show people your dreams

imagine ur otp: 90s anime edition
  • person A transforms into a fighter of evil in a cute outfit, person B also turns into a fighter of evil but is basically useless
  • person A is pulled into another world via a book for some reason, person B is the leader of their group of attractive guardians
  • person A is destined to destroy the world, person B is destined to save it, or maybe it’s the other way around, everything is very gay and people get stabbed a lot
  • person B turns into a cute animal when splashed with cold water, person A is their put-upon fiance
  • florists by day, assassins by night


Just don’t try to dress up as a Santa, Greg, Miles will have you arrested for trespassing

now we know that Miles probably got a candy attorney’s badge for Christmas. I bet he refused to eat it. I bet he kept it for years until it literally disintegrated. I bet he showed it to Nick and Larry super proudly. I bet Nick was SUPER IMPRESSED. 

i bet baby Miles showed it to EVERYONE. constantly. And that was possibly where Nick got the idea you’re supposed to show people your attorney’s badge every time you meet them. He dreamed of having his own that day.

Cassandra Cain for Batman 2k15

The zodiac signs as dreams (and what they mean)

Aries: Dreams of falling. Falling in a dream may reflect problems you are having in work, school or relationships. It can also relate to losing control, letting go or failing.

Taurus: Dreams of being or showing up late. Dreams of waking up late or showing up late to work or school may mean you are feeling overwhelmed and have a lot going on in your life.

Gemini: Dreams with babies. Dreams of or with babies can represent a new start, idea, development or potential growth in your life.

Cancer: Dreams with water, floods, etc. Water in dreams reflects your unconscious mind and/or emotions. Water clarity/cloudiness and calmness/turbulence can also represent how well you are managing your emotions.

Leo: Dreams of flying. Flying in a dream and how well you do it can relate to how much control you feel you have in your life and whether or not you feel you can achieve your goals.

Virgo: Dreams of teeth. If your teeth fall out in a dream it could mean a few things, but it is generally viewed as a bad omen. Teeth could represent your fear of becoming old or represent a life event that caused you to lose confidence.

Libra: Dreams of meeting a celebrity. Meeting a specific celebrity in a dream reflects the talents or traits you may value.

Scorpio: Dreams of death. Death in a dream reveals you may wish to end something and/or start afresh. Killing someone in your dreams may be a desire to terminate a part of your own personality, or could represent hostility towards a certain person.

Sagittarius: Dreams of being chased. Dreams of being chased or running away might mean you are feeling threatened or you are running away from a problem that needs to be faced.

Capricorn: Dreams of driving an out of control car. Depending on how well you can control the car represents the amount of control you feel you have on your road to success in the future.

Aquarius: Dreams with other people. People in your dreams often represent different characteristics of your own self. When specific people you know show up in your dreams it sometimes means you have interpersonal issues you need to solve.

Pisces: Dreams of being naked. Nudity in a dream relates to how much vulnerability and anxiety you might have. It may also represent revealing your true self to others.


Sword Art Online II — Episode 14: Phantom Bullet - Preview Screencaps

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TV Shows of 2015

↳ 2. Parks and Recreation

Even though it ended at the right time and on a high - rather fading and being disappointing like the final seasons of The Office, I still really miss Parks and Recreation. I know in my hearts of hearts that without having a firm end date that the the show could have outstayed its welcome and that so much of the creative triumph of season seven comes down to the fact that this was the final season. Yet I find myself longing for the series and the inhabitants of Pawnee to return.

The time jump at the end of season six really allowed for the seventh season to move to new and interesting places. The Ron and Leslie falling out would only really make sense if it happened over an extended period of time and even though it made the first few episodes of the season hard to watch the conclusion to that story was one of the show’s highlights. Showing the rare vulnerability of Ron but also the strength of the unlikely friendship.

Some might suggest that a lot of the final season was far too optimistic and full of wishful thinking for the fate of Leslie and her friends. Perhaps this is true but frankly I can’t find fault with it. Parks and Recreation has been the show I’ve turned to whenever I’ve felt down. It is series about joy and finding people to share your dreams with and if any show should end with a happily ever after then it is definitely Parks and Recreation.

Stop telling people about your dreams. All you are doing is opening the door to criticism, which in turn might discourage you. Start working on your dreams. Keep your head down, stay focused. Show people your results. People will pay more attention to your actions than your words. 

Get to work.

Typically the Broadway League reserves the honor of dimming the marquee lights for those who are considered Broadway legends. Kyle Jean-Baptiste fills that criteria, for me and what appears to be most of the Broadway community. He made history at 21, and was an inspiration to an entire generation of young actors. He showed people that you can achieve your dream, regardless of age, race, or any other factor. And that’s why we ask the Broadway League to #Dim4Kyle

People that actually believe stelena can still be endgame
Teacher Wants One Direction To Help Teach Kids To Reach For Their Dreams
One Direction are one of the most popular bands on the planet. In five short years One Direction have redefined the pop music industry and gone from X-factor

One Direction are one of the most popular bands on the planet. In five short years One Direction have redefined the pop music industry and gone from X-factor hopefuls to global superstars. One Direction shown that, with hard work and a mindset that leaves no room for giving up, you can not only chase your dreams, you can catch them too. By any measure One Direction’s success has been nothing short of incredible. In five years One Direction have completed four major world tours, scored five number one albums and played shows to many millions of people. One Direction’s story shows that you can achieve your dreams if you have the courage and will to follow them.

One Direction have not only made their own dreams come true they have helped to make dreams come true for many other people too. Just last week it was reported in Inquisitr how One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has worked with charities to help make dreams come true for the families of very sick children. Put simply One Direction have become a huge inspiration to millions of people, a fact not lost on Indiana school teacher Shelby Toll.

Miss Toll is a special education teacher who works with children with a range of special needs. Many of her children have had a tough start in life, are dealing with conditions like autism, and have a low sense of self-worth. Miss Toll is trying to teach her kids to reach for the stars, to glory in life and, like One Direction, to follow their dreams.

Miss Toll is a One Direction fan who has a nurturing relationship with her students, they trust her and confide in her and know about her musical passion. As a result the kids have challenged miss Toll to show that dreams come true by achieving one of her own dreams, to make contact with One Direction. Shelby would love to meet One Direction but is realistic in her ambitions and would just love to see One Direction make some kind of contact with her kids.

“My students can often get down on themselves, we talk about how just because they are struggling right now, doesn’t mean they have to give up on their dreams. If I could get One Direction to reach out to my students it would boost their self-esteem and show the that even in the toughest of times they can achieve their dreams.”

As a result of trying to help students realise that dreams can come true miss Toll has set up a project website hoping that a member of One Direction will notice it and reach out to her kids.

As the Mail pointed out back in August One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne were incredibly generous with both their cash and their time when supporting children’s charity Believe In Magic. Shelby Toll is hoping that the massive generosity of spirit that One Direction members show through their charitable efforts will extend to her students.

She hopes that One Direction would read at least one letter from the project and acknowledge her students. By doing so she believes that One Direction could have a massively beneficial effect on the children’s live by boosting their sense of self-worth and believing that dreams can come true.

“One Direction is important in my students’ lives. Listening to their music allows my students to unwind from a stressful day. One Direction’s music makes them smile and happy even on the worst of days. One Direction has allowed my students to work on their social skills and make friends. One Direction has allowed me to make a connection with my students and build a bridge of trust.”

“I want to be a fashion merchandiser, my parents know this too. My father even bought me fashion show tickets.”
“Your dream job is a bit unfamiliar to people in your parents generation. How did you convince your parents to let you pursue it?”
“Actually my mother was really against it at first. I convinced her through endless conversations. It was difficult, but even ten years later I hope to keep that feeling with me, the feeling of confidence from the time I persuaded my parents.”

“전 패션 MD가 되고 싶어요. 부모님도 알고 계세요. 아빠가 오히려 직접 패션쇼 티켓을 사주셨어요.”
“본인이 희망하는 직업이 부모님 세대에서는 좀 생소한 직업이잖아요. 어떻게 설득하셨어요?”
“사실 엄마가 반대해서 정말 끊임없는 대화로 설득했어요. 힘들었지만 전 10년이 지나도 그 때의 마음을 간직했으면 싶어요. 제가 설득했던 때의 그 자신 있던 마음이요.”