show choir perks

#6, Performing with your band for the first time.
Based on a submission by we-create-the-dreams

I love it when the show choir finally gets to perform with the show band as opposed to the midi files the director makes for practicing with. The live music is so much better and it’s so fulfilling to see everything start to come together.

#5, When your choir becomes your family.
Anon submission.

This anon’s choir made a card for one of it’s members who found out she has multiple brain tumors. The card had all of the members’ signatures and the quote “Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind. This also applies to show choir.”

Anon, what your choir did for one of it’s members is really touching. That’s exactly what being a family means. I hope she gets better! Feel free to message me off (or on) anon if you see this.

#3, That “wide awake” feeling that comes with finally taking off your false eyelashes.
Submitted by christmaslightsandcoffeeshops

Taking off false eyelashes is probably the best feeling in the world. It’s almost like taking off heels after you’ve worn them for hours and your feet start to hurt, but then it’s so relieving.

#137, Shittering (shedding glitter).

As I walked into the kitchen to show my sisters my new show choir dress, I left a path of glitter all over the hallway and kitchen. My older sister then yelled at me to “Stop shittering everywhere!” which she explained as “shedding glitter. Shittering.”

Hello choir enthusiasts!

In hopes to get this blog back up and running, I’m going to start doing a frequent “Spotlight in Show Choir” post featuring different show choirs!

If you participate in or know a choir that would like to be featured, send in a message titled “Spotlight on Show Choir” with a link to a YouTube video of a performance!

And furthermore, if you are interested in co-running this blog, shoot me a message!

Hello all!

As you all can probably tell, I haven’t been posting for a while due to school commitments (I have found that being a first year music education major is extremely time consuming) and I apologize.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to pass on the Show Choir Problems/Perks torch to someone else who has a passion for and is still currently involved in show choir. If you are interested in co-running or maybe even running this blog, message me and I’ll give explanations on the template and everything.

I’ll reveal soon who I have chosen! I love you all and thank you for making my time with this blog a great one :)