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kara danvers: i breathe, fortunately [8tracks] [playmoss]

here’s the tracklist for my skam playlist! intended it to be exclusively 21 tracks (for 21:21 because i am cheesy like that) but i just felt the need to add another troye sivan track (because he deserved to be part of the skam soundtrack, tbh). i’m trying to keep this as concise as possible and say that i’m going to miss skam so, so much. just by watching this show i learned to embrace my youth and live a little. so here’s my shitty contribution to the fandom!

link to the playlist: happy eid, everyone ❤️🌃

GRAVITY || [listen]

“A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if it didn’t exist.. If there wasn’t this mysterious attraction… This pull between objects… then none of this would exist either.”

“Thank God for gravity.”



An exploration of the dark love affair between the Champion and Red Paladin.

Listen on: 8tracks | Spotify  

Inspired by my personal fave Kureith interpretations in fics written by @fenri@lycoria@Ithiel_Dragon @eunzos, and special thanks to @captainkogane​ / @naou​ who introduced me to the perfection that is Howl <3 and who listened to me whine non-stop while working on this…

the thief and the impossible idiot | a penumbra podcast fanmix

december (again) neck deep ft mark hoppus | alone together fall out boy | hurricane panic! at the disco | die anywhere else mandopony | up all night owl city | the good the bad and the dirty panic! at the disco | miserable at best (acapella) austin jones | bloody shirt (bastille remix) to kill a king | this is gospel panic! at the disco

listen here (spotify version) [die anywhere else by mandopony replaced with same song by dm dokuro, blood shirt bastille remix replaced with original]

or listen here (playmoss version)


narcissus is back; a mix for dressing to k i l l

for ladies raised on twin fangs under their feet, who wear lips the colour of blood, whose smiles are razor sharp as their nails; these ladies are not dressed to impress, they are armed to the teeth, they will own the streets tonight, and hearts will bleed from want but these women are untouchable, tonight, they are lethal goddesses in their own right. [listen]

i had all the stars with you - “i will wait outside as long as you are alright; i will know to die. you are beloved.” /// another saphael mix bcuz i have no self control. ( listen here )

i. smokestacks - layla. ii. bite - troye sivan. iii. human - aquilo. iv. deliverance - ry x. v. hurt me - låpsley. vi. tomorrow - daughter. vii. saturn boy - dream koala. viii. my only friend - phantogram. ix. taking you there - broods. x. losing you - aquilo. xi. die trying - michl. xii. insomnia - iamx.

i have two other saphael mixes if you’re interested! take me home & made of glass. enjoy.~

MY HEART [HAS A TEMPERAMENTAL BEAT] ; a mix for phoenix wright and miles edgeworth - [listen]

all the weird kids know built by snow || I won’t let you down ok go || all the way timeflies || you and me diamond rings || speed of love owl city || when I’m away the colourist || take me home cash cash ft. bebe rexha || empire jukebox the ghost || light outside wakey!wakey! || for him. troye sivan ft. allday || superhuman touch athlete || vain (sirens ceol remix) singularity ft. evan duffy || I will never let you down rita ora || geronimo sheppard || somebody to you the vamps || chokehold aiden grimshaw || come alive rachel taylot

I Feel Immortal | For Mika. | Playmoss | Spotify

We Were Alive - Austra / Coil - Opeth / Pennyroyal Tea - Nirvana / The Trick is To Keep Breathing - Garbage / Ocean - Goldfrapp / Windowpane - Opeth / My Lost Lenore - Tristania / Nemo - Nightwish / A War of Our Own - Stream of Passion / I Feel Immortal - Tarja / Beloved Freak - Garbage /

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Three American Gods mixes (I got excited for the tv show)

the old gods; For the gods who are now almost nothing but myths and fictional stories. As belief for them fades, so do they. It’s a sad thing, waiting to be forgotten. listen.
shadow; “He was no longer scared of what tomorrow might bring, because yesterday had brought it.” listen.
the new gods; America’s new gods. Internet, drugs, media, money, celebrities, and technology. Out with the old, in with the new. listen.
The Armageddon Rag, a playlist
A playlist of songs referenced and quoted in George R.R. Martin's The Armageddon Rag, featuring Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, and others

Hey, now it’s time for you and me / Got a revolution (got to revolution)
Hey, come on now we’re marching to the sea / Got a revolution (got to revolution)

“The music, Sandy, the music. It was our fuel, it was our spirit, it inflamed us and exalted us and gave us courage and purpose and truth. The songs were more than songs. They caught and shaped our minds and souls, and they summoned up something primal in the universe, and in us. 

“You know the truth. We all know it, instinctively. Even the enemy. Look at how the TV networks treat the period! Marches and riots, demonstrations, elections, assassinations, Vietnam—every clip they show, they back with rock music. Something deep within them realizes that rock was a part of it all. 

“The cliché is that music is a reflection of the times, but the cliché has it backward. There is power in music, Sandy. The songs touch us in ways deeper and wilder and more basic than words. Every army that has ever marched to war has gone to the beat of drums, humming martial music. Every revolution has had its music. Every epoch. The music defines and shapes the age. 

“And in our age, the Movement exploded to the hard beat of rock, moved to it, marched to it, fucked to it, swelled to it. Drugs and sex and rock and revolution, peace and freedom. And I think the enemy understood better than we did. We were a threat to the whole rotten system, to the corrupt power and the immoral wealth. Our music had already crushed theirs, driven it from the airways and the streets and the culture, and the rest would surely follow. I think they knew that. 

“And then the music died.”

”sing up armageddon and give us our resurrection”

–George R.R. Martin, The Armageddon Rag

hop towards your dreams! || a carrot fanmix  {listen}

i. white nights; oh land | ii. sunshine; tigerweather | iii. second child, restless child; the oh hellos | iv. geronimo [string cover]; familia musical cortes | v. red balloon; charlie xcx | vi. et des baisers; france gall | vii. to the sky; owl city | viii. best day of my life (cover); haley klinkhammer | ix. i’m good; the mowgli’s