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reference sheet i made for my designs of the boys!

everyone paints lotor as this manipulative, cunning, evil monster but like watch him be an angsty teen who actually doesn’t want to lead the galra empire or some shit like that. maybe he just wants to chill and listen to some show tunes while braiding his hair

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Zen and MC doing each other's hair!!!

  • Zen wants to show off his braiding skills, so he does something super intricate that probably takes a long time.
  • MC is moaning and groaning the whole time about him pulling too hard or the process taking too long, but he just shushes her.
  • “You can’t rush art, MC.”
  • In the end though she’s definitely impressed!!!
  • Like damn this took a long time, but it looks so good?????!

  • She does a bun with a braid around the base of it.
  • It’s simple, but his white hair in a bun is so pretty wtf.
  • Many hair clips so it’ll stay on the top of his head.
  • When Zen sees the final result, he’s like?????
  • He’s convinced. He’s gonna grow out that stupid mullet so he can wear his hair in a bun all the time.
  • Also realized how much he likes flowers. When he has an excuse to put flowers in his hair, he does it because the colors look really pretty against his white hair. 

Dorcas Meadowes showing off her braids for a photo, as Remus really wanted to capture her flawless braids in a picture and she really loved to wear her hair like that.

- taken by Remus Lupin, June of 1977


Not every woman can be as brave as my Wylla.

A game of (maybe) forgotten ladies: Wylla Manderly

jace/simon + the accidental first date (2.7k)

simon is contemplating the merits of daydrinking.

he’s standing with jace, a block down from the restaurant where they’re supposed to be meeting clary, wondering if his silent pleas for her to hurry are actually working, and wholeheartedly wishing he was drunk right now.

it had been clary’s idea for the three of them to grab lunch in the first place. she picked the restaurant where she and simon had gone to celebrate when simon realized he could eat human food again (as opposed to humans as food, which simon does not miss at all).

simon had agreed because clary asked, and he imagines that jace agreed for similar reasons. and now they’re both standing here, sans clary, basically suffering. simon gave up long ago on ever trying to speak to jace without a guardian present; it’s too difficult and probably also extremely dangerous. this concept, of course, was not at all inspired by his massive, embarrasing crush on jace.

simon is at a loss. this is nothing like when he had unrequited feelings for clary. at least with her he knew how to hold a conversation. maybe it wasn’t always what he wanted to say, but he could string together sentences full of actual words, which is a feat that seems almost impossible right about now, with jace three feet in front of him, looking some ethereal combination of bored and stupidly hot.

and that’s it. simon can’t take the silence anymore. he’s gotta say something.

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