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The difference between The Shield and The Authority (J&J with Seth Rollins)

In the Shield if one was getting beat up the other two would come to the rescue and teach them a lesson or two about not hurting their brother.

On Smackdown, Seth didn’t even try to even save Joey from Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns!! Come on Seth, these little hobbits have been nothing but loyal to you and- Oh yeah… How can I forget? It’s Seth Rollins. It’s what he does. xD

It’s like those relationships where one uses their partner for sex and showers them with gifts, but their is no real love.

we’re taking our golden retriever pup to a dog show in trondheim this weekend. my mother needed another driver, and bc dad has to work im gonna have to help out .. soooo you probably won’t see a lot of me until sunday/monday??

take care everyone !! i’ll miss u all