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Why is “mouse society of scavenged objects living alongside and occasionally mirroring human society” such a widespread genre but such a niche fandom?

I refuse to believe this highly specific mouse fandom is not out there. I mean it’s like… Most movies/stories featuring such a world are pretty much compatible with one another if you level out the anthropomorphism. Is there a password? Do I need a secret password to enter the Mouse Fandom? Or, like its source material, is it merely small, living in the scaffolding and on the discarded pieces of other, larger fandoms where none but the residents and children may see its’ inner workings?

I wish to partake but alas, I cannot locate said Mouse Fandom.

The Problem with Modern Clown Breeding

Alright, this may be out of line, but there’s an elephant in the comically-undersized room and it’s high time we addressed it. Simply put, breed standards have become stringent to the point where inbreeding, and all the health issues that come with it, is rampant in the clown-showing circuit. Confused? Let me show you an example.

This is what a Belgian Spurthigh looked like in the late 1800s. Like most breeds in the Japing group, it was bred for function over form - those distinctive bony spurs on its hips, for example, protected the pelvis during particularly intense pratfalls. But over the last 100 years, we’ve exaggerated these features to a grotesque degree - take a look at the modern Belgian Spurthigh.

A single-minded focus on aesthetics has turned the breed into a warped caricature of its past self, and a veritable time bomb of health issues. Cataracts and hip dysplasia are so common that newly-hatched chucklets have to be tested for them, and the hip spurs are so pronounced in utero that they run the risk of puncturing the egg sac. Let me emphasize that again: in their current state, they cannot lay eggs naturally - to prevent the eggs from puncturing themselves, you have to give the mother a C-section and pull the strings of egg sacs out like a bunch of handkerchiefs tied together. This is not a state any living thing should exist in.

But how did it get this bad, you ask? Blame clown-showing authorities like the American Kook Club. The breed standards they set defining “ideal” clowns have gradually called for more and more pronounced features. When individuals win big events like Jokesminster, every breeder of that breed wants to to have the winner sire a litter with one of their clowns. When everyone is focused on a single, homogeneous ideal, inbreeding runs rampant and the breed’s gene pool shrinks dramatically.

So what do we do now? Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy solution. Preserving high-risk breeds may require crossing over with related breeds (in the case of the Belgian Spurthigh, we’ve seen some success with Andalusian Fool mixes). Clown breeders must continue to put pressure on the AKC and other authorities to prioritize health when defining breed standards. The clown breeds we know and love are in danger, but I believe that if we work together, we can continue to have happy and healthy clowns for generations to come.

Clean Energy Created By Nikola Tesla Sent Through Conducting Earth

In the photo above, Tesla is showing a transmitting circuit connected to earth and to an antenna. He shows how the transmitter produces two effects; Hertz waves, which pass through the air, and a current wave, which traverses the earth. The Hertz waves, which we use in radio and wireless technology today, propagate with the speed of light, and their energy is unrecoverable in the circuit because they eventually disperse and diminish with distance. The current wave on the other hand, proceeds through earth, first at infinite velocity, then gradually diminishing velocity until at a distance of about 6,000 miles (near a quarter of earth’s circumference, which is 24,900 miles) back down to the speed of light. From there on it will proceed with increasing velocity, reaching infinite value at the opposite point of the globe. Tesla established in numerous observations, experiments and measurements, both qualitative and quantitative, that these currents from his transmitter traveled around earth and back to his receiver at a mean velocity of 471,240 kilometers per second, or *292,814.96 miles per second*. That’s over 106,500 mph faster than light. In properly attuned receivers the energy of this current is recoverable in its entirety.

The Hertzian waves we use in today’s technology are 90% radiation and 10% current, while Tesla flips it and gets 95% current and only 5% radiation. This is clean, renewable energy at its finest. All Tesla needed was the hydro power coming from Niagara Falls to run this transmitter to bring cheap, wireless power to the world.
A real investigation would examine particular claims and evidence. Instead, Republicans on the committee tried to foreclose the whole inquiry by quoting broad statements (made by former intelligence officials on talk shows and the salon circuit) that no evidence exists. They also cynically stripped the statements of important caveats. When Comey and Rogers said they couldn’t rebut these statements about a lack of evidence (since to do so would reveal classified or investigation-related information), Republicans portrayed that as confirmation of Trump’s innocence. This is an attempt to end the investigation before it begin

Guys, this is a photo of Astrid that her breeder took of her enclosure.

You can see some poo there, but that’s only 24 hours worth.

Look at her water and feed containers in the back ground! Look at the bars she’s standing on! These are the things that get nasty the fastest and hers are SO clean!

It’s obvious that her set up is regularly maintained.

Now, look at Astrid herself.

Big, bright eyes. Nose nice and clear. Feathers smooth, NO stains on the white parts.

Deep, dark black wing shields, with no visible dust. (Birds in poor ventilation do get visibly dusty!)

This is EVERYTHING you should be looking for when evaluating a breeder.

THIS is a bird who’s owner is NOT just giving you a sales pitch when he claims that she is a member of his family!

Astrid is not a show bird.

Her frill is nearly non existent, she stands pretty horizontally, and with nine white flights on one side and only six on the other, she’s really uneven.

A good breeder knows that a bird does not have to be a shoe in on the show circuit to be a good stock bird, and treats ALL of their birds like show winners.

All a great breeding bird needs to improve its breed is one or two really exaggerated or outstanding features, and a mate who cancels out their faults with out spoiling their best features.

In Astrid’s case, those are her beautiful head and her deep, rich color.

Her eyes are big and round. Head is solid and powerful, and her beak is structurally perfect! Her crest is full, beautiful, and even! (And the icing on the cake: her temperament is very patient and sweet.)

Hans stands tall and proud and has PERFECTLY even flights. 9 on both sides is AMAZING! (There can be between 5 and 10 white flights on a shield marked bird, with symmetry highly favored! 10 x 10 is considered perfect, but 11 flights on either or both wings is a fault, undermarking the shield) 

He has a good head and crest that won’t degrade hers, and is a pretty deep, shiny black.

I am SO excited to pair these two!