show me your bookshelf!

Jinyoung Imagine - Books

You pushed open the door to your apartment to see your boyfriend, Jinyoung, standing there to take your bags from you. The day had been a nice and relaxing shopping day for you so you had spent most of the day looking around your favourite bookshop. Books were one of your favourite things in life and you just loved being able to open the pages and fall into the intricate stories and plotlines, falling in love with characters along the way.
“Good day?” Jinyoung asked as he hugged you tightly.
“Very,” you responded, hugging him just as tightly. Jinyoung reached down to place a kiss on your forehead before pulling away to ask, “So, care to show me the new additions to your library?” He always joked about your bookshelf being a library as there were so many shelves filled to the brim with books.
“Of course,” you said, skipping over to your two bags and emptying them of your purchases.
“Wow, only 6?”
“I know, I was able to restrain myself pretty well. Now, here’s the first one.”

You went on to show Jinyoung each individual book, talking very passionately about each one and why you bought it. Normally, your friends would have yawned or complained at how much you talked about new books but Jinyoung always listened and took in every word you said. He  looked at you in pure amazement at how passionate and excited you were, his smile never faded as he listened to you. Noticing his smile, you paused and asked, “what are you smiling at, Jinyoungie?”
“But why?” You were confused as he continued to smile and look at you with pure adoration.
“Because you’re beautiful. The way your eyes sparkle as you talk and the excitement in your voice is just…perfect. You radiate beauty and it makes me fall even more in love with you. Listening to you talk makes me realise how goddamn lucky I am to have you in my life and I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you, (Y/N). But I’m so happy and grateful that I have someone like you in my life.”
“Oh my god, Jinyoung stop. I’m going to cry. God, I love you too, so so so so much.” You leaned forward to embrace him tightly, kissing the crook of his neck. One of his hands rested on your back and the other was tangled in your hair, holding your close to him. He pressed kisses to your forehead as you continued to hold each other close.