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Bones was a show that supported feminism. Men and women worked together side-by-side. This show was filled with beautiful & healthy relationships. Not only healthy romantic relationships, but also healthy friendships. It truly expressed how friends can become family. Family isn’t defined by blood, it is instead defined by those that would (literally in this show) take a bullet for you. I am so grateful to have enjoyed such a wonderful experience. Thank you to the writers and actors who made it so wonderful. As a woman in the science field, this show spoke volumes to me. It taught me to speak up and have confidence in myself no matter what. It’s been a great run Bones ❤️
Brazil teacher changes hairstyle to support bullied girl - BBC News
"A boy had told my pupil her hair was ugly, and she was sad. I told her she was wonderful."

Ana Barbara Ferreira, from Sao Paulo, said her student was “sad” after being ridiculed by a boy, who had said her hair was “ugly”.

“At that moment, the only thing I could tell her was that she was wonderful and shouldn’t care about what he was saying,” she wrote in a Facebook post that went viral.

A bigger show of support came in the following day, when she went to work wearing the same hairstyle as her pupil, much to the girl’s surprise.

“When she saw me, she came running to hug me and say that I was beautiful,” Ms Ferreira said.

“I told her: ‘Today I’m beautiful like you!’”

This is one of the rare moments I feel proud of the people of my country!

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I'm curious if Sony registering a site for Louis even means anything. At first I wondered if it meant he signed with them. But then I would think they would announce that. And they haven't used the site to promote jho. Sony hasn't done anything to show they are supporting/ that Louis is an artist that is with them. I wonder if it was something g to do with the X factor performance since they were so close together. Or maybe with the sale of jho. Idk

Yeah, I know. It’s weird.

Could just be that something they all thought was a done deal has gone back into limbo. But hopefully we’ll get movement with Louis in the next month too and things will be clearer :)

Words I Long To Hear chapter 2 (shalaska) - indie

A/N: Thank you so so so so so much to anyone who liked or showed support for this little ficlet that will be. And thank you so much to the nonny who pointed out my font emphasis issues. :P You’re all wonderful and I love you.  That being said, on to chapter two. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. :)

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This morning was another one of those starts where everything catches up with you.  Last night was the official monthly meeting for the Artist Guild and it was only my second official meeting since joining.  The tone was a bit serious as apparently they have some of the usual personality conflicts and other respect issues going on behind the scenes.  None of which applied to me - not only because I am new but also because you all probably know me well enough by now to know that I get along with and encourage everyone.  But I really felt for the guy who runs the group, as you could see it is taking its toll on him when folks dont get their submissions in on time, they aren’t gallery ready to hang and then all of these people issues are going on.  So when a bunch of them said they were going to go to a local restaurant after, I wasn’t going to go at first because I have swim in the morning but I felt like I wanted to be there to show him some support and friendship as he is a very nice guy and pours his heart into this group. 

That meant I did not get home until after 11pm and I was not even a bit tired and needed a bit of time to unwind.  Plus the critique video of my most recent homework assignment was posted and I am anxious to hear what the instructors had to say. 

By the time I went to bed it was about 12:30am and an alarm going off 4 hours later to swim - was really hard to get out of bed for.  But I have learned that if I dont get it done in the morning, my days seem to get the best of me and I don’t always get a chance to go in later so it was now or never.

I could tell the entire swim I did not have my usual energy but surprisingly I did alright and am happy I tackled another 2500.  Of course now I have to figure out how not to fall asleep mid day when this little charge of energy from the workout wears off!

In other news a few more art prints are packed and shipping out today!

200 swim/kick/pull

12x25 on :40 descend 1-3

easy 50

6x50 on 1:20 descend 1-3

easy 50

3x100 on 2:30 descend 1-3

easy 50

2 rounds

  • 2x75 done as 25 catch up/25 almost catch up/ 25 swim
  • 100 steady kick, rest :20

8x25 from mid-pool with a turn coach send off, these are fast

easy 100

swam more laps on my own to get to 2500


A word to cheer you up

We didn’t win this one, but I’m a good example of those new members that MONSTA X win over each day. I myself found out about MONSTA X just few months ago and now I’m already here streaming, buying their albums and overall sharing all the love that monbebes get from MONSTA X members.
Every day there will be new Monbebes joining the fandom and each new view and vote will eventually count. So let’s not slow down now but keep on sharing, viewing, cheering and overall doing anything that we can to show our support!

Reala Day is April 1st!

It’s been a yearly tradition in the NiGHTS fandom to celebrate Reala Day as part of April Fool’s Day festivities.  That’s right, a whole day dedicated specially to this guy–

…oooh that’s probably the evilest picture of Reala for a number of reasons XD [INTENSE CHRISTMAS NiGHTS FLASHBACKS]

If you feel inclined, take an opportunity to create artwork (or dank memes) celebrating this puppet of Wizeman strapping specimen of a Nightmaren.  And don’t forget to switch your icons to show your everlasting love and support for he who will most assuredly usher in an age of darkness and nightmares… provided he can distract NiGHTS long enough to do so, that is, lol.

Have fun!

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I don't understand why you think Mon-el is so abusive when all I've seen in the show is him being supportive and caring. I'm genuinely curious where you're getting this from...

HA supportive and caring. that’s really funny. that stupid fucker could never be supportive and caring. anyway check out this masterpost:

hopefully you’ll come to your senses

Oh and, also, @justgotham 

Thank you for that response. I have no ill intention toward you or your blog. I was asked multiple times if there was anyway for people unhappy with the show/fandom what they could do to let the network and what not know and I wasn’t fully sure. 

Your post was a really good reference for the things that can be done to let the writers/network know about what they’ve done wrong and why the show is losing support the way it has been. 

 As a fandom, if we could have stood together instead of running out and attacking anyone who don’t blindly support gotham / nygmobblepot and civilly let the writers know where they messed up so they could improve things would have been great, but instead people decided it was best to bully upset viewers, segregate us from the fandom and claim that we were nothing but ‘antis’ in the face of our very real and warranted complaints. That made a lot of people feel like there was no way to help Gotham than to withdraw support from the show entirely. 

And youre absolutely right. The reason Im so set off about this is because I LOVED this show. Ive been part of this fandom since longer than most and prior to the events of s3e10 I was a huge supporter and defender of the show for as long as it has been on the air.

Thank you to your civil response to the childish drama monglers of this fandom that have played a huge part in  turning people like myself against the show and in particular the fandom. Its one thing to have the canon pull some dodgy moves on you, its another to have a fandom  relentlessly attack you and try to isolate you for speaking out about it and that has been the reality of a lot of gay fans on tumblr. 

This has resulted in the alienation of a LOT of fans which is bad for the show as well but try telling any of the ‘defence squad’ that. 🙄

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18 for Bokuto Mum??

The final prompt! Cheering!! And boy howdy does this lady know how to cheer on her sons. At the risk of getting kicked out of the gymnasium lolol Kiyomi is a VERY involved mom and is so supportive in whatever her family is interested in. If she is able to make their game, practice match or otherwise, you bet your ass she’s in the seats showing her support. 

Papa Owl Tatsuya is supportive, too but he’s more quiet about it. Not that he can’t make noise himself. Honestly, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the moment lol 

These were fun! I was gonna say that I could do more, but I’ll find some other prompt list to do. This is really good practice for me for developing my ocs~

Keith! When will my Life Begin animatic for the Klance Tangled AU!!

edit:sorry about the fire cracking up. I think it’s the gradient that’s causing the file to become a little corrupt. I’ll try to fix it and update it asap

edit edit: The song is a pitched down version of the original song

since trans day of visibility is coming up in a few days (march 31st), i figured i’d make a list of advice for cis people commenting on/reblogging people’s posts/selfies?

  • do definitley like and reblog and tag and comment on our posts!! its what TDOV is for! show your support for the community by showing us some love
  • dont post any selfies if ur cis. today is not about u
  • if ur gonna comment about how great someone looks, great!!
  • just make sure u use the right pronouns/descriptors. most people put their pronouns on their selfies, but if they dont its easy to check their bio to see if they have them! 
  • also dont say stuff like “wow ur prettier than I am!!” bc that implies that u think cis ppl are more attractive as a default, so its insulting and patronising
  • if the post is one with pics from multiple stages throughout someones transition, pls dont say “its not fair u get to be hot in both genders!” because thats cissexist n transphobic and adheres to the “used to be a X” rhetoric and erases people with fluid genders and implies that cis ppl inherently deserve to be hotter/better 
  • go thru the tdov tags!! spread some love to all of us (not just conventionally attractive and/or passing people)
  • its not only selfies either. lots of ppl post some really cool content so dont miss out on that either

thats all i can think of rn. feel free to add on if u want

Lionsgate and Saban went out and found five unknown actors with either little or no acting experience (in movies) because a) they want to start a franchise with them and more importantly b) because they wanted their movie to be diverse. And the actors were all amazing. So people can no longer use the excuse of Hollywood only casting white actors because they’re well-known and good actors or because it’s hard to find good non-white actors. It isn’t that hard and Power Rangers showed us that. Hollywood just prefers casting white people in main roles and in non-white roles.