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Aftercare ideas.

😍 Cuddles.
🍵 Tea or coffee.
🍇 Fruits or berries.
🛁 Bubble bath.
🐈 Stuffies.
👧 Playing with her hair.
🍫 Chocolate.
🎥 TV shows.
💆 Massage.
💑 Tell her how much you love her and what a good little girl she is.
💏 Kisses all over her body.
P.S. care about her and give her all the love.


Found via Facebook but then I went and hunted down the name on the watermark and HairByJaneY’s instagram is here and it’s pretty damn awesome. There are a lot of speed-up videos showing how the braids were accomplished, and apparently the same videos exist (at normal speed) as tutorials over on her YouTube channel.

(Also if you just do a google search for “hairbyjaney braids” you get THIS stunning view.)

@morgynleri this looks up your alley; are you familiar with her stuff already?

reference sheet i made for my designs of the boys!

anonymous asked:

ok but imagine bev showing eddie how to braid hair and richie offers to be his model bc he loves having his hair played with(and eddie) but eddie keeps accidentally pulling on it bc braiding curly hair is hard and richie is just sitting there like Oh Fuck (REQUESTED BY ANOTHER ANON SO I CAN'T CREDIT THEM)

Omg yes!!!


I’m on mobile so bare with me and also THEY’RE IN COLLEGE

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everyone paints lotor as this manipulative, cunning, evil monster but like watch him be an angsty teen who actually doesn’t want to lead the galra empire or some shit like that. maybe he just wants to chill and listen to some show tunes while braiding his hair