show choir perks

Hello choir enthusiasts!

In hopes to get this blog back up and running, I’m going to start doing a frequent “Spotlight in Show Choir” post featuring different show choirs!

If you participate in or know a choir that would like to be featured, send in a message titled “Spotlight on Show Choir” with a link to a YouTube video of a performance!

And furthermore, if you are interested in co-running this blog, shoot me a message!

Hello all!

As you all can probably tell, I haven’t been posting for a while due to school commitments (I have found that being a first year music education major is extremely time consuming) and I apologize.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to pass on the Show Choir Problems/Perks torch to someone else who has a passion for and is still currently involved in show choir. If you are interested in co-running or maybe even running this blog, message me and I’ll give explanations on the template and everything.

I’ll reveal soon who I have chosen! I love you all and thank you for making my time with this blog a great one :)