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Full Atypical Chaos, one song for each atypical

Sam, I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
Caleb, Grass
Chloe, People
Damien, Search and Destroy
Mark, Wake Up
Frank, Blue Lips
Rose, Day Disguise

I’ve Got Blood On My Name//A Punisher Playlist

1. blood on my name//the brothers bright 2. neptune//sleeping at last 3. broken crown//mumford and sons 4. soldier//fleurie 5. seven devils//florence + the machine 6. brother//needtobreathe ft. gavin degraw 7. counting paths//matthew and the atlas 8. i will never die//delta rae 9. snuff//slipknot 


kara danvers: i breathe, fortunately [8tracks] [playmoss]


GRAVITY || [listen]

“A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if it didn’t exist.. If there wasn’t this mysterious attraction… This pull between objects… then none of this would exist either.”

“Thank God for gravity.”


here’s the tracklist for my skam playlist! intended it to be exclusively 21 tracks (for 21:21 because i am cheesy like that) but i just felt the need to add another troye sivan track (because he deserved to be part of the skam soundtrack, tbh). i’m trying to keep this as concise as possible and say that i’m going to miss skam so, so much. just by watching this show i learned to embrace my youth and live a little. so here’s my shitty contribution to the fandom!

link to the playlist: happy eid, everyone ❤️🌃

(my heart’s too big for you to understand me, 
please understand me)

01. there is no life i know that compares with pure imagination / 02. i believe in fairy tales and serendipitous encounters / 03. sorrow weighs my shoulders down and trouble haunts my mind, but i know the present will not last, and tomorrow will be kinder / 04. in dreams you will lose your heartaches / 05. running around pretending life’s a play, it doesn’t make the darkness go away / 06. a dreamer never dies, don’t stop believing, cut a heart in half, can’t stop the beating / 07. i’ll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming, dreaming is free / 08. and i’m following a trail that i’ve seen in fairy tales, but the crumbs i left behind are gone, so i’m trusting in my feet, and i’m skipping to the beat of a heart that’s sweet on finding home / 09. when i close my eyes, i dream in color

fire-haired dreamer; an Anne Shirley-Cuthbert mix | listen

i want what you got - a tanuma/natsume playlist

alex turner - piledriver waltz / patrick wolf - overture / the bravery - bad sun / grimes - easily / reol - chiruchiru / palace - i want what you got / ball park music - all i want is you / jukebox the ghost - hold it in / mother mother - love stuck / sayonara ponytail - sora mo toberu hazu

a grelle/sebastian hateship playlist. for @mikhailis.

choke - i don’t know how but they found me // i can’t get you off my mind - missy li // shut me up - mindless self indulgence // hit me like a man - the pretty reckless // hatefuck - the bravery // teeth - lady gaga // love me dead - ludo // flesh - simon curtis // the bitter end - placebo // i love you like an alcoholic - the taxpayers // the tiger’s bride - lena fayre // rev 22:20 - puscifer // bedroom hymns - florence and the machine

[ please do not delete the caption. ]


(every single one of us, the devil inside)

i. hope you got your things together, hope you are quite prepared to die ii. wrap your roots all around my bones iii. i was angry with my foe: i told it not, my wrath did grow iv. 'cause wherever you go, wherever you go, with the devil you know you’re never alone v. a witch queen never dies vi. we’re in the city of wonder, ain’t gonna play nice vii. you can dunk me in the river, gonna clean my sin, but you might as well dunk me in a bucket of gin, ‘cause there ain’t nobody gonna love me like the devil do viii. makes you wonder how the other half died ix. me, i’m blind with death and anger, and that’s no place for you x. there is a house in new orleans

for the vampires, the wolves, the witches, the humans; for the new blood and the old; for new orleans, and for all those who fight for it 


the thief and the impossible idiot | a penumbra podcast fanmix

december (again) neck deep ft mark hoppus | alone together fall out boy | hurricane panic! at the disco | die anywhere else mandopony | up all night owl city | the good the bad and the dirty panic! at the disco | miserable at best (acapella) austin jones | bloody shirt (bastille remix) to kill a king | this is gospel panic! at the disco

listen here (spotify version) [die anywhere else by mandopony replaced with same song by dm dokuro, blood shirt bastille remix replaced with original]

or listen here (playmoss version)

MY HEART [HAS A TEMPERAMENTAL BEAT] ; a mix for phoenix wright and miles edgeworth - [listen]

all the weird kids know built by snow || I won’t let you down ok go || all the way timeflies || you and me diamond rings || speed of love owl city || when I’m away the colourist || take me home cash cash ft. bebe rexha || empire jukebox the ghost || light outside wakey!wakey! || for him. troye sivan ft. allday || superhuman touch athlete || vain (sirens ceol remix) singularity ft. evan duffy || I will never let you down rita ora || geronimo sheppard || somebody to you the vamps || chokehold aiden grimshaw || come alive rachel taylot

lazy sundays: a domestic CS playlist for @herokillians
part ii: couch serenades.

1. never gonna leave this bed // matteo brenci (maroon 5 cover)
2. thinking out loud // boyce avenue (ed sheeran cover)
3. free fallin’ // alex pelzer (tom petty cover)
4. beautiful soul // boyce avenue (jesse mccartney cover)

return to part i | skip to part iii | listen to full playlist


born with a void → sarah & helena (8tracks | playmoss)

1. come as you are, as you were, as i want you to be, as a friend, as a friend, as a known enemy / 2. leave me out with the waste, this is not what i do / 3. eyes on fire, your spine is ablaze, felling any foe with my gaze / 4. good sister, bad sister, you’re different from the rest, sister / 5. the killer in me is the killer in you / 6. and the mother we share will never keep our cold hearts from calling / 7. i’m so empty, you’re all i’m thinking about / 8. yeah, i think i might break, lost myself again and i feel unsafe / 9. broken dreams and silent screams, empty churches with soulless curses, we found a way to escape the day / 10. born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope, built with a heart, broken from the start / 11. but i’m already there, i’m already there, wherever there is you, i will be there too / 12. maybe i’ve always been more comfortable in chaos