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Wait for It [Jefferson x Reader]

Length: 2287+ words

Genre: FLUFF

TW: Mentions of feeling deathly ill(?)

A/N: I’ve had this urge to write Lafayette/Jefferson for so long, despite working on a John Laurens fic first. Things are happening! Please be patient with me! Doing my best~ I’m at the coffee shop, writing like mad… Can the HamilSquad walk in and come talk to me like they do in the fics?

“Are you going off to see Thomas, dear?” your mother asked, hearing you call for a carriage.   

“Yes. He is very ill at the moment.”   

“You really should be considering other men at this point.“ 

“What do you mean?” you asked, confused at your mother’s own words.   

“It’s obvious that you and Thomas have great interest with each other, but if he’s not willing to court you, then you should really be showing interest in other men. Your age-" 

“It’ll be fine, mother.” You shook your head, flashing a smile at your caretaker before leaving the house and getting into the carriage. You and Thomas were childhood friends, and your parents were close, but there has never been any formal talk of getting the two of your married. You knocked at his estate, waiting for someone to open the door, but your smile disappeared when you saw him open the door. His eyes were sunken in, and his form was sluggish, he looked like he went through hell. “Thomas, are you alright?” you breathed, the air in your lungs getting knocked out.   

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