. I’m happy to have found them.


So, now you see how Shoemaker is faring. Do not worry about him. He is quite happy living far away from everyone with his spider and his carnivorous plant and somewhat frequent hunting trips into the city to fulfill certain needs a giant spider or carnivorous plant can’t accommodate. He loves his work.

The environmental activists on Amnora Glipsunu have managed to get a special plant inside Tzedon’s home via his Psychic Decorating Consultant.

The first two pix show Er-Xeep and Kl-a-Dar at the nursery where the plant was grown and nurtured and then promoted to Tzedon’s decorator.

When we return you will see more of this plant and its effect on Tzedon.

Here is the back of The Jaded People’s Night market with Amnora Glipsunu’s menacing dark artificial moon looming overhead.

There is Tzedon, eating at a counter at The Jaded People’s Night Market. He likes street food sometimes.

And now we say goodbye to Amnora Glipsunu for three weeks.