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A real investigation would examine particular claims and evidence. Instead, Republicans on the committee tried to foreclose the whole inquiry by quoting broad statements (made by former intelligence officials on talk shows and the salon circuit) that no evidence exists. They also cynically stripped the statements of important caveats. When Comey and Rogers said they couldn’t rebut these statements about a lack of evidence (since to do so would reveal classified or investigation-related information), Republicans portrayed that as confirmation of Trump’s innocence. This is an attempt to end the investigation before it begin

As an American equestrian, something I become routinely frustrated about is how cliquey the breed and discipline show circuits can be.  Its the fact that people who grow up in or only participate in (a) certain circuit(s) can be living in such a close minded bubble that any other influence from other styles of riding is usually ignored or shunned or labeled with a stereotype.  

I think especially with the American show scene, riding styles are separated into  tight little categories like “dressage”, “western pleasure”, or “huntseat”.  Some people living in the “western style riding world” will categorize “dressage” as a discipline only meant for certain horses and english style riders, while some people living in the “english style riding world” think trail riding, sacking out techniques, and indirect reining (neck reining) are things only for people who ride in a western saddle.  Then you’ve got your hunter/jumper circuit folks who never learn to utilize ridiculously amazing exercises like the shoulder-in or counter canter “because we don’t do dressage stuff.”  And you’ve got your Dressage riders who never utilize gymnastic jumping exercises “because we aren’t jumpers.”

If you ride and train horses to bring out the best of their minds and bodies and keep their health, soundness, sanity, and overall comfort in mind, it really doesn’t matter what kind of saddle you ride in.  Good horse keeping and training practices that keep horses happy and healthy should be the deciding factor in what riding styles you dabble in or decide to ignore, not that one barn bitch you meet that caused you to stereotype a style of riding.

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p.s.  be weary of folks who enjoy stereotyping and pointing out problematic factors in other riding styles in order to make themselves feel better about their own problematic discipline.  Embrace your riding style’s flaws and work to prove those negative stereotypes wrong or change them.

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"Only people involved in halter can speak on halter horses." SILENCING TACTIC "Speaking up about issues makes the breed look bad." SILENCING TACTIC Mudslinging about "backyard arabians" SILENCING TACTIC

(Is someone specifically doing that? Feel free to point that out if you like. You can stay on Anon.)

Mmmmmm dat derailing. Dat othering. 

I’m not impressed with anyone that wants to gatekeep and play holier-than-thou with other folks as a means to deflect, and certainly not with anyone that thinks that keeping appearances is more important than addressing very real issues within an industry. 

But that’s just me.

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here thinking about Carpool Karaoke and how Clint is the one who would end up on The Late Late Show because he’s the “not so popular” Avenger who gets shunted to the second tier late night. 

And when the producers are setting it up, one of the Avengers PR people mentions that Hawkeye’s a pretty good singer, so they set him up to do a bit with James Corden, thinking that it’ll be funny even if his voice isn’t so good.

And then, of course, Clint blows them all away and suddenly he’s going viral and the PR people are wanting him to do a charity concert.