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my problem with this finale is that it didnt feel like a series finale. maybe a season finale, sure, but there weren’t any tie-ins or roots back to where the show started. its a finale for a show created season 6 and later, but not an overall finale for the entire show

ENDGAME? Bullshit.

How can you call it end game when it’s literally someone who had no part of the story until the second half of season seven????? How could anyone in their right mind think this was a good ending to the years of time invested into it and the story lines they brilliantly created? This shows a lack of effort and a scramble to fill seasons and make more money when it should have ended after season four. I am so sad to have wasted seven years on this garbage thinking that there would be a payoff in the end with answers.

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Do you like the relationship between Selina and Bruce in Gotham TV show?

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the show. I watched the entire first season and only portions of the subsequent ones so I am not an authority on the show by any means.

That being said, I do like the fact that they made a relationship between Bruce and Selina in the first place. It would have been very easy to pair Bruce up with anyone else so I commend the show for creating a relationship with Selina. It is interesting to watch the younger versions interact with each other and see some of the same characteristics that will define their relationship in the future. In this interpretation, maybe future Bruce’s inability to commit to a relationship is because he never got over Selina. That would be an intriguing plot line.  

People calling Sense8 racist clearly only watched one or two episodes? The stereotypes were the whole point of the show. They were created specifically to BREAK them.

Will - Stereoptypical cop in a city of racist, uncaring officers does everything he can to save a black child, a wanted terrorist, and eventually becomes a drug addict to save his cluster.

Riley - Stereotypical drug addict uncaring millenial is actually a widow with a dead child dealing with PTSD. Becomes the empathy center for the cluster.

Capheus - Stereotypical boy from an African tribe with a mother dying of AIDS. Not only does he stand up to and fight crimelords, he is able to get treatment for his mother and eventually becomes a politician himself.

Kala - Stereotypical Indian scientist is actually ALSO very religious while ALSO fighting against oppressive cultural traditions.

Wolfgang - Stereotypical German crimelord only does so out of necessity to protect his friends and his cluster. Has a heart instead of being a stoic killing machine like most Germans are portrayed as.

Lito - Stereotypical latino actor is closeted but is not reduced to flamboyant stereotypes after being outed. His career actually improves and is no longer afraid to fight for himself.

Sun - Stereotypical east asian martial artist is also a successful business woman working a high position at her father’s company. Is caught in a scandal due to the love she holds for her family.

And finally Nomi. This one may be harder to see of you’re not Trans but the “trans people have something wrong with their brain” stereotype. Not only was this proven false, she has the best critical thinking skills of the cluster and is a high-profile hacker.

Yes all characters at the beginning were a stereotype. But that was the point, to show that you are much more than just that. To show that you can turn labels and stereotypes on their head. That you can be whatever you want.

This show is important for the LGBTQ+ community, the Neurodivergent community, religious minorities, AND to racial minorities.

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There's been a image shared throughout the internet for years now titled "Cartoons Then Vs. Cartoons Now". It compares various faces from Hanna Barbera and Warner Bros era cartoons to "CalArts" cartoons (Steven Universe, SVTFOE, Gravity Falls, Clarence, etc), and it implies CalArts style is two circles for a head and big eyes and that all cartoons now are like that, compared to more diverse and artistically wholesome styles of the "old days".

Okay, this is the image we’re referring to:

I hadn’t seen this meme before. Very interesting! I could see the point they’re trying to make, but only on the surface. Once you deconstruct it you realize it’s silly…

Caveat: I graduated from Calarts, and I worked on two of these shows, so it’s pretty likely I have a bias toward defending the “cartoons now” stance. So there you go. But I had lunch with my peers today and we discussed this very topic, and we come from both Calarts and non-Calarts backgrounds. And we all agreed this meme was just…annoying. Here were some of our points:

First of all, I’m construing that the people who made this meme are arguing that cartoons today look too similar. Is this the same thing as the “calarts style?” If it is, then their “argument” is off to a bad start. Two of these current shows were created by people who didn’t attend Calarts. (Steven Universe and The Amazing World of Gumball) And the two that DID had the same character designer contribute to the designs for a time (Phil Rynda). 

Secondly, it’s comparing 80+ years of cartoons vs. cartoons from 2011-2015; just 4 years. Pick any 4 years since the beginning of animation as a storytelling medium and my hypothesis is that they, too, followed a somewhat recognizable trend in style and quality, right? Although I still feel like each of these shows is stylistically very unique and stands on its own. 

Thirdly, if this is what people are calling the “calarts style” then it is choosing to ignore the other 99% of animation that comes out of that school. Every year there are new innovative styles of storytelling and character animation that push the envelope–and not just from that school, from ANY animation school! So no, there is no “calarts style,” not in my book, and to me it’s kinda disrespectful or ignorant to assume that there would be. 

It would be fun to pull this apart even more, but I think I’ve put in my two cents worth… I would tell the people who complain about a “calarts style” to just go make your own cartoons if you don’t like what’s out there. 

Thanks for the fun topic! 

(P.S. that dipper is off-model)

I love how creatively Dear White People is filmed and that each episode is slightly thematically different based on the central protagonist. Gabe’s replicates old films because he loves movies, Lionel is an introverted thinker so his process shows him creating scenes with his imagination, Coco is reconciling her past with her future so we get a lot of flashbacks, Sam has a strong personal drive but inner confusion so her episodes are the least linear, jumping back and forward with less structure.

ATLAS: do not talk to me of the weight of the world, 
nor its people’s hearts. you know nothing of endurance.
the heavens are heavy and my shoulders ache. 
i am tired.

APHRODITE: you think holding the earth is enough?
you think you are close to them just because they rest on
your back? you know nothing of their pain. do you even remember
how tears taste?

ATLAS: i know pain. i know bruises that last centuries,
bone deep and digging like claws, burrowing like worms
through body structure-

APHRODITE: -you know standing still, rigid, a statue in body
and soul alike / you know the exact weight of the human heart
x 7 billion. you do not know how it feels to watch as they burn in place,
how it feels to see them fall; down / in love / to their deaths.

ATLAS: i carry them in life and death. my dear, your hands
are soft; they do not understand the strength it takes to balance
oceans on knuckles and land against muscle.

APHRODITE: my hands are soft because they hold hearts
as easily as you hold the world, and hearts, in their own way, are worlds.
i know strength. better yet, i know how easily strength crumbles
and i know how to guide through the breaking. do not equate soft
with weak. they are not the same thing.

l.s. | APHRODITE vs ATLAS: on the subject of strength© 2016

Everything Comedienne Quinta Brunson Does Goes Viral

Quinta Brunson never imagined she’d become a real-life Spider-Man.

No, she doesn’t crawl walls and she doesn’t have enhanced strength or speed, but her love for Spider-Man as a child set the groundwork for her passion for creating good work to help others visions come to life. “I’ve always been into helping others,” she tells ESSENCE. “I never set out to be an inspiration, I just try to make good work. I [just] want to drink water and not hurt people.”

Watch any of Brunson’s Buzzfeed videos (we recommend Seeing Your Ex In Public) and you’ll see one of the brand’s youngest content creators (she’s only 27, y’all) doing her thing in a powerful way.

Brunson isn’t your typical writer or video producer. She’s more than that. Her focus is to blur the lines between digital and TV. Her viral Instagram series “The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date” put her on the map, giving her the opportunity to become the development partner at Buzzfeed and even create three shows, and even sell one entitled "Broke,” to YouTube Red.

She’s also a unicorn—she’s a Temple University drop out who appears on a Forbes 30 under 30 list, but she remains humble. “I’ve removed the thought that I’ve made it because it keeps changing,” she says. “Thinking I’ve made it would stunt my growth.

Although the Philadelphia-native has accomplished a lot, Brunson has yet to work with Chris Rock, who tops her list of comedians she’s dying to work with. “Chris Rock is so amazing to me,” she says. “ He does an excellent job at storytelling—he’s done what they say a Black man couldn’t do.”

Brunson’s incredible command of the craft is apparent, but she’s also happy and willing to offer words of advice for future Instagram stars looking to create a viral video.

“It needs to be shocking, and plain ol’ fun to watch,” she says. “Relatability is huge. Remember, people want to see themselves in something.”

Spoken like a true superhero.

13 Reasons Why PSA:

This is obvious, but the last ep has an incredibly graphic (visually and auditorily) scene. You are NOT obligated to watch/listen to it. If you won’t be able to get the image out of your head or it might trigger you or make you nauseous, take care of yourself first. It’s okay. There’s tons of warning time; you’ll know it’s coming. Close your eyes and/or put your tv on mute. It’s okay. It’s something that’s very difficult to unsee and if you don’t want to live with the image, you do not have to. It doesn’t make you a bad person or a weak person.

The people who created this show worked hard to educate us on the subject of mental health. You wouldn’t be letting anyone down by taking care of yours first.

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Concept: yuuri wants to start using contact lens all the time but victor wont allow it bcz "YUURI UR EROS IS SHOWING EVERYWHERE ASDFGHJKL" but then yuuri uses his glasses and victor whispers "omg ur eros is still showing ive created a monster"

yuuri’s reaction to all of this probably lmao:


For the lovely people discovering Anne With an E via Netflix, over here in Canada where the show was created/produced it was named Anne the Series. And if you look up the Anne the Series social accounts, you’ll find the cast being all kinds of adorbz. The above imagery is from the Anne the Series Instagram. Check it out for more cuteness! And check the ‘Anne the Series’ tag here on Tumblr for more discussion :)