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  • Slytherin: There's this really great show I think you should check out!
  • Ravenclaw: Okay, I will.
  • Slytherin: *three years later* Oh, did you like that show by the way?
  • Ravenclaw: Oh, I haven't started it yet.
  • Slytherin: Are you fucking kidding me?

i don’t know how to insert a readmore in mobile so you’re going to have to deal with this post. bear with me. i don’t understand why ds9 fandom casts garak as some sort of suave oscar wilde daddy dom when he’s clearly the kind of older man who gets trashed at a casino at 3pm on thursdays and tips dabo boys extra to hold him while he cries

the first thing we ever see him do is beeline over to the very shiniest twink from a nation comprised solely of shiny twinks (while he’s fucked up on space oxy btw) like “hey, i usually don’t approach people from space grindr in crowded public places before noon like this, but i haven’t had sex in nine years, so hmu if you ever want to…. ‘visit my tailoring shop’……… as they say.” he’s not that smooth.

imo that’s the very thing that makes g/b so great. like while garak IS technically a dangerous feminine powerful enemy spy, which as we all know is julian bashir’s charmingly bisexual fetish, even when bashir runs into ops for the first time like “I THINK GARAK IS A SPY AND WE CAN LEARN ALL MANNER OF SPY SECRETS FROM HIM” jadzia is immediately like “bro maybe but i’m pretty sure he mostly just wants to s your d.” and it’s actually incredibly magical that it even works!! ONLY fucking julian “teach for america” bashir would look at this portly middle-aged disaster of lizard man like “holy shit, i finally found my very own bond girl, holy shit, my dream.“ i honestly honestly just don’t think people understand the central themes of star trek: deep space nine at all


some things NEVER change

scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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Just a slight spoiler from Osomatsu-san season 2 episode 4.

It’s just a frame really but this part:

First off it’s the most adorable thing ever, but also I was a bit confused because a lot of people were like “look at the suiriku!”, except for me this picture was like…

So um???

So of course it isn’t really that important but my main reasons for thinking that way were:

First Oso:

  • That toothy grin is one of Oso’s signature trait, alongside with just grinning in general,

grinning is his default expression really

  • Kind of a nitpick with this one, but I see playing boisterously (with choro to whom he was closer to in -kun but I guess this is irrelevant) as kind of more of an oso thing to do,
  • Counter-argument, that I think people saw as kara-like, frowning. As illustrated previously, he does that too, but kara doesn’t really tend to be that toothy grinned.

As for Kara:

  • He’s being really extra, in the middle of the picture, trying to pose, finger guns,
  • Counter-argument: no frowns, Oso could also usually be seen in the center (either that or the far right or far left).
  • Has the open mouth smile Oso tends to have, but there is also the toothy grin one, stated previously.

So yeah, that’s why I was a bit confused lol. Again this is just my point of view of this picture.

Blessed picture please give us more stuff like this


What you know about Jinjin: He is the leader of ASTRO, and a rapper.  He writes lyrics for their albums.  He takes very good care of the other members.

What you overlook: Jinjin is part of dance line.

For consistency, all ages are international ages.

Jinjin joined Fantagio in 2013, but he was a dancer long before that.  He was born in 1996, so he would’ve been 17 when he joined if it was after March.

Before Jinjin joined Fantagio, though, and even before Jinjin started attending Hanlim, he participated in house dance competitions as early as 2011 with a dance crew called Body & Soul House and Hip Hop Dance Crew.  Jinjin participated in these competitions at just 15 and 16 years old.  

We know that Jinjin was part of this dance crew until at least 2013 because of this video.

Say hi to 2013 Jinjin participating in a competition with his dance crew.  Even before this, though, he was participating in competitions as a solo dancer and making it to the final rounds.

In 2011, as a 15 year old, he went up to the top 4.  He was competing against people older than him and more experienced than him, but he still got to the final 4 in this competition.  If that’s not talent, what is?

Here’s another video of him competing when he was 15, going up to the top 4 again before you say the one before was a fluke.  Here’s another video of him competing for the semi-final in the competition that also shows the other guy’s dancing.

In 2012, Jinjin competed again (age 16 now) and had to have a rematch against one of the best house dancers in the competition because both of them were so good.  (Note: rematches aren’t common.)

2013 was Jinjin’s last solo competition (because he joined Fantagio).

When Jinjin left NY Dance Academy and joined Hanlim, he entered with the highest admissions score because of his dancing.  Out of everybody who was admitted, Jinjin was ranked #1.

Since joining Fantagio in 2013, Jinjin’s dancing has only improved.

Please take a minute to appreciate Jinjin’s dancing before he was even confirmed to be part of the line up.  When i-Teen was 8 boys, Rocky, Moonbin, and Jinjin were all considered the dancers, and for good reason.  In anything that had 3 main dancers, it was Rocky, Moonbin, and Jinjin.

Here’s some of Jinjin’s freestyle house dancing shortly after they debuted.

Last year, during promotions for Breathless, Jinjin would dance with an incredible amount of energy.  His energy level wouldn’t drop at all through the entire performance.  All of his motions are sharp and have power behind them, like someone who has been dancing for a long time. 

In Autumn Story, on After School Club, Jinjin was included in a short dance segment.  Why?  Because he is part of the dance line.

When asked to show freestyle dance during Immortal Songs 2, Jinjin and Moonbin were the two members that got up to dance.

Here’s more proof of Jinjin’s dance skills.

Jinjin had a short freestyle dance time at their Singapore concert in March 2017 where he did great.

In their recent promotions of Baby, Jinjin’s dancing looks effortless.  He doesn’t falter a single time throughout the entire dance.  His movements are all sharp and precise.

If you are still doubtful of Jinjin’s skills, look at this V Live where he just spent the whole time dancing.

There are way more instances than these where Jinjin’s dance talent is visible.  He works incredibly hard in his dancing, and he is very good at it.  Just like every other member, Jinjin puts his all into his dancing and it really shows.  He might not get a lot of recognition through the group, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t part of the dance line.

Gyaaaaaaah, I’m gonna take a chance and post this here - please be kind.

My genderbent cosplay of Yuri Katsuki’s Eros costume
Everything is made by me.


Sana Bakkoush in The Secret

Things aren’t what they seem when Bendy plays Hide-and-Seek–

Where did you go? Where have you hidden?

The shadows of these twisting halls make excellent hiding places! Who knows what Bendy can encounter here–

Why would you leave me alone? 

But nothing can stop Bendy from finding his best friend!

When are you coming back?

An exciting new adventure awaits the Darling Devil and Boris the Wolf!

Can you come back at all…?

Thrills! Chills! An unexpected visitor–who could that strange masked man be? Find out with…

Bendy In: “Hide-and-Seek!

A multi-part event, presented in Sillyvision! Check your local nickelodeon for viewing times.

hey uhhhhhhhh if you don’t want to have a show spoiled for you, but you follow blogs that post about a show regularly then……. maybe don’t come on tumblr until you’re all caught up? or unfollow the people so you don’t have to worry about it? don’t blame us when you know you could’ve prevented being spoiled