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Why aren’t the real perils of fat athleticism ever shown in print or video?

I mean, raise your hand if you’re fat and you’ve ever been disrespected while innocently exercising. Um, me too.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Close your eyes and imagine our fat woman du jour, smiling while standing next to an elliptical machine. Or maybe she’s gleefully jogging through a random park, bundled up in unnecessarily bulky sweatshirts and baggin, saggin’ sweatpants.

But quick- what’s left out of these shots? How about the other gym patrons, who are usually quick to rudely ogle and/or offer unsolicited advice to our fat heroine. Also left out of the spotlight? The passerby who decides that it’s appropriate to cat-call our heroine while she finishes her jog in the park. On a regular basis, fat athletes are mocked, discriminated, and emotionally assaulted.

So what’s the deal? Are fat women supposed to be grateful for the opportunity to be disrespected? Nah, I don’t think so. Instead of waiting around for the rest of the world get with the program, I’m just going to continue embodying the worst living nightmare of fat shamers and haters.

I will continue to wear sport bras (like this very comfortable and functional little number from Catherine’s) while exercising outdoors. I will continue to show my stretch marks. I will continue to wear cute, form fitting leggings that show off my curves. I shouldn’t have to hide my body because it makes other people uncomfortable.

Furthermore, I don’t need weight loss as a goal in order to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Wellness isn’t about body size- it’s simply  a commitment to being  a happy and joyful creature, both inside and out. So even when the gym patrons gawk and passerby cat call, I resolve to decline the opportunity to be disrespected. I’m gonna hold my head high and know that I don’t need the approval of people who hate happiness and want to breed negativity. Everything I need in order to be happy and healthy is inside of me.

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god look at him, it should be illegal to look that fine


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A Royal Arrangement

The kingdom of Seoul is ruled by a kind king and queen, and they have two sons- Yoongi and Jungkook. You come from a noble family, the youngest and only daughter to your parents. Because you turned 18, it’s time for you to get a husband. So what happens when you get an invitation to dine with the royal family? 

Genre- fluff, angst, future smut?

Word count- 1.6k

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I was born into a noble family. The youngest of 3 children and the only daughter to my parents. Because I was the youngest and the only daughter I had to work my ass off to meet their standards.

My first Brother, Jinwoo he is 26, was already married. He has two small children too Both were girls, Jaehun and Minsun. And his wife Ara was a sweetheart. I never had problems with my brothers, they treated me as an equal, they were my best friends. 

And then my other brother Taemin, he was 22, and he was set to be married to a girl from another noble family, I believe her name is Jisoo. I’ve only had a few conversations with her and she seemed odd, but in a good way.

And then me Y/N, I’m the youngest, and I just turned 18. my parents are currently searching for a husband for me. Now it’s not something I was excited for, but maybe I would get lucky like Jinwoo did with Ara. 

The idea of having a Husband wasn’t something awful. It’s just I was afraid of what he would be like when they found him. Now I guess I should tell you about about the kingdom of Seoul.

Seoul is ruled by a kind king and Queen. They have two sons- Yoongi who is the eldest and Jungkook who is the younger. Neither were married yet, and both were quite handsome. 

Yoongi had just turned 25 a few months back and Jungkook was going to turn 20 on September 1st. The perks of being princes, their birthdays were holidays.

Yoongi seemed to be cold hearted, but I’d seen him at parties. He was a sweetheart, and has the sweetest gummy smile. Jungkook was the same, except the kingdom knew him that was. 

Jungkook was also known a bunny by the children of the kingdom, due to the fact that he had bunny nose. He loved the children, always running around with them, he was practically a child himself. 

There was nothing people hated about the royal family. As far as all of us knew they were all kind hearted people. 

My family was close with the royal family, and by close I meant my father and the king were friends. So we got invited to many royal parties, some that even most nobles weren’t allowed to attend. 

In my life I had had 1 conversation with each prince, and they were both pleasant. Though I doubt they remember me. That is until we received and invited to dinner with the royal family. And i was the only child invited. 

I found it odd but we received that invitation one week ago. The dinner was tonight, and here i sat with my mother behind me doing my hair while i did my makeup. She had such a giddy smile on her face, i felt like she knew something i didn’t but brushed it off. 

“Remember Y/N, light makeup, you’re a natural beauty and i want the king and queen to see that.” i nodded. That was an odd thing to say, but i always wore very little makeup, just some to accentuate my features.  

I was already in my dress, a simple baby pink gown, it wasn’t poofy thank god. It stuck to my figure and made my chest look a little bigger than it was. I blushed when I tried it on, I was always very conservative, I didn’t feel a need to show off my body or impress people. 

“Y/n” I glanced up at my mom through the mirror. “Tell them about your paintings, and your favorite hobbies, ohh and maybe you can sing for them” I went scarlet, sing for them! Was she insane? “No y/n I’m not insane, but if you don’t want to sing then you won’t have too.” I blushed and nodded at that. 

“Mom…can I ask you a question l?” She nodded as she continued to pin up parts of my hair. “Why are you so giddy about this dinner? You’ve had dinner plenty of times with the royal family.” Her smile grew “You are joining us, it’s a very special dinner tonight” and with that she winked at me.

Special dinner? What was happening tonight? Maybe one of the Princes are getting engaged wait. “Mom were we the only family invited tonight?” She nodded and continued her work. Special dinner, only family invited, my parents have been looking for a husband for me…. my mom was so giddy. Was I going to be engaged to a prince tonight? I shook my head, I was just overthinking it wasn’t I. 

After 20 more minutes my hair and makeup was done. “Y/n you look gorgeous!” My mother cooed. “Thank you mom!” She smiled before giving me a kiss on the cheek. We were to arrive at the palace  at 7pm and it was 6:30, so I had a few minutes to myself before we had to get in the carriage.

“Taemin! Are you still here?” I pushed open my brother’s door. He was sitting on his bed flipping through an old book before smiling up at me. “You look stunning little sis.” I giggled at his comment. “Well I must impress the royal family!” I wiggled my eyebrows and he chucked at my comment. “Trust me you will, now head downstairs mom and dad are probably waiting. Good luck little sis!” I nodded before heading down the hall to the grand staircase. 

I headed outside towards the gardens but stopped short when I saw my brother, his wife and two small daughters “Jinwoo! Ara! What are you guys doing here?” Ara smiled and put a hand over her mouth “Y/n you look breath taking!” I blushed at her comment before bowing and saying “thank you” 

Jinwoo was holding Minsun in his arms, poor little thing struggling to stay awake while Jaehun was giggling softly at my whatever my dad was saying to her. Jinwoo’s eyes shined as he looked at me. He was always one to get a little emotional over small things. “Look at my baby sister, all grown up. And going to have dinner with the royal family! I never got to do that! Neither did Taemin.” 

“Ah Jinwoo always one for the over dramatics” I teased. He chuckled before pulling me into a tight hug. Why was everyone acting as if they knew something I didn’t? He pulled away and kissed my cheek “good luck tonight, I’m so proud” I nodded at him before my father gestured me to follow him and my mom. Towards the carriage, it was time to go to the palace.

We were halfway to our destination, my parents were making small talk while I sat in silence and watched the scenery. My mind was racing, why was everyone acting like they knew something I didn’t.

My mind wandered back to the marriage idea, but I brushed it off and they were just giddy I was going to meet the princes, a chance for a Marriage? At this point I didn’t have time to worry about that, we were approaching the palace. 

The carriage went through the gates of the palace. I had been here before but I had a new sensation of expectancy as I passed through. I felt nervous, but I wasn’t sure why. I held myself with confidence, I had to. You would get pushed around so easily if you didn’t have respect for yourself.

The horse slowly made their ascent up towards the palace doors. we passed guards and palace workers on our way up. The workers, who I assume were gardeners, gave us happy smiles and small waves. Only a few guardsmen glanced in our direction, the others remained stone faced and staring straight ahead. 

The carriage came to a halt. And one of the guards opened the door to let us out.i was the last to leave the carriage right after my mom. She did what all mothers did and quickly straightened my dress and hair, perfectly in place. 

We were greeted by a very cheerful looking man. “Hello there! My name is Hoseok, and the king and Queen have sent me to retrieve you and the young Miss.” the man- Hoseok, and my father shook hands and kissed both my mother and I’s hands. 

Hoseok lead us into the palace. I started after Hoseok before my parents followed behind me. “Hoseok… is it?” He turned and gave me a bright smile before nodding “Yes it is miss, may I ask yours?” I chuckled “Of course, it’s Y/N” 

“That’s a beautiful name.” His smile was so sweet and contagious. We were walking through one of the many halls of the palace, I had gotten lost in here once and my dad had to find me, he would have scolded me if he wasn’t laughing so hard. 

“The King and Queen asked me to give you a small tour of the gardens before dinner.” My mom gasped before squealing “how lovely!” She loved Gardens and gardening so her reaction didn’t surprise me, but I did catch Hoseok chuckle softly. 

“When is dinner?” Hoseok smiled once more, how was he always so cheerful? “A tour of the gardens will take 15 minutes, which will bring us too 7:30, dinner is then.” I nodded and remained silent. 

Hoseok spent the next 15 minutes as he promised showing us the gardens. He and my father had a few laughs and my mom was entranced by the different plants. “Time for dinner, it’s 3 minutes to 7:30 and we won’t want to be late.”  At that Hoseok lead us to the dining room. 

It was time to have dinner with the royal family. 

Part 1  Part 2 Coming soon


Would I show my body off if I was thinner? Probably not, because my body is mine. But sometimes I’m curious to know if I would have been as successful if I wasn’t plus-size. I think I remind everyone of themselves. Not saying everyone is my size, but it’s relatable because I’m not perfect, and I think a lot of people are portrayed as perfect, unreachable and untouchable.

how old were you when they told you that your body was a temple you weren’t allowed to let other people into? that your hallowed soul would somehow rot and grow mold if you let another human being’s breath caress the tops of your shoulders, the curve of your neck?

because i was seven. my father said, “your body is a gift, save it.” i am not an object. i am not an object.  

“it’s good to cover up.” no. i cover up mistakes, i cover up failures. i am not either one of these, and it has taken me years to train myself out of believing it. if i must lay eyes on every whitehair chest of lobster-red old men in their wrinkly skin and saggy swimsuit bottoms, you can handle my spaghetti straps, my dresses above the knee, my shorts, my v-neck tee. 

“what will people think?” well given that when i dress modestly i’m seen as a prude and a frigid bitch, i’m going to assume they’re thinking something insidious. the happy thing is: their thoughts don’t change my reality. i am not defined by them. you can’t tell me who i am. you don’t own this. you will never own this.

“leave something to the imagination.” your problem is the reality of my body, and i’m not sorry. you hate that you can’t imagine me flawless, no scars, no scabby shins, not a real human. in your head, you photoshop onto me large breasts that stay perky without a bra, hips without stretchmarks, a spine without freckles. but i am real, and these are all beautiful, and you should feel blessed you look upon them. 

“no man wants a woman like that.” that’s fine with me. i don’t want a man who judges me for showing off my body. in fact, some of us don’t want a man at all. sadly for you, i don’t dress to impress strangers. i dress because it’s summer, and i’m hot, and i don’t just mean the temperature. and for the record? when i do dress for my man in skimpy little booty shorts? he doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with or without it. he loves me for who i am and not the purpose i serve as an object.

and i am not an object. i am not an object. you don’t get to sum up my personality based on my clothing. you cannot hold a book and look at the cover and tell me the whole story. you cannot look at me and know anything. i am not just a book. i’m a nation of libraries.

i do not become unholy for a strapless dress. i do not lose myself for daring to wear a skirt with a slit up the leg. “ladies, your body is sacred, make sure you dress in clothing i personally find demure and satisfyingly modest” sounds a lot like you think you’re a god and only you can determine whether or not i'm worthy of eternal damnation. 

i got news for you, buddy.

i’m a goddess. i don’t ask for permission.

—  Let me dress for the weather without comment. I don’t care if you “don’t like the packaging.” I’m not a package, and even if I was, it’s not to your house I’ll be showing up. // r.i.d