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tv wlw appreciation week: favorite kiss // clarke x lexa (clexa), the 1OO (3x07: thirteen)

may we meet again.

A Friend Of A Friend, These Strangers At The Party Never Paid

summary: “I left phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations for a month & it’s really nice and cute but I still don’t know who you are” AU

words: 12.7k

warnings: smut, mentions of smoking, alcohol/being drunk, lack of imagination as far as fic titles are concerned


Can you believe this was meant to be 3k?? I honeslty don’t know what happened there. all I know is that I have five exams in less than three weeks that I should be revising for and instead did this. yikes I hope this was worth it. (also pray4me that I don’t fail everything) x

Also on the topic of exams the actual reason I wrote this now was bc I’m kinda not gonna be writing for a while because of Lovely responsibilities and school stuff and revision so I’m gonna leave yall with this before I’m off Working and doing fun stuff that adults do.

I hope this is ok!!


Dan’s halfway through skipping History when he does it.

He doesn’t know why he did it – he really doesn’t, he was just kind of bored one afternoon and happened to be carrying a Sharpie and hey, it’d just be a laugh, right? In a school like this, what’s the worst that could come out of leaving his phone number on a cubicle wall?

His pen squeaks across the pale blue paint, already tainted with curse words and penis drawings and tipp-ex and “Call _____ for a good time ;)”. He supposes the caretakers have given up with trying to cover up the graffiti – there are still thin layers of paint and chipped plaster coating every inch of the stall walls, at least showing attempted coverage, but people had just written over them, scribbles of song lyrics and “never got caught” tattooing every inch of the previously blank walls. No amount of assemblies or threats of “whoever did this-“, inserts picture of something someone had written about the Maths teacher on the hall projector, “is seriously going to pay” from the head teacher had ever stopped anyone, so, really, what does Dan have to lose? Sure, they could trace the phone number, but that doesn’t prove anything – he could just as easily throw on the ‘innocent’ act and say it was his friend.

07843983276, he writes. He doesn’t sign it off with any comment, nor kisses, not even a smiley face let alone a winking one. He just leaves it there, in a kind-of conspicuous place just above eye-level on the right hand side of the door, eleven digits amidst many others.

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anonymous asked:

New here and new to DA. What did Cullen do?

Oh boy it would take forever to list every shitty thing Noodle’s done so like, here’s the basics of why I don’t like him.

  • In Origins, he has a really creepy crush on a female mage Warden, who he refers to as a thing he can’t have and essentially blames her for his crush. (He’s still weirdly into her 10 years later too.)
  • Cullen was literally designed to be creepy and scary in Origins. His writer said she could easily imagining him raping the female mage Warden to get her out of his system. People were not meant to like him. (But they did, because sexual harassment is Sexy, I guess.)
  • He returns in DA2 as second in command of the worst Circle in Thedas. While we never see him abuse the mages supposedly under his protection himself, we’re told that he rose to Knight Captain because he agreed with Meredith’s extreme anti-mage policies, and he is certainly aware of all the abuse going on in the Circle and does nothing.
  • He also says that mages aren’t people, there’s an argument for using Tranquility (so basically giving mages lobotomies) more widely, templars have power over mages by divine right, and the people of Thedas are fighting a losing battle because more mages are being born every day. All of which is really creepy.
  • At the end of the game he then turns on Meredith, relieving her of her command, not because of all the mages she’s killed/is intending to kill, but because she threatened Hawke, a noble and widely loved public figure.
  • In Inquisition, he makes half hearted apologies for his time as a templar in Inquisition, but he still holds the exact same beliefs; claiming mages are dangerous, believing the Inquisitor should go to the templars for help, saying a romanced mage Inquisitor is Not Like Other Mages, bugging a Leliana who romanced a female mage Warden about her girlfriend.
  • But while those are the reasons I intensely dislike Cullen as a person, the reasons I a I find him triggering and am incredibly uncomfortable with anyone who likes him, come in in Inquisition.
  • In Inquisition, Cullen is Commander of your army, and presented 100% as a good guy (albeit one who fucked up a bit in his past). And this is all because the fandom loved him, and begged for more of him. He was made a romance option, despite not originally being intended as one, because so many fans thought he was cute and sweet. (He also really shouldn’t be a commander, there are a lot of more qualified people and he has a history of abusing his authority.)
  • And Inquisition never ever lets you insult him, it tries to force you into being his friend. You can punch Dorian, but you can never be more than mildly snarky at Cullen. (You can screw him over if you tell him to take lyrium again, but that plotline is handled really badly and would be a whole other discussion.) You’re forced to act like you like and trust him, and you can’t get away from him.
  • He’s now the most popular Dragon Age character. Most of the fandom adores him, and bioware absolutely plays to that, and talk about him like he’s the most wonderful character ever and how much they love their #Cullenites. (It’s unclear how much is just marketing to what fandom apparently wants, and how much is bioware legitimately loving him more than any of their other characters, but either way, it’s kind of gross.) If you search Dragon Age on AO3, he’s the most popular character and Cullen/f!Inquisitor is the most popular pairing. Bioware’s default male Ryder in Mass Effect 4 is almost identical to him. He is so fucking pervasive, and he started off as a potential rapist that his writer expected people to find scary.
  • And like, the bit that really, really makes me uncomfortable is that mages in Dragon Age are based on neurodivergent people. The forced institutionalisation which is supposedly for their own good, the magical lobotomies, the general population’s exaggerated fear of how dangerous mages are as a result of fear mongering, the rumours that kids develop magic because of safety hazards in the environment or whatever (“maybe it’s the lyrium in the water”), the common wish that all mages should be just all be killed or stopped from being born or have their magic and the central part of who they are removed by making them Tranquil, the bullshit superstition “cures” which parents abuse mage children with, the belief that mages aren’t people like everyone else… As an autistic person, it all feels really, really familiar. There are real people like Cullen in the world, and they do not treat real people like me well.
  • And honestly it just comes back to the fact that media does not exist in a vacuum, and that while bioware and the fandom glorifies sweet adorkable Cullen, there are autistic people getting abused and murdered by their families, and then news coverage that shows sympathy to the families, because like Cullen with mages, a lot of the world still doesn’t really see us as people. There are girls who get sexually harassed and assaulted, but people don’t believe them because “he’s such a sweet guy!” and relationships people don’t realise are abusive because that sort of thing is romanticised when it happens in media.
  • And thousands of fans fell for this, and romanticised this creep, and bioware went along with it and just turned Cullen into a hero, nevermind what an awful person he’s shown to be, nevermind that everyone saying “yeah this guy’s a great person” just normalises behaviour like his in real life. And honestly that just makes me feel so unsafe and uncomfortable in the fandom.

Tl;dr Cullen was created to be a creepy potential rapist, repeatedly shown to be ableist and abuse his authority, and then bioware and the fandom started acting like he was the best guy ever, and it’s really fucking scary.

Super Shallurklance

@syeriane @shallurklancentric as promised, some cute Shallurklance, but with a cute cliffhanger ;3

“Is everyone in my apartment building a superhero?”
More like Lance is the normal guy who usually ends up taking care of his neighbors after they go out to fight crime and befriends them all, but has a pining crush on three of his neighbors bc fuck he’s too poly and bi to function-

Anyways, Pidge has plant powers and hacking skills, Hunk is basically an earth bender, Keith is a fucking dragon, Shiro can fly and use super strength, Allura is Wonder Woman but has cats, and Coran is the landlord of the building.

There are Major powers and Minor powers. Those with Major powers are usually in the Hero or Villain business. Those with Minor powers are generally sidekicks or civilians. Lance and Coran have Minor powers. Lance can pull water from the air or from anywhere within ten feet. It’s not very strong but it helps to clean wounds. Coran has the ability to bend metals. Enjoy ;3


"Is everyone in my apartment building a superhero?” Lance groaned, eying the pretty new girl moving in.

"No, not everyone. You aren’t. I think she’s the Hero Altea though. The hair certainly matches.” Lance’s above floor neighbor, Pidge, yawned from her spot leaning against the railing next to him.

“As in the city female favorite, Altea? Great. Let me guess, you guys are gonna show her the best place to patch up after a fight?” Lance asked defeatedly, narrowing cold blue eyes at the grinning superhero girl.

“You know it, Lance! I’m not taking chances! Also, do you have any more tea? I’m out of green leaf and I know you have an extra stock somewhere.” Pidge poked him in the side.

Lance sighed. “Yeah yeah, I bought a new box yesterday. Come on, I’ll make you a cup.”

Hours later, an explosion rocked the city and sure enough, as Lance calmly drank his hot cocoa in front of the TV, the news coverage showed the Voltron team plus Altea herself fighting against a massive metal monster.

The Voltron team, aka Lance’s neighbors in the Lion Apartments.

Black, a powerful hero with indestructibility and the gift of flight, his powers mostly originating in his prosthetic arm.

Olkari, a small hero with the ability to manipulate plants to her will, no matter the size. She could also hack anything, which was what she was currently doing to the monster’s mainframe.

Balmeran, the bulky hero with extreme strength. He was known for using the ground and environment to his advantage.

Red, the original partner of Black’s and gifted with extreme, nearly uncontrollable power. His flames could melt anything, as well as change him into a dragon if he felt like it.

And Altea, a woman with super strength, speed, and energy manipulation. Usually sending it out in the form of lightning or beams, usually white or pink, sometimes blue.

The creature went down after a short while, and the camera followed the heroes launching away in different directions.

But Lance knew where they would all end up eventually.

He came back from a quick trip to the supermarket and groaned when he found the lock picked and half open from a cute little vine, seemingly innocent.

“Pidge! What have I told you about breaking into my house through the front door?! The balcony sliding door is always unlocked you know!” The irritated Cuban called as he entered his home, noting the dirty tracks on the carpet.

“And Hunk! I trusted you to keep Keith in line during that fight, and now half the city is rubble! Keith, did you even shower properly before you came here?! Hi Shiro, Miss Altea. Pidge! Get out of the tea cabinet! I just gave you a box yesterday!”

Lance set his bags on the coffee table in front of both Shiro and the startled Altea before marching over to yank Pidge away from his tea storage, a small whip of water putting out a small fire left on Keith’s head.

Lance ushered everyone to a seat on the various couches in the main room. “Okay, who’s first? I got extra gauze this time, and special disinfectant for rust bacteria.”

Lance pulled water from a nearby cup and wrapped it around a particularly nasty burn on Shiro’s arm, the hero Altea looking on in fascination as the water slowly started massaging impurities from the blood and skin.

“So, miss Altea, I’m Lance. I usually patch these guys up after a fight, so I’m guessing they decided to bring you around too?” Said male asked the white haired heroine, raising an eyebrow and using another small water whip to clean up the blood on her cheek.

“Ah, well, Olkari insisted, since you are very trustworthy and she mentioned you keep a wide variety of tea?” Altea admitted, Pidge piping up from her seat trying to wrangle Keith into using an ice pack.

“Call me Pidge! We all live in the same building anyways, and Lance here knows us all on first name basis so we might as well use it ourselves!” The tiny plant hero chirped triumphantly as she managed to headlock Keith and press the ice against the nasty bruise on his back.

“I’m Keith, Shiro’s boyfriend and partner in heroism.” The man wheezed from where his friend was currently crushing his back as she ‘tended’ to him.

Shiro waved with his prosthetic arm. “I’m Shiro, nice to be working with you, Miss Altea.”

Hunk came back from the kitchen, stirring what looked to be a bowl full of chocolate chip cookie dough. “Sorry Lance, I borrowed some stuff for cookies. Also, hi, I’m Hunk and I’m usually the one to feed these people because somehow none of them know how to cook.”

The bulky man leveled a glare at his three teammates, each glancing away with a sheepish smile or a nervous chuckle.

“I kind of know how to cook!” Keith replied defensively, pouting.

“Keith, charred lumps of god knows what does not equal cooking.” Lance deadpanned, finishing his task of bandaging Altea’s arm.

The heroine snorted out a half giggle half wheeze, and Lance had to mentally stomp on the growing attraction in his heart. He already had two impossible crushes, he didn’t need a third…

“Well, my name is Allura. It is nice to meet all of you!” She introduced herself, and the others all grinned back.

“Well now that all the introductions are out of the way, who wants tea? I also have hot chocolate and coffee.” Lance asked, standing up and moving towards the kitchen.

He was sweating from the effort of holding up five separate threads of water. The ones that were currently cooling and healing the burn wounds on the 5 heroes.

Shiro wanted black coffee, Pidge wanted green tea with extra sugar, Hunk wanted a specific amount of sugar and cream in his coffee, Keith demanded chamomile tea, and Allura politely requested juniberry petal tea.

He didn’t notice Keith intently watching him serve their drinks, didn’t see Allura narrow her eyes when Lance swayed slightly, didn’t realize he was collapsing until Shiro practically vaulted over the couch to catch him on his way back to the kitchen.

He did, however, notice the worried voices whispering near him as he slowly woke up to someone stroking his hair. It felt nice, nothing like the stress his job had been putting him through lately or the strain of using his Power too much recently.

He sighed and rolled over to fall back asleep, the stroking in his hair never faltering.

Meanwhile, Allura frowned as she watched Red, Keith, pet Lance’s hair as he kept vigil over the man on the couch.

“It’s strange, normally he doesn’t collapse like that. I always tell him to rest after he uses his Power and take a break now and then, but today must have been a bad day to ask for help.” Shiro murmured, gazing at Lance in concerned fondness.

“For someone who exercises his Power so much, I wouldn’t think something so small as purifying wounds on five people would cause him to collapse. Perhaps he has been working too hard lately?” Allura asked, placing a comforting hand on Shiro’s shoulder.

“He isn’t home as much, actually. I’ve seen him come home real late at night and leave at really early hours.” Keith piped up, quiet so as not to wake Lance up.

Shiro sighed. “He has a communication problem, which is surprising for someone who’s so talkative.”

Allura giggled lightly. “I find it quite endearing. You were right to bring me here and convince me to move into this building. I believe Lance will prove to become a large part of our lives. I just hope he accepts us when the time comes.”

She moved over to crouch next to Keith, her fingers joining the Fire Hero’s tangling through Lance’s soft, silky hair. Keith hummed lightly and tipped his head onto Allura’s shoulder.

Shiro folded his arms over his chest and smiled as his girlfriend and boyfriend watched hopefully over the object of their affections.

After all, it was a secret that Black, Red and Altea were not friends, but instead a trio of polyamorous lovers. Not even Pidge or Hunk knew that Shiro and Keith knew Allura a lot more intimately than they’d acted like today.

One day, Shiro hoped, Lance would make it a group of four.

He wished for that day to come soon.


What do you think? Sequel, maybe? :3


10 Biggest Mistakes I See in Early Drafts

The Problem with News as Entertainment

The media, specifically news coverage, shows us and keeps us informed on what is happening in the world. There are many types of news: newspapers, magazines, TV channels… but at what point does news coverage actually become entertainment? And how do news channels MARKET their news for the consumer? It’s time to re-think what we’ve always seen.

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"Tangled: The Series" is the best show you're not watching — but really should be
Flynn Rider voice: "Who knew?"

HelloGiggles: Mandy and Zach have been playing these roles for a very long time. Do they improvise things while they’re in the recording booth?

Chris Sonnenburg: They’re both very different. Mandy trusts me very much. She always looks to me for guidance in a performance. I’m there for all the records so I walk them through a lot of the things. So, she trusts me and she asks me where Rapunzel is, and she’s always trying to pull from the page. Zach is…a little different.

HG: That makes total sense.

CS: He’s very much, of course, Flynn Rider. You know, he always does that. It’s Eugene Fitzherbert, but it’s still Flynn Rider. He loves Flynn Rider, and he loves Eugene Fitzherbert, and he loves the heart that this character has and he’s very attached to that. And they’ll be lots of times when we’ll write a line, and I think reading it on the page and going through our story cycle, it sounds great in our heads, but then when we get in front of the microphone and Zach says it, all of a sudden it’s like a record scratches. It’s like, “Oh, that is not anything that Eugene would say.” And so a lot of times I’m like, “Zach, just make it your own. Just give me five different reads, and just mix it up.” And he’s always so much fun. As a matter of fact, we just recorded with him today, we had spent the whole morning with him, and he’s so much fun to just pal around with.

He’s a great friend, he’s so loyal, and he’s so warm. And then when we get into the room he’s always quick with an alternative line, or with an addition to a line, and he’ll put in a little head swagger or something. And a lot of those things we just put into the show. It’s so important to get their performances before we animate so that they can put those little nuances into the animation.
Liam Payne Showed Off His Dance Moves For His Debut U.S. TV Performance
He even worked in that 1D mic flip
By Sasha Geffen


5h ago

Liam Payne took the stage alone for the first time on U.S. television last night (June 21), performing his solo single “Strip That Down” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

While the song’s featured artist, Quavo, wasn’t able to make it out to the performance, Liam was accompanied by a handful of dancers on the bare stage lit by neon tubes. He showed off plenty of his own moves, too, including that trademarked 1D microphone flip.

Turns out he can work it just fine all on his own.

My TF2 Comic Series

This is a rough idea as to how I’d plan out a new on-going TF2 series if I were given the chance, based on what I know of established plot and my major assumptions about what some of the final developments are likely to be. When (if?) part 7 of the current TF2 comics storyline gets released, a lot of this may get rendered moot. I’m just spit-balling, anyway. It’s fun!

So! Here we go.

Picking back up in the spring of 1974. Everything is different yet also pretty much exactly the same.

Demo gets saddled with Merasmus, first as a roommate, then as a magical mentor. Merasmus knows he must eventually train a successor to carry his arcane knowledge into the future, and while this guy may be drunk half the time, he actually has a lot of potential. And besides, he did Merasmus a solid when he took him in. So Demo embarks on a wondrous-yet-annoying quest to unlock his magical potential and claim his alchemical heritage. Merasmus and Mrs. DeGroot get along like they’ve been friends their whole lives, of course. Demo’s home life becomes a wacky supernatural sitcom starring himself, Merasmus, his mum, and his three familiars Eyelander, Bombnomicon, and Mini Monoculous. (Those three have their own weird dynamic. None of them actually like each other very much.) And hey, magic powers!!!!

Zhanna and Soldier have the biggest, stupidest, most elaborate Hawaiian wedding ever because it’s the furthest thing from that frozen Siberian hellscape she could imagine. (Soldier grumbles a bit that it’s barely even America, but finally relents.) Literally everyone is invited, including any and all NPCs, old enemies, the ghost of Tom Jones, a clan of raccoons, and close family of the mercs. We get to meet Soldier’s weirdly normal family and catch up with Zhanna’s family. Soldier turns into a drama-bomb groomzilla while Zhanna is just overwhelmed with happiness. She falls into a coma from the mental shock and is roused out of it when magical intervention annoys her into returning to reality. Once married, they immediately begin furiously attempting to conceive a child. Like, more than they were before.

Heavy himself is adjusting to his new family situation and being a little overbearing (unintentionally.) His mother is happy to be taken care of, so he moves her to America and builds her a beautiful cottage not too far from where he lives. It has all the amenities, including a high-powered laser mounted on the roof. Zhanna is starting her own family, and he’s secretly giddy at the idea of being an uncle. Yana and Bronislava are both off on their own world-trotting adventures, but they don’t write him as often as he would like. He’s collecting the selfies they mail him from all the exotic locations they visit into a photo album, which he likes to flip through and feel that big brother combination of pride and worry.

Medic has to deal with his past, such as his parents. He’s finally gotten around to going through the box of keepsakes and documents left to him by his mother, where he makes some interesting discoveries, and his elderly father comes sniffing around, presumably to take advantage of his estranged son’s advances in rejuvenatory medicine. Meanwhile, occasional bids from Mephisto, Perdition Representative and current minority shareholder of his souls, to tempt him into trading for more favors are casually swatted away. (I mean, until he actually wants something he can’t accomplish himself.) Medic really shouldn’t underestimate a sufficiently pissed-off devil, though. They have ways.

Throughout every story, hints are occasionally dropped that Pyro is an alien. Some are subtle, some… less so. Someone important apparently takes notice when Pyro begins to be followed around by 70s-era X-Files style FBI agents. Balloonicorn delights in terrorizing them, but Pyro is looking forward to making real good friends! Ultimately, nothing is ever revealed one way or another about Pyro’s nature, so everyone just ends up kind of confused.

Saxton Hale has stepped down as the big boss of Mann Co (handed over to Miss Pauling, who will sometimes call for advice) but remains an investor. He and Mags are now a power couple, but he’s going through a mid-life crisis in which he’s seeking out and wrestling the most legendary, dangerous monsters in the world, which is getting dangerous even for him. Mags has her own complicated feelings about the rekindled relationship, including the baggage from her past marriages, brief as they were. Eventually Saxton must face the fact that the most challenging foe he must wrestle into submission is… HIS DUTY TO MANKIND (and Mags.) They return to Australia to help rebuild after the loss of all the world’s Australium and oppose Charles Darling’s growing post-apocalyptic Thunderdome-esque zoo-based empire.

Sniper has manned a disastrous submarine expedition to the sunken ruins of New Zealand (because he built it himself and refused to ask for help) and barely survived. He reluctantly asks his fellow mercs and Miss Pauling for help in a second expedition, recovering artifacts of his lost heritage in return for sharing it with Mann Co. He also gets roped into Mad Max-esque adventures with Saxton Hale and Mags. And of course, his birth parents are still at-large, which he doesn’t know how to deal with AT ALL.

Miss Pauling is juggling several explosives at once. First, she’s just getting the hang of being Mann Co. boss (including having people do things FOR HER, her assistants Bidwell and Reddy), dealing with the terrorist cult Rise & Shine that’s out to ruin the company, hiring new staff (Driver to help with the cult situation and a new merc liaison to fill her old role, Chicken Girl), forging her vision for the future of Mann Co., and deciding how to deal with the company’s inconvenient ward Olivia Mann. She has her fair share of frazzled moments and sudden urges to dump all her responsibilities and run far, far away, but she never does. That’s not who she is. Oh, and she gets a girlfriend, so that’s nice.

The new liaison Chicken Girl (as everyone insists on calling her after Scout recognizes her) doesn’t actually remember Scout and finds him very aggravating, but not enough to quit her new super-legit job, which she’s actually very good at, once she gets the hang of it. She just wishes they’d stop calling her Chicken Girl. Just “Chick” isn’t an acceptable substitute.

Engie is increasingly called on by Miss Pauling to consult on developing exciting new tech for Mann Co, which is especially important in a world without Australium to fuel effortless scientific discovery. The McMANN is his first such success, and he’s so excited and proud! He collaborated with Driver, the new blood, on its final design, but it was 95% his project. (He’s pretty sure that goes without saying.) Engie spends a lot of his time quietly tinkering away at ideas to make the McMANN even better, but he cooking up some other stuff that he knows Miss Pauling will be interested in. Even though some of it’s a little… weird.

Scout, Spy, and Scout’s ma are awkwardly trying to form a conventional family unit. This is extremely complicated because Scout is still convinced his father is Tom Jones and there are all those older brothers to deal with. The most successful moments happen when Scout’s ma tricks the two of them into spending time with her for a nice outing like a picnic at an outdoor concert, a baseball game, a demolition derby, etc. (Of course, there are shenanigans.) We also learn about the history behind Scout’s parentage.

The Mann brothers are all still hanging around as increasingly irrelevant ghosts, doing silly ghost stuff. Since they’re triplets, none of them can move on unless they all do, and it’s a constant source of arguments. Redmond & Blutarch just want to pull spooky pranks on people, but Gray takes as much time as he can to try to influence and even possess his daughter Olivia, which she eventually starts fighting.

I would include Driver in this new set-up, as previously mentioned. As the new recruit, she’d be the one to ask questions about stuff the audience might want answers to, which is a useful function in fiction where a bunch of crazy shit happens all the time. She’d have her own little character arcs, too, but I’ve gone on enough about all that.

And do keep an eye on that weird new cult that has it out for Mann Co. Rise & Shine? Yeah, I’ve mentioned them a few times. To the public, they seem so cute and harmless, with their chubby smiling mascot of a guru, talk show coverage, novelty songs, and funny comic book series. But we know better.


British Silver-Hilted Presentation Sword

Born in 1849, Edric Frederick Gifford with the grandson of Robert, 1st Baron Gifford, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas and Master of the Rolls. Entering military service with the 83rd Regiment of Foot (County of Dublin), Gifford later joined the 24th Regiment of Foot (aka the South Wales Borderers) as a Lieutenant for the First Ashanti Expedition, part of the Anglo-Ashanti Wars which took place in and around the territory of the Gold Coast Colony, serving as a Special Service Officer training and leading teams of native fighters. Lord Gifford’s service as a highly capable reconnaissance officer was noted in his Victoria Cross Citation, in particular his actions in the taking of Becquah (modern day Bekwai), in which he and his unit were the first to breech the town’s defenses in advance of the main unit. Following the Ashanti Expedition, Lord Gifford served as Aide-de-Camp to General Garnet Woolseley during the Anglo-Zulu War, and finished his career as a brevet Major. After leaving the service, Lord Gifford served as Colonial Secretary to Western Australia from 1880 to 1883, Colonial Secretary to Gibraltar from 1883 to 1887, and made a director of the British South Africa Company in 1889. Upon his death in 1911, the title of Baron Gifford passed to his younger brother, and remains active today. The sword measures 38 inches in overall length, with a lightly curved 32 inch single fuller blade, numbered “18847” on the spine, with the etched “HENRY/WILKINSON/PALL MALL/LONDON” address on the left ricasso, gilt brass “HW” proof seal on the right, and scroll decorated panels up each side, featuring scroll designs and a Queen Victoria cipher on the left. The right side bears the inscription “LIEUTENANT EDRIC FREDERICK LORD GIFFORD 24TH REGIMENT OF FOOT/26th FEBRUARY 1873 WISHING HIM GOD SPEED, FROM HIS FRIENDS IN THE 83rd./NON SINE NUMINE”, the final Latin line translating to “not without divine favor”. The hilt hardware is silver finished, with attractive raised scrollwork on the 3-branch guard, featuring a cut-through Victoria cipher in a wreath, additional scrollwork running down to the pommel, a woven gold wire sword knot hung from a piercing in the guard, and a multiple strands of twisted silver wire around the ivory grip, which is carved with raised scroll designs to compliment those on the hilt. The metal sheath also bears a silver finish, with near full coverage engraving, showing vine patterns along the suspension bands and down the front and back, scroll accents, and a series of floral patterns on the drag and down the sides, set into an interwoven geometric pattern.

doesn’t anyone ever wonder when they see those cell provider companies and they show their coverage maps and in every single one there’s this fucking HUGE GAP in the midwest??? like how them cowboys makin their calls????