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Chrom & Lon'qu C-S Support + post-chapter 11 dialogue

This took me so long whoops, anyway I hope this is good! I ran it by a friend who has also played Awakening to make sure the supports were alright in length. Feel free to make whatever changes you need to, and I hope you feel better UV! Enjoy some ChromLonk. LonChrom. Cronk.

Chrom and Lon’qu Gay Awakening Support Logs

-C Support-


Chrom: *enters* Ah, Lon’qu! Have you just finished training?

Lon’qu: …Lord Chrom. Yes, I have.

Chrom: Oh, good! I realize we haven’t had much opportunity to speak since you joined us.

Lon’qu: …and?

Chrom: Well, everyone in the Shepherds is like family to me, and I feel as if I’m able to lead them better if I know them as people as well as I know them as soldiers.

Lon’qu: No thank you.

Chrom: But I—

Lon’qu: Lord Chrom, I am not a Shepherd. I’m merely being loaned to your cause by Khan Basillio. There is no benefit to you “getting to know me”.

Chrom: But that’s—!

Lon’qu: Now if you will excuse me, I need to clean my weapon.

*Lon’qu leaves*

Chrom: …I knew he wasn’t much for conversation, but…this may be more difficult than I thought.

-B Support-

Chrom: Ah, Lon’qu! I was hoping I would run into you.

Lon’qu: Do you need something, Lord Chrom?

Chrom: Yes. About the other day, when you said there was no benefit in me getting to know you.

You’re wrong.

Lon’qu: Excuse me?

Chrom: Trust and morale are key to fighting as a group. And even if you won’t be here forever, as long as you are, you’re a Shepherd.

I’m not asking for you to trust me with your life’s story – I hear some of the others have been bothering you with that enough as it is - I just want you to see me as an ally.

Lon’qu: An…ally.


            I will take it into consideration.

Chrom: Thank you, Lon’qu. If at any time any of the questions I ask you become too personal or sensitive to you, just let me know. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.

Lon’qu: That’s…a relief. Alright, I shall answer your questions.

Chrom: Great! If you don’t mind starting right away, what foods do you like? I’m helping with food duty tonight and thought we should give you a proper Welcome-to-the-Shepherds meal.

Lon’qu: Foods I like…I am quite fond of potatoes, especially when I get to peel them. I find the repetitive motion calming.

Chrom: Ah, I feel the same way about practicing vertical slashes with the Falchion. If you want, you can help me with the potato-peeling tonight. There’s plenty to go through!

Lon’qu: Sounds nice. Thank you, Lord Chrom.

-A Support-

Lon’qu: HRAAAH!

*clanging noise*

Chrom: Oof! Nice lunge! GRAAAAH!

*block noise*

Lon’qu: Ghh – and an excellent counter.

Chrom: I think that’s enough training for the time being. I appreciate you agreeing to show me Feroxi sword fighting methods.

Lon’qu: Considering you demonstrated your nation’s sword techniques in return, it was a fair exchange.

Chrom: By the way, other members of the army say that while you’re still fairly aloof, you’ve loosened up a bit. Have you finally settled in with us Shepherds, if only for a short while?

Lon’qu: …you know, perhaps I have. I admit, I’m quite surprised by it.

            Back in Regna Ferox under Khan Basillio, I kept to myself and engaged in as little conversation as possible.

            However, our regular chats have become less about duty and more like…something I have not had since I was a child.

Chrom: …a friend?

Lon’qu: If I may be so bold…yes, a friend. It’s been a long time since I had one. I…lost my last close companion to a group of bandits. Her name was Ke’ri…we were only children then, but her parents blamed me for her death…and so did I.

…I can hardly believe I’m even telling you this.

Chrom: Lon’qu…thank you for trusting me, and I’m so sorry about your friend. I’m glad that I’ve made you feel comfortable enough to talk like this. Remember, now that you’ve been one of us this long, the Shepherds welcome you with open arms anytime.

Lon’qu: Good to know. Thank you, Lord Chrom.

Chrom: Anything for a friend.

-Awww yeah S Support-

Lon’qu: HAAAAAH!

*crit noise*

Chrom: Whoa! Lon’qu, you just completely destroyed that training mannequin in one blow!

Lon’qu: Wh–! Oh, L-Lord Chrom. You…startled me.

Chrom: Apologies, it was not my intention to – wait, are all these broken training dummies…your doing?

Lon’qu: …I’ve been training for a while now.

Chrom: This has to be nearly all the training dummies we had!

Lon’qu: …a long while.

Chrom: Lon’qu, is…everything alright? You’ve been acting awful skittish as of late.

Lon’qu: There is nothing wrong. My apologies, but I have to clean up all of this mess that I…accidentally wrought.

Chrom: Lon’qu, wait! Why are you avoiding me like this? And don’t think I haven’t realized that it’s me more than anyone else. It’s as if you’ve reverted back to before we began talking, but…different somehow.

Lon’qu: ……..

Chrom: Did I…do something? Say something? …Do you wish for me to leave you alone?

Lon’qu: No! N-No, I…I received a message from Khan Basillio recently.

Chrom: O-Oh! What did the, uh, West Khan have to say? Nothing bad, I hope.

Lon’qu: …he said you sent him a letter. And that you mentioned me.

            …a lot.

Chrom: *gulp*

Lon’qu: …is everything alright with YOU, Lord Chrom?

            Your face is…a concerning shade of red.

Chrom: L-Lon’qu, I, um…(Breathe, Chrom. Deeeep breaths.) I…did send a letter to the Khan. About you.

Lon’qu: …are my services no longer required?

Chrom: What?! No, that’s not it at all! It’s the opposite! I…I asked him if it was alright for me to offer you a permanent position among the Shepherds. And…for his blessing.

Lon’qu: His blessing? Why would a Prince need the blessing of a Khan?

Chrom: I did not ask for it as Prince of Ylisse…but as a man in love.

Lon’qu: A man in…oh.

Chrom: Lon’qu, when I first reached out to you it was because I worried about you fighting alone. The more we spoke, the more I learned about you, the more drawn to you I became. I was so happy when you told me you saw me as a friend, but…I began to see you as more.

            I fell in love with you, selfish as it may be.

Lon’qu: …Lord Chrom…

Chrom: If you do not feel the same, I understand. I just hope that you can still see me as your friend.

Lon’qu: Lord Chro—

Chrom: A-And I do hope that you will still consider remaining a Shepherd—

Lon’qu: Chrom.

Chrom: Wha – oh! You’re, uh, standing…very close.

Lon’qu: …I don’t know how to kiss you.

Chrom: Wh–! L-Lon’qu?

Lon’qu: Suddenly being tossed into the Shepherds was uncomfortable for me, and I purposely distanced myself from everyone, but you made sure I felt welcome and safe. You never crossed my barriers unless I lowered them willingly.

            …I love you as well. I wish to stay with you, if you will have me.

Chrom: You…you do? I…I’m so glad! I was seriously worried for a second, there. Oh, here, I wanted to give you this.

Lon’qu: A ring? With the Ylissean royal crest…

Chrom: It was made when I was born, for me to give to whomever I chose to spend my life with. That person is you, Lon’qu.

Lon’qu: Thank you, Chrom. I will cherish it.

Chrom: …so, about that kiss…

-Special Chapter 11 marriage convo ayyyyyoooo-

Lon’qu: Where is he…ah! Chro—ahem, Lord Chrom!

Chrom: Were you looking for me, Lon’qu?

Lon’qu: I lost sight of you at the very end of the battle. I…wanted to ensure you were alright, considering…


Chrom: Thank you, Lon’qu. Apologies if I made you worried. I just…needed some air. Some time. To process…well, everything.

            I thought I’d be celebrating the moment the Mad King was felled. That I would stand among the Shepherds and say some sort of speech on the victory. Instead, I’m standing here, suddenly numb and lost and overwhelmed all at once…

Lon’qu: If you need more time alone, I can leave—

Chrom: No! No, I…I don’t want to be alone. Would you mind staying with me while I calm myself?

Lon’qu: Not at all. Let me know if I can help.

Chrom: I just keep wondering what’s supposed to happen now. Do we just…go back to Ylisse? Try to just go back to our regular lives like nothing happened?


Lon’qu: …Lord Chrom, I do not know what it is like to lose an older sister.

            But I do know what it is like to lose someone important to me. The pain is…unbearable. You half expect the whole world to stop because they are gone. But life goes on, whether you are ready or not.

Chrom: Life goes on…that’s right. What will you do, now that Gangrel has been defeated?

Lon’qu: I suppose I will be returned to Khan Basillio. He loaned my service to you for the purpose of the war, and now that it is over, so is the service.

Chrom: I see…don’t suppose I could change your mind?

Lon’qu: You wish for me to stay?

Chrom: Lon’qu, you have proven an excellent addition to the Shepherds. However, I…have a more selfish reason for not wanting you to leave.

            I…I believe I love you.

Lon’qu: You…you…what?

Chrom: I saw the wall you had built around yourself, and at first my attempts to reach out to you were for the purpose of making you feel welcomed by the Shepherds, but…the more that wall fell, the more I was amazed by the man hidden behind it.

            Yes, there’s no doubt. I love you, Lon’qu. The choice is yours, but…would you possibly consider staying by my side? Perhaps…marrying me?

Lon’qu: …Lord Chrom…no, I suppose I should simply refer to you as Chrom, shouldn’t I?

            You are the first person I have opened my heart to in a long time. I trust you to have my back in battle, and my heart off it.

            What I mean to say, Chrom…is that I reciprocate your feelings. And would be honored to remain with you for as long as I am able.

Chrom: Really? I’m so glad…with how shy you can be I was worried I’d scare you off asking your hand in marriage. Speaking of which, I should probably give you this. It’s a ring with the seal of the Exalted family, made at the time of my birth for whomever I chose to spend my life with.

            Now then, we should probably get back to the others before Frederick the Wary starts a search party to look for us. Plus I have to let Khan Basillio know you’ll be staying in Ylisse.

Lon’qu: Yes, I suppose we—oh gods. Basillio.

            I will never survive his teasing.

Blood, Sex and Whiskey - Part 3

Paint It Black

Warnings: Violence, hints of sexual innuendos, language 

A/N: I figured it out – my life that is literally dictated by Mr. Barnes. Here is Part 3, finally some plot action! Its also the end of what I made a Part 3 series but never fear luvs, never fear…….. 

Tag list: @iheartbinbons @binbonsadoration @delos-mio @lafemmedemon @la-fille-en-aiguilles@ladyblablabla @drinix @padfootagain @princesse-de-ravenclaw @lovelysiriuss

It was the ringing that consumed your senses first. It was high pitched as it consumed your senses and you lolled around. That was when you realized the restrictions. Your wrists were bound by rope to something hard, the stiff material making it hard for you to move. You fought through the blackness that you had found comfort in and tried to open your eyes, a bright light consuming you, making you squint your eyes back close for a second.

You had to focus.

You took a deep breath, your lungs instantly spazzing from pain. A sore pain that you couldn’t pin down and you prayed you hadn’t broken a rib. You took a couple more breaths, content that you were probably just badly bruised before focusing on other places in your body. Your legs weren’t bound but the way you were sitting -  tightly bound to the stiff wooden  chair - made movement awkward. Your breathing was shallow but you knew you weren’t too bruised and could find a way to escape with a little time on your side. That and the heavy pounding in your head to go away, distracting you from focusing on anything else. 

You reopened your eyes, trying to gauge your surroundings. Hoping to hell that you were alone.

You weren’t.

Billy was across from you, leaning against a desk with his hands crossed, watching you deliberately. There were two other men in the room with you but that’s all the detail you could gather for now.

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Nyx, my lair’s resident artist, is opening up commissions!
She’s charging:
°10kt/12g for a sketched headshot
°20kt/20g for a sketched fullbody
°40kt/40g for a clean greyscale headshot
°50kt/55g for a clean greyscale fullbody
°60kt/70g for a fully coloured headshot
°100kt/100g for a fully coloured fullbody
°Shading on anything is 10kt/10g more, simple backgrounds are free, most skins or accents are free, maximum 5 apparel pieces
°PM me if interested, please show me your dragon, method of payment, and what you want. I am currently only open for dragons and their gijnikas. The dragon breeds I will draw are :
Mirrors, Faes, Nocturnes, Imperials, Coatls, Wildclaws, Pearlcatchers, Skydancers (headshots only), Ridgebacks, and Spirals. Any breed of gijnika is A-okay.

Me, sceptically: Show me your research.. your data.. your data gathering methods..

Them, with confidence: Well.. we did a poll.

Me, angrily: Your test subjects were humans. Stupid, unreliable, unpredictable, try again.

I don’t like being short,
but I miss how much you tower over me,
As I gaze into your eyes which shame the blueness of the sea.
I don’t like cigarettes,
But I miss how the smell of your newports lingers on me.
The scent lasts in my clothes and my hair for hours after you would leave.
I don’t like my body,
but I miss how you roam your hands over me.
I miss how all your slow, methodical touches would show me my beauty.
I don’t like how much you party or how you can be so reckless,
But I miss how you can be so goofy and adorable because it makes me speechless.
I don’t like how much you drink,
But I miss the taste of bourbon on your lips.
I don’t like alcohol at all really,
But I miss how much better liquor tastes when we kiss.

You’re so passionate,
I miss how you leave marks on my neck and lips,
And when you would trail kisses down to my hips.
I also miss the faded purple patches, and left over pain, from when with your teeth on my neck you nipped.
I miss how you pinned me down and laced your fingers with mine, and every breath, growl, or moan in my ear that sounded divine.
I miss your fingers in my mouth, your hand around my throat, and the way you would grab my hair and pull,
And how your voice would drop to a commanding, breathy, husky lull.

Talking about you would make my cheeks ache.
I can only see you in my sleep, and when I have those dreams I never again want to be awake.
Thinking about you, and the smell of your cologne on my clothes, used to make my heart race.
But now I can’t smell it anymore, and I can no longer feel or see the bruises on my neck, and it makes my heart break.

“Not Enough Time” - A Love Letter from Thief X Fanfiction featuring Kenshi Inagaki

Warning! Smexy Times ahead with Kenshi!

Rated M for Mature

Despite being a rookie journalist, Ranko Togoshi had already made quite a name for herself in the news business.  Not afraid to get her hands dirty, the russet-haired beauty would do anything and everything it took in order to get the real scoop behind a story.  Whether it was through her vast network of contacts, her powers of persuasion, or her own persistent stubbornness, Ranko always got what she wanted. 

So you knew exactly what she was doing when she pushed the colorful flyer towards you across the dinner table.

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anonymous asked:

Can you show me your study method? I need to experiment a new one

Hi there! I do the following when I’m studying:

  1. Type up notes - I use OneNote to create notes according to the syllabus of each course. I go through each dot point using as many resources as I can, but I keep it brief and too the point. I use bullet points and colour coding to make it more effective and concise. I also add another information to would be useful (e.g. outlining a court case or report to further explain the point). 
  2. Once printed, I highlight and annotate - I find highlighting the key points and adding any additional information super useful. 
  3. Create flashcards and mindmaps - This helps me to visualise and remember key information. The flashcards are great for testing yourself or really simplifying a topic.
  4. Using exam style questions, write essays - Creating full essays or essay outlines has been a lifesaver for me in terms of remembering lots of information.  Once written, breaking them down into bullet points and writing or printing them on to flashcards is also helpful. If I can, I will send the essay to my teachers. They provide extra information and feedback!
  5. Find a study group or partner - Whilst it can be distracting at times, studying with friends and teaching each other can be great. If you don’t have the chance to get together with friends, even a family member can be a great help!
  6. Past papers - Reading through and practicing past papers is another way I study. It’s useful to give you an idea of what questions they ask, what they haven’t ask before and your time management skills.
  7. Rewards - After a productive study it’s great to reward yourself! I try to take regular breaks and give myself some down-time afterwards. 

Hopefully this helps, please let me know if it does. Good luck with your studying x

「恋人は公安刑事」- Hideki Ishigami Sneak Peek

A peek into the first chapter of each character!!!

You turned your gaze towards Instructor Ishigami.

MC: (I got scolded by him just now and he seems to be strict with his students… but this could be my chance to redeem myself ) Instructor Ishigami, I look forward to working with you.
Hideki: Understood, next…
MC: Eh?
Hideki: What?
MC: Ah.. nothing… please proceed.. ( i thought he was going to frown but instead he just took it in stride…)

Hideki continued to pair up the other students. When he was done, he approached you, a cold look in his eyes.

Hideki: Alright, so you were the top ranked student this time. MC. Let’s put what you know in practice. Our target is this man.

Hideki showed you the documents. Ayumu who was nearby peeked behind you.

Ayumu: This is one of the most difficult cases, are you sure you can handle it newbie?
Hideki: It doesn’t matter what mission it takes, if she can’t solve it, there is no future for her.
MC: (gah… if I fail my first mission, what am I going to do? But this is my only chance to become a detective, I am going to work hard!)
Hideki: Let’s go!

You held the documents tightly and followed after Hideki.


You are in front of a nightclub.

Hideki: He is inside here. The target is distributing a new kind of drug and he is known to be a womanizer. You are to make direct contact with him and get as much info as possible that could lead us to the source.
MC: Am I going in by myself?
Hideki: If I go with you the target will get suspicious right?
MC: (That is true… But as my first mission… To make direct contact with a criminal alone…)

You recalled Ayumu’s comment about the diffulty of this mission and doubt creeped in you.

Hideki: Do you have any problem with this mission? If you don’t fell like doing it just leave.
MC: I will do it! (Ishigami is really a demon instructor!)

Hideki: If anything goes wrong I will be there to help so don’t look so tense.
MC: ok! ( he is scary but I think I. Can count on him, I will succeed in this mission)

~~~end of sneak peek, to be continued~~~

Starlight Beauty



AUTHOR: aniilovesth

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Being part of a group of outcasts and although Loki claims to hate your kind he falls in love with you because of your looks but then because of your selfless nature and helping the sick and less fortunate.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Nothing too serious, just Loki being a cheeky little shit like usual. Sorry this chapter is unbelievably, massively late. Usual excuse; school work, busy, lazy… Thank you to everyone who liked, re-blogged and commented on my last chapter. It really brings a smile to my face :) Enjoy!


Leon left my room and headed towards Odin’s chambers to inform him of our decision. I slid out of bed and rummaged through my rucksack for fresh clothes. My wardrobe consists of all black tops, trousers, little bits of armour and one pair of boots. Not a single dress or piece of brightly coloured clothing. That was my style and I liked it, plus the black clothing made my silver hair stand out even more. I slipped on my mask and a black top and trouser combination, then pulled on my boots. Lifting my pillow and throwing to the floor I grabbed my dagger and slid it into my boot. I wasn’t going to leave it there for Loki to steal again.

I went next door to see if Gordon, Harvey and Hudson were awake but before I could knock on the door it opened and Harvey popped his head out.

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