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why is the fandom so racist? kelso only saw jackie like a piece of ass and hyde always treated her like shit, the only one who actually loved jackie and wanted to make her happy was fez. but becuse he isn't white garbage, fandom finds every bit of interaction between him and jackie "problematic" like if kelso cheating on her and hyde neglecting her wasn't the actual problematic subjet here.

This is gonna get very long, y’all.
(As in, 1700 words long, actually. Bloody hell.)

Ok, so let me start by saying that I’ve never heard Fez/Jackie described as problematic – unfounded and ill-matched, yes, but not problematic. And, I know we sweep a lot of stuff under the rug with the excuse of “bad writing”, but it’s true. The main point of contention against Fez/Jackie is that it took place when it did – in a season notorious for it’s manhandling of the characters, and after Hyde/Jackie were (as most, including me, believe) unfairly broken up.

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Something I was thinking of

Someone probably already noticed this, but every season has a link to tv-shows.

Murder House: Billie Dean mentions she’s gonna make a tv-show

Asylum: Lana makes a tv-show about the Asylum and Bloody Face. And she gets interviewed years later after all the shit went down

Coven: Cordelia gets interviewed after all the shit went down

Freak Show: Elsa gets her own tv-show after all the shit went down

Hotel: Billie Dean goes to the hotel to film for her tv-show

Roanoke: Shelby, Lee and Matt get interviewed for a tv-show after all the shit went down

In conclusion: Billie Dean making all these ‘seasons’ doesn’t sound so weird anymore.

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Do we know the name of the only survivor of Zekes barrage of rocks? It seemed strange that he survived and played a minor role in the serum argument

Flocke. My friend @julystorms has an entire tag devoted to him and it’s honestly hilarious. He became something of a meme to about 6 of us lol.

There’s even actual meta about him. The anon that sent in the ask called Flocke “Erwin’s ultimate deluded fanboy, a redshirt speaks kind of character, to show the worn down twisted result of what happens when soldiers are exhorted to throw aside their hearts and endlessly sacrifice for a noble death.”. Good stuff.

Honesty Born This Way is such a gag because it shows these adults with Down syndrome 1. Never infantilizes them 2. Respects them 3. Allows them to face and speak on real issues that affect adults everywhere: sex, parenthood, mental illness but with a bunch of people you never see on TV. Let alone popular media. It's such a good show and they just aired the season finale and it's such a good life affirming show
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Happy Birthday, Makoto!! A sappy song thing for youヾ(´︶`♡)ノ

It’s kinda long, I’m sorry for stretching your dashes, especially if you aren’t into free! or makoharu!! ; v ;



Korra kneeling down whenever she talks to the air kids.