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Bowser’s MLM

Since this post got a hundred notes and y’all love my gay bowser theory I wanna show y’all that I got proof of him being into men other than him being on obvious bear (tall buff chubby man wearing spiked bands and collar). I have a tag on this blog called “gay bowser receipts” of canon content showing him either being into men or doing something with men.

Here’s what I got so far, only three pieces other than the gay bear coding.

From an official Mario manga, source found from @suppermariobroth. Picture shows Mario at some kinda gameshow, a heart shows up with a curtain covering whoever likes him/he’s paired with. He expects Daisy or Peach, but it’s Bowser, smiling happily.

From Mario RPG. Picture shows Bowser kissing Mario on the cheek. To be fair, this was an accident, but realize that Bowser has canonly kissed a man.

From Wreck it Ralph. Gif shows Bowser checking out a buff man’s thighs as he mentions them, nods and lifts his cup in agreement, acknowledging he’s got some nice thighs.

Anyways if y’all see proof Bowser’s mlm/bi/gay @ me.

A Very Random Scenario

So I talked about this with @mikoe24, then I want to post it here xD

So imagine,
The Eves squad find them in a mysterious laboratory with many cat related items. After finding evidence in the locked room, the owner of the lab came to them.

The lab owner is a cat. It was riding a Labrador Retriever. It wants to rule the world.

The curtains opened, showed the laboratory’s name, CATSLAB

What would they do?


Shuu and Sayaka’s Amour Eternal senshuraku curtain call (✿◠‿◠)

26th & 28th/29th December Show Reports

Okay, I’m going to have to come clean at the start. This is another recap of two performances. One was with the full original cast (which I’ll talk less about, but I will cover the mistakes in it which were plentiful and glorious), which I will refer to as the Boxing Day show when I mention it, and the other was with James Howard as Draco and Morag Cross as McGonagall. The latter is the one for which I was sitting near the front of the stalls, and that’s the one I’ll focus on, because it was better and more interesting. 

(You’ll all be pleased to know I wrote over 2000 words less in this recap than I did my last one. It’s still almost long enough to be a dissertation though so… Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy.)

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Well, the dust has settled and guess what? I’m calling today a success. 

Because two Republican electors- from Texas, of all places- jumped ship. Because multiple Democrat electors heeded the call and pulled away the curtain, showed how unsustainable the system really was. 

No one is ever going to look at the electoral college the same way again. 

And honestly, that’s all I ever wanted going into this. Even one elector turning is a wild and resounding victory. Do you know how rare that is? Faithless electors are a big deal and we’ve made sure America watched and listened. The electoral college is usually a formality but today it mattered, and no one is ever going to forget that. 

We set out to make a commotion and we succeeded.

More than that, we’ve proven what we’re capable of. We’ve demonstrated an ability to organize, rally, and protest. And we won ground. Maybe not enough to win the war, but honestly that’s not what we ever wanted to begin with. What we wanted was a jumping off point for the bigger campaign. 

The electoral college betrayed the American people. It put a cowardly incompetent loon in power. And we responded by placing the electoral college under more stress than it’s ever been in before in American history. Now we need to make sure said incompetent does as little damage as possible. 

So don’t give up. The battle has just begun. 

Keep calling your representatives. Keep protesting. Keep screaming your hearts out. Humanity doesn’t win in big explosions, it wins in inches. This isn’t the time to blow up the Death Star, this is the time to start building the Rebellion. 

You did good, guys. Pat yourselves on the back and get back to work. 

I can’t wait for the day when I have my other half, my special someone, my soul mate. And I wake up, and he’s there. The sun will be slightly streaming through the curtains, showing all the colours of his face, the slight rose in his cheeks, the delightful pink of his lips, curled up in a tiny smile, as if he’s dreaming of something wonderful. I’ll let him have all the covers. We will fall asleep holding hands, and I’ll wake up wrapped up tightly to his chest. Nowhere I feel more at home than in his arms. It will be the simple things: sharing bubble baths, coming home to a delicious dinner after a long day of work with candles and flowers and him, standing there in a sweater smiling because I came home to him. Weekend outings to markets, or cafes, or movies, or walks in the park, arm in arm or hand in hand, piggy back rides when legs get weary and legs over legs, head on lap or head on shoulder while looking at the sky together, reading books, watching movies. Wandering second hand shops and finding each other little presents and surprising each other when we get home. Travelling the world together. Sharing sandwiches and him trading with me because I liked his better. Me, cooking him pancakes and fresh juice, bringing it to him in bed with the paper. Him, ignoring said paper and pancakes momentarily while he kisses me and kisses me and loving me. Endless mornings like these. The support. The moments where I need him and he’s there: on the phone, in person, whenever. The times when we are apart and I come home or he comes home and we still run up to each other, bags get thrown to the ground while we embrace and it’s like he never gets old. Nothing is ever boring or simple. It’s always exciting and wonderful and magical. And his face is the last thing I see and the first thing I see and all I want to see and all I dream about. Never wanting to be apart. Always wanting to be in his arms. The feeling of his hands brushing my face, my arm, my leg. Like electricity and warmth and all the energy in the world. The way his smile makes me smile. The way his laugh makes my heart grow inside my chest. The way his eyes make me lose my breath. The way he can simply look at me and I know he loves me, I feel loved and beautiful and special and he doesn’t even need to say it. How I can be so sad, so distraught, and nothing but his gentle voice, words and embraces will help. The way he wants me to be his one and only forever and have children with me. The way I know he is going to be an amazing father. And the way I know he’s going to love his children as much as he loves their mother, and how happy I will be for all of them to share that kind of love. 
And how I know our love will never die. Even when we do. Even when we grow and change and wither. He will always make me feel the same way. 
And I haven’t met him yet. But when I do, oh boy, it’s going to be something super extraordinary.
—  Diary Entry // 15th January 2017 
Shit I love Technical Theater
  • The sound of everyone’s feet on a stage during a black out
  • when 5 techies go on stage, move a piece and it looks like no one did it
  • the sound of a smooth fly system
  • the feel of a screw driver with a newly charged battery 
  • at the end of an act or a show and the curtains close and ten techies converge on the stage at once to do their job
  • being able to see in the dark 
  • the satisfaction of building a piece and seeing it on stage knowing how hard you worked on it
  • fixing shit the actors break 
  • the sound of ripping gaf tape
  • saying jokes into the mic during sound check because ‘Testing 123′ is boring
  • going to a restaurant at the last show
  • watching actors cry about never seeing each other again and knowing that you will always be back
  • getting a cue just right
  • always wearing black
  • when a scene change goes faster and smoother than planned 
  • saving something before anyone notices it’s wrong
  • watching actors freak out when something goes wrong and being the only person calm enough to fix it 
  • putting 100% of yourself on stage and no one knows you were there
  • learning that the best validation can only come from yourself
  • learning to be creative, quick minded, resourceful, quiet
  • learning to be humble 
  • knowing that sometimes you don’t have to be loud to be productive
  • knowing that you don’t have to be seen to do something incredible 

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Final Bows in ‘Hamilton’ on Broadway (NYT):

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s final bows for his farewell performance in “Hamilton” on Saturday night seemed routine, if overly humble for the departure of the show’s star and mastermind. He even shared his bows with the other cast members also exiting the show, including Phillipa Soo and the Tony winner Leslie Odom Jr.

But then the theme song to “The West Wing” kicked in from the orchestra pit.

Mr. Miranda giggled and took a couple of shy bows, only to turn around and be embraced then pushed back to the front of the stage by Christopher Jackson, who plays George Washington, for a proper bow.

Still, the curtain call lasted no more than two and a half minutes, despite fervent applause, which had been consistent throughout the night. The opening number received multiple standing ovations, as did many others. But Mr. Miranda and other performers would pause for only a minute each time before moving the show forward.

Afterward, in the pouring rain, hundreds and hundreds of fans filled West 46th Street, waiting for Mr. Miranda to emerge from the stage door at the Richard Rodgers Theater.

Instead, Mr. Miranda appeared, “Evita”-like, on a balcony atop the theater’s marquee. Holding an umbrella and waving to fans, he paced from one side of the marquee to the other, occasionally stopping to hold his left hand over his heart to show gratitude.

Then he was gone.

“It’s over, folks,” a police officer yelled as he tried to keep the crowd out of the street. “There’s no more.”

The Morning After

Sorry this took so long but thank you for being patient and thanks for your request!

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Waking up the morning after was never like they showed it in the movies. The reality was altogether a messier affair. Sheets clung uncomfortably in crevices, your bodies draped unceremoniously over one another, and a sweaty humidity still lingered in the air.

Jay was lightly snoring next to you. The scattered bits of sunlight that peaked through your bedroom curtains showed the stubble that lined his jaw. He looked almost innocent and you had to fight the impulse to kiss him.

How does he always manage to look so handsome?

You rolled over to check your phone that was charging on the bedside table. No new messages. A yawn escaped as you stretched your stiff muscles and wiped the sleep away from your eyes. Looking back over your shoulder to make sure Jay was still asleep, you went to wash yourself off in the bathroom. But his arm was pulling you back against him by your hips before your feet could touch the floor.

“Leaving me already?”

“Afraid I won’t come back?”

His face was nuzzled against the nape of your neck and you could feel his smile spread at your response.

“So feisty,” he teased, his hand shamelessly groping your ass. “But I haven’t given you permission to leave this bed. I’m not done having fun with you yet.”

“I feel gross, Jay. Let me go take a shower.”

His grip around you tightened in defiance when you tried to struggle free and you turned around to glare at him.

“You have to say the magic word first.”

“What are you? My mother?”

“Well if I remember last night I was your d-”

“Don’t remind me,” you groaned as you buried your face in the pillow. “It was a momentary lapse.”

His chest shook you as he chuckled and he leaned down to kiss the top of your head that was still exposed.

“I like your ‘momentary lapses.’”

He reached for your leg to lay it over his hip and your muscles clenched in anticipation. Jay smirked when he noticed your back arching at his touch. He loved how malleable you were in his hands. That just a simple touch could make you so willing. It was an affect he had on you that he would never be tired of.  He leaned closer to you so that he could nibble your earlobe.

“Your legs are like sandpaper, babe.”


You slapped him playfully on the chest before breaking free from his grip. He scrambled after you, the two of you tumbling across the bed in a mixture of limbs and laughter until Jay had you pinned underneath him. His eyes gazed fondly down at you as he swept a rogue strand of hair from your face. You rose up to meet his kiss and he shifted his weight to his elbows so that he could support your head. It left you with a sense of pride that you could still taste yourself on his lips.

“But seriously, babe. How are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m not even sore actually.”

He arched one of his eyebrows down at you as if your words were a challenge.

“I’ll have to fix that.”

More Than A Feeling - (Credence Barebone x Reader)

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Opening his eyes blearily, Credence’s vision fixed on the grey light that was showing through the curtains. He could almost feel the depression setting in as he contemplated the thought of another dreary, overcast day. Pushing himself upright and somehow managing to wrench away from the warm embrace of his blankets, he stumbled over to the chunky stereo that sat on the desk, placed haphazardly by the edge of the bed. Jabbing at the power button, the first notes of his favorite song began to play, slipping out from the old speakers. Letting himself fall back down onto the bed, his eyes drooped shut once more, the music surrounding him and carrying him away on a wave of sound.

Usually a person appreciates music, some even love it with a passion like that of a lover, but Credence harbored feelings for this song that words did not seem adequate to describe. Allowing his thoughts to drift, coming and going like the tide, one in particular seemed to return to him again and again. It was the sight of you that was etched into his memory like some sort of burning scar.

Letting his eyes open and stare up at the stained white ceiling, Credence forced himself to put all thoughts of you aside. Instead, other faces began to flash through his mind. Modesty… Chastity… He found himself struggling to remember the faces that went along with the names. It had been so long now, yet even as the memories of their features blurred, the events were still there as clear as ever. Feeling a sort of ugly mixture of guilt, fear, sadness, and anger rise in his throat, he violently pushed away that section of his past as well.

The chorus of the song was echoing around the bare room, pushing into his dreams. This was your favorite song, he realized with a jolt. No wonder…

Raising his hand and holding it in front of his face, he felt cold and numb. Like something had broken or died inside him. He was used to it by now, spending his days locked away in his bedroom listening to a song on repeat and staring out the window at the clouds that never seemed to lift and let the sun shine through. You always seemed to be in the corner of his mind, like some sort of twisted photograph. You had slipped out of his grasp, in one of his moments of weakness when the darkness inside escaped. He had watched as you lay there on the crisp white of the hospital bed, unable to stop the fire of guilt and shame that burned at his insides. He had done this. Yet again, he had destroyed the thing he loved.

The last notes of the song faded away, and thunder could be heard somewhere in the distance. Credence lay on the rough woolen sheets that were strewn across the mattress, the only sign that he was alive was the faint rise and fall of his chest.