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(( Okay guys, I didn’t say anything since now but it is kinda really submerging my dashboard. 


I don’t know if some of you just want to have some attention from people ivl and in reality you don’t attend to do it at all. Tbh, it doesn’t matter. I know that life can be hard sometimes, but the suicide isn’t the SOLUTION.

Hey, you only has ONE LIFE

It is okay to be weak, it is okay to cry, it is okay to want people to care about you time to time. It is okay. 

But you need to be STRONG too. 


Because if you look carefully around you, you will realize that there is a beautiful world out there, not perfect but pretty in its own way. 

You will realize that there are people who really CARES about you out there. Some people love you deeply but don’t show it quite often. 

You will realize that if you do it, you won’t be able to come back ever again. 

You know what will happen after you do it?

Someone who treasures you will find you corpse, they will call the ambulance while crying, as you will be carried to the hospital, they will pray for your safety, believing that there is still a chance that you will be still alive. But no, the path of the life ends here for you. Your death won’t resolve anything, it’ll make people who care about you cry and sadness will overwhelm them. They will live along with this burden in their heart. Always thinking 

“I could save them. If only I could… They will still be there today…”

You know what is there after death? Your dreams, your future, EVERYTHING will end if you die. Only darkness will stay. 

It is okay to rely on other people, it is okay to ask for help

No one is going to blame you. Just do it. Don’t wait someone to reach out their hand for you, sometimes you need to do the first step. 

And everything will change. I believe in you.


My dice collection, featuring Smoky the cat. Silly cat wanted to hoard some of my dice. Doesn’t he know that I will F I T E for my dice hoard? :P

on the bottom is the bag of dice I am taking to Marmalade Dog this weekend. To the right of that bag are all the oddball and collecting dice didn’t fit in the bag. The only reason I’m not taking them is because they don’t fit. I have another bag that will fit everything but I wanna show off this cute little bag.

A knitted and probably felted dice bag is in my future. I just need to find the right pattern.

exo gif reaction: When you text them "I'm home alone"

Sehun: *yehet*

Kai: *Arrives at the front of your house shirtless*

Tao: *thinks to himself* omgee should i finally show off my gucci bags..*thinks like a little girl*

kyungsoo: *cannot control his feels*

chanyeol: *runs to your house*

chen: *trolls you by saying he’ll be there in 5 minutes… ends up going disneyland*

baekhyun: *surprises you at the front of the house and tries to kiss you but…*

baek: wooh..did you not take a shower while you were waiting for me.

Lay: I don’t get it…what does she want me to do…aha..

suho: *makes the effort to being sexy* maybe we’ll do something…

kris: *needs to make an excuse to leave dance practice so he decides to go to eomma suho and uses aegyo* bbuing bbuing let me leave ^.^


xiumin: she doesn’t know what’s coming…euehuee

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