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Isaac Lahey x Werewolf!Reader

Part 1

Warnings: Sexual content, teasing, fingering, nsfw.
Word count: 784

A/N: @thetruequeenofmermaids, tagging you because you love your baby lahey. ;>

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Isaac had left you hot and bothered from yesterday’s session, teasing you mercilessly before leaving you to ’handle’ your problem by yourself after he jumped out the window to go home again.

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You know what is amazing ? Truly amazing ? Is that we can go back and reading bleach KNOWING that ichigo had a crush that transformed into love for orihime . 

Like this ichigo ? 

Totally had a crush on Orihime 

And this ichigo ? 

ALSO totally had a crush on Orihime 

And this ichigo ? 

He is a dork trying to take care of his crush 



AND THIS ONE IS FUCKING PROMISING TO PROTECT HER . HER AND ONLY HER WHEN HIS OTHER FRIENDS WERE HURT TOO . Also in japanese culture this particular sentence hold a lot of meaning in the romantic sense . 

“ Ok ok I get what you mean “ you say to me “ But what about THAT ichigo ????” 


And this ichigo ? Crushed by Orihime being taken to Hueco mundo . 

LOOK AT THIS BOY LIKE CALM DOWN ICHIGO WE KNOW YOU LOVE HER BUT CHILL DAMN no but seriously look at his reaction rukia was about to die and yet his gut reacted here at the mere mention of orihime’s name ???? 

And look at this mofo seeing his love in slow motion hair blowing in the wind and shit 


And look at him not even being able to look at orihime in the eyes because he sees fear in the way she looks at him . God this breaks my heart 

Ok this heals my heart look at him being completely awestruck , look at Kubo represented her voice reaching out to him ! Look at his eyes GODFUCKINGDAMMIT 


Ichigo! You’re dead ! On the floor! You have a hole in your chest! like dude it’s not the time to think about orihime and how much you want to protect her oh god 


And look at him , puppy faced and all mushy mushy just because orihime cried for him . What a loser omg ichigo like be cool in front of orihime stop wearing your heart in your eyes your feelings plain for the whole world to see like that 

“ yeah I noticed you were real popular with the guys … not that it bothers … but you know… I’m just placing it in the conversation … like that … just to … you know… ANYWAY” 

We SEE YOU ICHIGO WE KNOW YOU NOTICED ORIHIME WAS SO POPULAR WITH THE GUYS AND IT BOTHERS YOU but except from keeping the creeps away from Orihime he won’t do anything about it because he always respected Orihime’s agency so much like this kid is so pure I love him god 

Look at him being awestruck once again by orihime . Thinking she is so great and amazing and his heart must expands so much knowing just how much her and chad care for him . He must be so grateful 

Omg don’t do this to him orihime he’s so in love with you SO IN LOVE . He cannot stand the thought of losing you because of tsukishima’s power look at how heartbroken he looks STOP ORIHIME STOP also orihime my love breaking through tsukishima’s ability just because OF THE STRENGTH OF HER LOVE FOR ICHIGO LIKE WHERE DO THEY STOP FOR THE OTHER OMG THIS IS TOO MUCH 

Once again look at him being all dorky and happy like a puppy just at seeing orihime !! He had just been beaten by Bach and was depressed he couldn’t protect everybody but POOF one look at Orihime safe and smiling and bam puppy eyes showing his feelings to the whole world 



And look at him comforting orihime like “ NO ORIHIME DON’T BE SAD NO” . Omg he is such a dork , he is so in love it’s killing me


Okay ichigo danger is over you should let her go now even if her hair is really soft and it feels really good holding her so close to you  



And most importantly the most in love with orihime of all those ichigo 



* spontaneously combust*


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Can you please do a jealous Loki imagine that turns into super fluff?


He saw. Oh he saw the way that man had flirted with you, so obviously and so desperately that Loki wondered were you just polite or dense for not noticing. Standing across the room – next to his brother, of course – he watched you mingle with the guests. Obviously he had nothing better to do. Very rarely did anyone approach him for a chat; it was mostly Thor they bugged. But you…You seemed like from a whole different planet, though Loki knew for a fact that your home is Asgard. The whole evening was circling around you – from the girls complimenting on your hairdo, servants constantly jumping to your aid and filling your empty glass, to the chivalrous men, who invited you to dance. You declined most of them though and Loki was pleased. It truly felt like acid burning his throat when you didn’t. All of your dates mysteriously slipped and fell, possibly broken their noses or at least a couple of teeth. Yes, how mysterious indeed.

With his arms crossed over his chest he lays in bed and stares directly at a dot near the door, his ears perking up once in a while when the music coming from ways down the hall dims or grows in volume. You had finally returned, happy, completely unlike him, and tried to talk to him but he was having none of it. The only phases that left his lips were curt and cold and he didn’t even plan on loosening up. You took out your earrings, folded your pearls, put away the dress and slipped into your night robe before blowing out the last candle and joining him in bed. Carefully you sneak across the mattress to find his cool body, gently running your hand on his shoulder.

“Loki…Don’t tell me you are jealous.”

“…Preposterous. There’s no reason I should be.”

He can practically hear you smile. Is there really a point in arguing? He sighs softly, you barely hear it, and turns and his fingers hook with yours. You lay on his chest, pulling away a couple of pesky strands of hair that fall onto his face. Though it is dark, the strange glow of his skin shines a blurry outline of his features. Loki hums. “Was showing off really necessary?” You ask lighthearted, referring to the slippery floors, spilled drinks and other more gruesome accidents of the evening.

“Again, my love,” He brings your hand to his lips and kisses it softly, “no idea what you mean.”

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Come Here (Draco X Reader)

Type: SMUT

Warnings: Sexy, thigh riding Draco

Summary/Prompt: In which the reader is horny asf, but her boyfriend Draco is too busy with his paperwork to oblige with sex…

Word count: 562

Anon asked: I’m not sure if you do smut or not or if you’ve heard of thigh riding but I was wondering if you could do a Draco thigh ride imagine? If not it’s completely fine I understand! Xx

Hello lovely anon! You made my day, I had so much fun writing this one (my soul is damned to hell, I am aware). Enjoy!

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“Draco?” you said, pushing open the door to his study, and pouting when you saw him hunched over your paperwork.

“I’m a little busy right now, Y/N.” he muttered distractedly, shuffling through some papers. “These reports have to be done by the end of the week.”

“Can’t you take an hour’s break?” you asked.

“No, baby.”

“But I need you Dray, my vibrator isn’t doing it for me. I want your cock.” you whined, making your way over to him.

He turned bit his lip as he cast his eyes over you, dressed in nothing but one of his old white shirts and panties, showcasing your legs and leaving your boobs to spill out over the top.

“As very tempting as the idea is, my darling, I’m too busy.” he sighed, turning back to his desk. “Maybe later.”

“But I’m horny Draco, you haven’t fucked me in a week.”

He spun around on his chair to face you again, studying every inch of your beauty. It only took a few seconds for the man to realise how badly you wanted him.

“Come here baby.” he said beckoning you over as he slid off his blazer and let it fall to the floor.

His shirt was tight, showing off his arms and his chest, and you couldn’t resist tuning your hands up it as you sat on his lap, hands traveling upwards until they were running through his hair, tugging slightly on the ends.

He slid his fingers into the waistband of your panties and gently pulled them off, revealing your wetness which was spilling onto his designer suit, and you involuntarily bucked your pussy against the soft material, accidentally letting out a quiet moan.

“Does that feel good baby?” he breathed, lips trailing your neck.

“So good.” you gasped, grinding yourself down on his thigh.

His hands found your hips as he kissed up your neck, guiding you to rub yourself on his leg, the friction of the material against your most sensitive parts making you moan in desperation.

“Draco, fuck.” you groaned as he ripped the shirt down the middle, revealing your erect buds.

“Come on baby. Grind yourself for me.” he murmured, his voice husky and full of lust.

You threw your head back in bliss, waves of pleasure coursing through you.

“Dray, please touch me.” you panted desperately, bucking against his thigh.

He obliged almost immediately, one hand finding your clit and the other on your hip, guiding you along. His hand on your most sensitive part was beginning to make you see stars, and you groaned loudly.

“Tell me how good it feels, princess.” Draco growled.

“It feels like heaven.” you replied, your voice shaky. “You always make me feel so good.”

“Damn right.” he murmured, lips finding your neck as he kept rubbing you. “Come on doll, I feel you, come for me.”

You pressed yourself hard on his thigh, and suddenly shuddered, feeling your orgasm wash over you. Draco kept rubbing and you whimpered as you came down from your high, feeling oversensitive.

“Dray.” you whined softly and he pulled his hand away, pushing his fingers past your lips as you sucked on them.

“I made you come, seems only fair that you return the favour, love.” he smirked.

You grinned and slid off his thigh, sliding down until you were between his legs.


Notes- Tate is upset with Violet and you comfort him. You both realize that you share feelings for each other. Fluffy, there’s a cute kiss and cuddles. There’s like two curse words because it’s Tate. 

Words- 842

Requested By-  @justagirlwithblog

“I can’t take this,” Tate yelled as he stomped up the staircase. You had just gotten home from college that day. It hadn’t been that long ago since you bought the notorious so called “murder house”. You had just turned nineteen and had to get away from where you were. Your parents had died in an awful accident and you were left with all of their things. You pack some up and sold the rest which gave you the amount needed to buy your current home. Most nights you weren’t studying, you had to work until at least midnight to make sure you could keep up with the money needed to take care of your home. It was a good thing you didn’t have work tonight, seeing as how Tate is acting.

You threw your bag down on the floor racing up the stairs and calling out his name. A door into one of the rooms was suddenly slammed shut. You walked over to it and carefully opened  the door. No one appeared to be in the room, yet you could feel the ghost boy’s presence. “Tate, if you want to talk about this we can. I’m here for you,” you softly said aloud. Tate appeared in front of you. He looked angry and completely overwhelmed with emotion.  “What’s wrong,” you tentatively asked.

“She won’t stop being a bitch. Every time I try to do anything she just pisses me off or makes me feel like shit.”

“I’m assuming you’re talking about Violet.”

“She just treats me like I’m God awful and acts like I don’t already know that.”

Tate’s voice quivered as the sentence left his lips. He sat down on the ground and drew his knees to his chest. You could hear him start to cry and sat down next to him. “Tate, from what you’ve been like for the short time I’ve lived here you haven’t seemed like a bad guy.” Tate still sat there crying and didn’t even look at you like he normally does when you speak. 

You placed your hand on his back and started to rub up and down his spine. If he wouldn’t listen to words right now you’d just show him comfort instead. He moved closer to you and looked up at you before he wrapped his arms around you. Tate buried his face in your chest and continued crying. You played with his hair and waited for him to calm down enough to talk again. “You really don’t think I’m horrible,” Tate asked as he wiped his nose off.

“Why would I? You always let me vent to you and try to help me study and cheer me up.”

“You don’t know much about me though.”

“I don’t need to,” you said,”I only care about how you act now.”

Tate sat in front of you and looked you up in down. It was almost as if he was studying you and stopped to take in your eyes. Your eyes didn’t compare to his deep brown ones. They were beautifully dark and full of emotions. His hands slowly moved to yours and he gave you a glance as if asking to hold them. You nodded your head and he wrapped his hands around yours. “Maybe instead of worrying about Violet, I should worry about you,” Tate said.

You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks and you looked down at the floor. Tate pulled you into his lap and caressed your face as he placed his lips on yours. The kiss was soft and tender, which you didn’t expect from the usually snarky boy. You could feel your body give into him as you let out a low moan and parted your lips. His tongue found it’s way around your mouth leaving you to do the same to his. You parted so you could take in breath and Tate pulled you against his chest. 

“ I want you to be mine and I don’t know for sure if you feel the same way, but gauging by that kiss I’d say that answer is in my favor,” Tate said.

“Yeah, I do,” you answered back.

“Can we hangout for the rest of night,” Tate questioned.

“Of course, but let’s go lay on the couch and watch tv or something.”


With that, you both walked downstairs and took your places on the big, comfy couch. Tate laid down in front of you. Your body shaped around his and he pulled your arm over his side. He played with your fingers as you watched the television. He rolled over to face you and placed a lingering kiss on your forehead. 

You could feel yourself getting sleepy and cuddle as close as you could against Tate. As you began to fall asleep you could feel Tate lift you up. He carried you to your bed and laid down next to you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his around your waist as you feel asleep with him carefully watching over you.

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Could you do 7 with Reggie please

“You make a good pillow.”
Reggie looked down at you and smiled.
“I try my best,” he replied, causing you to grin. “But you know what would be better than me being your pillow?” You hummed in response, a tired way of asking what. “If you got more sleep at night.” You sat up and rolled your eyes.
“You know I can’t.”
“Why not?” he questioned, frowning. “You need sleep. I’m more than willing to let you sleep on me, but this isn’t good for your health.”
“I’m just really busy, okay?” you frustratedly explained. “Call me too academically ambitious or overly involved, but this is my life. I’ll stay up until two in the morning everyday if I must.”
“But look at you,” he gestured at your exhausted form. “You’re sleep deprived.”
“So what?” you retorted. “It’s worth it for a perfect GPA.”
“No it’s not!” Reggie exclaimed, grabbing your hands in his. “It’s not worth it! The longer this goes on, the more your health will decline. I don’t want to see you get any worse.” You bit your lip and frowned.
“Why do you care?” You tried to remove your hands from his grip, but Reggie wouldn’t let go. “Why does this matter so much to you?”
“Because I love you!” he almost screamed. “I’m in love with you, and it hurts to watch you do this to yourself!” Taken aback, you couldn’t think of how to respond.
“Reggie…” you trailed off, opening and closing your mouth dumbly. He released your hands so he could cup your face. Frowning, he placed one strand of your hair behind your ear.
“Please, (Y/N), take care of yourself,” he whispered. You bit your lip and nodded. Slowly, Reggie drew your face closer to his. When you showed no sign of resistance, he connected his lips with yours. It was a soft and short kiss, only lasting for a moment before he pulled away. You smiled up at him, and he pulled your head into his chest.
“Now use me as a pillow again,” he commanded. “You need rest.”

Grey is the new definition of sexy

Hey, hey! This is my involve in Malec week 2017. Hope you’ll like it.

Day one: Future scene


Summary: Alec sports his first grey hair, but Magnus reassures him it’s fine to have them. 

Alec woke up strangely relaxed this morning. None of his sons had woken him up, demanding food or something else. Angel knows, Rafael and Max had strange ideas at the early morning hours. Alec was used to wake up with the sun, but lately, as he reached his mid thirties, he liked to sleep in. Especially, when Magnus’s body kept him warm in their big bed.

Alec looked at the electric watch standing on Magnus’s night stand. It showed a little bit past eight. It made him confuse even more. Were his boys still asleep at such late hour for them ? Or were they up doing Angel knows what.

Alerted by the mysterious silence going in their home, Alec got up and went to the living room. His boys weren’t there, only Chairman Meow, their old cat was sleeping on the red plush couch, Magnus conjured from his apartment in London. He deemed it worthy again, after five years of not using. That, or he actually listened to Alec, when he told him that the couch was good for the shadowhunter’s back, when he got back from long training. It was just amazing.

There were some sounds coming from the kitchen. Alec went there, suspicious as hell. His boys, despite being fifteen and twelve didn’t have a hand in the kitchen. They were just as hopeless as their other father and aunt. Though, you had to give it to Max, he could conjure any food he wanted, from where he wanted, as he was skilled warlock.

As he entered the kitchen, he found his both sons eating bagels and drinking fresh juice. When they spotted Alec, they smiled widely, and Max conjured the same food and drink for Alec.

“Morning, dad! ” They said in unison, flashing him wide smiles. Alec smiled back, before he kissed the top of their heads. “Papa still asleep?”

“Yes,” Alec confirmed, biting down on a bagel. It was good. Alec felt Rafael’s eyes on him. “What?”

“What’s that in your hair? Did papa make you highlights?” Alec’s confusion grown more, as he went to the hall, where the oval mirror from the sixteenth century hung on the left wall. He looked closer at his hair and then he spotted.

A few strands of grey hair were decorating his right part of hair.

Alec couldn’t believe in what he was seeing. He had the first grey hair. He was getting old. The realization hit him hard, tears built-in his blue eyes. He fought so hard to not let them escape.

“Dad? ” He heard the deep voice of Rafael behind his back. The young boy placed his hand on his arm. “Are you ok? Daddy?”

“You haven’t called me that in years, Rafe.” He replied, blinking twice to not show his son the weakness he had for a moment.

“Good morning, sweet peas! ” Magnus’s honey voice filled the hall, before he came to stand next to Alec and Rafe. “Oh, Alexander, I know you’re beautiful and all, but why do we stare at you in mirror? Shouldn’t we like eat breakfast?”

“Papa, dad has some highlights in his hair. Did you magic them up? ” Rafe asked, looking questioningly at his other father. Before Magnus could answer, Max joined them and looked at Alec’s reflection.

“It’s grey hair!” The blue skinned warlock pointed out. “Dad, you have grey hair, like grandpa Robert. You’re so old!”

Two kids laughed remarking Alec about his old age. They didn’t see, how this remark was hurting him, but Magnus saw. He scolded them both and sent to the kitchen. When they were alone, Magnus pulled Alec into his arms and kissed the top of his head, where the grey hair remained.

“My Angel…”

“I’m getting old, Magnus. They’re right.” He sighed in Magnus’s black shirt, which Alec could have sworn belonged to him. “Soon, I’m going…”

“If you finish this sentence, you’ll be sleeping on the couch at least for a month. And I’m not talking about the red couch you like so much, I’m talking about the couch in my study. The one you hate.” Magnus warned him, tickling his sides. “You’re getting older, but I can promise you, Alec, you’re getting older just like a fine wine. With age you’re even better.”

“Oh really? ” Alec bickered. “Soon, I won’t be able to keep up with you in bed.”

“That’s not possible,” Magnus ruffled Alec’s hair. “You will always be my match in bed, darling. Even without your stamina rune. You can always…” Magnus trailed his hand down Alec’s chest, until he stopped it at the line of his sweatpants. “keep up with me.”

“Perv.” Alec nudged him in his ribs. “Our sons are behind the wall, Magnus. I don’t want to scare them for life. They’re just little kids.”

Magnus just laughed.

“And so what if you’re getting old, Alexander. Your grey hair are sexy.” Magnus turned Alec in his arms so they could see their reflection in the mirror. “Just look at you, so gorgeous, handsome, sexy as hell. Mmm…I thought that you were beautiful before, but now, you are so drop dead gorgeous. You make me hot inside, Alec.”

“Is there anything else in your mind besides sex?”

“Nope. When I see such a hot man in my arms, with the trace of his fine age, I can’t stop myself.”

“Fine age?” Alec asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Mhm,” Magnus once again, trailed hands over Alec’s chest. “The finest. And I can show you, how much I love your fine age, Alexander.”

“Papa! ” Voices of their sons interrupted them their subtle fun. “We’re still here!”

“And I believe it’s time to see you off to the Institute. Your grandmother will give me grey hair, if she won’t see you in the morning.” Magnus laughed, as he ruffled hair of his sons. He snapped his fingers and he created a portal in their living room. He kissed Rafe and Max’s foreheads, telling them to be good for Maryse and Robert and waved them goodbye, as they stepped through the portal. “Now.” He said, as they were alone. “I believe I promised to show you, how I love your fine age, dearest.”

“Yes, you have. “Alec licked his lips, as Magnus walked him to their bedroom, shutting the door behind them.

Maybe Alec was getting old, having his first grey hair. But as long as Magnus still loved him and found him good for himself, he could live with it.

Late Night Dancing

Originally posted by b-t-s-imagines

Genre: Smut

By: Admin Bean


Notes: Dirty talk, slight teasing, fingering

Summary: After a busy day, you and Hoseok are in the practice room. You find out he is interested in more than just your dancing~

Words: 2,945

It was just about to get dark as you were driving yourself to the studio BTS always learned and practiced their dances. They were getting ready for a new comeback so they had been working hard the past few weeks learning and beginning to perfect the new choreography before they recorded the music video.

Even with their busy schedule you boyfriend promised to help you with your dancing that night after they boys were done with their practice for the day. You pulled into the parking lot for the building and grabbed a bag of food you also brought because you knew Hoseok would be tired after their practice. Once you collected your things you got out of your car and headed inside and walked down the hallways towards the room they were in.

You opened the door to see the boys talking with one another. Jin, Jungkook, and Hoseok were all sitting on the floor against the walls chugging water as they had literally just gotten done while the rest of them were starting to collect their things to head back to the dorms.

You looked over at Hoseok and seeing him in his current state made you swallow heavily, hair drenched in sweat as he leaned against the wall taking occasional sips from his water bottle still breathing heavily from their practice.

You hadn’t realized you had been just standing there in silence that it took Namjoon coming over to greet you to break you out of your daze. “Hey Y/N! Hoseok told us you were coming here,” he said clearly not taking notice of you just staring at Hoseok. “Oh um…. yeah he’s helping me with some choreography I’m learning.” You broke away from staring at him to look at Namjoon who gave you a smile then gesturing to the rest of the guys to follow him as he walked slowly towards the door.

At the sound of your name your attention was brought back to Hoseok who jumped up from the floor to attack you with a hug. “Y/N!!” he shouted in glee of your presence.

“Ah! Hobi you’re all sweaty!” you complained as he continued to give you a long bone crushing hug. The maknae line were giggling at his over enthusiasm when he saw you but soon joined the others in leaving the room letting you two be alone. “Don’t stay to long, you both need to make sure you get a good night’s rest,” you heard Namjoon remark before shutting the door before you could respond.

Hobi finally released you from his tight embrace to look in to your eyes, his eyes bright with happiness. "I also brought some food, I knew you would be starving.” You held up the brown paper bag in your right hand. “You are the best Y/N!” he cheered as he snatched it from your hand sitting back down on the floor gesturing for you to join him. You did so as he reached into the bag and you both dug in.

After you both ate and did your best to clean up the mess Hoseok got onto his feet holding out his hand to help you up which you took and helped pull you up.

“Now, you wanted to show me that choreography?” he stated the reason for you two being there in the first place. You nodded and went over to the sound system to plug your phone in to play the music you needed.

The beats from your music filled the room as you moved into the open space in front of the mirror on one side of the room. You counted the beats in your head before you jumped in letting your body move to the music. You had immersed yourself so far into what you were doing that only by the time you reached the end of the song is when you noticed that Hoseok was standing against the wall, one hand resting on his chin, as he was 100% concentrated on you.

You turned around to look at him instead of just seeing his gaze in the mirror. “That was beautiful Y/N….” he began as he walked towards you. “Well, any thoughts on what I could improve on?” you asked breathing heavily from your dancing. “It was perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing…. though,” his voice deepening as he turned you around placing his hands on your hips swaying you from side to side. Being oblivious to his intentions at first you soon found out as he pressed his body to yours and you felt something hard behind you.

Your face instantly turned red as he left an open mouth kiss on your neck letting his hands slip underneath the hem of your shirt placing his hands gently on your bare waist as he pulled you closer to him. “There is something else you need to fix….” he whispered, leaving kisses behind your ear which made you start to feel heat building in your entire body.

He wrapped his arms around your waist, making your breathing hitch in your throat as he began grinding against you while leaving sloppy wet kisses in any place he could reach. You could feel his lips meet the back of your neck, kissing and licking at your skin, which made you bite your bottom lip in an attempt to hold back your sighs.

You couldn’t bear not having his lips on yours any longer as you turned yourself around in his grasp throwing your arms around his neck, attacking his lips hungrily. Pulling you close to himself again after the change of position he immediately opened his mouth for you, letting his tongue roam your mouth as you both clung to each other like your lives depended on it.

Hoseok pushed you forward until your back hit against the mirror behind you, placing on arm next to your head bracing himself his other hand grasped the back of your neck. Growing impatient you grabbed at his shirt desperate to see him without it as you began tugging to send the message to him to rid himself of it.

Taking your message, he broke away from your lips and took his hand away from your neck to help you pull it over his head throwing it to the side of the room. He was about to lean back in to continue your make out session but you stopped him placing your hand on his chest just wanting to admire him for a second.

You ran both hands down his toned chest before leaning in kissing and sucking gently on his collarbones and pecs which earned a few sighs to fall form his lips. Wanting you to show him some skin as well he grabbed at the hem of your shirt pulling it off letting it join his shirt on the floor. After he did so you attacked his lips again throwing your arms around his neck once again.

Hands were tangled in each other’s hair, one of your legs was wrapped around his trying to get yourselves closer than was humanly possible. Hoseok’s hands left your hair to unclasp your bra, throwing it to the growing pile of clothes.

He cupped your breasts in his big warm hands which made you moan into his mouth at the feeling. Smiling at your reaction he stopped giving your mouth attention, kissing his way down your neck until he reached your chest, nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin achieving more moans from you in the process.

You noticed his eagerness as his hands traveled down to the waistband of your sweat pants, pulling them and your panties down in one motion leaving you completely exposed, one of his hands immediately dipped between your legs as he ran a finger against your clit. Your breath hitched in your throat breaking away from his lips, burying your face in the crook of his neck.

“You’re already so wet,” he giggled, placing his other hand on the back of your neck again at the same time running his finger up and down your clit painfully slow, “and all for me.” His voiced changing from playful gigging to a low growl.

"Hobi……. please” you pleaded, nails digging into his back slightly.

“Please what? Tell me kitten, what do you want?” he teased, still rubbing you painfully slow.

You groaned into his neck after he called you by the pet name he knew you loved before pleading more. “Please….” you choked out before he pressed against your sensitive area suddenly cutting off your speech replacing them with moans instead. “I want to feel your fingers inside me……” he obliged at once sinking one of his long fingers into your entrance immediately attaching his lips to yours loving when you moaned into his mouth.

He pumped his finger in and out of you while you winced and moaned trying to catch your breath as he was still attacking your mouth. He stopped long enough to insert another finger which as soon as he did the pleasure was almost too much for you to take as your hands gripped harshly at his hair and your hips bucked against his hand craving more friction but also not knowing if you could handle it. “Oh god! Hobi….I’m gonna come!” you winced between moans.

He came to an abrupt stop at your words and you whined at the loss of friction especially since you were so close but he leaned in close to your ear speaking in a deep tone, “I want my cock to be what makes you come tonight…”

With that he pulled his fingers out of you, leaning back he took them in his mouth licking them clean of your arousal looking you in the eyes as he did so, “So sweet”, he groaned as he licked the last drop off his hand.

He leaned in again licking a stripe up your neck before catching your lips with his again, hands moving down to his belt unbuckling it. You moved your hands down to help as you unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans pulling them and his boxers down releasing his hard erection.

You immediately took him in your hand, pumping him a few times giving him the same treatment he had just given you. "Fuck…….” he breathed against your neck, his whole body shivering from the sudden stimulation after holding out for so long. You continued your pace, pumping him slowly in your hand before he grabbed your wrist forcing you to stop. “I can’t take it anymore…. I need to be inside you,” he groaned this time his tone of voice very needy.

He grabbed one of your thighs pulling your leg to wrap around his hip so he had better access to your wet core. You wrapped your arms around his neck for better stability and he grabbed the base of his cock wincing at his own touch; it was his turn to bury his head in your neck. “Really? we haven’t even started yet,” you giggled running your fingers through the hairs on the back of his neck.

With no response, he pressed his hard erection against your folds not entering you yet. You gasped, gripping the back of his neck as he ran himself up and down your folds getting covered in your juices before he lined himself up at your entrance.

He lifted his head looking you in the eyes as he slowly sunk into your now dripping heat. He maintained eye contact with you until his hip bones met with yours and his head fell back into the crook of your neck with a loud drawn out moan.

He forced himself to stop moving, letting you adjust to his size waiting for you to give the ok for him begin thrusting into you. You did need time to readjust to him since you both hadn’t had sex for a while but you also didn’t give him the ok for a long time just to tease him. After a few whines from him you gave into his neediness: “Go ahead Hobi.”

He did not need to be told twice as he pulled out and slammed back into you making you throw your head against the mirror you were currently pressed against, letting out choked moans in the process. He did so again and again building up to a steady pace of thrusting into you.

“Fuck… you feel so good around my cock, kitten” He moaned into your neck digging his nails into your thigh, his other hand now bracing himself against the mirror. He continued his steady thrusts as heavy breathing and moans left both of your lips as you were both lost in pleasure and soon you began to feel your climax approach.

“Hobi, faster please! I’m so close!” you moaned out loudly being so close but so far from your high which you were desperately trying to reach. At your pleas, he sped up his thrusts hitting new spots that made you somehow moan even louder “Hobi!” you moaned his name as your climax was quickly approaching “I’m gonna come…” you barely managed to get out between moans.

You could tell he was getting close too as his moans to were increasing in volume and his thrusts were becoming sloppy and uneven. “That’s right…. be a good kitten and come for me.” he growled into your ear and that was all you needed to hear to have your high wash over you, head thrown back, eyes screwed shut, wincing and moaning his name over and over as waves of pleasure hit you.

“Oh fuck, Y/N!” he choked as your core clenched around his cock as you came making him reach his climax soon after yours. You felt his hot come shoot inside you as he continued to moan your name until his throat became sore. He was still thrusting slowly in and out of you riding out both of your highs and your wincing in overstimulation prompting him to pull out.

He let go of your thigh but you had trouble trying to stand on your own as your legs were so shaky but Hobi caught you before you could fall and guided you down so you were both sitting on the floor. You both didn’t say a word for at least 5 minutes just trying to catch your breath.

Hobi had his arm wrapped around your waist gently running his hands up and down your stomach as you leaned your head on his shoulder. After you both seem to even out your breathing you moved your head up, looking in to his eyes also moving your hand to cup the side of his face as you pulled him down so you could kiss him. He too brought a hand to caress your face as he deepened the kiss.

“I love you so much.” He broke away from the kiss his voice scratchy from how loud he had been. He ran his thumb over your cheek looking in to your eyes with the purest, most beautiful smiles on his face. You wrapped your arms around his torso burying your face in his chest “I love you too.” your voice also shot.

He wrapped his arms around you again placing kisses on the top of your head while running one hand though your hair. You sat like that for another 5 minutes until you were about to fall asleep like that. “We should probably get dressed,” you suggested, shifting so you were sitting up. Hoseok whined in protest as he would totally would have fallen asleep like that, but the boys would be there first thing in the morning.

You helped put each other’s clothes back on and tried to fix each other’s messy matted hair laughing at how messed up you both looked. You collected your things before heading to the door to leave walking down the hall until you reached the main door that lead outside where you stopped.

You turned to face Hoseok, placing your things on the floor so you could run into his arms again. You wished you never had to leave his embrace ever again so it made you sad that you both had to go your separate ways right now, you going back to your apartment and him to their dorm.

You teared up a bit at the fact that you couldn’t spend too much time together as you both were busy and especially when they would leave to go on tour. Your tears began to soak into his t-shirt.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?? Did I do something wrong??” he took notice of you crying, pulling away to look at you.

“No Hobi, it’s just…. I’m thinking about how we won’t be able to see each other much these days….” he wiped the tears from your eyes before pulling you back into his embrace.

"It will be hard right now but I will make it up to you I promise. When we are on tour I will never lose touch with you, I’ll call and text whenever I possibly can. And when we get back I’ll finally have some down time which I only want to spend with you.”

Smiling at his words, you wiped the remaining tears away from your eyes as he kissed you on top of your head running his hands up and down your back.

“I love you so much, Hobi.”

“I love you more.”

You slapped his arm for being so cheesy and he giggled at your reaction, pecking you one last time on the lips before you both left the building heading your separate ways.

Bruce Wayne (BvS) x female reader- Secret Possession (Rated M smut)

Bruce keeps you his secret lover, the love of his life, using the women on his arms in public as pawns in his plan. Returning home to you he shows you how much he missed you. His little Princess, but have you been a good girl for Daddy?

Warning- Sexual content, Daddy kink, submissive reader, Dom!Bruce, BatDaddy, Oral (M/F), rough sex, punishment

Originally posted by kane52630

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Killian Jones Imagine- Jealous

ps * these gifs are not mine. None of the gifs are. All rights go to the original owner. 

Ever since the whole Neverland debacle happened Hook has been on edge. One of the reasons Peter Pan even lured the crowd to Neverland was because of you. You always have been a pretty sight for the eyes, it was only natural for him to take an interest in you. Hook wasn’t too fond of that idea. You and Hook had been together for a few months now, but his protect over you never relents. Everywhere the two of you went he has one of his hands on you or kisses you whenever another man walks by. 

You were sitting at the diner with Snow, sipping of a cup of steaming hot chocolate, when she decides to bring up the touchy subject. 

“So I overheard you and Emma talking about Peter Pan.”  she peers over at you. 

“What about him?” you swirl the peppermint hot chocolate around the mug avoiding the conversation. 

“I heard he kissed you. Does Killian know?” She takes your hand in hers. 

“No and I would like to keep it that way. Killian already has enough on his plate, I don’t deem it necessary for him to know at the very moment. “ 

“I don’t need to know what?” you hear Hook come from the front door. 

You could feel your heart start to race knowing that this was it. 

“Oh it’s nothing really.” you flash a timid smile at him. 

“Then if it’s nothing you won’t have a problem telling me.” you can feel his hand lightly grip your thigh as he sits down next to you. 

You stare at him blankly trying to figure out what to tell him. Honestly you didn’t want to kiss Peter Pan. The feel of his hands on your skin made you shiver. 

“Killian promise me you won’t get mad.” you wince. 

“Of course love.”

“Well when we were in Neverland, I was kidnapped remember. Well, I sorta, kinda, kissed Peter Pan. But it wasn’t like that!” 

Hook stayed seeming calm from what you expected from him. He didn’t jump out of his seat. All he did was stare back at you. 

“Oh. I see.” 

“Killian. I promise I didn’t want to. It was against my will. I was tied up.” 

That is what sent him overboard. He proceeded to jump up from his seat and start to pace across the creaky floorboards at Granny’s. The color in his face turned to a red fluster. His calloused fingers clenched tightly into fists. 

“I can’t believe he did that to you! I swear he ever lays a single finger on you again it will be him with a hook!” 

“Killian calm down.” you place a hand on his chest. 

“Don’t tell me to calm down. How can I ‘calm down’ when I know that he is still out there! Filthy boy thinks he can take what is rightfully mine. “ he backs away from your touch and starts to head out the door. 

“Where are you going?” you chase after him. 

“(y/n) come here!” his voice rings through the town square where there is a sizable crowd watching the fiasco. 

Killian takes your hand and starts to walk towards his apartment. The vibrant mid day sun leads the path. You can hear Killian mumble incoherent things but the only words you can hear are Peter Pan, show, mine, and kiss. Once you get to his apartment he slams the door and takes a longing look at you as if you have been gone for a million years. He bites down on his lip and takes a small step closer to you. Your heart skips a beat and he strides toward you his hook pushing you back up against the door, his other hand entangling in your hair. His lips rough and intense crash into yours, your breath hitching and he gently pulls your hair. You grab the edge of his collar with one of your hands, the other falling on hie chest, bracing yourself from falling. The kiss was the best one you have ever had, the kind that made your toes curl inside your shoes. 

“It seems as if I have won Peter Pan.” he mumbles in-between kisses. 

“Are you jealous Killian?” You cock an eyebrow at the love stricken pirate. 

“Me? Never. Just showing the world that you are mine and mine alone.” He kisses you again and sweeps you off your feet before walking over to the couch. 

Heartbroken Part 3

Request: Hi Tori! You’re like my favorite author ever. Could you maybe write one where Bucky cheats on the reader, of course she’s heartbroken and when he realizes what he’s done he does everything to get her back? With happy or sad ending, whatever you prefer

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: sad Bucky, sad reader, Bucky trying

A/N: I dunno if this will end up happy or sad, tell me what you think. Also I’ll fix any mistakes in the morningggg.

“Bucky c’mon, get up.” Steve pats his friend on the back as he laid there on his bed.

Bucky hadn’t left his room let alone his bed for a whole week and to Steve’s dismay, his friend hadn’t showered either.

“Come on pal, get up.” Steve nudged Bucky but he remained on his bed.


Steve sighed. “Well can you at least shower? I can smell you from the elevator and I’m pretty sure everyone else can too.”

Bucky groaned and rolled over on his back. “Do I really smell that bad?”

His question causes Steve to laugh. “Worse than bad.”

Bucky lets out a sigh and lays sprawled out on his bed for a couple of seconds before finally getting up. “This is hell.”

Steve decides to stay quiet, watching the brunette shut the bathroom door behind him. Once he heard the shower turn on, Steve stood up and began cleaning up his room. A couple of wrappers were thrown on the floor, ones he stashed away in the drawer of his nightstand along with four empty bottles of water.

Steve continued to clean up, pulling Bucky’s sheets off the mattress and throwing them in the washer to get cleaned up. When he returned to the room, Bucky was already out, drying his hair.

“How do you feel?” Steve asked.

Bucky looks up. “Clean.”

Steve smiles before it ultimately turns into a frown. He sits down on the mattress and looks at his hands that were in his lap. Bucky looked over at his blonde friend and sighs.

“What is it?” he spoke, causing the super soldier to look up.


“What’s bothering you?” Bucky asked, continuing to dry his hair.

Steve sighs. “I was just thinking.” Bucky stays quiet, as if telling him to continue. And he does. “You’re my friend Bucky, my best friend and I was thinking back to this week where all you did was stay cooped up in your room, crying and moping about Y/N.”

Bucky stills at the mention of you. “What’s your point?”

“My point is - you don’t have the right to be sad over this. I’m your friend and I will always be by your side but you have no right.” Steve says. “You weren’t the one who was cheated on, Y/N was. She was hurt; crushed, Bucky. I’m sorry to say this but you brought this upon yourself pal.”

Bucky put the towel on his dresser and turned to Steve. “No, I do have the right to be sad and cry and mope. I lost Y/N, Steve. The only girl I have ever loved, the only girl who looked past every ounce of bad I have in me. She was my light at the end of the dark tunnel and now I lost her.”

“And that’s your fault!” Steve tells him. “Bucky, you cheated on Y/N. You caused this. If you hadn’t done any of this, she would be here right now, in your arms.”

Bucky looks down as Steve continued.

“Y/N loved you with every fiber of her being, Buck. Imagine how she’s feeling right now. Put yourself in her shoes. She just saw the love of her life with another woman, that crushes a person - that crushes anyone.” he lowers his voice. “What is the reason for you seeing another girl? Was it because you weren’t happy? Was your relationship lacking something?”

Bucky’s eyes began to water over again but he quickly blinked them away. “No. Y/N was perfect. She is perfect.” he sits next to his friend. “It was a mistake. It happened after we got back from the last mission. It was late, Y/N had already gone to sleep and I didn’t want to go over and wake her, I planned on seeing her the next day. Anyways I went to the bar, had a couple of drinks - too many drinks, next thing I know I’m in bed with Nora. I freaked out and left her apartment, hoping to never see her again. I was going to tell Y/N what had happened when I went to see her but then I got a text from Nora. Apparently we had exchanged phone numbers.

“I decided to hold off seeing Y/N and texted Nora, telling her to meet me at that small cafe down the block. I wanted to explain to her that I had a girlfriend and that whatever happened between us was a mistake and that it was never gonna happen again.” Bucky scoffed. “You can see how well that turned out.”

Steve breathes in as a short silence falls upon the two.

“I will forever hate myself for what I did, Steve. I can’t tell you why I continued seeing Nora, it was stupid of me, but I can tell you that I am madly in love with Y/N. She’s my everything and I can understand why she doesn’t want to see me. If this were the other way around, I wouldn’t want to see her either.” Bucky fiddled with his fingers. “I know I fucked up and I know that this is all my fault and I take full responsibility for what I’ve done. I just want to talk to Y/N one last time, she deserves to at least know why.”

Steve frowned. “I dunno Buck, it seems pretty risky to talk to her right now.”

Bucky looked over at his blonde friend.

“Then I’ll take that risk.”

“Honey you have to eat.” Natasha held a bowl of soup in front of you but you shook your head and pulled the covers up over your head. “Y/N I know that you’re hurting-”

“I’m dying.”

“-but you have to get out of this funk you’re in. I love you and I hate seeing you like this, especially over Bucky.”

“Please don’t say his name.” you whimper.

Natasha sighed. “I’m sorry but listen to me; you can’t just lay around, crying over Buc - him, Y/N. You can’t show him that this has affected you. You have to be strong, show him what kind of sexy piece of ass he’s missing out on.”

You poke your head out of the blankets. “You really think I’m a sexy piece of ass?”

Natasha chuckles. “The most sexiest piece of ass I’ve ever seen and that’s saying something.”

Her words make you smile and you sit up, taking the bowl of soup from her hands.

“Atta girl.” she grinned, standing up. “I’m gonna pick up your place and while I do that, I want you to take a nice hot shower then get ready. We’re gonna go shopping and you can get whatever your heart desires.”

You weren’t going to admit it to Natasha because she would literally murder you but your heart desired Bucky, despite what he did. It’s stupid.

“But I don’t have much money.” you say.

Natasha pulls two credit cards from her back pocket and twirls them around. “Snatched them from Tony. He won’t mind. Well, he will mind but who cares? He’s got like fifty more.”

You laugh and shake your head at your friend. She walks out of your room to clean up like she said she was and you finish your bowl of soup before getting in the shower. Once getting dressed and ready, you exit your room, finding Natasha sitting on your couch, watching some show that was on tv.

“Ready?” she questioned after acknowledging your presence. You nod and she shuts off the tv before walking out of your apartment with you following.

Bucky went to your apartment to talk to you with Steve tagging along just in case something happened. Bucky took a deep breath and knocked on your door before stepping back. The two men waited patiently for a minute before Bucky knocked again.

“I don’t think she’s home, pal.” Steve announced.

Bucky ran his fingers through his hair and turned to the blonde. “I need to talk to her. I have to get this off my chest, she has to know-”

“Alright, alright, calm down.” Steve cut his friend off from nearly having a meltdown. “I’ll call Natasha, maybe she’s with her.”

Bucky nods and leans against your door while Steve dialed Natasha’s number. It rang twice before she answered.

“What can I do for you, Cap’n Crunch?” she spoke and he took a couple of steps away from Bucky, knowing that if she heard his voice, she wouldn’t tell him anything.

“Hey Nat, where are you?” he asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she replied.

“I’m serious.”

Natasha sighed. “Is Bucky with you?”

“No, he’s locked up in his room and won’t let me in.” Steve lied.

“We’re at Manhattan Mall, why?” she asked.

“I need new shirts, can you get me some?” he requests.

“Sure thing Cap, catch you on the flip side.” and with that, she hangs up. Steve pocketed his phone and turns to Bucky.

“They’re at Manhattan Mall.” he tells him and Bucky takes out his keys.

“Let’s go.”

The two super soldiers arrive at the mall, strings of curse words falling from their lips when they realize just how packed it was.

“We’re never gonna find them.” Steve sighed.

Bucky groaned and looked up. How was he supposed to find you in the sea of all these people? His eyes look over the people on the second floor before the red head caught his eye and right next to her was you, holding a couple of bags. Bucky hits his friends shoulder and nods his head up at you.

“Second floor.” the words come out rushed but he didn’t care. Bucky fled over to the escalators with Steve behind him. When they got to the second floor, they pushed past people, saying sorry as they got closer and closer to you. Bucky was two people behind you when he called out your name. You gave Natasha a confused look as you both stopped where you were and turned around. Bucky and Steve had made it over to the two of you and you frown upon seeing Bucky.

“You lied to me, asshole.” Natasha says to Steve.

“I’m sorry.” he responds.

You turn back to Bucky, crossing your arms over your chest. “What do you want?”

“I need to talk to you Y/N just please let me talk to you.” he begged, breathing heavily from running over to you.

You look over at Natasha who was ready to attack Bucky and give her a small smile. Steve sees this and placed his hand on the small of her back. “Come on, let’s let them talk.”

You watch the two walk away and disappear into a store before you and Bucky began walking. It was hard seeing him after this very very long week and you hadn’t realized how much you missed him until he opened his mouth and you heard his voice.

A/N: This was pretty long, right? How was this part?


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Summary: When things go wrong on a dangerous mission, your relationship with Bruce Banner toes a fine line between love and disaster.

Word Count: 8,383

Warnings: Some violence, swearing, angst

Based on a request: (anon)  Can you write something really fluffy and angsty with Bruce Banner? Maybe he tries to push the reader away but she pushed back just as hard.

A/N: Okay, so I started this thinking it would end up being two, maybe three thousand words. Eight thousand words later…Sometimes I really just don’t know when to shut up. The last act may or may not have been influenced by a certain Celine Dion song. High fives to anyone who guesses which one.

Originally posted by petils

The alarm buzzed obnoxiously, and your hand flew out and slammed again the alarm clock wildly. The noise finally stopped, and you rolled over with a groan. A pair of arms pulled you into a warm chest, and you sighed as you nuzzled your face against his body.

“I don’t wanna get up,” you whined, your voice muffled.

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Rick Grimes:

With your arms wrapped around Rick’s neck, you slowly move to the beat of the music.
It’s your first New Year’s Eve together and it’s so far your bests.
Rick hums in enjoyment as you bury your face in the crook of his neck and press your lips on there.
“It’s almost time.” Rick whispers and gives you a kiss on the temple.
You tilt your head and look at the clock before you look back at Rick.
Together you count down the countdown, staring at each other in the eyes.
“I love you.” Rick whispers and kisses you.
Your heartbeat increases, a single tear runs down your cheek as he conquered your mouth.
“I love you, too.” You whisper against his lips. “Happy new year.”

Daryl Dixon:

Daryl sips on his beer while you’re lying in his arms, watching a movie together. But you barely know what’s going on in there, you’re lost in thoughts about your relationship with him.
You’re proud of him. As you’ve met first and broke through his hard shell, you were afraid that he’d become like his brother.
But he didn’t.
You look up to him and press a kiss on his cheek, his eyes shift from the tv to you, wondering.
“It’s almost midnight.” You say and wipe a strand of hair behind his hear. “You want to go out and watch the firework?”
“Ya wanna go?” Daryl asks and quietly you sigh.
“I asked first.”
Insecure he looks at you and shakes his head, checking if you’re ok with his decision.
You are and crawl on his lap, kissing him softly.
“Happy new year, Daryl.”

Carl Grimes:

Giggling you sit in front of the tv, holding a controller while Carl tries to show you which buttons you’ve to push. His hair tickles in your face and his chest is pressed on your back. Or is it reversed?
The bottle of sparkling wine is almost empty and both of yours cheeks are red. Rick only allowed it, because it’s New Year’s Eve.
Carl cusses as you lose again and your gaze wanders to the clock.
“Carl! We missed it.” You shout and press the pause button.
It’s already 12:04.
Carl seems to decide what pisses him more off that you’ve lost again, that you pressed the pause button or that you’ve missed to kiss at 12:00 before he wraps his arms around your waist.
“Happy new year.” He mumbles in your ear and you tilt your head.
Gentle he kisses you and you close your eyes.
“Happy new year, Carl.”

Perfect Braid

Fandom: The Hobbit
Characters: Thorin, Fili, Kili,
Relationship: Thorin/reader
Request: I notices you didn’t have any Thorin ones so could you do one where the reader braids his hair without knowing what it means to dwarfs?
You sat on a log with your legs cross as the company settled down for the night. You could already hear Bofur humming away as Dori mothered his siblings. Soon enough, everyone had settled in and most were asleep. You were the younger sister of Bilbo and had come with him when he joined the company. Now, you were on watch. There was a faint laugh from Fili and Kili making your eyes dart up to them to find their eyes on you.
“[y/n].” Kili all but sang as the walked quickly over to you, sitting either side, wedging you in. Both fear and concert washed over you as you looked at the young princes. They only ever acted like this when they had a plan.
“What do you want?” You ask, cautiously, looked between them quickly to make sure they didn’t have anything in their hands.
“Well, as we are sure you can see, Thorins hair is a mess.” Kili nodded to his uncle to was sitting on a rock, sharpening his sword.
“Yes, I can see that. However, I fail to see how this involves me.” You raise an eyebrow at Kili when Fili jumps in.
“Yes, but you are a woman.” Fili informs you while Kili nods energetically.
“Wow, your just noticing that now?” You say, your voice filled with sarcasm as you laughed, throwing your head back. You didn’t see Thorin glance up at you from his sword, his eyes lighting up for a moment before going back to his task before you could see.
“We know that. But dwarven culture says that only a woman can braid a dwarfs hair unless they are kin or themselves.” Kili informs you, a grin on his face as you slowly realise what he means. He wanted you to go and braid Thorins hair. In truth, you liked Thorin, more than you would ever admit to his nephews. You and him would sit under the moon in a comfortable silence at nights. It would seem he had grown rather fond of you by anyone’s standards. You had even overheard Balin speaking to Dwalin one night, saying it was good for Thorin.
“You’re his next of kin. Why don’t you braid it?” You turn to Kili who shakes his head.
“Uncle wont let us near his hair. Besides, you do such nice braids.” Kili reaches out and pull the long braid you had in your hair.
You had started to braid your hair the more time you spent with the dwarfs. One because it kept your long and messy hair out of your face and two, because you wanted to show your respect for their culture.
Your eyes fall on Thorin again and you sighed.
“Fine, but I’ll do it later, once he doesn’t have a sword he can stab me with if I offend him.” You could feel them bouncing with excited.
A hour passed and Kili and Fili went to their rolls along with everyone else. Thorin was staring off into the forest, his sword now laying on the floor. Your heart was beating out of your chest as you got to your feet and hopped across the sleeping forms over to Thorin. He heard you coming and turned to give you a small and rare smile as you sat daintily next to him before turning back to the forest.
“Thorin?” You ask, your voice hushed as to not wake the others. He hummed in response and turned to face you.
“Would you mind if I braided your hair for you?” You ask, seeing his eyes widen for a moment. He seemed shocked by your question as his eyes searched yours for something. He then glanced around the camp to make sure everyone was asleep then back to you.
“Do you really want to, [y/n]?” His low, baritone voice sent a shiver down your spine every time he said your name. You nodded, trying to be polite about this.
Thorin turned slightly as you pushed yourself back on the rock so you were behind him.
It didn’t take you long to gently fish out all the leafs, then took out the dishevelled braids and kept the beads to then section it all out. You enjoyed the task. Despite the long journeys, his hair was surprisingly soft and the feeling of his running through your fingers made you smile.
You remembered how he had worn it when he first came to Bilbos home so you set about braiding it as close to that as possible. You moved around to his side to do the right section when you saw his eyes were closed. As you worked, you took this small moment to appreciate how handsome he was.
Moving to the other side, you mirrored your braid.
When you were done, you placed your hand on his right cheek to turn him to face you. His eyes opened at your actions and you took a braid in each hand to make sure they were the same lengh and thickness. Thorin was staring at you, his mouth slightly open as you did this, making a dark blush spread across your cheek.
“I think your done.” You smile, meeting his eyes and dropping your hands to your lap. What happened next took you by surprise.
Thorin leaned in and pressed a kiss to your lips. His surprisingly soft lips moved against your lips in such a way that you couldn’t resist kissing his back. The second you did, his hands found your waist and pulled you close to him as you settled your hands on his chest.
Pulling away for air, you look at him with a mixture of curiosity and love.
“Wh-what was that?” You whisper airily as you try to catch your breath. Thorin smiled at you.
“I believe its called a kiss.” He chucked lowly. You loved the sound of his chucked, which were like his smile, few and far between.
“No, I mean why?” You could see a spark of fear in Thorins eyes as you stares at you.
“Do, do you not know what that means in our culture?” Hearing the worry lased in his voice, you realise what had happened.
“Fili and Kili just said that only a woman can braid hair unless its their kin. And they said you wouldn’t let them do it.” You glance at their sleeping forms but your attention is quickly snapped back as Thorins hands let go of you and he moves away. You stare at him, but something was different. He had put the wall back up. In that small turn away from you, you felt like when you first stepped out on the journey. Thorin acted as though he hated you.
“I apologies if I offended you. I just thought-“ You tried to explain yourself when Thorin turned back, pure anger in his eyes.
“You thought wrong.” He snapped, making you flinch.
Not knowing what to do, you slid down the rock and walked over to your bed next to Bilbo, tears stinging your eyes as you tried to hold back your sobs. Lying down, you pull your covers over your head so if you did ever manage to fall asleep, Bilbo wouldn’t see you had been crying.
———–time skip——————-
It had been a couple of days since Thorin had kissed you and everything seemed to have changed. Not in the company, everyone still treated you the same so you assumed that they didn’t know. It was Thorin. He acted cold and distant towards you, never looking in your eye or even in your direction. He had pulled out the braids you had done for him by the morning, which for some reason felt like a stab in the heart to you.
Most noticeably was the way Fili and Kili acted now. They weren’t aloud near you, not even to tell you if food was ready. You saw Filis apologetic looks to which you smiled at him. It wasn’t their fault. Well, maybe it was, maybe they told you something different, but their kids.
Tonight, everyone was settling into their bed. Bilbo was already out but you were lying awake. Fili was on watch so you glance up to see Thorin talking to him before walking off into the forest. You took this moment to crawl out of you covers and tiptoe over to Fili.
“Hi.” You whispered, seeing Fili jump made you smile as he turned and beamed at you.
“Im so sorry, [y/n]. I don’t know why hes being like this.” Fili nodded in the direction that Thorin had gone. You shook your head.
“Don’t worry about it. But im going to try and talk to him the now.” You look and saw the fear in Fili eyes, but you smiled reassuringly before following Thorin.
You found him in a small clearing only a minute from the camp. He was staring up at the sky, his eyes closed. You stepped into the clearing with him, stepping on to a twig which caused him to jump and his eyes to fall on you. You smiled at him shyly. But he frowned at you, so you sighed.
“Look, I don’t know what I did wrong but im sorry.” You step forward, holding out your hand to touch his shoulder he pulled away, not even looking at you. Tears welled in your eyes as you saw the man you loved pulling away from you.
“Will you at least tell me what I did wrong?” Your voice cracked as you tried to look Thorin in the eyes, but he once again, turned away. You saw him clasp his hands behind his back and you let out a shaky sigh. Stepping forward, you press something into his palm and pull away quickly. He jumps and turns to you, his anger obvious. Everything inside you broke as days of pended up sorrow and hurt began to take over. Tears pour down your cheeks as you back away from him.
“I said I was sorry, okay? Im sorry. Im sorry I braided your hair. Im sorry I kissed you back. Im sorry I don’t know why it was wrong. Im sorry I love you. Im sorry I ever came on this trip. Im sorry!” You covered your face with your palms and fall to your knees, your body shaking as you sob uncontrollably. Thorin watched you in shock, then remembered that you placed something in his hand. He brings his palm out and opens it to reveal a small, wooden bead. Etched onto it was “The Company of Thorin Oakensheild”. He also saw 16 lines along the bottom.
He knew Bifur had been teaching you how to carve and that you had been busying yourself the last could of day, but he didn’t realise it was on something so beautiful,
Suddenly, you felt a pair of arm wrapping around you, a hand rubbing your back as you smelt Thorins scent. Freezing, you glance through your finger to see he was crouched in front of you.
Pulling away from him, you staggered to your feet, suddenly feeling angry as his eyes widened at you.
“I don’t want your pity.” Your words were sharp as you glared at him.
You didn’t understand. You didn’t understand what you did wrong. You didn’t understand why he kissed and you didn’t understand why he pushed you away.
“[y/n].” He sighed, sorrow in his eyes as he stood. “Im the one who should be apologising to you. In my culture, it isn’t just any woman who can braid a dwarfs hair. Its their one.” He stared you straight in the eye as spoke. You allowed your anger to fade as Thorin, for the first time in days, talks to you. He was still kneeling at the spot where you had been, so you step back and kneel in front of him, your skirt flaring out around you.
“Whats a one?” You ask gently, playing with the edge of your skirt to try and avoid eye contact.
“It’s the same as a sole mate. It the dwarf that completely understands you and you understand them. It’s a dwarf that you love unconditionally and they return it.” Thorins voice was calm as he answered your question. You didn’t look him in the eyes the entire time as you heard him say ‘dwarf’, making you want to run away from here, from him.
It was so stupid and you knew it. He was a dwarves king and you were a simple hobbit. You had grown up surrounded by second breakfasts and book. Thorin had grown up in grand feasts, surrounded by gems beyond your wildest dreams. He knew a pain and fear you could never understand. And yet, there was something between you both. You felt differently about him than any one else.
Thorin was looking at you, watching you carefully as you nod to show you had heard him.
You needed to leave before fresh tears spilled over your cheeks. You push yourself up off the ground and use your hands to brush the leafs off your skirt and smiling at Thorin sadly before turning and starting to walk away.
“But, recently, I think my one is a hobbit.” Thorins words made you freeze on the spot. You heard him get to his feet and walk up behind you. Turning, your eyes meet his piercing blue eye. Your mouth went dry.
“Why did you get so angry with me?” You see a flash of pain in his eyes when your voice breaks and he sees the tears in your eyes.
“I wasn’t angry with you. I was angry with myself. I should have known you would not understand my culture. I should not have assumed you felt the same.” His eyes dropped from yours to roll the small bead in his hand, smiling at your handiwork.
“So, whats the courting traditions in your culture?” You ask, your heart leaping as you step *close to him, his eyes coming up to meet yours. Looking deep into them, you saw something you had never seen in his eyes before. Normally you were met with sorrow, hurt, passion or anger. But now you saw hope.
“Tradition is for the couple to wear a courting braid in their hair, normally fashioned with a bead of their heritage.” Thorin informs you.
You reach forward and take the bead from his hand and rolling it between your fingers, a small smile tugging at the edge of your lips.
“So, say one does not have a bead to represent their heritage, would one fashioned by themselves suite?” You look at Thorin through your eye lashes, seeing him staring intently at you.
“It would.” His voice was low, sounding gruff and yet soft at the same time.
“Thorin?” Keeping your voice low, running your free hand through your hair and looking away, biting your lip. Thorin hummed in response.
“Would you braid my hair?” You pull most of your wild hair to fall over your shoulder, as if to show him what you meant.
“It would be my pleasure.” Thorin smiled widely at you, taking your hand and leading you over to the centre of the clearing and pushing you to kneel.
He set to work, running his fingers through your hair as you allowed your eyes to fall shut. It felt so nice that you allowed a content hum to escape your lips.
You could already tell he was working a complicated braid into your hair and as time went on, you felt him finishing. Reaching back, you felt a long braid that was slightly pushed to your right so you could pull it over your shoulder and look at it properly. It seemed he had braided 4 sections then brought them together in one beautiful braid. You did notice there was a loose, thin section of hair that he hadn’t done, so you held it up to him, looking at him quizzically. He chuckled deeply at your expression and took the strands of hair, braiding them before your eyes. You were slightly amazed at how his hard and callous hands could be so delicate. He hadn’t tugged or pulled at your hair once. Not even you could avoid that.
He held the new braid in one hand and reached into his pocket and pulled out a bead. You instantly recognised the bead was bearing his family symbol. He clipped it onto the braid, making you smile widely as you admired the braid.
Thorin reached up and cups your hands in his, leaning forward and pressing his forehead against yours. For a moment, as you sat in the clearing, everything seemed perfect, just like the braid.

Alright so. I get that some of y’all are being playfully teasing and that’s okay tbh but I also see a lot of people randomly joining in, a throwaway dig at Liam’s outfit or something and somehow, it’s never enough for y’all, is it? And it’s not just this, like every time, every friggin’ time. Liam posts a pic of himself shirtless and beautiful and sometimes his chest hair is too much or the lack of it is too much. Liam uses autotune and that’s so unnecessary and he throws in improvisations live and that’s extra. Liam wears fancy clothing and he’s showing off yet he tries to layer his outfit howsoever he wants to and again, that’s a problem. I know we all make memes out of the other 4 boys too but come on, y’all have no right to talk about anything when it comes to Liam if there’s nothing nice w.r.t him in your hearts. It feels like no matter what Liam does, there’s no pleasing you pissy princesses and princes and you know what, maybe you all need to understand that Liam isn’t here to please you in the first place, yeah? Don’t ridicule him because when we do it we don’t do it out of malice. Like honestly,

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I know your requests are closed and if me asking this bothers you, delete it. You're literally the only one who can literally write something I think about in a way that I can't describe.. but lately I've been thinking and Jungkook as a painter and living in a one room loft with him. Simple but, I figured you could turn it into something beautiful.

i actually loved this prompt so much sldkfo <3

rated t for tons of fluff
word count: 2,874

When you first move in, you find white. And then, came the colors.

Six AM, pencil over paper; seven-twenty-five, charcoal shading; nine o’clock, coffee right on the dot; noon, a new exhibition in the back pages of the newspaper, circled in red sharpie, the address underlined twice.

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Vernon Watching You Put On Makeup

I actually prefer specific request hun, it helps me a lot when writing so ty ^-^ I hope you like it.

Pairing: vernon x reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 580

“Vernon, don’t touch this! You’ll break it!” You groaned, taking the lipstick out of his hands and placing it back on the table. You continued to do your makeup before the two of you go out for dinner.

“Why? It’s cool.” He said.

“Yeah but you have buttery fingers. Remember the last time you touched my stuff?” You reminded him and he makes such a meme face. You didn’t know how it happened but when you gave your purse to Vernon to hold it for you just for a second, you came back to see that he had dropped it in a muddy puddle. After that, you didn’t trust him with holding any of your things.

“It was one time.” You rolled your eyes.

“At least I’m letting you watch me do my makeup so please don’t bother me.” You asked him kindly and he sighed while he watched you.

He stayed quiet while he stared at you, step by step in your makeup process. It was a bit uncomfortable but it was also a bit funny at how his faced showed how interested and fascinated each product and brush had a different purpose of enhancing features of the face.

You smiled when you glanced at him through the mirror. He blushed and smiled back when he realized how quiet and how awkward it was of him to stare at you for such a long time.

“Can I do your makeup?” He asked politely and nicely. You gave in and let him do your highlight since it seemed the easiest without ruining anything of your masterpiece.

He had fun with the brush as he swept the product across your cheek. He made little swish sounds with his mouth overtime he’d do it which made you laugh.

“Okay, okay that’s enough. If you put more, it’ll look like I have a glittery face or a sweaty one.” You laughed, taking the things away from him.

You finished up with your lipgloss and he looked at you, examining each part of your face. “Wow, you look so different. All that made this?” He said, pointing to everything than to your face and you laughed.

“Does it look bad?” You asked him. “No, no. You look perfect, especially that glitter part. Whoever did that was very experienced and amazing.” You laughed more and he smiled.

“It’s called a highlight.”

“Like a highlighter??!” He really knows nothing about makeup but you didn’t mind. It was funny to see how Vernon looks at all the things you use for the first time. You shared your head and he just go more confused.

“I give up, I don’t know anything.” He said and you laughed even more.

You wanted to kiss him but he moved away. “Won’t that stay on my face?” He asked about your lipgloss.

“No it’s matte. Look.” You said, kissing the back of your hand and showing him that it doesn’t stain. You tried kissing him again but he moved. “Vernon!”

“No!I don’t want any kisses. I don’t trust this makeup stuff!” He ran away and you ran after him, jumping on his back and you both were laughing so hard.

He finally did give in and gave you a bunch of kisses once you got off him. Vernon hugged you afterwards, stroking your hair with his fingers. “You know, I think you look prefect with or without makeup.”

“Thanks.” You said into his chest when you hugged him back tightly.

Me and You

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Featuring: Kyungsoo/D.O. (EXO)
Genre: Smut
By: Admin L

As requested! I wrote (read. cried through) this because it’s Kyungsoo’s birthday today (yesterday) and I love him dearly lol. :’)

‘I know you’re only mean to me because you like me,’ you said, shifting closer to him.’

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Kirishima/ bakugou/ kaminari/ izuku falling asleep without a shirt and their s/o sees them napping and gives them kisses all over their stomach and chest and they wake up and look down and there are random kiss marks on them? (Like it's something from their s/o quirk like if it was galaxy or something it would leave little swirly black pink and purple spots with stars and shit)

Kirishima, I’m back.” you called into his dorm as you pushed open the door. You had run to the store with Uraraka a couple hours ago and told Kirishima to stay and finish his homework. When you looked around, you noticed something strange…. He had actually done his homework! And was now taking a nap sprawled across the blankets of his bed. You giggled at him and he shifted in his sleep, muttering something and cuddling more into his blankets.

“Oh my Kiri, you actually did your work. Good job dear.” you placed a small kiss on his chest and watched as a galaxy pattern spread across his skin in swirls from the point of contact. Your quirk was rather beautiful when not used for combat. When in combat it could wrap bodies into space, but when it was calm it laid intricate patterns across the skin. He smiled in his sleep and rolled over, smothering you into his chest. You smiled and placed more kisses across his skin until you felt his strong heartbeat and arms lulling you into a sleep of your own.

Kirishima woke up shortly after you had fallen asleep and smiled down at you. He hugged you tighter and then he noticed something, his skin was black and swirling! He leaned back and looked down at his chest, slightly concerned until he noticed it was your galaxies. You usually did this when you kissed him when he was asleep and you wanted him to know. He smiled down at the little swirling galaxies and pulled you back to his chest, snuggling back into you as he pressed kisses to your head. “I love you (Y/n).” he smiled and you stirred in your sleep, “Kiri…” you said in your sleep and he beamed brightly, happy that even when you were asleep you were thinking about him.

Bakugou would never admit it, but he was tired. Today’s training had been rough, even for him. He collapsed onto his bed, wanting to take a long nap, and completely missed his phone ringing on his desk. He stripped off his sweaty shirt, making sure his quirk wasn’t going to activate, and threw it into his dirty laundry pile. Falling back onto his bed he sighed and slowly started drifting into a deep sleep. He was already snoring loudly when you knocked on his door.

“Bakugou… Bakugou?” you called as you knocked on his door quietly, not even sure he was there since you couldn’t hear him inside. You tried to doorknob and pushed the door open slowly, not wanting to be in there if he wasn’t. You let out a sigh of relief when you saw him asleep on his bed. “You worried me.” you sighed out quietly as you walked into his room and sat on his bed next to his form. Hr grumbled something and rolled onto his side, curling around you and sighing as he stopped moving. You smiled and lifted one of his hands to press a kiss to it, leaving a small swirling galaxy on his knuckles. He growled in his sleep and pulled you down into his chest, obviously not satisfied with just small kisses. You laughed a little and pressed more kisses to his chest as he tried to pull your body even closer to his. “Even in your sleep you sound grumpy.” you said as you felt fatigue take over as you closed your eyes.

Bakugou woke up confused. When had you gotten here? Not that he was complaining. What the hell was wrong with his skin? Did you kiss him this much? It looked like he had the entire solar system on his chest and torso. He sat up and you groaned, “Good morning sleepy head.” you stretched and Bakugou rolled his eyes at you, “You were obviously tired too.” “I was, and I’m happy I could enjoy a snuggle with you when I got to sleep.” you smiled, still half asleep. Bakugou blushed a little and looked down at his hands, his knuckles on one of them swirling with little stars. He heard you giggle and you looked at him, “It looks like you’re from outer space.” He grumbled and shot back to you, “It looks like i am outer space!” This only caused you to laugh more and he rolled his eyes at you but laid back down, this time squishing you under him, “Go back to sleep you brat.” he said and you giggled and kissed his chest again. More galaxies swirled onto his skin and he groaned, but smiled. He would never tell you that he enjoyed your displays of affection, but secretly he liked to watch the little stars swirl around his skin.

Denki leaned on you as the two of you got back to his dorm, “Man, I’m tired.” he said and you nodded, laying down on the bed and letting out a comfortable sigh. “Sore too.” you added and Denki joined you, laying across your stomach. You laughed a little and then groaned, your muscles making it hurt to laugh. “Wanna know what would make me feel better?” he asked and looked up at you from his position across your body. You arched an eyebrow and he shifted to be right next to you, cuddling you into his chest and smiling, “Taking a nap with my beautiful (Y/n).” he said and fell asleep almost instantly.

You laughed a little at him and pressed a kiss to his collar bone, watching the purples, blues, and black dance across his skin and smiling. You continues to press kissed to his chest and he smiled and laughed a little in his sleep as he pulled you tighter to him. “Mine…” he said in his sleep and you gave one final kiss to his cheek. Smiling as the galaxy spread across his cheek and twinkled with small stars. “Yes Denki, I’m all yours.” you smiled and fell asleep with him.

Denki woke with a big stretch and then hugged you tightly to him, happy he got to wake up to you. “My dear (Y/n), I love you so much.” he spoke to you even though he knew you were asleep. You muttered something in your sleep and he smiled. He could be as much of a sap as he wanted when you were asleep, he would when you were awake too but you usually got embarrassed. As he looked down at you he realized something moving on his skin. He almost flipped out thinking it was a bug, but quickly recovered when he saw it was your kisses. The galaxies rolling over his skin and mixing colors, twinkling little stars lighting up in unpredictable spaces. He smiled down at them and gently ran his hand over his skin, following one of the many stars across his chest until he poked you in the nose gently, stirring you from your sleep. You looked up to meet his eyes and smiled a little before you started giggling. “What? Is there something on my face?” Denki asked and you nodded a little, “Is it a kiss?” he asked and you nodded again. “Good.” he said and snuggled into you, chuckling and smiling as you wrapped your arms around him.

Izuku! You’re home!” Inko smiled at her son as he walking in the door, “Of course, I come home every weekend.” he smiled and Inko inspected him. “You have bags under your eyes, go take a nap sleepy head.” she smiled and Izuku shook his head, “(Y/n) is coming over soon and I don’t want to miss them.” “I’ll send them up to you when they get here.” Inko smiled and Izuku nodded before heading to his room. He took off his shirt and laid down on his bed, sighing as he leaned into his blankets and fell asleep.

You knocked and Inko opened the door quietly, “He’s in his room, he might be asleep though. Just wake him up and come down after.” You nodded and she sent you to find Izuku. You quietly opened his door and saw him sleeping on his bed, cuddling a pillow and slightly drooling. You smiled and sat down next to him, and you don’t know whether he knew it was you  or he was just attracted to the body heat you gave off, but he was wrapped around you in less than a second. His arms pulling you to his bare chest and his legs tangling with yours. He nuzzled his face into your hair and grumbled something before snuggling you and starting to snore once again. You giggled a little and pressed a kiss to his chest, he made a sound of content and pushed his chest closer to you. If he had been awake he would be mortified of his behavior right now, but you adored him and didn’t understand why he was so afraid to show how much he loved you. You continued to press kisses to his chest and neck, watching the little stars twirl and the colors of the galaxy spread across his chest. Smiling as you fell asleep with him around you.

Izuku started to wake up slowly and then realized he was no longer alone. At first he panicked since you were not there before he had fallen asleep, but quickly tried to subdue his reaction since he would probably wake you up. He tried to calm down and then noticed his skin. He blushed brightly as he watched the intricate patterns crawl across his skin and knew they were from your kissed. “(Y-Y/n)?” he called quietly to you and you grumbled and nuzzled further into him. Izuku’s blush grew brighter and then it only got worse. His mother walked in. “M-M-Mom!” he said and tensed. Only then realizing that he had his arms wrapped around you still. “I-Izuku! What happened to your skin!” she whisper yelled since you were still sleeping blissfully in your boyfriend’s arms. “Th-That’s what happenes wh-when (Y/n) kisses people…” he blushed and so did his mom. “Wh-When they’re awake the marks can go away automatically right away, b-but when they’re asleep they tend to stick a-around…” Izuku tried to explain and Inko only nodded before backing out of the room.

Izuku tried to calm his blush down, and you slowly started to wake up. “Izu!” you smiled and he looked down at you, “H-Hey (Y/n).” he smiled down at you sheepishly. “What’s wrong?” you asked and he blushed, “N-Nothing!” he tried to look away but you softly headbutted his chin and he turned back to you. “M-My mother was worried about my skin…” he said and you looked down at your handiwork. “I think it looks good.” you say and pant another kiss to his skin. He blushed and pressed a kiss to the top of your head, “I-I think it looks good too.” he stuttered and nuzzled into your head again to try to hide his embarrassment, but you could feel his heated face against your hair. You smiled and continued to press kisses to his chest, “I could always leave them there.” you teased and he shook his head, “N-No, I love them. But my mother looked thoroughly worried for a minute.” he muttered and you smiled. “Alllright, if you insist they leave.” The marks starting to vanish one by one. “N-No! Not y-yet…. Just a l-little longer.”

Mornings [Brett Talbot x Reader]

Author’s Note: I found this on my laptop. I can’t even remember when I wrote it lol. I kind of want to write more for Teen Wolf soon once I get a good idea. Short pieces are nice but I like doing longer ones to flesh out the story and all that stuff. But whatever, that doesn’t matter at the moment! Hope you enjoy… whatever this is. Is it cute? Is it silly? You tell me.

Word Count: 960

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