show me a better guitar player and i will laugh in your face because you are wrong

Can’t Hide It - Jackson Wang

Summary: You’re the lead singer in a rock band, and best friends with Junior of Got7. When all of them come to see your concert, Jackson finds it difficult to hide his less than platonic feelings for you.

Genre: Fluff

Length: 2182

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Out Of Love, Not Lust - Chapter Four - School Days - OM&M.
Om&m school one, Alan, tino, phil, Aaron, austin and (y/n) are bestfriends but Austin and (y/n) are really in love with each other but doesn’t think the other will return their feelings. Then some new kid starts flirting with (y/n) and Austin gets really jealous and angry and confesses?

Added the request to the story. Hope you like it c: will probably be the last chapter. Written by Emma.

Chapter One: You Better Watch It.

Chapter Two: I’ve Made Up My Mind.

Chapter Three: Rule Number One.

Giggling, me and Justin take seats in the sociology classroom. I still can’t get over my embarrassment of falling on him, but he’s cool with it. After that, he hopelessly helped me play the guitar, to which I resulted with a small tune, sounding okay, I guess. At least to me it did.

“Who the hell is this?” Austin appears behind Justin, frowning. “Justin, the kid you barged as you stormed out the classroom earlier.” Justin swirls around, facing him. “You’re in my seat, move.” Austin gestures for him to get up. “No.” Justin looks confused. “I said, get the fuck out of my chair. Now.” Austin grunts. I see the darkness in his eyes, how horrible and intimidating he looks. What the hell do I see in him?

“Fine.” Justin roles his eyes as he looks back to us then stands up. Dragging a chair, he pulls up beside me on the other side. Austin takes a seat, his glower not leaving Justin. “So, who are you?” Austin points. “Justin.” He replies plainly. “No shit.” Austin says dumbly. “I mean, why are you here? Like, there.” His frown appears again. “New kid.” Justin shrugs. “Ah.” Austin folds his arms and leans back on his chair.

“He came in after you walked out. That’s why you don’t know.” I say blankly, I don’t know why. “Your fault I went.” Austin mutters. “It wasn’t.” I squint my eyes. “Last thing I recall is you telling me to fuck off.” He smirks sarcastically. “Whatever.” I scowl and look away. “And I’m right.” He’s deliberately doing this, I know it.

Our group was in silence, it was awkward, we all knew it. “The awkwardness in this atmosphere is so thick I could cut through it with a knife.” Justin chews on his cheek. “I know right.” Tino answers. “Yep.” Alan says. “Sure is.” Phil replies. “You got that right.” Aaron chews on his pencil. “Uh huh.” Austin is staring at me, but I try to ignore it.

“So, uh, what did you guys get up to in the music room last period?” Alan tries to start a conversation, Austin looks intrigued. “I thought you said you’d meet up with me on our crossing free periods?” Austin says, looking annoyed. “Well, I forgot.” I shrug. “Justin kinda taught me how to play guitar.” I say to Alan. “At least, I tried.” Justin chuckles. “Did it go well?” Aaron asks. “Yeah, can we expect you to join our quadruple of guitar players?” Alan nods to the four of them who can play. “Yes.” I say. “No.” Justin says at the same time. Jokingly, I squint my eyes. “What do you mean? I’m great.” I lie. “Yes, so, so great.” Justin cocks an eyebrow. “So, not too well then?” Tino laughs. “Try teaching her how to play guitar when all she can do is push you off tables and land on you.” Justin says it as if it’s exhausting, but he’s smiling. “Mind that, her neck did taste lovely.” He winks at me, nodding with pursued lips.

“I’d know.” Austin says in a bragging tone. Quickly, he tugs at the collar of my shirt, displaying a shit tone of hickeys. “Austin!” I gasp, swiping my hand to my neck. I feel myself burning. “But I’m sure I taste great too.” He pulls his own shirt down, displaying his collar bone, which is practically all dark purple. All of the guys’ faces are priceless. “Yep, I get this venomous girl all to myself.” He makes it clear to Justin, and he smirks. My eyes widen, and I’m pretty sure I want the floor to swallow me. Whistling, Tino checks out Austin’s neck. “Wow.” Tino looks at me. “What did you try to do? Suck the bone right out of his body?” He laughs. I move my hand from my neck to cover my face. “Dude, you don’t go light on her either.” Tino reaches over the table and investigates my neck. To say I’ve gone red would be an understatement. “Stop it.” I mumble, pulling my collar up. I know Alan, Aaron, Phil and Justin took sneak peaks but didn’t say anything to torment me. “You kinky sons-of-bitches.” Tino nods. “High five.” He says to Austin, who smacks their hands together.

“Come on, baby, lighten up, literally.” Austin strokes my cheeks. “Don’t call me baby!” I almost scream. Immediately, I grab the attention of everybody in the class. “And don’t fucking touch me!” I launch up from the desk and begin to stomp off. “Y/N,” Austin stands up grabbing my wrist. Without even thinking, I swing around and slap his face. I’m pretty sure everybody’s gasp in the classroom doesn’t beat the volume of mine.

My hands rush to my mouth, Austin holds his cheek. “Ow.” He widens his eyes, looking at me. “Really? Again? Get out of this classroom, now! You two are unbelievable, you have behavioural issues, especially you, Y/N. Go to your head teacher right this second!” The teacher squarks at us. I don’t even hesitate, I just go.

Slamming the door shut behind me, and into Austin’s face, I storm down the corridor. “Y/N, Y/N wait.” I hear Austin. Quickly, he catches up and holds my wrists. “Why?” I almost yell, flinching away. “What is wrong with you?” He asks. “You, you’re what’s wrong!” I stomp. “Why? Why? Why?” His hands go to my upper arm, my neck, then my cheeks with every word. “Why’d you tell them all that? Do you think it’s funny? Are you trying to embarrass me even more?” I ask. “No, I’m not.” His face relaxes.

“I just, I got… jealous.” His tone goes quiet. “You got jealous?” I mimic. “Yeah, right. Jealous of what? Some girl you’re fucking around with?” I almost hiss. “No - no - no.” He interrupts every second. “You’re not just some girl at all.” He cups my face, to which I shiver out of. “Y/N.” He sighs. “I got jealous, okay? I admit it. That new kid - Justin, or whatever - he had his eye on you. I saw it.” He clenches his jaw. “So what? I’m not your girlfriend am I? Why would you care.” I say that word dumbly. “He was looking at you.” Austin repeats. “So what. I’m not your girlfriend, am I?” I say again, more pissed. “I, I know you aren’t.” He hesitates. “I just wanted to show him - and all of them - that you’re mine. They all check you out, you may not see it, but I do. Especially that Justin guy, he’s so into you, it makes my jaw hurt from gritting my teeth so much.” He rolls his eyes. “I, I just,” His hand scratches his chin. “I like you.” He sucks on his cheek. “You better fucking hope so or you’re getting a punch rather than a slap.” I growl. “I don’t have to hope, I know.” His thumb brushes my cheek again, but I don’t move away this time. “So what? You’re too much of a coward to do anything about it.” I let slip out. “A coward?” He asks, looking intrigued by my word choice. “Yep.” Simply, I nod my head. “Care to explain?” He frowns. “Too scared for commitment. You just like to fuck around with me, not the real deal, just the fun shit. You’re too scared to have anything more, you’d fuck it up.” I sneer. “I, uh, you, really?” He steps back, dropping my chin. “You think that? Because I won’t ask you out?” His voice has changed. I’ve fucked this up now, for good. Slowly, I nod. He begins to chuckle, but I don’t find this funny at all. “You, you mean, you want to be with me?” He points to us both. Shyly, I nod again. “Y/N, Y/N, oh, Y/N.” I try to keep track of how many times he says my name. As he does so, his hand holds my neck and he pushes me against the wall. Our foreheads touch, our lips are close. But his eyes aren’t filled with lust, they’re filled with… joy?

“Baby, wow, oh my god.” He grins, breathing over my lips. I’m too confused to even say a word. “I, I love you.” He bites his lip but smirks. I stutter. “Wha-” He interjects. “I’ve wanted to ask you out, for ages.” He laughs highly. “God, I’ve wanted to be with you, so badly..” He presses his body to mine, almost getting side tracked. “But, but I thought you didn’t want to be with me. I thought, I thought you liked it how it was. I thought you didn’t want anything like a relationship. I, I didn’t think you’d want to be my girlfriend.” He chews his lip. “Wait, you, you do want to be my girlfriend, right?” He cocks an eyebrow. “I, uh, yes.” I stammer and nod. “Oh, baby.” He smiles. He doesn’t stop to say anything else, he just forces our lips together. There’s a new level of eagerness, of passion. I love it. His hands caress my body over every inch, not leaving any part untouched, literally. And it’s out of love, not lust. It’s perfect.

Okay Part 2 - Requested (Luke)

Heyyyyy could you please do a part two of the luke okay imagine, love the way you write btw😘😘😘

Thank you so much, lovely to hear!! If you haven’t read part 1, you can here. Enjoy! 

You are standing in front of your wardrobe, thinking what you are going to wear. You narrowed it down to two options: your cute dress or your skinny jeans and the band top. You look back at your texts, the first one you got yesterday from Luke, asking you if you would come today. The following texts from Calum, Michael and Ashton had the same question in them. It’s been six months since you left Luke on tour and you haven’t seen or spoken to him since. You weren’t planning on going, but after all those texts you decided to go.

“Lissy! Get your butt in here!”

“What?” you can hear her running up the stairs.

“Help me pick, will you?”

“What look are you going for? Do you want him back? Cause if you want that, you need to wear that hot, red dress”

“No that’s not what I’m planning on doing. Look here, my two choices”, you let her see your two picks.

“What are you planning on doing?”

You sit down next to Lissy on your bed. “I’m not planning on doing anything. I just want to show up, catch up and have a good time with some old friends”

“Well, I would still think about that red dress if I was you. Cause if Luke sees you he will be all like damn she is hot and damn why did I let her walk away. But if I had to choose, I’d pick your jeans. Your butt looks really good in it. And the dress, well it’s cute, but that’s it you know”

“Jeans it is”, you get up and start to change. “Sure you don’t want to come?”

“Neah, I don’t know them and I’m just not that into their music, it’s a bit too soft for me”

“Fist how can you not like their music. Second they are super sweet guys who love to meet new people especially if that new person is a hottie like you. And third they are into heaver music, you will have plenty to talk about”

 “I don’t know”

You take your phone and search some pictures of the boys: “Here”, you hand her your phone. “I want them to meet my roomy. And eh, I can set you up with one of them”, you smirk at Lissy.

“Damn that blonde, tall guy he’s hot”

“You are not doing it with my ex”

Lissy laughs: “Who’s the one with the messy hair, are those curls?”

You pull your top down and sit down next to Lissy again: “Ashton and yes that are curls. He’s the drummer”

“I have a thing for curls and I have a thing for drummers. They have amazing arms”, she goes to the next picture. “Oh my, who is this piece of dark goodness”

You look down at your phone: “Calum, bassist”

“I have a thing for bass players. And this one? Like the hair”

“That’s Michael, guitar. Let me guess, you have a thing for guitar players”

“Yeah don’t mind them”

“You are unbelievable”

“What? You need to keep your options open. I think I will come, you know for support”, Lissy smirks.

“Oh I’m gonna have so much support from you”

“But look at them! They are all so hot, not one of them is ugly, how can that be? You know what I’m gonna call Luke the ugly one, just because he’s your ex and we don’t like him for that”, you laugh. “Do you want me to be bitchy at him? Cause I can do that”

“No that won’t be necessary”

“Okay, but just remember, I can. And can I borrow your red dress?”

“No! Just wear jeans and a t-shirt, that is fine”

“Fine then”, she gets up and walks to her room. “How long do I have to get ready?” she yells.

“Half an hour!” You yell back. Only a minute later she walks back into your room. “Good choice, Greenday”, you look at her shirt. “They are going to like that”

She smiles: “Can you please straiten my hair, then I’ll do your make-up”

“My make-up was done”

“Really? I’m not sure about that”

“Sit down and let me do your hair. Is your make-up done”

“Uh hi, do you see my face? Hell no. But don’t worry, I’ll do you first and then me, it’s gonna be fine”

“You’re gonna do me?”

“I’m gonna do you good baby”, you both laugh “I do like your hair”

“Thanks, now sit still”


“(Y/N)!” You walk in the dressing room, Ashton running up to you, spreading his arms and smashing his body onto yours.

“Hey Ash. Great show, hun”

“I missed my favorite girl”

“Hey she’s my favorite girl”, Michael walks up to you, you giggle and get out of Ashton arms and hug Michael. “But uh, who is that?” Michael whispers into your ear.

“Oh guys, this is my friend Lissy. She’s my roommate too”, you put your hand on Lissy’s back and push her forward a bit.

“I think I need to come and visit you”

You turn around: “Always welcome Cal”, you put your arms around him and he pulls you in a warm hug. You look over Calum’s shoulder and see Luke sitting in the sofa. When you get out of Calum’s arms you turn to Lissy: “I’m going to Luke, you’re fine here alone?”

“Oh I’m not alone”, she winks at you. You laugh and walk over to Luke.

“Hey,” you sit down next to him, leaving a bit of space between you, “how have you been?”

“Okay,” his blue eyes locking with yours, “you?”

“Okay”, you get a strange feeling in your tummy. “Great show by the way”

“Thanks. I saw you in the crowed. Made me realize how much I missed you”, his moves closer to you.

“I missed you too”, you look down, not capable to take the tension between you.

“So how have been things?”

“Great actually. Got my own place, Lissy over there is my roommate”

“Looks like a nice girl, rating by how much my bandmates are all over her”

You laugh: “She’s great and I got a job. Luke seriously it’s a dream, never thought I would love going working this much”

“I’m happy for you”, he places his hand on your leg, you can feel your skin heat up under his touch. “I was right that you didn’t need me”

You force a smile: “So how is touring?”

“Great, I love it so much. Did miss you tho”, Ashton sits down next to you, the rest following him. Sitting down and talking. You get pressed closer to Luke, every time you touch you can feel your skin burn.


“So good to see you, wish we could talk some more, but I really need sleep”, Ashton giggles. “Come out and see us, yeah? But don’t wait too long”

You rest your head in the crook of his neck, his strong arms around you: “I’ll see you soon, promise”

“I promised the guys I wouldn’t tell you, but I have too”, Ashton whispers into your hear. “Luke really missed you. He kept strong, but we could tell, he missed that spark in his eyes. But I saw it back tonight. You give him that spark, I thought you should know”


He lets go of you and looks you in the eyes: “I’m not telling you this because I find you need to get back together, although I think you make a beautiful couple, but just that you know you do that to him”, he smiles at you. “Love you babe”

“Love you Ash”, he kisses your forehead and you move to Calum and Michael saying your goodbyes.

“Uh sweetie I’m not coming home tonight”

You look at Lissy, the boys are walking a bit in front of you in the hallway: “Who are you sleeping with?”

“Michael, he asked me. Would be rude to say no”

You roll your eyes: “Unbelievable”

“Do you mind?”

“No, have fun”, she runs to the boys and walks with them to their car, but Luke stops and waits for you.

“You’re not coming?”

“Well no, I’m not planning on sleeping with one of you so”

“Are you sure you want to go home alone? I have a big room”, you look at Luke. “I don’t mean like to have sex, just sleeping”

You laugh at how awkward he is acting: “I think it’s better that I go home”

“Guys! See you later, I’m gonna bring (Y/N) home!” You look at him and frown. “I don’t want you to go home alone, let me just do this”


You get into the car, sitting next to each other in silence, when you get to your place, you both get out of the car.

“Luke, I hope you don’t have the wrong idea about this”

“No, well I could hope, but no”

You walk to your door: “It was nice to see you again”

“Yeah, I missed you, I don’t want to miss you anymore. I need you in my life”

When you’re at your door you turn to Luke: “We can be friends”

“I want more”

“You let me walk away with just an okay. I made you unhappy”

“I’m not really happy now without you, so it only can get better”

“Better not Luke”

“I still love you”

You open your door: “Me too”, you step in and turn back to face Luke. Before you know it you feel his lips on yours. His warm lips making you tingle. He slowly moves his lips, numbing your brain and you move your lips with his. After a short but intense kiss you pull back and gasp for air.

Luke takes a step back: “I’ll see you soon”

“Okay”, you answer and you close the door behind you. 


#50: He doesn't like you *YOU'RE IN THE BAND*


You were happily walking to the kitchen to grab some drinks and foods for the boys. You were a member of 5 Seconds of Summer. Since all of the boys really loved how you sang, and you could basically play any instrument. And you played the best bass and guitar. You grabbed the food and then overheard Calum. You stopped and then listened.

“Why do we have to have her in the band?!” Calum yelled, and was really pissed off. “C'mon man, she’s a great singer and a great bass player,” Ashton said. “But she fucking sucks. Hell I don’t like her. I don’t even like how she plays bass,” what he said, literally broke your heart. You liked Calum, like, LIKE LIKE. You thought you and Calum were friends. He made you laugh a lot. 

“Don’t say that. She’s great,” Luke said. “THEN WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING REPLACE ME?!” Calum yelled really loud and stood up. You dropped the drinks and the food. All the boys looked at you. “H-How about I just quit the band.. Maybe everything will be better off without me, yeah?” you walked to the door and opened it, slamming it when you exited out the house.


“SHE SUCKS!” Luke yelled and angrily huffed. “She does not Luke!” Calum snapped. “Yes she does! I don’t like her anyways! She sucks at singing, I don’t like her! Why did we even agree on this?” Luke asked. He was angry as ever. “Luke calm down. She’s amazing at singing. And we agreed to this because, we love her a lot and she’s amazing,” Ashton said.

“Oh for sure because you like her,” Luke was real sassy. “Luke shut up for fuck sake, she may come in or hear us,” Michael was pissed off at Luke now. “I DON’T CARE!” now he yelled real loud. “SHE PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH! TRYING TO ACT SO INNOCENT!" 

"Hey um Luke..” “What?!” Luke snapped. Calum pointed behind him. Luke turned around. You were there. “I just came in to give you a new guitar…” You shoved the guitar in his hands. It was signed by every single band he loved. And singer. It was a limited edition guitar. Impossible to get. And you got the last one. “Here. I hope you like your goodbye present,” you turned and ran. 


You were casually hanging with the band. Your bandmates, really liked you. Except theres something about Ashton. You were sitting next to him on the couch, and he was really uncomfortable. “Ashton… are you.. okay?” you asked. “Fine.” his voice sounded really in an angry tone or something. “Ashton tell us what’s wrong,” Luke said. “Okay you wanna know what’s my problem?” you all nodded. “Y/N,” he said. You looked up at him. “What?” you asked. 

“You piss me off so much, you keep leaving me around and just leaving me out. And I can’t believe we added you for the band! I MEAN, GOD! Sometimes I wish you were never in this band. It be better off if you weren’t,” he growled.

The boys were surprised. You felt like bursting out of tears. But you couldn’t do it in front of them. “Well then..” you stood up. “I’ll just leave and maybe leave you alone forever.” you walked upstairs to Luke’s room. Since you love his room and it made you feel safe. 


You, Luke, Ashton, and Calum were laughing at some stupid joke. While Michael, well… he was just annoyed. “C'mon Michael join us right now,” Calum grabbed his wrist, trying to drag him. “No,” Calum could tell his tone. “Michael there you go being pissed off again!” Luke said. 

“Damn right I’m pissed,” he mumbled. “Tell us what’s up then,” Ashton smiled. Michael looked at you immediately. “Do you know what’s making me pissed?” he stood up. He walked to you. “You,” he said right in your face. You were surprised.

“Y/N, you just annoy me so much. I didn’t even agree to let you in the band. But then here you come, being all, little miss cutie, trying to oh wow being cool? I don’t understand. I’m so annoyed by you. Every single show we do, you mess it up! And I want our fans to be happy. BUT THERE YOU GO!” he yelled. 

You stood up and looked at his eyes. You grabbed your jacket, which was on the floor. “I think its best if you all forgot about me. Especially you Michael,” you exited out, can’t believed what he said. 

-Kelly :] x


Come To the Show (pt. 2)

Part 1 x            

           It was an unspoken agreement to meet my two friends at the food court at two. The place was nearly empty, and it was much easier to find a table to sit at. We always enjoyed our lunch having nearly the entire area to ourselves, because there was never anyone there to give us dirty looks if we got too loud, which was often.

            We were discussing something a professor had said when a head of purple hair appeared at my elbow. Crouched next to me was the guitar player from three days ago.  I hate to admit it, but he looked really good in his Iron Maiden t-shirt. He seemed like a guy who owned a lot of band shirts, but they suited him.

            “So, you weren’t at the show Friday night,” it was weird having him there. I could feel the eyes of my friends staring at me. They had to be shocked, it wasn’t very often that I talked to someone who looked like Michael. His type wasn’t seen too much in the math department.

            “When I said I wasn’t going it was rejection, not flirting.” From a few feet away I heard snickering. At the napkin dispenser was the rest of the band, trying not to show they were listening.

            “I think it was kind of flirting. I might even say it was definitely flirting.”

            “Then I might even say you’re definitely wrong,” another round of snickers came from the napkins, and a few from my friends.

            “Are you sure?” He was staring at my eyes, but his hand traveled toward my tray.

            “I’m absolutely sure, and if you touch anything on that tray you won’t be able to play guitar for a while.”

            “Okay, it’s time you stop. You’re not getting anywhere with her, you’re just making her angry,” that came from the tall blond one.

            Michael glanced back at his friend, and then flipped him off. He turned back towards me, but Ashton stepped in.

            “Dude, I don’t think she was joking about the guitar thing.”

            “I wasn’t, thanks Ash.” A confused look passed over Michael’s face.

            “You two know each other? Why didn’t you tell me her name when I was talking about her, you prick?” He stood up, and kept glancing between Ashton and me.

            “Don’t get angry at me! Calum knows her too.”

            “You’ve got to be kidding me,” he shook his head in disbelief.

            “Ash and I had a bet how long it would take before she was done with you,” Calum laughed.

            “Who won?” I was curious, they were probably way off.

            “Me!” Ashton shouted. “Calum owes me ten dollars.”

            “Whatever, man.” Calum dug in his wallet for the ten.

            “Can we all take a step back? How the fuck do you two know her?” He was kind of cute when frustrated.

            “She’s our math tutor,” Calum looked like he wanted to add duh to the end of the statement.

            “Oh, so she’s the hot math tutor. Nice…” the tall blond nodded his head. I gave him a glare, and added another for Ash and Calum. They both just shrugged.

            “So, you two didn’t think about telling me that before?”

            “Not really, no.” Calum said. Ash just shook his head.

            My friends caught my attention and motioned at their phones. It was time to go to our last class of the day. It would have been nice to be able to sneak out, but the four guys were still standing around. Michael was standing right by my side. I stood up, bumping into him.

            “So, you’re just leaving, and I still don’t know your name.” He looked flustered, like his entire plan had gone to Hell. I guess it kind of had…

            “Basically, but I figure now you’ll bother Ash and Cal until they tell you.”

            “Yeah, I will. This isn’t over though, we have another show Friday and you better be at that one.”

            “Don’t get your hopes up,” we made our way towards the door. I tossed the contents of my tray in the trash, wishing that I had more time to eat. When we had made it out the doors my friends looked at me and laughed.

            “What was that about?”one asked.

            “Just another guitarist trying to win my heart, you know, a typical Monday.”

            “Yeah, sure,” the other laughed.

'Ugh' Part IX - Pedro falling for Balth

Contains brotherly bonding and feelings.

Part I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  Epilogue

Pedro opened his front door and almost walked straight into Balthazar, who had just raised his hand to knock. “Woah! Hey!”

“Oh.” Balthazar seemed almost embarrassed by Pedro’s sudden appearance. “Hi.” He had his guitar slung around his back and was wearing his favourite ‘Mumford & Sons’ t-shirt, which he wore close to every other day. 

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“Brad, sure ka ba sa gagawin mo? Paano naman natin mapapapunta yun dun?” Derrick asked. We were in Singapore. 3 days after I came to Manila.

“Sure ako dito. I told mom already and she said na siya na ang bahala. Kaya pwede ba? Kalma ka nga!” I said.

“Onga. Daig mo pa si Moe. Parang ikaw may plano ah?” Kris asked him.

“Gago. Ayoko lang mabulilyaso plano natin. Lamonaman brad. Mahirap kausap si Julie ngayon dahil depressed.”

“Tiwala lang okay?” Gino told him.

“Tsk. Bilisan niyo na kaya? Naiinip na kami dito eh.” we heard Maqui said. We were talking via conference call and she and the girls ate at the hotel trying to monitor Julie’s whereabouts. They are texting her asking her where she is and how she’s doing. And stuff like that.

“Ano na Maq?” I asked her.

“She’s on her way to meet your mom sa may entrance. You better start on that idiots.” she ordered.

“Okay. Thanks!” we all said. I placed the dvd on the player and the operator started playing it on the white screen positioned in the middle of the Hollywood part of Universal Studios.


Tita Pia told me that she wanted to see me. We decided to meet at Universal Studios since her babies wanted to go there kaya pumayag na din ako. It’s also a way of enjoying my stay here.

“Julie, sweetie. Meet me at the entrance okay?” she said.

“Okay tita. I’ll see you.” I said and hang up. I walked towards the entrance when I heard something…

“Si Julie? I’ve known her since we were babies. We grew up together and we know each other so well. What she doesn’t know about me is that I am madly in love with her…”

I started to feel the tears in my eyes. Where is that sound coming from?

“I loved every bit of her. How she loves eating rice with milo. Cereals with orange juice. Baby food. Mashed bananas. How she hates mashed potatoes but loves french fries. How she loves to put belgian waffles over her cup of coffee until it’s warm and tastes just like her favorite espresso. How she loves strawberries. How she smells her food before digging in and how she drinks a glass of water before every meal. How she loves melted ice cream with crushed cookies. And how she loves powdered milk mixed with fresh milk…”

“Oh my god.” I’m starting to feel embarrassed because a lot of people have stopped and listened to the voice saying those things.

“I love her thinking face. How her forehead creased, her eyebrows meet, her nose scrunched and her lips pouting. It just make my heart skip a beat everytime she does that…”

I continued walking as I listen to his voice.

“I love how she sings in everything she does. She sings in the kitchen. In the living room. In the bathroom. And she sounds great. How she danced in her bedroom like no one’s watching. How she ties her hair in a messy bun and wear oversized shirts when she’s at home. How cute her toes are. How red her ears get when she’s angry. How she could whip up an amazing dish even from scratch. How addicted she is to horror movies. How she sneeze when she wakes up…”

The voice become clearer and louder as I walked towards Hollywood in Universal Studios.

“I love it everytime she attacks me from behind and tickles me with her chin. And when I spin us around until we fall down from dizziness. I just love everything she does…”

Finally I reached the spot where it is coming from. There’s a huge screen in the middle and people are gathered around it. All watching the guy talking in the video. It was him. The guy who has been with me all these years. I waited for the next thing he’ll say but the video was paused.

I waited but still, the video didn’t resumed playing. Then…


She’s here. Right in front of me. A few meters away. I wanted to run to her and just hug and kiss her. But I can’t. Because I have to finish this. Gino handed me the mic and the box and he patted my shoulder before backing away. I cleared my throat and began to speak.

“They told me that you flew all the way here to see me. They were all mad at me for ending things with you. But Julie you were wrong. You didn’t even looked at the end of the box. You didn’t see my gift…” I said as I started walking slowly.

People are starting to give way to me and they have created a path leading me to her.

“Before I tell you about my gift, I just want to let you know that I’ve been in love with you since we hit puberty. That moment when you still have your braces and I would tease you until mom punished me by letting me have braces too. That moment when you teased me because mom shaved my head over one summer because I don’t want to go to a barber. And that moment when you beat me in basketball because I let you. Not because you’re good. That moment when we were both learning how to play the guitar and when we would have jamming sessions at either of our homes…” I said, my eyes fixated on her. She was staring back at me and I can see her tears falling.

When I reached her, I gave her a smile.

“Hi.” I said.



He’s here. The guy in the video. That guy whom I’ve wanted so much to see after a very long time.

“Elmo…” I said between sobs.

“Baby, stop crying.” he said as he wiped my tears.

“Ano ba kasing pakulo to?” I asked him.

“You flew all the way here with the wrong information. Akala mo, I’m breaking up with you. I’m ending things with you. Julie you’re wrong.” he said.

“Huh?” I asked, confused. He didn’t answer. Instead, he knelt down and showed a blue box with a ring in it.

“I’m not ending things with you, Julie. Because I want to start things with you.” He said. You can hear the ‘awws’ and 'oohs’ of the people watching us. I, on the other hand was left speechless.


“You’re my bestfriend, my girlfriend, my forever. Will you be my Mrs. Magalona?” he asked.

Mrs. Magalona. That would be the perfect thing to call me someday. And I wanted to spend everyday with him. Every waking moment. Every hour. Every second.

“Yes. Yes, I will.”


“Yes. Yes, I will.” did I hear her correctly? She said yes?!

“Yes? As in, payag ka magpakasal sa akin?” I asked her.

“Ayaw mo?” she asked, laughing.

“Of course gusto ko!” I told her and stood up and hugged her. “Oh my god, Julie Anne!”

“Stop crushing me.” she said, tapping my arm. I put her down and gave her a warm embrace.

“I love you.”

“I love you too kahit pinaiyak mo ko ng tatlong buwan.”

“Sorry baby. I just want to be a perf–” she stopped me by kissing me on the lips and people started screaming and cheering.

“I know.” she said when we broke apart. “But you don’t have to be perfect. All you have to be is the right guy. Because all of your imperfections make you the perfect guy for me.” she said and this time I was the one who kissed her. She smiled against my lips as she placed her arms around my neck. And the crowd went wild with what they’re witnessing.

“Ehem. Mawalang galang na po. Bawal po PDA dito.” we heard someone said. When we looked, we saw the boys standing beside us.

“Oh my gosh! You’re all here?” Julie asked, surprised.

“Wouldn’t miss this for the world, Jules.” Gino said.

“Yeah. Most promising loveteam ng tropa. Finally engaged na!” Derrick teased.

“Dude, naunahan pa si Maqui at Gino!” Kris said.

“Hahaha. Wag niyo ilipat sa akin yung topic mga ugok.” Gino replied.

“Uhm, dudes. Baka pwedeng masolo ko muna baby ko? Baka lang?” I asked them.

“Ts. Possessive na nun mas possessive pa ngayon.” Derrick said. “Tara na nga.” pagyaya niya sa dalawa.

“Hoy. Kasal muna bago sex ha?” Kris yelled.

“Baliw!” I yelled back. Julie was just laughing at us. “What?” I asked her.

“Wala. Masaya lang ako.” she said.

“Me too. Kasi finally. Yung bestfriend ko, misis ko na.” I said and kissed her again.

- END -

Short story, sorry. But still, thanks to everyone who supported TLO. We love you to the moon and back. 'Til our next ff. :)))


Advent calendar: December 3rd
Art by hobbitworld || Ficlet by museling || Wordcount: 2.209 || 
Characters: Kieren, Simon || Pairings: Siren

Jesus, it’s so cold out. Kieren peers at his watch while he rubs his hands together. Ha. These buses sure don’t know how to keep to their timetables. He sighs and scratches his ruffled hair out of anxiousness. His professor doesn’t care if he’s late but Kieren himself just hates tardiness.


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dreamyshewolf prompted for: Sterek ? With Guitarist!Stiles and secret fan!Derek ? (I have this idea since one week T_T)

As part of my 1111 followers prompts, I give you guitarist!Stiles and secret fan!Derek in a high school AU!


Everyone knows how The Misadventure started.

It was all very romantic, the way Scott had started a two-man band with his best friend Stiles just to impress Allison, the girl of his dreams. High school bands were a dime a dozen, but where Scott and Stiles were invisible for most of their school careers, putting musical instruments in their hands made the student body sit up and pay attention.

Scott’s original plan worked out better than he expected. The truth was that Allison had already noticed floppy-haired, sweet Scott and was just waiting for an opportunity to talk to him. A common interest in music was the perfect way to start. Their band of two grew by one more when Allison Argent joined them as the other lead singer.

If only all romances sparked so easily.

When The Misadventure’s popularity grew, Derek wasn’t the only one with a secret crush on Stiles anymore. Practically the whole school had a secret, and not-so-secret, crush on Stiles and the other members of The Misadventure. When Derek had been coming up with elaborate plans on how to get Stiles’ attention, he hadn’t counted on Stiles turning into an overnight high school celebrity. They were hired to play at cafes and proms, which was impressive for a high school band, and the number of girls and guys sighing over them shot through the roof. Derek was suddenly surrounded by competition for Stiles’ attention, and his already poor chances felt greatly diminished.

“Just go and talk to him,” Cora grumbled, the only other person in school who knew about Derek’s crush.

“No. Do you even remember what happened last month?” Derek responded with an unhappy frown as he watched Stiles mess around with Scott as they set up at the Cornerstone Café.

Derek tried not to be too obvious about his crush, so he didn’t regularly turn up at the café where they played. Twice a week at the very most. He wasn’t being a creeper, no matter what Laura said. Cora had decided to follow today, and while she was a good cover for Derek’s presence, it didn’t make her any less annoying.

Cora rolled her eyes at him, practically a Hale trademarked move. “Yes, I do, because you didn’t stop moping about it for weeks. Who cares? He probably doesn’t remember all that. It wasn’t that much of a disaster.”

It was a total disaster.

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