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Rapunzel’s enthusiasm:
↳ ❝Nice!❞

🏈 archie andrews: the “tortured musical genius” 🏈 

“i’d finally broken through to something real.
about my life and what i should be trying to do with it.

this wasn’t requested, but i just wanted to make it. i hope that’s cool with you guys. i’ll get to your requests, i promise. but at the time of queueing this, i have a documentary project, an animation arts project, and a sciences test to study for so, that’s gonna have to take priority for now. i’ll write theories if i have time later.

if you have any more requests, for aesthetics or theories, then feel free to send me an ask or a message!

xoxo, v

anonymous asked:

Remember how they edited how awful Abby was to Chloe? What if they edited out what Ashley said to Kendall to make her react like that? Brynn saying watch the episode makes it more suspicious because she knows it's edited. I'm thinking Bryan and Ashley know the show will be edited in their favor and they really weren't victims.

Ya who knows. Or they will be surprised in a bad way for the show ignoring it and not showing it, like they did with Abby.