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I’ve read once an interview with Efrim Menuck. He said that he hates rock magazines and festivals sponsored by beer companies. The idea was that the band should perform their music but show business just uses musicians to sell some shit to people. Groups are used to fill the gaps between the advertisements.


This morning I was reading through Archie’s Funhouse Digest #22, and I found a Frank Doyle/Samm Schwartz story called “Show Biz” that I’d never seen before. It may be the finest example of physical comedy in comics I’ve ever seen. I’ve cut out the parts that really impressed me to show them to you.

Doyle was one of Archie’s most prolific writers from the 50s up until his death in 1996. He wrote a ton of my favorite Archie material, like the more adventure-based stories in Life With Archie, but he also wrote prolifically for the mainline Archie books. I’m thinking this story was probably an inventory story from sometime in the seventies or early eighties, when Schwartz drew all the teenage boys dressed like my grandpa.

I go around and around on who my favorite Archie artist is, between Bolling, DeCarlo, and Schwartz. This story shows off so much of what makes Schwartz’s work so exceptional. The clean, clear figure work combined with the masterful layout really makes the slapstick sing. Look at the flow on the sequence I’ve highlighted above, with Moose breaking the panel, leading the eye down, hitting the bench, and swinging back up to Reggie flying into the air with such a subtle but perfect pose. That panel layout shouldn’t work, but Schwartz made it flow beautifully.

Also check out the great expression on Pop Tate down at the bottom. That drawing printed at about a quarter inch high but it’s perfect.

Samm Schwartz could draw drapery on clothing like nobody’s business, huh?

‘Chappelle’s Show’ Co-Creator Moves Into The Limelight With '3 Mics’

After working mostly as a behind-the-scenes guy with Chappelle’s Show and Inside Amy Schumer, Neal Brennan is stepping out as a performer with his new Netflix special, ‘3 Mics.’ Brennan tells Terry Gross that he didn’t get serious about stand-up until Chappelle’s Show, which he co-created and co-wrote, ended abruptly after Dave Chappelle left the country. 

Brennan also tells Terry why he and Chappelle decided they would not divulge who wrote what for Chapelle’s Show

I knew when we wrote together, that he would get all the credit in comedy, and I would get all the credit in show biz. So in comedy clubs, someone once referred to me as Dave’s typist in the past, that he would get the credit because he was a really well known comedian and I would get all the credit in show biz , because I was a white person, so therefore they’re predisposed to give me the credit over a black guy. And I was also the writer, and in LA, the writer is the organized task master, and the one who organizes the talent’s voice – Dave being the talent. People don’t want to believe that you’re both talented, they want to believe there’s this simple explanation of like Neil is Dave’s typist or Dave is this crazy genius that Neil types for or Neil is this puppet master who is telling Dave what to say, and how to say it and where to say it.  And both are insulting, so I was just like let’s keep it anonymous, so people can’t divide and conquer and it’s just a respect thing.”

Listen to the interview.

Photo credit: Neal Brennan

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What do you think the guys' lives would be like if they lived in this time? like, what do you think they would be into? Music? sports? any specific works?

You mean their hobbies? Or their jobs?

I’ll go with job, then.

Sorry this took a long time, and ended up being a very long post. I tried my best to avoid anything that’s era-specific to get involved in the mix, e.g ninjas and warlords translating into spies and soldiers. 

Nobunaga: Someone in the show biz. If he’s not a superstar himself, he’d run an idol agency or production house and manage the hottest and top-ranking idols. He’s into indie stuff, and either partner with them or help launch them to stardom.

[This might seem out of the left field, but Nobunaga’s dreams of unification and politics all seems like a product of the era. If anything, what Nobunaga seem to really like is “showing off” and “being praised”. Hence, the showbiz.]

Mitsuhide: A master of traditional arts. Things like calligraphy, pottery, tea ceremony, poetry, classic literature, and so on. A top-level tea master, he would be high-in-demand with VIPs (CEOs, politicians, celebs), but he treats everyone equally. He wouldn’t prioritize the VIPs over regular people.

[Mitsuhide’s elegance has been emphasized a lot. All the “wants to make peace” and everything are very much related to the war situation. When they’re not talking about battle or politic things, then they’d talk Mitsuhide’s poetry or tea ceremony skills]

Yukimura: An international kendo athlete. When not training or travelling for tournaments, he sometimes helps teach at the family-owned dojo. He would have many offers to star in action movies or dramas, but he prefers to stick to championships and teaching.

[Even from the start of the prologue Yukimura already seems very competitive. I just can’t think of him being anything else than a championship athlete. I gave him a family dojo because he seems to have such a strong pride in his family name.]

Saizo: Best-seller author by day and hacker by night. He’d write various types of books under different pennames, anything from smut/erotica to “tame" romance novels. He probably only accepts the hacking jobs that he likes. If he don’t like it, he won’t do it.

[For some reason whenever I try to imagine Saizo in modern day I just think he’d be like Saeki from My Forged Wedding. I wanted to avoid “sneaky/spying” type of jobs because the ninja situation was very setting-specific, but in the end I added the hacker because… I think he’d do it for fun just to prank people.]

Masamune: Owner of horse ranch and falcon/hawk keeper. Also the leader of a prominent falconry association. His horses are particularly liked by dressage riders, performers, and yabusame (horseback archery) practitioners. He sometimes cooks for the dinners he host for the falconry group.

[I’d wanted him to be a chef at first, but he’s not really that excited about cooking, so I went with a falconry-related job instead. The game did say the Date clan’s falcons are the best. I also put horses because of the “hunting” image, even though falconry is not used for hunting in modern day, haha.]

Kojuro: Masamune’s assistant. Historian and text analyst of old writings. He collects and documents old historical records to share and discuss with the scholarly circles. He would sometimes help other historians find or get old documents from temples with the help of his priest relatives and their connections.

[It’s really hard to imagine what Kojuro would be doing without Masamune, but I chose historian because of his temple/priest background and book-hoarding habits.Temples and priests often play an important role in preserving ancient artifacts and/or documents. And, well, historians have huge collections of books that they don’t necessarily always look at all the time.]

Hideyoshi: Cafe owner. His place would be a popular hangout spot where people come more for the atmosphere rather than the food or drink. A small and cozy type of place where he can chat with the customers freely.

[It’s pretty hard to pick something for Hideyoshi because he can do a lot of things. In the end I chose a cafe because I think it’s the best option, because Hideyoshi seems to like making talking to people and make friends with everyone.]

Toshiie: Riot police. He looks intimidating enough to discourage people from causing problems, and strong enough to subdue anyone who did try to do anything funny. Sometimes he’d get in trouble for fighting or going overboard when handling troublemakers.

[With Toshiie my first thought is always “guard dog”, so for me it has to be either police or security guard. Or a soldier, if we wanted to go a bit extreme. I went with the riot police because he’d be too scary to be a security guard LOL]

Ieyasu: Intern doctor. Also the son of a rich doctor family, so he has grown up knowing some things about medicines and chemicals from a very young age. His family owns the hospital he’s training at.

[If we remove all the warrior/politics stuff, Ieyasu gives me the impression of a “spoiled rich kid”. I made him a doctor because I think it would be like him to want to have power over people’s lives.]

Mitsunari: A high school student, part-timing as a home tutor. He’d have tutoring requests from middle school or even fellow high school students, but he rejects anyone older than grade school age. Also a volunteer worker at the library in the weekends.

[Mitsunari is a good teacher… for kids, at least. Sasuke likes him, and he gets along great with the villager children. Had he been older, I’d make him a preschool teacher.]

Kenshin: An art collector. Dabbles in a little painting or flower-arranging himself, but mostly prefers to collect eccentric modern art pieces (and some traditional/classic art). He makes a fortune reselling them, because it’s really hard to make him let go of the works. So the price offer would increase, and then Kanetsugu would force him to agree to sell.

[I considered Kenshin to be beautician first, or some kind of artist, but I decided to make him into an art collector because of all those stuff he collects. While he could make some art, he seems to have much more fun viewing the artworks and admiring their beauty.]

Shingen: A CEO. He’s that kind of innovative guy who took what he inherited from his parents and turned it into a very successful enterprise. A pretty laid-back boss who encourage a friendly atmosphere in the work place, but can be strict when necessary.

[Shingen’s personality reminds me of the “young super successful entrepreneur” type. The kind of guy who started out of his garage, but then made it big in the business scene. But since I saw the event making a pretty big deal about his father’s heirloom, I decided to give him a family business]
'Hedwig and the Angry Inch': Theater Review
The cult rock musical by John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask comes to Los Angeles as 'Glee' discovery Darren Criss kicks off the North American tour of the Tony-winning revival.

As it turns out, the Pantages stage is free only because of the sudden closing (“last night at intermission”) of Hurt Locker: The Musical. If you happen to be sitting in the first several rows, do not miss the mock Hurt Locker Playbills scattered on the floor, a show-biz send-up that’s a hoot.
Then again if you happen to be sitting in the first several rows, also consider yourself warned. Glee’s Darren Criss, who portrayed Hedwig on Broadway in 2015 (one of a handful of star replacements for Tony-winner Neil Patrick Harris), steps back in for the first two cities of the tour, and he will absolutely have some fun with you.

The saucy asides and local jokes come fast. “If I wanted to see a mess in an L.A. theater I could just see … L.A. Theater.” There are shout-outs to Glee co-star Lea Michele, as well as its creator Ryan Murphy: “I’m the only scream queen on this stage!” And there’s a broad swipe at Donald Trump, whose ugly boasts about Tic Tacs and sexual assault are taken apart in a well-written bit.

These shenanigans of course cannot mask the pain Hedwig endures as an “internationally ignored song stylist” whose mother was cold as ice and whose former boyfriend, Tommy, has stolen the hit songs they wrote together and gone on to rock superstardom.

Criss conveys the weary fatigue, anger and optimism all at odds in Hedwig’s soul, appearing very much at home in one of the theater’s most physically demanding roles — as well as with the potent rock score that dips into grunge, metal, hair bands and more. A forceful straight-ahead rock singer, particularly on the opener “Tear Me Down,” he’s even better on the bar-stool ballad “Wicked Little Town,” which is reprised later in the show as a Green Day-style anthem. The plaintive “Wig In A Box,” which builds dramatically, and “The Origin of Love” are also standouts.

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People are holding onto literally any sign that GMW gets saved. Like Sabrina with a hairdresser, come on. I think its safe to say I isnt getting picked up.

I think the GMW fandom has a lot of young and/or just plain clueless folks who don’t realize how common it is in show biz to meet a professional hairdresser (or make-up artist or stylist etc) through one job and then continue to work with them beyond said job. And that’s not a knock on anybody—it’s not like Hollywood Working Relationships 101 is a class you take in high school. I get why someone who doesn’t know about that kind of thing might think/hope Laurie doing Sabrina’s hair means something good for GMW.

Anyway, I think if it was “safe to say” the show isn’t getting picked up, we’d pretty much know for certain by now, which we don’t. The fact that we DON’T have negative confirmation from MJ & Co yet means it’s still being worked on, which means there’s still about as much of a shot as there ever was (minus Netflix, who took themselves off the table early) and it could still go either way. 👍


Jane, who has been dead for 31 years,
never could have
imagined that I would write a screenplay of our drinking
days together
that it would be made into a movie
that a beautiful movie star would play her

I can hear Jane now: “A beautiful movie star? oh,
for Christ’s sake!

Jane, that’s show biz, so go back to sleep, dear, because
no matter how hard they tried they
just couldn’t find anybody exactly like

and neither can

- Charles Bukowski

okay I saw someone in my notes being sad that they never hear any positive Victor Hugo stories 
(honestly most Victor Hugo stories are just bizarre,  like how do you even rank the seance thing or the bat present, like at a certain point there just has to be a classification off the good/bad beam that’s just “Romantic” so everyone can get on with life , but I digress) 

Anyway I was reading Alexandre Dumas’ memoirs, and apparently early in his career, after a lag caused by multiple censor bans and refusals for all the usual show biz profit reaons,  he had put on a play for a sort of Society Preview to get assessed to see if it would keep going? As you do (oh gad French theater in the 20s-30s was so big and so complicated please don’t ask me to explain it all right here but anyway)

and it was a success! But he had to do multiple edits to get permission to make it an ongoing play! Which, okay, he could do that! Except he also had to have an opening night party and entertain the Right People to get this play to be successul! Like, really, had to.  So he wines and dines and schmoozes the necessary schmoozing all night and THEN has to go and look at his play and try to be creative and make necessary edits at Why O’Clock in the early morning–

and all the edits were already done.  Done really well, by someone really good  who totally knew the sort of thing Dumas would have written himself. And it was Why O’Clock in the morning, so he didn’t question the Magic Editing Elves too closely, he was just grateful and went to bed. 

But Dumas found out later from a mutual friend who’d been in on it that Hugo and another friend had snuck into the writing studio while the party was going on and done the edits without telling anyone 

because they were buddies and buddies do that

even in the memoirs years later Dumas is like YES HIGH FIVE THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY BACON PAL

so there you go, Victor Hugo, Study Buddy and Stealth Assistant Editor FOR FRIENDSHIP. 

──────[ ✮ ]


Cue a swooning pose, and a kiss blown right down the lens of the camera.


Because I apparently have no sense of priorities I have instead rewritten Maidel’s bio, though I still need to make him a proper relationships page. 

Also I keep toying with whether I want to keep Ullane as a main or not. I enjoy rping her, but she’s kind of the odd one out, without as much history or easy chemistry with other characters. I’ve revamped her, and I do like rping her, but…ehhh.

The problem is I really like my current mains setup, a.k.a two lowbloods, a midblood, and two highbloods. [Death the Kid voice] BEAUTIFUL SYMMETRY. 

Especially because unintentionally, they also evenly skip castes. Rust => Yellow => Middle Green => Cerulean => Indigo. COLORS.

so if I did swap Ullane out I’d want to replace her with another yellow or goldblood. But of course therein lies the problem of them needing to build stuff up too :’V

I could replace her with Ionole, but he doesn’t have as many rp opportunities.

…actually, no, I could swap in Owenii. They need some touching up but it’s doable, and their personality is good for a main. And they’re Civitrecce.

Just listened to the Ryan Murphy interview on the Lady Gang. It is about women in the industry, Feud, and the show biz world. The thing that strikes me given their ultimately severed relationship, is how incredibly alike Ryan Murphy and Chris Colfer are. Create your own dreams, speak up for yourself, use your weirdness to create your own thing…Some of the quotes could be Chris talking.

Two magnets from the same pole.