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i think what i found the most heartwarming about this moment between isak and even and their friends is not just the fact that it looked adorable. what touched me the most was how much thought was put behind it. julie cares about fans of the show so much, she cares about how they feel and she sees the impact the show has on its viewer, she sees the impact isak and even had (and still have) on the viewers. she actively wants to find out what we think of the characters and storylines she creates, how we feel about them, she reads what people have to say on social media. this part of the clip, how they were all standing, was directly inspired by a fan’s drawing 

and she knows how important it was for some of the viewers to see a same-sex couple have a happy ending, she knows how important it was for some of the viewers to see a character who has a mental illness be with someone who loves them, for them to be in a successful relationship. she knows how important it was to see them be surrounded by people who love and support them, friends who appreciate them for all that they are 

and so this moment wasn’t just about making the viewer go “awww” and making them smile. it was so much more than that. it was about making the viewers feel like they matter, like they are cared for. it was julie telling us “i see you, you who have been watching them, you who care about them and their happiness and their well-being. look at them doing so well, look at how happy they still are”

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did Octavia take the chip to become commander? It will be all Lexa's gay thoughts to make Octavia queer Lexa: Clarke was really good at sex Octavia: the fuck?

She isn’t a nightblood as far as I know which makes it even worse. 

Honestly they may get me to watch an episode again if they put Lexa in Octavia’s head whispering really inappropriate shit at the worst times. 

Lexa: “Her boobs look really great in that shirt.”

Octavia: “I’m in a council meeting, Lexa. Shut the fuck up.”

Lexa: “Tell her I say her boobs look really great in that shirt. If you do I’ll stop talking.”

Octavia: “No.”

Lexa: “Fine. I can just describe the things we did when we had sex. So Clarke-”

Octavia: “Clarke your girlfriend says your tits look great!”

as promised, another clip from mbmbam. this one is from episode 1, “dorms & ghoulsmashing”. if you can, please get seeso and watch this television program today.

So the last episode of skam is going to be a clip from each pov we haven’t seen yet. 

and each clip will show that character getting a message from Sana inviting them to eid. 

and we will finally see the world through the eyes of our beautiful norwegian children that we haven’t gotten the chance to see. 

we just saw how the world looks and feels for Vilde 

and now we will also see what that world looks for Even

oh my god I am crying 

Julie I am sorry for underestimating you

this is everything I wanted