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Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“You’ve got to know something.”

“…Look, I’m a shooter. I’m not a planner. They tell me where to go and what to do, not why. I don’t need to know, I don’t want to know.”

“Who are they? Who sent you?”

“What, you think I walk into a big office, and M hands me a file? It doesn’t work that way. There’s cutouts, redundancies. They don’t want me to know where the orders are coming from. Nobody gets the whole picture to prevent us from giving it all up.”

Mayor Thistle of Birch! ✨


🌊 pastel blue hair
🌸 straw boater or a pink lily
👓  tortoise glasses
👻 pastel goth sweater over a button up shirt
👖 acid washed jeans
🎀 black loafers

more info : 

💐 very indecisive
☁️ always working hard to improve the town
🌷 wants to make everyone happy
💦 can’t stick to one aesthetic 

Any bugga friends on here wanna help me identify a cool ass moth under the cut?

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pure sunshine cookie cat gem boy + angry cotton candy ube cake angst boy = giving each other strength

Posting this on here (with permission) because y’all need to see this beautiful piece my friend drew for me on my bday


Also if you have the chance you shld show your support on the original tweet. The link for it is here

They’re honestly so amazing and I love them dearly 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your yoi cat au, always makes my day! :D just out of curiosity, what is cat yuuri's favorite food? or does he gain weight easily so that he needs a diet?

He likes lots of foods! Catnip and catgrass are some of his favourites, and cooked fish and chicken. Victor’s got him on a reward system for his favourite foods AHAHHA

the softest meow