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As you see I’m more of a cat person but I hope you like it anyways and keep reading my reactions ^^

You went to your old school friend and she just happened to work in a pet store. She told you there is a cute hamster on sale and it has to be bought in a week or they will have to give him away. You liked animals but you’ve never thought about getting a pet  Now you had a chance and you took it. You bought an enormous cage with a lot of tunnels and food and 100 other things you didn’t have to buy. Since it was your first pet you wanted to spoil him as much as you can. You came home with full car realizing you will have to explain everything to Seunghyun since you lived together. He was just in the kitchen, eating an apple. You asked him to help you carry things and when he saw a little hamster in the cage, he froze and just watched him for a second. He loves animals but he’s not very fond of taking care of them. But since you’ve wanted it he agreed to take care of him too. After a couple of days you saw him playing with him and petting him, taking thousand pictures of him and posting them on Instagram.
“We should name him… What about Riri? He looks like he is gonna be a lot of trouble…”

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You already met all of his pets. His dog and he recently got a cat but they weren’t living with you. You knew he secretly wanted a cat badly. The problem for him was he couldn’t take care of the cat but now you lived together. That means you can also take care of the cat, that’s why you decided to adopt a cat from the shelter. Although you knew he likes unique breeds and expensive animals, you felt a lot better adopting a kitty from a shelter than paying money for an animal. You got home with  2 boxes and a bag. He was home at that moment and saw you carrying all those boxes and a bag and he helped. He was really surprised to hear someone meowing. You opened a box and showed the cat and all the other things you bought for her. He was against it at first but she was too cute to give her away now and he loved her with all his heart.
“NO. You know I can’t take care of animals because of my work… Aigoo ~ She is so cutee ~~”

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When you lived at home you always had a dog and sometimes even two because you didn’t live in the center of the city. But when you moved in with Youngbae in an apartment, you felt lonely when he was working. He had a dog but he was stolen. It was really hard for him since he always played with him and went on walks with him. You went to the shelter and bought cute little puppy. You knew he needs a lot of care now, when he’s smaller and you just knew Youngbae will love to take care of him too. You bought everything for the dog and even made a special place for him in the apartment. When Youngbae got home and found a puppy laying in his bed with you, he just wowed and petted him immediately. He thought it wasn’t the best idea to just get a dog without asking him about his opinion but he loved the dog and played with him the whole day.
“Come here~~ Who’s a good boy? *Starts singing Good boy* You are a good boy…”

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You visited a pet store a lot with him and the way he loved playing with every animal was fascinating to you. He was playing with a dog and the next moment he was talking to a parrot. You decided to buy turtles. They were small and cute. You knew you will have to clean the aquarium a lot but if that meant he would be happier, finally having a pet home, you would love to clean it. He was at an interview when you got home and build the aquarium. When he came home, tired from the interview and saw the aquarium with 2 little turtles, he just stopped and admired them for a while. He got closer and petted them. He was really happy you bought them and he wanted to take good care of them. He named them after flowers because he thought they look like sunflower and a rose, since one was slow and beautiful and the other one was quick and cute. like a sunflower.
“Hi Rose~ Hi Sunflower~ Did you eat well~? I ate meat today~”

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He never wanted a pet because he thought they are too much work and you wanted to prove him wrong. Animals are amazing and it is paid off if you take care of them. The perfect animal for him is a cat. And you bought one. It was little older cat who loved just laying around, eating and loved being cuddled and petted. Seungri loved to cuddle with you but you don’t always have time for him, so the cat was there. When you introduced him to the cat he liked her but didn’t want her to live with you because he knew she’ll torn some things and eat a lot of your food, those were his thoughts at first and just after 2 days cuddling with her and petting her, he got used to her and loved her. He bought her expensive bed and good food, toys she always just bit and a collar with her name on it.
“SO CUTE~~~”

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Okay, so hear me out. 

The miraculous gang is standing around after class and there’s an empty box sitting off to the side from a presentation or something. Adrien’s been looking at the box all morning. And while Alya, Nino, and Marinette are talking, he just walks over to it without a word. 

I need him to just step up and stand in the box. And then everyone looks at him, and he looks back. And they say nothing. 

It’s just quiet while Adrien stands in the box. 

And then, after a few moments–like nothing happened–he steps out and walks out the door. 

And that’s it. 

I need Adrien in a box! Someone draw this right now!

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I know people have this thing with Daryl and Beth having a dog but can you imagine Daryl finding a stray kitten and bringing it back to Beth? Daryl with a little tiny kitty?