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Kat i just saw a post that said tae and hobi got yoongi a dead fish for his bday last year do you know if this is true or have a source for this?

aslaslkmklsamsd oh god,,

and yoongi was like “eh i’m not looking forward to it idc” but when hoseok brought the box he got so excited 


The Reality of Getting Intimate With An Sugar Daddy for the First Time. (Part 1)

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I feel like no talks about this. Social media is a cultural preference on how we only perceive the happy and successful parts of our lives. Tumblr is a wonderful example of showing off our money, bags, shoes, vacations from our Sugar Daddies. Life is just perfect, right? But what’s actually going through your mind when a Sugar Daddy gets intimate?

Are there hot sugar daddies out there? Absolutely! However, most are not for the price you want. 

Tonight I went out with Mr. Louboutin. He’s a short, older man, 48 salt and pepper hair, big nose, old man stash… Very sweet and I enjoy conversations with him. Not to mention his pay outs have been pretty good. They range from $500 per meet up (so far) but this was the first time I got intimate with him. 

1)  Acceptance. 

When you first start out as a Sugar baby, you only look for attractive guys. Then slowly but surely it turns into what you can tolerate for the money. 

When I met Mr. Louboutin I thought, yeah sure, I could fuck this guy. The conversation was there, attraction? Eh. it was okay, but for the price and what he offered? Piece of cake. 

2) Anticipation. 

When going out to dinner with an SD you’re not really attracted to, you make up all kinds of bullshit smalltalk to prolong the night so you can escape easier saying, ‘It’s getting late.”  You may also order another drink, dessert, ect.  We’ve all done this. 

Mr. Louboutin and I left the bar and he wanted to “drive me back to my car” even though it was literally a 30 step walk. I got into his car and he started driving around. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do at this point until he drove by a parking garage and said, “We could go in here for a few minutes.” Every story we went up my stomach just turned, like “Oh god… here we go.” 

3) The pep talk. 

Does anyone else do this? You give yourself a little pep talk to prepare you for what’s to come. You think about what exactly you’re going to do, what HOT GUY you’re going to think about when your eyes are closed kissing and doing things, how fast you could probably get him off and how. These were all things going through my mind. 

4) Avoidance. The fight or flight. 

There have been a couple times where I would flight. I just couldn’t and make up some random excuse not to sleep with them. This happens and it’s OKAY. 

This is where closing your eyes and picturing someone else comes into play. You try to tune out their sounds they’re making, or seeing their crusty old dick. (sorry) Since I was in the car I just kept making out with him, or if my eyes were open while getting him off with my hand, I kept my eyes on his. I swear if I would have saw his dick I would have just thrown up. 

5) The Payment 

Thank god most older guys get off pretty fast and the relief is almost what makes it all worth it. $500 for 10 minutes? Not too shabby. 

*** read Part 2 (click for link to post) with my thoughts on this. 

Half Of You

“Is Mama okay?”

Tao looked down at the bright eyed little girl who looked up to him for answers. “Of course Mama is fine.” His daughter, at the tender age of five didn’t understand what check-ups were. In her mind going to the doctor was bad and meant you were sick.

“Then why did you say she wasn’t looking good?” The little girl hoped out of her seat and began walking around the waiting room worrying for her mother.

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(( Okay guys, I didn’t say anything since now but it is kinda really submerging my dashboard. 


I don’t know if some of you just want to have some attention from people ivl and in reality you don’t attend to do it at all. Tbh, it doesn’t matter. I know that life can be hard sometimes, but the suicide isn’t the SOLUTION.

Hey, you only has ONE LIFE

It is okay to be weak, it is okay to cry, it is okay to want people to care about you time to time. It is okay. 

But you need to be STRONG too. 


Because if you look carefully around you, you will realize that there is a beautiful world out there, not perfect but pretty in its own way. 

You will realize that there are people who really CARES about you out there. Some people love you deeply but don’t show it quite often. 

You will realize that if you do it, you won’t be able to come back ever again. 

You know what will happen after you do it?

Someone who treasures you will find you corpse, they will call the ambulance while crying, as you will be carried to the hospital, they will pray for your safety, believing that there is still a chance that you will be still alive. But no, the path of the life ends here for you. Your death won’t resolve anything, it’ll make people who care about you cry and sadness will overwhelm them. They will live along with this burden in their heart. Always thinking 

“I could save them. If only I could… They will still be there today…”

You know what is there after death? Your dreams, your future, EVERYTHING will end if you die. Only darkness will stay. 

It is okay to rely on other people, it is okay to ask for help

No one is going to blame you. Just do it. Don’t wait someone to reach out their hand for you, sometimes you need to do the first step. 

And everything will change. I believe in you.

#108: He’s The New Kid | High School AU

A/N: Requested by a sweet anon! I loved it! 


Your mind was fuzzed as you squeezed your eyes to get a better look at the black board from far distance in front of you, your teacher writing up yet another boring math example. At times you wondered why you were even placed in the back of the class, it was always a hell to try to see what was on the board and it was problematic because you could never understand the math problems and not to see how to fix them made it ten times worse. The sudden sound of knocks coming from the door interrupted your teacher from being in his zone, stopping from writing on the board and watching as the principal of the school walking inside with a tall blond boy behind him. They talked for a bit before your teacher cleared his throat even though everyone was staring at him, pointing at the blond haired boy and introducing him. “Ladies and gentleman, this is Luke Hemmings. He’s a new student at our school and he’s gonna be with us here at math.” Small whispers were shared as people stared at Luke, but you didn’t mind. Until your teacher announced that he was going to sit next to you since your best friend wasn’t at school today. Taking a seat next to you, he could feel your eyes staring at him as he started to take out a notebook with math examples and a pencil case to scribble down notes from the blackboard. Your teacher started to talk again and that was your queue to take notes, yet you couldn’t see a thing and when your teacher handed out a task for you to make before class was over, your eyes went wide and stared at it like it could fix itself. “Fucking shit, I don’t even need this in my life..” You cursed while trying to solve the math problems, feeling Luke staring at you. “You don’t know what to do?” He asked in polite and you shook your head. He moved a little bit closer to you, taking your pencil and explaining how to do the math problem. “How can you be so good?” You asked amazed and he started to blush a dark shade of red. “My mom is a math teacher. I guess it’s in the genes.” He explained with a joke, his voice soft yet shy. “That’s so awesome.” You said with a smile, making Luke shrug. “I guess I’m just lucky.” He shrugged and you nodded your head. “You are because I don’t get a shit of this and I’m not lucky at all.” He chuckled by your words while looking down at his pencil. ”I can help you at times if you want? We can trade, you teach me stuff about the school, who to be with and who to avoid. In treat for that I can teach you some math skills.” Luke reached his hand out for you to reach and you looked down at it before forming a small smile, “Deal Hemmings.”


Sitting with your legs on top of the chair in front of you, your whole body was resting against your chair as you watched the football players in front of you on the field running around determined to get the ball while your coach yelled around with his whistle when things weren’t as he wanted. A bag of chips was open and resting nicely on your stomach, almost having your full attention but that was soon taken away. A sports bag was dropped on the chair next to you, giving you a slight shock and making you look to see who it was, a boy with brown memorizing eyes and dirty dark hair standing in a football uniform. “Hello.” He smiled as he looked down at you, seeming to have full energy. “Hi.” You said a bit off, looking at him with curious eyes. “I’m a new student.” He introduced as to why you looked so weird at him, your mouth forming a big ‘o’ in understanding. “Oh you’re the exchange student from Australia?” You asked, already having heard about him from your coach who had announced that you would have a quite professional footballer who had to try out today’s training. He nodded his head with a smile. “I’m Y/N.” You said as he sat down next to you to tie his shoes. “I’m Calum.” He answered in polite smiling over at you. “I’m usually on the team. Though I’m prevented from playing for a while.” You sad in a sad tone, looking out in the distance. “How come?” Calum asked interested, taken off his sweater and placed it down his bag, showing off an Australian football jersey. “Sprained foot.” You pointed down at your foot that was wearing a way bigger comfy sock than your other, Calum’s eyes wide and a small “ouch” camefrom his mouth. “It was a football accident, but I’ll be out on the field in no time.” You chuckled, looking back at the field where girls and boys were chasing around after the exact same ball. “That’s tragic.” Cal commented while he tied his football boots, looking up at the field as he was now ready. “Kind of, but I’m used to it, it’s not the first time.” You chuckled watching as Calum stood up from his chair. “I would love to talk to you again Cal. You seem like a cozy guy.” You smiled up at him and he seemed to blush a bit. “You too Y/N. I would love to see how good you are on a field.” You shrugged your shoulders with a smirk as he giggled down at you. “But first I have to impress your coach to see if he’ll qualify me for your team.”  “Go show them.” You chuckled, waving after him as he ran down the stairs towards your coach ready to introduce himself before he could run out on the field on show his very best to get on the team. And he sure did because you were impressed to say at least, watching how your other teammates seemed to have a hard time with Calum’s fast long legs.


Thunderstorms and lightening were clouding over your school with dark clouds, all the lights in the school on full power since the weather had made everything dark and gloomy. Your eyes were focused on the book in front of you, yet you couldn’t concentrate at all with the loud thunder keeping on shocking and catching your attention. You were the only one at the library at this point so it should be one of the benefits to study without any other students to make any noise but this was ten times worse. Shutting your book you started to head towards the exit of the library but that was when the worse thing happened, the loud sound of thunderstorm with a following loud bang of electricity shutting down, darkness surrounding you in the now dark library as the electricity was gone. You cursed, trying to open the door yet it was impossible. So great to have all the doors being technical and needed electronic to open. “Great, just great.” You groaned, rolling your eyes as you were now stuck alone in this sick library, heading towards one of the tables to sit down. You were about to take your phone out but the sound of footsteps made you sprint up from your chair in shock and looked behind to see a rather confused boy with wide eyes. “Didn’t mean to scare you.” He said with raised hands and approached you. “Have you been in here all the time?” You asked confused, and he nodded his head. “I was trying to find my geography class but ended up lost. We were supposed to find some books but all of the sudden they were gone and then the electricity went out.” “Yeah, we’re stuck in here until the electricity is back.” You explained while he took a seat next to you. “You’re new?” You asked changing the subject and he nodded his head. “I’m Michael.” He introduced and you reached your hand out, smiling. “I’m Y/N. Pleasure to meet you Michael.” He grew a smile as well, looking around at the library. “Which classes do you take?” You asked and he looked back at you. “English, Spanish, IT, Geography and Music.” He explained and your eyes lit by the mention of music. “Me too!” Michael’s eyes lit up by the mention as well, feeling more comfortable now knowing that there was at least one person he could communicate with. “Our teacher is such an awesome person you will love it here.” Michael nodded his head along to your words happy, “That’s definitely a great start after my geography failure.” He joked making you giggle. “You can just ask me if you’re confused. Here, let me give you my number.” You said, and he gave out his IPhone so you could write in your number for him. “It’s so you can feel more comfortable here. I know how it feels to be a new student. Don’t want any more awkward situations to hit you.” You chuckled and Michael thank you politely. “Thank you Y/N, you seem like an awesome person.”


Your eyes were dazed and tired as you fought the urge to not shut them closed, your mind far away in another place in dreamland rather than focusing on the road in front of you. You were late, and not just the usual ten minutes late for class, but a half an hour due to sleeping late and the bus driving right in front of you. It didn’t exactly made your mood better and with the lack of sleep even though you slept over, you were tired as hell and musty to say at least. Still wearing the shirt you had slept in and some rubber boots from the rain, your hair was wet and mind fuzzy as you marched down the hall towards your class. You were so unfocused that you didn’t even notice that another person who came from one of the halls from your left and before you knew it the two of you collapsed into each other, books flying everywhere and you falling to the ground. “What in the serious fuck?” You screeched but as you looked up but your eyes met a pair of hazel eyes covered with glasses who looked rather nervous and your attitude changed completely. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” You exclaimed, looking at him curiously since you couldn’t point a finger on who he was while helping to collect his massive pile of books. “It’s okay.” He answered in a soft voice, pushing his classes up on his nose and accepting the books you had collected with a small thank you. “’Why do you have so many books with you?” The boy shifted in his seat as he stood up with the books embraced, “I’m new here so I had to get all of these books before first class. But I’m kind of confused since this school is way more different than my last one and I can’t seem to find my class.” Your eyes went wide, nodding your head, “What is your first class?” You asked, wanting to help the poor lad. “Biology, but I’ve been walking down this hall four times now, it says it’s the one on my paper, but I can’t find the class and I’ve walked into two different ones in slight awkwardness.” “Let me help then.” You let out a small giggle by the boy, accepting the paper his free hand gave you. “Oh, your class is in the other building.” You explained as you read the paper, “I can follow you to it if you want?” The boy started to blush yet let out an award winning smile. “I would appreciate that but don’t you have classes as well right now?” “Don’t worry about that. I’m late anyways, my math teacher is used to that.” You shrugged, reaching your hand out so you could help him carry some of your books. “What’s your name?” You asked as you started to walk, “Ashton. Ashton Irwin.” He replied, already feeling more comfortable and less nervous. “I’m Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” You introduced, reaching your free hand out to shake his rather big one.

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taemin x sunny

where was their first date ?: Why do I feel like Taemin’s rich self would wanna show off his money bags and wanna go to a nice restaurant? but at the same time i feel like he wouldn’t wanna use his money so idk lol
what my muse would do to cheer your’s up: compliment him 
who wakes the other up with kisses ( and where ) ?: Sunny would wake Taemin with cheek kisses
who would pour water on the other to wake them up ?: Rude azz Taemin
who would start a food fight while baking or cooking ?: Sunny
who would suggest putting marijuana in the brownies ?: Taemin
who said i love you first and how ( or when ) did they say it ?: I don’t think they ever said it or ever loved each other 
who would get into a physical altercation over the other ?: I wanna say Taemin?
who insists on purchasing a pet together ( and what kind of pet ) ?: Sunny
who is louder ( in and out of bed ) ?: dont know. they never had sex
who takes more risks ( in and out of bed ) ?: im assuming Taemin
who would bring up the word ‘daddy’ first ?: not sunny lmao
what is their shared, favourite kink ?: results not found
how my muse shows their love for your’s: probs by always showing up at the frat house to see taemin even tho he hates that place 
their favourite ways to give affection: cuddling
who is more dominate ?: Taemin
who sings in the shower ?: Taemin 
who washes the other’s hair in the shower ?: I feel like sunny would’ve loved to wash Taemin’s hair
who initiates shower sex despite being in a rush ?: that sounds like a Taemin thing
who teases the other under the table at dinner with the family ?: that also sounds like a taemin thing
who has the weirder taste in music ?: Sunny
who would initiate dancing in the rain ?: Sunny
who would be the one to suggest marriage ?: if it had gotten that far i think it would’ve been Sunny
what would they name their children ?: Juno :)
who would their children take after more ?: Taemin


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do you think you'd ever make key chains? like whether it's new art or old sticker designs, they're too adorable I just wanna show it off on my bag or smth haha

i am thinking about making keychains of some of the stickers!! maybe in a month, keep an eye out for that

Back to you (Ft. Jimin)
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Sitting at a local restaurant in the biggest mall of Seoul, you observed people who were passing by. Boys carrying tons of shopping bags while their girlfriend happily tells them that there are just a few more shops left yet to visit, you smiled as you saw it happening before your eyes.

“Poor boys” you said to yourself, grabbing the mug with hot liquid before taking a sip from it

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((I can't do the little symbols on mobile, but reassuring touch?)) Craig walks up behind Mike, gripping the other's shoulder lightly. "Hey man, is everything okay?"

Mike looked up at the other male, slightly confused. “I…I’m okay? Why do you ask?” Did he look sad? Maybe it was just the lack of makeup showing off the severe bags under his eyes. Truth be told he was always kinda sad. But he didn’t know the boy well enough to get into that….

To Win Your Favor: Ch 1. Quite the Dilemma

Because I can’t resist. 

Rating: T (future- mild swearing, angst)
Pairing: Marinette x Nathanael (Nathanette) ?

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She felt guilty for accusing someone she hardly knew. He worried his feelings would forever be unrequited. When a book project requires new partners, Marinette and Nathanael see it as the perfect opportunity for their personal goals- to earn his friendship; to win her heart.

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