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Supernatural Set Hunting and Snapshots

Found Supernatural on location yesterday and was fortunate enough to catch a little bit of filming. 

Practicing some “people photography” with a few snapshots of Jensen and Jared on set :) Should be episode 13.8

Sony a6300, Supernatural set, Vancouver, October 11, 2017


Mornings in St. Petersburg 
or alternatively titled: Viktor Nikiforov’s Instagram is A Katsuki Yuuri Appreciation Account


- woo wonjae


PAX West 2017: Top Photo:  Jacksepticeye Panel

                           Bottom Photo: Autograph session

Thank you again to Jack, the enforcers and the handlers who let me once again be a giant pest at the signings.  

Now that the long drive is over and I’ve had a few hours of sleep, let’s wrap this up ; )        

           Jack, you have come such a long way in the (almost) 3 years that I have been shooting you.  From the shy exuberant young man to this polished (still exuberant) man who is about to start his own road show.  If anything you are kinder, more passionate and have a greater understanding of your “fans” since I first met you at IndyPopCon.  I was and am, more impressed than ever before.  

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Duma bandana fashion show

You’ve got your fashionable burgundy

Then you’ve got your adventurous orange

Then you’ve got your lovely purple

Then you’ve got your stunning blue

You’ve also got a cute pink

of course you’ve also got a mix it up

Or tone it down with some grey

or maybe a lighter with some white

Or you could even be a pirate!