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1- i randomly started to think of harry and paige and then i remembered how awful her friends were to him. how they had him paying for lunches, when they pretended to fall asleep at the show he invited them to AND left early, and finally how one of them posted the infamous pic of him and paige for some kind of sick revenge. it suddenly struck me how violated he must've felt about the whole thing like... he met these new people that were his age and that he kinda bonded with and they

2- just used him and tried to humiliate him. idt new fans realize the shit he went through and how it shaped him into the person he is today. very reserved. very careful. someone who craves privacy and who surrounds himself only with people he truly trusts. it makes me feel so sad he had to go through that, and other things that we might not even know about. i know that now he’s older so that had something to do with it but growing up and living your life in front of cameras and millions of

3- people who like to pick everything you do apart seems so exhausting. and kind of depressing. i’m so happy he’s managed to, in his own words, compartmentalize his life and create a healthy happy balance. i truly love harry so much and he deserves the best. this is very emo but i had to get it off my chest 😭

he’s definitely been used and picked apart and analyzed and all that shit. i actually saw a discussion the other day on how louis and harry, in response to the larry shit, both went different ways of handling it and overcompensated in their respective ways, which i thought was interesting. i mean obviously that’s just one part of a larger picture of their lives and fame and the encroaching nature of fans and all that. tbh even sometimes myself i feel guilty on here picking apart this or that with him bc i can figure how dehumanizing in some ways it can be for you to be that person being talked about 24/7. i honestly… like i look at him and i really respect him in so many ways for the lines he’s drawn and his clawing back of privacy and how he handles himself when i’m older than him and if i grew up under a lens like that… man idk how he managed it all and managed to still be so kind and have such a big heart and still treat fans with such respect and love and care, etc. like he’s had so much shit to deal with and shit people and shit fans and shit interviewers etc and obviously there’s been soooo much good in his life to and amazing experiences and stuff which im sure is what he focuses on, but i imagine even now he has days where the criticisms constantly are hard to take and such. idk i just really…. am moved by how good of a head and heart he seems to have. he’s definitely a good one.

lance, after being lightly roasted by the other paladins: wow. WOW. okay. looks like none of you are invited to my birthday party anymore

hunk: wait! i thought we were going to plan your party together? we had an ocean theme and everything!

lance: shit, you’re right… hunk’s reinvited.

pidge: what?? lance you can’t keep uninviting and reinviting people to your birthday party, you’re just gonna lose track

lance: oh really? watch this - (pulling out a small notebook) - pidge, currently uninvited as of today; hunk was recently uninvited but is now reinvited - side note, ocean themed parties are amazing; allura, currently invited but she’s on thin ice; coran, well, he’s kinda permanently invited because i need at least one person to show up; lotor is invited ironically, waiting for him to rsvp so i can reject him; and finally… keith is permanently uninvited until he admits that he cares about being on the invite list

keith: what? no i- the ocean is stupid!!

lance: oh yeah?? double uninvited!



keith: (softly) what the heck, man….

BBMAs: BTS will NOT be performing

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BBMAs: Top Social Artist award is not given on stage

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**Note: From what I’ve read on Tumblr, the award has only ever been given on the RED CARPET not on the actual stage/ceremony (but with the attention this year, let’s pray that they’ll present it on-stage). I’ve never watched the BBMAs so I’m not sure if this is true or not. Sorry if this confused any of you!

I always get shit for using italics so much but you will take my excessive italics out of my cold dead hands because as far as I’m concerned each one of these is a completely different sentence:

  • “What the fuck are you doing here?” – this can be read a lot of different ways depending on context honestly. I mean it’s fine and there’s nothing wrong with it but two people could read it aloud in entirely different ways you know?
  • What the fuck are you doing here?” – someone was startled and originally was just going to say ‘what’ but then they recovered and turned it into a complete sentence
  • “What the fuck are you doing here?” – someone’s really elongating the ‘e’ on that 'the’ for emphasis, this person’s probably really obnoxious. although tbh they’re probably say it more like, “What. The fuck. Are you doing here?” wow what an asshole
  • “What the fuck are you doing here?” – this guy’s so pissed, this might be peter capaldi, i don’t know
  • “What the fuck are you doing here?” – this chick is at an exclusive party and her best friend just showed up without an invitation and at first she was just glad to see her but now she’s concerned
  • “What the fuck are you doing here?” – oh shit that bitch should have known better than to show her face here after what she pulled, it’s about to go down. actually that might have been her bestie right above this saying that right after someone said this.
  • “What the fuck are you doing here?” – not only has someone just shown up where they don’t belong but they’re doing something weird, they’re probably a secret teenage hero and all their friends think they’re on drugs
  • “What the fuck are you doing here?” – all the bars in all the world and you had to walk into mine, how did you even get here, you don’t even like bars, i didn’t tell anyone about this place i just filled a cave with some beer
The emotional Roller-coaster ARMY rode the last 24 hrs:
  • MAMA Deletes 3+ Million of our votes: WHAT THE … *Sad and mad*
  • The Ellen Show sent an invite to BTS: The biggest show in the world want our boys *pride restored*
  • Jimin looks unwell at Macao airport: worried and worried and more worried *legit tearing up inside*
  • Bighit shares the behind the scenes of the highlight reel: Oh they are trying to comfort us *appreciative* 
  • Fans share that Jimin had motion sickness on the plane: Thank god if that’s the case *relieved he is not sick dieting or something*
  • BTS GET A TWITTER EMOJI: There were MORE surprises? And we didn’t even pay for it *tweeting never felt so good*

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How does tommy wiseau just show up was he invited?

I give a bit of context in the video but yeah there was a screening of The Room at a local theater, but he was also there in person at the merch table, meeting people and signing things and talking selfies

we bought a few pairs of Tommy Wiseau Brand™ underwear, when my pal sammy (on the left) invited Tommy to his birthday party completely on a whim. he wrote the address on a business card, not at all thinking he’d show up. The next day, we get a phone call from his agents…that boi was actually gonna pull up LMAO. 

long story short, the mystery man himself came thru and blessed my guy’s 21st birthday. love is blind 

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Where did the blue jackets come from?


the original version, that is. howard. and there was actually just the one, and he made it for steve. 

same as with the shield, he pumped out a bunch of uniform prototypes before he even brought steve in to talk about what he wanted. some of them were amazingly gaudy–trust a stark to take ‘star-spangled’ literally. there were a few that were more subdued, the blue jacket one included. but we’re talking about howard stark, so it shouldnt surprise you that the blue jacket originally went with red and white striped pants. it was a truly, genuinely, terrible outfit.

but the jacket was salvageable. 

it was supposed to be a cold-weather uniform, so it was crazy warm. ive always run cold–which should have been a sign–and steve has always run hot. steve tried it on, started cooking immediately, and took it right back off. howard chucked it on the reject pile and i grabbed it. 

honestly it should have tipped somebody off that i’d been superjuiced, because a jacket tailored for steve doesn’t fit anyone else who’s purely human. and even i had to do a little taking in at the seams, because steve is shaped like a goddam dorito.

to this day im grateful that steve didnt pick the uniform with red and white striped pants. he’s hard enough to take seriously as it is. 

mom: i’m so glad you’re not into weird japanese cartoons and those diabolic things



Poirot gets a rose named after him at The Chelsea Flower Show 1935

a few years ago i was a part of this experimental theatre troupe right and at one point we did an interactive horror themed performance around halloween right

flashforward two years and i’m in barnes and noble of all places with a bud and i run into one of the girls from the troupe (which we have both left) and we’re all excited to see each other and the friend i was with was like “oh how do you know hayley” and i shit you not theatre girl goes

“oh she rubbed blood all over my body once while i sang hymns and screamed”

I was doing you a favor by playing the long game...

I too was playing yet another long game by holding on to this for so long.

SO I had read earlier today the owner of a previous job of mine passed away. This was a place that tried to screw me pretty hard and I took some pro revenge on. It drug up some angry old feelings, so why not take an equal dose of catharsis?

WARNING: This is a doozy so strap in if you dare, no TL;DR it wouldn’t do justice.

So this takes place almost a decade ago. I was working as a department manager for a fairly large privately owned pest control company. Their color scheme was black and yellow, much like the taxi’s the owner’s dad used to drive. Since the taxi industry would be around for ever(hello Uber/Lyft) so would this pest control company, (this is important later) or so the owner used to parrot constantly. My job was to over see the techs doing treatments and set their stops and generally manage assorted insect control services, inventory, payroll for that dept, etc etc. I had taken the job from the owners son who took it from the previous manager who they demoted and yet stayed in the dept…this is important later. The owners son was a late 30’s early 40’s man child. I mean if he had dialed it back a few degrees he would have been an awesome guy, but anytime booze was involved he was a mess. If it was weed, he turned into the stereo typical obnoxious stoner making nothing but bad Jamaican accented jokes. He also hit on anything younger than him that moved…while being married w a pregnant wife. But I digress, the owner was a piece of work too, old Jewish guy who was as racist as he was old, not with any kind of seething hatred. Just a “this is the way it is” type attitude. My fave line of his, “The sky is blue, Ch#@ks know math, N@&ers are lazy, Jews know gold. What else is new” Like it was the most clever thing of all time. Finally now on to the revenge and need for such.

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