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I know nothing about Jrey but I already love him

Is the youngest of 7. The ace of the class. competitive and cocky, has a heart of gold. Is rivals with Coran, over both serious and silly stuff. Also he and Coran dated for awhile. 

rival bf

I realize how much tsukishima hates asking for things. He hates asking for anything. It’s like a mix of him believing that people won’t react well to him asking them and being too embarrassed/prideful to ask. The fact that he hates approaching people and hates needing help probably also has a bit to do with it. Tsukishima was embarrassed and hesitant about asking his volleyball coach for help with volleyball. He waited 6 games and a set before even tentatively asking for permission to time the blocks. He asked hinata to spike for him and immediately followed it up with “im not twisting your arm so you don’t have to or anything” as if hinata, of all people, was going to be offended about being asked to practice some more. He had to ask permission to ask bokuto and kuroo a question. And then was completely taken aback when permission was granted like? It’s a single question? You really don’t even need permission, just ask? Literally any time he’s asking anyone for anything, he’s as awkward as he can possibly be about it. He’s visibly nervous too, he’s hunched over and twiddling with his thumbs more often than not. He honestly acts like he 100% believes that they’ll all refuse to even hear him out. 

(PS: the only tsukishima’s shown confidently approaching someone with a request was with akiteru when he was younger (come show me some moves” “can I come to your games?” “why not?”) So… do with that what you will)

Good Morning

Request: Writers block sucks! Id love a dean x reader fic where she gets wayyyy too drunk and makes a move on him and he’s a gentleman and just takes her home and to bed even though she keeps trying to get with him then in the morning all the smut.
-Requested by Anon

A/N: Sorry this one took so long! I had a super busy weekend!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (male and female receiving), drunk reader…I think that’s it?

Word Count: 2.9k

Originally posted by wonderfulworldofwinchester

Thanks to the hunting dry spell that you and the boys had been in for the last two weeks, you and Dean had decided to spend some of your time out at a bar. What better way to pass the time, right? It had just so happened that you had convinced Dean to go to a slightly higher end bar this evening - and you were enjoying it. A lot. So much, in fact, that within two hours, you were very drunk.

You sat at the bar next to Dean and spun around in the stool you’d been sitting at. It was one of those ones that no matter how much you spun, it never screwed off. However, you’d been spinning almost non-stop for the last five minutes, so Dean grabbed your knees and stopped you, turning you on the stool so that you were facing him.

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#5 Caught

Ethan: “Oh god, Ethan.” Your back was arched high to the ceiling as Ethan hooked your thighs, pressing his face farther into your pussy. His tongue ran circles over your clit, his tongue stiffening to a point so he could flick the throbbing bud causing your legs to shake. Ethan didn’t want to admit that it was almost embarrassing how much he loved having his head between your legs, it was his second favorite meal next to pancakes or pizza. He wrapped his entire mouth around you, sucking harshly. Whenever he did that it always made your head spin in crazy ways. Your cheeks turned red and face hot from the way he sucked and slurped at you. “Ethan baby, don’t stop please.” He hummed against you, his tongue moving faster as he moved down and began tongue fucking you. You knew already that his lips and chin were covered in moisture from you and you didn’t care, seeing him like that was always sexy. Your moans bounced off the walls and it only made Ethan work faster. You pulled and tugged at your nipples and grinded onto his face when the door burst open, Grayson stumbling in with his phone in his hand. “Dude, look at thi- Holy mother, I’m sorry! Jesus Christ!” You squealed and Ethan popped up, lying over you to shield your body the best he could, groaning aloud. “Grayson! Knock next time bro!” “I’m sorry! I didn’t know she was here!” “If you couldn’t hear by her moaning, yeah she’s here!” “Just get out!” You screamed, shaking your head as Grayson apologized again before backing out with his hand over his face and slamming the door. Ethan shook his head and groaned again, “That totally killed my boner.” You both shared a nervous laugh before he promised to finish what he started later on when Grayson was asleep. “I swear to god I’m going to kill him.” He mumbled, emerging from the room to talk to Grayson.

Grayson: The bed creaked beneath the two of you as Grayson pounded you into the mattress. “Fuck baby, this pussy’s so damn tight.” Whimpering you bit down on the pillow, Grayson letting his hand recoil far enough to bring it back down for a quick smack. This was the only night this week you and Grayson got to have the apartment to yourselves and of course you both took full advantage of it. First the shower, then bent over the couch, propped up on the kitchen counter and lastly in your shared bedroom. Grayson pounded you hard, his balls slapping hard enough that it almost stung and he gripped your waist hard enough that you were sure you would have bruises in the morning. “Gray, god, fuck. You fuck me so good.” “Yeah baby? How about you ride me? Show me how good you move these sexy hips.” He smacked your ass again and pulled out, sitting up against the headboard and pulling you down onto his throbbing length. He filled you up completely and you moaned, reaching behind him to hold the headboard, making sure to push your breasts into his face. You started to bounce slowly, grinding back and forth and flicking your hips, all of the tricks making Grayson throw his head back and his breath to come out straggled. “God I’m going to come.” “Me too. Fuck.” He aided you in bouncing up and down before the door opened, Ethan walking in on your orgasms, the both of your moans deafening. “Woah! I am, so fucking sorry! Jesus.” He dropped his head Grayson grabbed a blanket, throwing it over your entire body, peaking out from around you. “Ethan! Seriously?” “What? I had to a-ask you something about the uh, video and editing?” Grayson groaned and you tried to move off of him but he kept you still with a death grip. “Can it wait? You kind of walked in on our orgasm.” “Gray!” You squeaked, hiding your face in his shoulder. “Just get the fuck out Ethan, I’m coming.”

BTS Dirty Scenarios | #Daddy

Warnings: 18+!

Hoseok - There’s no harm to give your stepbrother a boobjob, right? 

“Holy shit, Y/n! Oh, fuck! We shouldn’t be doing this!”, Hoseok, your stepbrother whimperes while you rub his cock between your tits.

“Oh, yeah? You want me to stop, brother?”

“Ohoh”, Hoseok shoves a fist into his mouth and leans forward propping his free hand on the wall behind you. “No, no! It’s okay! Just this once! Oooh!”

“You like it?”

“Oh, God, baby, yes!”, he swallows loudly.                                                                                                      
“Your brother loves it so fucking much!” You can swear he has tears in his eyes.
“I’m gonna come, now, baby!”

Hoseok’s cock suddenly swells between your breasts and then begins to shoot cum all over your chest while he whimpers.

“Oooh, ohh, oooooo! Baby girl, your tits are awesome!”, Hoseok sighes when his cock finally stops ejaculating.

“I know!”, you say. “Now, let’s talk money, brother!”

“Fuck, baby! After this amazing boobjob, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Namjoon - Daddy just wants to play a little!

You’re asleep on the bed completly naked. When your boyfriend Namjoon walks into your shared bedroom and sees your hot body on the bed, he gets hard like a fucking rock in seconds. He groans, pulling his cock and rubs himself while walking towards you.
Initally Namjoon wants to watch you masturbate but then the hormones got to his head and he gets desperate.

“Aaaahhhh, shiiiit!”, he can’t help to groan as he begins to fuck your mouth. “Oh, oh, oh!”

Namjoon leans over your head, propping his hands on the bed and countinues to move his hips.

“Fuck, this is good! MMM, yeah! Suck Daddy’s cock little whore!”, he whispers watching his cock sliding in and out, in and out. “Oooh, Daddy loves your mouth, little whore!”

This is way more better than masturbating.
Since you are asleep and he can’t control your saliva, it pours all over his cock and balls.
Too bad that he hadn’t had a pussy in a while and he was soon getting close to exploding.

“Mmm, yes! Yes, yes, yes! Oooh, Daddy’s gonna give you some milk, baby whore. Ungh, ungh! Ooh, fuck, yes! Yeeeaaaaaaah!”, Namjoon moans as his cock begins to shoot long threads of cum into your mouth. “Here you go, whore! Ungh, ungh, unghhhh! Swallow Daddy’s milk!”

When he’s done ejaculating, he pulls his pulsing cock out and hurries to close your mouth so his cum that didn’t slide down your throat, spills out.
Namjoon keeps rubbing his semi hard on while leaving the bedroom and walks to the bathroom where he masturbates and comes again, thinking about how to seduce you into sucking his cock fully awake.

Jungkook - Don’t ever tease your Daddy!

Lately, you’ve been teasing your boyfriend Jungkook, showing him your tits and pussy even when your mother was only a few feet away. So Jungkook have decided to teach you a lesson and today he has followed you when you said you where going out for a walk in the woods.
He cachts up with you, ties you up and undresses you.

“You fucking slut!”, he growls, raising your skirt up your hips with one hand while he uses the free one to free his raging cock. “You’re not getting enough cock? Huh? Is that why you’re teasing your Daddy? Well, here, slut! Have some Daddy cock!”, Jungkook says, shoving himself deep inside your pussy.

“Oh, my God!”, you scream.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh! Damn, this pussy is thight! And-thrust-so-thrust-fucking-thrust-wet! Did you get wet teasing your Daddy, slut? Ungh, unnghhhh! Huh? You like knowing you’re making Daddy hard?”


“Well, I hope you like feeling how hard Daddy is inside you!”, he growls again, wrapping his fingers around your throat. He loves the sounds you make.

“Yeeeeaaahh!”, he let’s out a low deep groan, his head flying back and he closes his eyes. “ Daddy’s gonna fuck you until you can’t walk straight! Unch, ungh!”
Jungkook fills your pussy for the second time today in the woods and then he takes you home where he locks you and himself inside your bedroom and fucks you three more times.

I would like to see you teasing me again after this. Stupid slut!

Taehyung - Daddy is eager!

“Look at this bald pussy! Mmm, Daddy loves it, baby girl.”

“Really, daddy?”, you ask.

My baby, always so eager to please daddy.

“Oh, yes!”, Taehyung say, positioning his cock at your entrance and then pushes in slowly.

“Mmm, feels good!”

“Yes!, you look up at your boyfriend, your face, your eyes just begging for a good , hard fuck.Taehyung grins.

"Daddy’s gonna give you what you need, baby! Mmmm”, he groans starting to move in and out of you.


He speeds up. “Just relax, baby! Ungh, ungh! Let Daddy take care of everything!”

Taehyung pumps you in earnest, enjoying the slapping sound his balls makes against your ass and the sloshes of your wetness around him. You are thight as fuck! You squeeze his cock with desperation that makes him seethe with the need to breed you. Oh, he fully intends to unload his balls deep into you, but only after making you come on his cock.


The first warning.

“Yeah! Daddy’s little girl! Ungh, unghh!”, he spats shoving himself deeper in your pussy.

This cunt is gonna be the death of me!

"Oh, oh, oh!”, you pulls in a deep breath, your eyes rolling back.

“Fuck, yeah!”, Taehyung growls loving you, spasming walls around his cock. “Ooh, right on daddy’s cock!”

You flai your arms and legs while the orgasm shooks you. Watching you couples with the contracting muscles around his cock is his undoing.

“Shit!”, Taehyung swors. “Shit, Daddy’s gonna come now!”, he growls again.

“Yeeeaah!”, he thrust a few more times then let himself erupt you in your cunt. “Fuck, this is good!”

He came and came and came until he thought he was gonna faint and you milks him so thoroughly like you wants to absorb his nuts inside your womb too.
When he’s done, he pulls out and watches through hooded eyes the cum pouring out of you.

Yoongi - Sleeping with your stepbrother is perfectly normal, isn’t?

“Ohhh, I can’t believe it fits!”, you scream in awe as your stepbrother pumps his cock deep inside your pussy.

“Mm, ungh, yeah! Of course it fits, baby! Ungh, ungh! Your dirty cunt knows when it needs to be breed so it stretches out for your brother. Ungh, ungh! Hot as fuck this little cunt of yours!”

“Oh, Yoongi!” The pleasure in your voice can’t be missed. You love his cock.
"Isn’t this wrong?”

“ Of course it is, baby! That’s why you like it so much! Unghhh, ungh! Such good little girl you are for your brother!”

“ What’s… your dad.. and… my mom… gonna… say?”, you ask through small moans of delight.

“They doesn’t have to… unghh… know!”

That relaxes you.

“Oh, Yoongi! Can you do it harder?”

Yoongi grins. “Whatever my little girl needs, baby!”, he say speeding up.

Jimin - Daddy’s baby girl is horny!

“Jimin, I wanna play!”, you whine as you rub yourself on his clad cock. He can feel the warmth of your cunny event through your panties and his pants. It makes his eyes roll back in his head and his cock starts to grow harder and harder by every second.

“Baby girl, we just played last night!”

“Yeah, but I want more!”

Jimin grunts under your sexual assault.
He groans once more as his cock throbbs in his pants. If you really want this, then why should he suffer from blue balls all fucking day?

Jimin walks you to your shared bedroom and lays you down on your stomach. He pulls his cock out through his pants and slide your panties to the side and then he pushes inside of you, groaning like a beast.

“You want Daddy to play with you, little girl!”

He givs a deep thrust. “Huh?” Another thrust. “You want Daddy to put his cock inside your little cunny and play with it?” Few more deep thrusts. “Well, here baby girl, have it!”, Jimin groans.

He proceeds to fuck three orgasmes out of you and then breed you propoply.
When his balls is empty, he draw his cock out and put it back in his pants and then arrange your panties and sends you to school with his cum deep inside your pussy. He rubs himself two more times at work thinking about it.

Jin - Acting innocent wont get you far!

Your bestfriend Jin is sitting on your couch in your apartment, completly frozen like he’s been struck by lightening, with his mouth agape. You’re horny and wants to play a little game with him. After all, you’ve seen him taking glaces at you for quiet some time now, so this will be easy, or wont it?

Holy mother of all fucks! Look at that pussy! Look at that juicy little pussy!
Jin swallows, wanting to slide his tongue through your plump labia very badly.


Guiltily, he guickly moves his gaze from your cunt to your face.
“Huh?” You pull your panties even more to the side and Jin’s cock immediately gives a brusque throb in his pants. “S-sorry, Y/n.”, his voice sounding meek and desperate so he clear his throat. “What did you say?”

“I asked if I did it right?”

“Did what? Did what right?”

You giggles. “Shave!”

“Uh… Yeah, that looks okay.”

Jin licks his lips and swallows again because of the sight that fills his mouth with saliva.

“Arw you sure?”

“Um… Yeah, I’m pretty sure, Y/n.”

In his pants his cock approves too by oozing a huge drop of precum.

“You like it?”

“Oh, yeah. I like it!”, he nods vigorously, not being able to withholds a wanton grin.

Yeah, that’s one hot pussy!

“Can you show me yours?”

Jin snaps out of his horny state and moves his gaze to your face again, frowning a little. “Wha-what?”

With a innocent chin jerk, you motiones to his cock and the bastard approves again.

Could I? He looks at your cunt once more. Such a juicy little cunt! And he hasn’t had sex in months. Oh, hell, yes, he could!
Hands trembling, he unzips himself, letting his hard cock to spring free through the pouch of his briefs.

“Oh, wow, Jin! That’s so big!”

He nods a little embarrassed. “It’s not that big.”

You immediately wrap your fingers around his girth and a chocked moan escapes him as his eyes crossed.

“Feels nice, too!”, you say moving your hand up and down his long cock.
With another guiltily glance at you, Jin quickly takes of his pants, pushing them down his legs and let his balls free as well. Then he turns back to you with a sweet voice and says, “Give it a kiss, won’t you? That’s a good little girl!” He pats your head as you bends to touch your lips to the head of his cock. “Ooh, yeah!” A shiver rans through him. “Now use your tongue, yes!”

You swerl your wet tongue around him and then kisses him and alternates like that until he goes completly crazy. He dosen’t but he loses all his control and he grabs a fistful of your hair and shoves himself down your throat.

“Ooooohhh, fuck!”, Jin shivers again.

"Mmmmmm!”, you try to push him away as you chokes and gags on his cock, but he is too strong for you.

“Ah, shit, this is so good!”, he groans low as you gag again and saliva spills all over his desperate balls. “Take it, yeah!” Moving slowly at first, he starts to fuck your mouth. “Ooh, you shoudn’t tease your Daddy like that, baby!”

“Mmm, mmm!”

“Sh, sh, shh, Daddy’s almost done!”
And sure enough, a few thrusts later he begins to tremble with the impending orgasm as his cock swells into your mouth.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!”, he cries as the sperm eruptes out of him in long threads. It slides down your throat and makes you choke, but as he rides his pleasure he couldn’t care less. “Swallow! Yeah, that’s it!”, he patts you head again as you gulps around his dickhead. “Mmm, baby, you made me so fucking happy!” Jin pulls out of your mouth and you coughs out saliva and cum. “Now I’m gonna make you happy!” He grins as he walks you to your bedroom and pushes you down on your bed.

End note: I’m so sorry! Or am I??? ;)

Little Vixen (Cheryl x Reader)

Prompt: Hi I was wondering if you could write something where the reader (female reader) is a river vixen and has a crush on Cheryl and somehow tricks her into thinking she needs help learning some moves for cheerleading just so she can spend more time with her? Maybe some fluff and/or smut? It’s totally up to you, though. Thanks. :)

A/N: I changed it a bit but hopefully you still like it!! I used “Touch” by Little Mix in this! xxx


Little Vixen (Cheryl x Reader)

You joined the Vixens for one reason. Cheryl Blossom in a short skirt.

Everyone knew the fiery redhead had your attention. And Boy, did she have your attention.

You were known for flirting with everyone and loved to make out with anyone willingly.

But no one came close to Cheryl and her cherry stained lips. God, You wanted to take a bite of her.

“(Y/n)?” fingers snap your mildly inappropriate thoughts away.

You turn and see Veronica Lodge grinning at you. “Staring at her isn’t going to help anything.” Her smug voice making you sigh. You were pretty hopeless.

“I just need to get her alone but that’s impossible.” You groan as Betty joins the conversation.

“Just ask her to help you out with some moves. God knows you don’t actually pay attention during practice.” Betty shrugs.

“I can’t just do that. Plus she’d probably make Tina or Ginger help me.” Veronica rolls her eyes and calls the redhead over.

“What are you three hens gossiping about?” She places her perfectly manicured hands on her hips.

“About how (Y/n) needs to work on her moves. Betty and I think you should help her instead of us as you are so much better.” Veronica links arms with you and gives you a wink.

Cheryl stares at you for a moment before nodding. “Alright. We can stay after practice is finished.” She flips her hair and walks off.

You let out a breath that you didn’t know you were holding.

“Now you just have to pull your sexy moves on her. Show her that you’re a little Vixen.” V gives you a smirk and walks off with Betty.

Show her that you’re a little Vixen.

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I adore how people are just so salty about the nick tmnt. It’s getting to the point to where it’s funny. Like the kind that’s stupid. That kinda funny. Like god forbid people actually enjoy the damn cartoon for once. Shit.