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  • you: all the trolls are bi
  • me, an intellectual: all of the trolls were raised in a society that doesn't discourage being bi since that's the way the whole world runs for them, however since as far as we know, the trolls are never told (until meetung the humans) that it's possible to be attracted to only one gender, a lot of the trolls are probably straight or gay and just don't realize it

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for the cliche prompt thingys: late night swimming

-Bodhi and Cassian are swimmers from rival high schools

-Bodhi goes to the snooty private school and, whilst he’s never the fastest swimmer, is very consistent and always performs well

-Cassian is the fastest on his team, sometimes winning races by several body lengths. he is terrible at teamwork, however, and the relay team never does well when he’s there, despite him being the strongest swimmer

-they see each other all the time at meets and galas and barely talk other than to trade insults

-one time at a meet Bodhi sees Cassian get into a fight with his coach. he doesn’t understand much Spanish but it’s clear that Cassian is cursing the coach as he storms out. Bodhi can see his crestfallen expression and his teammates’ unwillingness to follow him into the changing rooms.

-Bodhi follows him.

-he finds Cassian, slumped in the corner of a bench in the empty room, eyes welling with tears that he wipes away with the heel of his palm when he sees Bodhi enter

-Bodhi sits beside him and offers a tentative smile, asking what happened

-‘coach kicked me off the relay team’ he explains

-Bodhi offers to help him before he’s even thought about what he said

-Cassian looks at the sweet boy’s face and reluctantly agrees

-the next week they meet just outside the gate of Bodhi’s posh school at 10.30pm and sneak into the pool area

-the facilities are amazing and Cassian is in awe of them; although not as much as he is in awe of the adorable swimmer in the water beside him

-it becomes a regular occurrence; sneaking into the pool at dark and staying until well past midnight

-Bodhi helps Cassian improve on relay skills and teamwork and in exchange Cassian pushes him to go faster than he ever has before

-they sometimes still mock each other and fight in the water and Bodhi is acutely aware of the slippery contact of their skin

-in the dark, the pool lights illuminate Cassian’s face and accentuate his strong jaw and attractive smile

-one day Cassian is acting unusually smug, practically giddy with something unknown to Bodhi. when he asks, just as they are getting out of the pool to head to the changing rooms Cassian grins and says ‘coach offered me back my spot on the relay team’

-Bodhi kisses him with joy and Cassian kisses back and it’s damp and tastes of chlorine and yet is still so sweet and unreal

-'why didn’t you tell me right away?’ Bodhi complains

-'because I thought that maybe once you knew then you wouldn’t want to swim with me any more’

-Bodhi rolls his eyes and shoves Cassian into the pool. of course he still wants to swim with him. Cassian surfaces spluttering and giggling with happiness.




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In this video we go to the studio Ghibli Museum and explore all the wonderful Ghibli things, Eat themed foods and meet Totoro♪ It was a wonderful lovely time! Then we head off for a quick stop at Nakano Broadway to get some nerdy goodies before speeding off to Shinjuku for the most insane Show of my life, the Robot Restaurant! ^-^ Enjoy~~♪

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Show Me (Breaking... Alternate Ending #2

Chapter where Split occured

A/N: This made me feel very uncomfortable! I don’t like it! Burn this ending!

Wordcount: 1364 (I couldn’t bare to do more I am sorry!)

Warnings: Just stop right now nope!

Tags???:   @midnightokieriete (I know you’re studying ;-;) @renae-writes@deltablue202 @literally-melonkitty @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman@demi-godamit @gum-and-chips @sweaterkitty-fluff @pinkyiger7@littlemissshortcakes @msageofenlightenment @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandom-panda-221 @hummusandchips @spoopy-piineapple @ashwolfcub @myself-and-the-madman @sweet-fate@superwholockbooknerd526 @frozengal2013 @itsmikayblr @sarmar29@arya-durin-77 @phantastic-fandoms @hoshihime98 @shinigamired@martapetrovic @robotic-space @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 (lol) @asprinkleofmermaids @pinkyiger7 (I’m tagging you twice my friend!) @satellitesuga @rose-coloured-nihilism @okie-dokie-artichokeme @alyssumax@pandartist @marquiis-de-la-baguette @abi-sans05

Show me, a path left unseen. Show me, where I have failed. Show me, what could have been. Was balance truly met?

“You truly are something else Y/N, thank you.” She soon left you in the candle lit room by yourself. Okay Y/N! Let’s tidy this place up! You first put away all the sheet music and gathered all the dishes in the music room, cleaning them with the dishes from supper. You usually didn’t like being in the study by yourself but you could only imagine the state it was in after Alex took residence there. You took a candle and made your way to the door, opening it you were met with a monumental disaster zone. Paper was scattered all over the desk and floor, next to them were piles of dishes. The couch was a complete wreck, you assumed Alex had been sleeping there. No pillows or blankets or anything… First you gathered all the papers and stacked them neatly on the desk. Then you dealt with the ridiculous amount of dishes, much to your dismay. You were starting to worry about where Alex was as looked at the couch and began to fix it like a bed for him. While you were adjusting he blankets you laid down you heard footsteps approaching from outside the room. Did one of the kids wake up? You straightened out your skirt, expecting Johnny to peek his head through the door. Instead, the door opened to reveal someone much older and more distressed than a child with a nightmare.

“Alex? Where have you been? Are you alright?” You noticed how he stumbled into the room, you rushed over to him and helped him steady himself.

“Yes, I am…alright. Nothing to worry about Titania…” His voice was deeper than normal, like he had been crying a lot. Which became more obvious when you saw how irritated his eyes were.

“Alex…What happened? You’ve been gone all day…” You could tell he had been drinking but he certainly wasn’t drunk, buzzed was certainly the best word for it. You led him over to the couch and suggested he sit down but he refused.

“I need to stand if I tell you this…” He sighed heavily. “I went to go deliver something that I had been working on these past couple of nights.” You had an ominous feeling.

“Delivered what? That sounds suspicious…” Your eyebrows knitted together as he stood in front of you.

“A pamphlet…that will be printed out and distributed tomorrow morning… It’s your pamphlet.”

“What do you mean my pamphlet?”

“Titania’s Pamphlet, I’m using it to clear our names from the slander that Jefferson and Callander have placed on us.” Oh no…

“Alex… Why would you…why would you do that?” You were incredibly confused; he could’ve let it go!

“Titania, you have to understand! I couldn’t let them spread something so baseless about you! I was protecting your legacy!”

“I don’t care about my legacy, Alexander! I don’t care about what people think of me! You’ve just put yourself into an immensely bad position… What about Eliza? What will this do for her name?” You asked. He had look of clarity on his tired face.

“Oh no… Damn, I didn’t even think…I tried to keep it vague to avoid any controversy. Do you think that’ll be enough?”

“I have no idea! I’m not your wife! I have no clue how I’d react!” If he wasn’t spiraling before, he sure was now. He thought he was doing the right thing; he couldn’t even see another option even though there was a clear path he could’ve chosen. But it wasn’t as though you couldn’t relate to that. Perhaps if you had done something different on that night with Anna, you wouldn’t be here. But you didn’t see another option at the time. You could criticize him all you liked but you knew you couldn’t. This was something that you understood more than you cared to admit. Even more than that, this was Alex. He taught you so many things, cared for you, helped you. You were grateful to him. Alex sat down on the couch, his head in his hands, you could tell he was about to cry again. Poor man…this whole situation is messed up. You knelt down in front of him and taped on his arm to try and get his attention. “Hey…Alex, it’s going to be alright…” You attempted to reassure. His shoulders shook softly.

“How do you know? I haven’t slept in a week, I’m weak and awake. I feel so…”

“Helpless?” You interjected. That’s certainly how you felt sometimes. Your world turned upside down and now this is what you had. You saw a few stray tears fall from his eyes, usually they were deep and intelligent but now they were empty. “I know you are a man of honor and you probably want to be left alone. But I don’t know if I should go, especially after you’ve let me into your home.” He lifted his head up.


“My life has done me so much wrong. Beaten me, cheated me, mistreated me. But just when I thought all hope was gone, you were the one to show me how to move on… For once in your life Alex, just take a break! You seriously need it…” You wrapped your arms around his back to try and comfort him. Your head rested against his chest, you could tell he was caught off guard. He stood still for a moment, his knees naturally touching your sides. After that moment was up, he hugged you back, holding you tight. He clutched onto you desperately and you could feel his whole body shake. “Shh…It’s alright. I’m here…It’s going to be okay. You know, you don’t have to hide yourself away all the time. You always try to make yourself seem strong but me and you are too much alike, I see right through that. It’s perfectly fine to break down your walls every once in a while…” You felt his chin resting on top of your head. You pulled away slightly and looked up at him. Opia. You couldn’t figure out why but that’s what that felt like. Alex was never vulnerable, he didn’t necessarily have walls built up around him but he certainly wasn’t honest with his feelings all the time. His eyes looked so helpless.

“What am I going to do, Titania? Eliza…she’s going to hate me…so will everyone else! Why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut?” He sounded so angry at himself.

“Alex, I don’t hate you! I could never hate you!” You brought a hand to his cheek and wiped away some of his tears. Your guys’ eyes were locked on each other, it was odd. You didn’t necessarily feel flustered, it was confusing. You’ve never seen Alex in this light before. “Mr. Hamilton… Please, believe me. I could never hate you…” Why did I call him Mr. Hamilton? His gaze broke from yours slightly but not for long. His stare almost made a triangle shape. Left, right, down. Left, right, down. What the hell is happening? You weren’t sure what it was but you felt like something almost pushed you forward. It was like an invisible hand hitting your lower back. Shit! Your heads knocked together, more specifically your lips hit together. Both of you were surprised, your eyes wide open. Neither of you quite sure what the hell just happened. But for some reason, neither of you pulled away either. And then both of you closed your eyes. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?! You were surprised, his lips weren’t soft. You weren’t sure why it surprised you so much. They were rough, more experienced. It was like you could feel the weight of his entire life in a kiss. He’s just so…helpless… Your arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and his went to your waist. Then that moment struck. What did I just do?! You both pulled away, terrified looks on your faces. “Holy shit!” You squealed.

“What did we just do?” He asked frantically.

“I don’t know!” You were trying to catch your breath. “…I’ve got to go!” You dashed out of the room, ran into your own and shut the door behind you.

What the fuck was that?!



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Part 1: Chapter 4: The Beginning of a Hunt

chapter summary:  Ethos remembers his first day meeting Aby.
Izayoi shows his new project.
New revelations and Naegi gets strange phone call.

space politics in poe’s bta chapter, a very serious meta

The Poe chapter in Before the Awakening happens only months before before TFA, and is rich in information on the context. By which I mean, MOAR SPACE POLITICS.

Also, I started drunk and I fell asleep and the middle and woke up still drunk. Thanks the automatic correction on word. It works really fucking well, btw. Also mean, because while I had an awesome my puppy almost died and it sucks that while I was being all swaggity swag he was comatose my baby, so mean mood I am after all an evil overlord don’t worry puppy is well now and will live also his name is ben because his mother was called princess leia and I’m awful.

So is this thing.

(1) The story starts !

patrols are boring

At the beginning, circa 30 years post teh war, Poe is a pilot for the New Republic’s space!navy. Which means Poe joined the Resistance really fucking late and I would estimate like one year before TFA at the most - circa 30 years post RoTJ means circa 34 ABY and TFA happens in 34 ABY. He’s set up from the beginning of the short story as a future Resistance member, though. There’s an Ominous Conversation with his dad which is fundamentally about the cyclical nature of time and the fact that People Never Learn A Thing, but let’s just say it shows in 11 ABY ex-Rebel Alliance members can and do worry “That it was all for nothing”. Teh drama! Though we don’t know if context worries him, or if it’s existential angst brought on by the relatively recent death of his wife.

So Poe’s leader of Rapier Squadron when the story starts, and seems to be mostly tasked with patrols (listen, the space routes are fucking vital for the galaxy, they are) without much happening. What he’s not doing is searching for the FO, as conversation with his squad shows, no, he’s searching for pirates! pirates have all the rhum, is why

Someone (Iolo is his name and it’s funny to me rn) says “Thing I don’t understand, Commander, is why we keep coming out here.”

“We are members of the New Republic’s navy,” Poe said. “Or have you forgotten who it is you signed up to protect?”

“I know it’s our job. What I’m saying is, look, I understand the Republic is concerned about piracy in the trade lanes, I get that. I absolutely, totally, I get it. Impact to galactic commerce, citizens need to feel safe, rule of law, all of that. But we’ve been flying this patrol for three weeks now—”

“Four,” Karé corrected.

“Four—thank you, Karé—and not one smuggler, not one pirate, not one miscreant, heck, not even one unmanned drone has so much as beeped our scanners. I’d take a hunk of space debris. Anything.”

“What do you want me to tell you, Iolo?” Poe asked. “I’ve been writing to the Guavians daily asking them to step up their criminal activities, but so far, they’re just not responding.”

Space routes, vital. It’s a fucking galaxy. If they don’t control the lanes, if they can’t ensure a (relative) freedom of movement for people and goods, the NR can give itself all the names it wants, it’s not gonna make it a galactic governing body.

Anyway. They’re not searching for the FO, is the point, and also the NR does something to police the space lanes, which is Good. Very Very Good. Also they do have a navy. GOOD.

Especially if you tend to think, like me, the NR is a coalition of fucking wankers, naïve idealists and profiteers who set themselves up for disasters as soon as they could (by which I mean, as soon as the NR was proclaimed, maybe the morning after if I’m generous).

An aside: the rule of law

Funny thing I can’t help but note is the rule of law reference – you know who else talks about it, in the novelization of TFA? Kylo fuking Ren, talking to Mitaka, huh huh. Look, it’s glorious:

Look at it, Lieutenant. So much beauty among so much turmoil. In a way, we are but an infinitely smaller reflection of the same conflict. It is the task of the First Order to remove the disorder from our own existence, so that civilization may be returned to the stability that promotes progress. A stability that existed under the Empire, was reduced to anarchy by the Rebellion, was inherited in turn by the so-called Republic, and will be restored by us. Future historians will look upon this as the time when a strong hand brought the rule of law back to civilization.“

Okay. I need to read more on the rule of law, but irl I don’t think anyone agrees on how to define it either, and it’s a term with a long history, and in most conflicts I remember rn both sides think they’re the one with the rule of law on their side. Also, it comforts my ‘Kylo changed sides (at least) partly because of political opinions’ pet hypothesis (i’ll talk about the difference between a hypothesis and a theory another day, if someone asks plz someone ask plz)

Rapier Squadron receives a distress call !

Because something has to happen (remember, patrols are boring), and us readers can’t bear more context-establishing small talk between hotshot pilots, here comes that moment that starts the story but I forgot the exact term. Since Poe and his people (there are three of them, and one isn’t given a full name, just so you know he’s gonna die) are searching for pirates (no FO here, move along), the terms are vague:

—free trader Yissira Zyde—nder attack, please, to any vessel receivi—us we—

—have—st power to sub—ght engines cannot man—peat cannot maneuver—multiple—ighters attacking—

Coordinates given: Suraz 4, Mirrin Sector – more precise astrographical information unknown, not a pre-existing eu sector. Suraz 5 is near, and so is another planet I forgot to put in my notes (I bet wookiepadia has it).

ANYWAY when they arrive, “Poe imagined pirates, and assumed the engagement would be a short one. Most of the criminal organizations working the trade lanes of the Mirrin sector were poorly financed, using ships that were held together more by force of will than anything approaching engineering. Four X-wings would normally be enough to scare anyone off. That’s what he imagined. That’s what he expected

Yet more no-they’re-not-checking-for-the-FO, pirates pirates, where’s all the rhum

What they find is the Yissira Zyde being boarded by people coming in attack shuttles. Those are “Better equipped, better armed, the boarding parties and the shuttles both, and that told Poe everything he needed to know, even before he saw the TIEs coming about, eight of them, moving to intercept Rapier Squadron.”

The very unexpected FO is here, and srs bznss is afoot!

There’s a fight, the Rapier Squadron member without a full name dies (HAH), the FO manages to escape with the freighter, but since Poe is the hero, and a Good Guy, they only did so after Rapier Squadron went Heroic, à la David versus Goliath.

In another galaxy, i am getting drunker.

Major Deso gives us some clues

Back wherever (Mirrin Prime apparently), Poe meets with a tool his superior officer, Major Deso. Major Deso thinks Poe blames himself for the death of Not-Fully-Named rapier squadron Muran. But Poe doesn’t!

I don’t blame myself,” Poe said. He looked at Major Deso pointedly. “I’m blaming the First Order.”

“Commander.” Deso sighed. “We are not having this discussion again.”

What do you mean, again? Why do I even ask? Future-member-of-the-Resistance-Poe-Dameron has to be set up as unsatisfied with the NR’s position towards the FO. Otherwise why would he leave the glorious service of republicanism, huh? So here is the set up, my brain isn’t up to paraphrasing:

“This isn’t another isolated incident, Lonno. I’m seeing the same intelligence reports that you are.”


“The Senate Intelligence Committee has reviewed the reports and has found them inconclusive, at best grossly overstated, Poe. This is a non-issue. It’s a big galaxy. The First Order is a remnant born of a war thirty years gone. Yes, they persist, yes, they continue, but by all accounts they do so barely. They are, at best, an ill-organized, poorly equipped, and badly funded group of loyalists who use propaganda and fear to inflate their strength and their importance.”

‘barely’, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Like, if I needed more proof the NR doesn’t take the FO fucking seriously, here it is. Obviously, Poe agrees with me (except he’s rebel scum I’m not hahahahha the rhum it’s the rhum’s fault):

“They’re flying state-of-the-art TIEs, they’re using commando boarding parties and latest-generation attack shuttles in clear violation of the Galactic Concordance […] They’re training troops and pilots. We interrupted a military operation, Lonno, not some snatch and grab. They wanted the Yissira Zyde and they got it. They wanted it badly enough they paid for it with eight TIEs, those pilots, and however many people were aboard the shuttle that Muran and Iolo shot down. That’s not a poorly organized force. That’s not a poorly motivated force. That’s a real threat.”


And what is the NR doing? Nothing. Does Major Deso thinks they’re a threat?

“An emerging threat, then, Commander Dameron.”

Poe straightened, returning his hand to his side. “Give it to the Resistance.”

Okay, so Poe knows about the Resistance (SET UP) so it’s not, like, a super secret thing (one never knows). Deso doesn’t think the Resistance is an important piece on the galactic chessboard, which tells us a lot about the official position of the NR on that. The official position is, at this time, seems to be, ‘lol’:

“Don’t be absurd. The Resistance is as overstated as the First Order.”

Funny in hindsight. Moar setting up Poe joining the Resistance follows:

“They’re at least doing something about them!”

“Rumored to be doing something about them,” Deso said.

Moar Official Positioning from Desa. The Resistance exists but is more lol fodder than anything else.

Typing is hard and the story is far from over

“We have to act.” (can I say set up again can i) but Major Deso has to follow teh Official Position, so all he can say is “I’ll pass along your concerns to Command”, I feel for this guy.

“That’s not enough. We need to know what the Yissira Zydewas hauling. We need to know why they took it and, more importantly, where. I’d like permission to take the Rapiers out, try to track the trajectory, see if we can’t find the freighter.”


You’re supposed to wonder why. Why isn’t the NR interested in that? However much they want to stay blind to the FO, facts are facts and questions are raised, because really why isn’t the NR interested by what the FO does? look, Poe agrees:

“There are questions—”

“I said denied, Commander. Rapier is assigned Mirrin sector patrol, that’s all. Your orders are to continue as before. Nothing more, and nothing less.” Deso cocked his head as if trying to watch the words enter Poe’s ears. “Am I clear?”


Poe tried again. “It’s going to happen again, you realize that, don’t you?”

“If it does, it’ll be dealt with then.”

I laugh. So should you.

“So we do nothing? That’s the solution? An emerging threat, and we do nothing?”

Again, set up. The NR doesn’t want to break the status quo, that makes Poe unhappy. Also, Major Deso was definitely talking as a NR official:

“I don’t like it, either, but this is the order from Republic Command, do you understand? We don’t engage the First Order, we don’t provoke the First Order. I don’t like it any more than you do, but those are orders, Commander. You break them, you’ll be up on charges. You’ll lose your commission.”

This is important, it probably means the FO infiltrated the NR enough that they can influence its policy towards… well, the FO.

Very drunk rn

Poe has personal reflection time then, you should read the story, it’s much more readable than Aftermath.

Map porn

Also there’s a map, and I like maps. It sadly lacks a long description.

“[Poe] clenched his fists, unclenched them, then looked past Deso at the wall of the briefing room behind him. A display showed the galaxy, color overlays marking realms of political influence. Their position at the Republic base in Mirrin Prime was marked by a gently pulsing gold dot at sea in the royal blue that represented the New Republic’s sphere of influence. It stretched far and wide, from the Inner Core to great swaths of the Outer Rim. A gray band designated the neutral region of the Borderland, and beyond that was a pocket of crimson, First Order territory.

For the first time, Poe saw the map and thought it was lying”.

It can lack a long description, why do fucking navy maps show nothing but spheres of influence, is the question. Also, the NR definitely knows the FO is out there. They has territory, it is known, wilful blindness, yadda yadda.

I’m starting to wonder if the Galactic Concordance’s terms actually recognized the FO’s legitimacy in – well, you know, the bits of space the NR wouldn’t care much about. The backwaters. Space where the Republic’s influence, before the Clone Wars, was very low and who, but that’s an eu thing I think brain not working didn’t actually really belong to the fucking Republic and I mean talk about legitimacy issues.

Drunk meta was a bad idea

BB8 is magical and helps the plot, yay.

Poe has been set up a disagreeing with the NR’s position towards the FO, so of course he’s gonna check out coordinates found by BB-8 to see where the FO brought the Yissira Zyde. I did say it was all a set up.

Because BB8 is da bomb, he finds the coordinates to the Yissira thingy thing, and Poe can chexk it out, without his squadron, because he doesn’t want to fuck up their careers in the NR (he will):

The Yissira Zyde’s last stop prior to the hijacking had been at the commerce center on Mennar-Daye, where it had been subjected to a thorough screening by Republic authorities before taking on new cargo. That cargo consisted of forty-six high-capacity charging arrays, the kind used for energy discharge augmentation and easily adaptable to military use in, say, shipboard turbolasers. The ship’s next port of call would have been in the corporate sector, and presumably the transaction was aboveboard, though Poe wondered if the whole thing hadn’t been a setup by the First Order from the start“

Nyha hayah ntah, Poe searches for the Yissira-whatever, and finds it at his third stop, OR-Kappa-2722.

Fucking thanks to previous notes

Poe finds the FO, fucking finally

This is what Poe finds at his third stop: “three Star Destroyers, one of them Imperial class; four frigates, two of them venerable Lancer class; two Maxima-A heavy cruisers; and one Dissident-class light cruiser. This did not include the array of smaller vessels that seemed to swarm around the fleet, everything from unmanned repair drones and droids to what, at first count, Poe took to be seventy-plus TIE fighters.”

Total surprise btw, there are no pirates!

Obviously the FO notices Poe (he has to do Heroic stuff, and standing up alone to the FO is pretty heroic, so there’s a space fight (FO’s biggest enemy being friendly fire lol). Poe manages to get a whiff of the Yissira Zyde’s transponder signal, and high-tails outta there, since he only wanted to confirm where the freighter was (aboard one of the three Star Destroyers, yeepee)

Poe meets Major Ematt

In to the NR, in a base wherever, Poe comes back to an empty hangar, so very empty you have to guess someone with power and influence in the NR made it happen. Major Ematt, who doesn’t exactly welcome Poe, is an envoy from the Powerful Whoever. Because Ematt’s so very welcoming, reader wonders if Poe s gonna get court-marshalled by the NR. Of course he won’t, but he thinks about the possibility. He has principles! “If he was about to be arrested, if he was looking at a court-martial, he wasn’t going to try to run. He’d face the consequences of his actions, and he’d defend them as the right ones”.


And then after some ominousness and ambiguity that keeps the reader on the edge of his seat (not really it’s the last chapter in the book there aren’t many pages left for Poe to meet the Resistance also Major Ematt isn’t just cold and inexpressive: “Something in Ematt’s manner, his bearing, reminded Poe of his father, and Poe saw it, suddenly: Ematt and Deso may have shared a rank, but Ematt, like Poe’s father, was a veteran. He had seen war, and had seen too much of it” also he’s used to giving orders and being obeyed: “The man, Ematt, turned back to the door and began walking at once, fully expecting Poe to follow him”) of course it’s to the Resistance he’s brought. Interesting point is the Resistance isn’t without influence inside the fucking republic navy. They can get Empty Hangars. And they have people like Major Ematt. Veterans yes, but technically a member of the navy on the republic’s payroll and I doubt his emptying of hangars doesn’t go unnoticed something fishy is going on in the NR.

I’m sorry technically that’s a private armed force infiltrated in a mostly legit governing body’s military. It’s Not Good. Or it’s a governing body letting it happen, which is, you guessed, Not Good, and is I think a hint to the different factions of the NR. Something.

Drunk meta definitely wasn’t a good idea

More map porn

Maps I want them gimme. ANYWAY. Here’s what Poe sees when he gets to the Resistance, and it’s important.

A holoprojector, used for analysis and planning, glowed in an opposite corner, projecting one of the Republic news feeds, but it had been muted, making it seem as if the reporter were speaking in pantomime. On the far wall, opposite where he’d entered, were two displays showing the galaxy, similar to the overlay map in Deso’s office. It took Poe another second to realize the difference, that these weren’t political maps but rather operational ones, showing troop and fleet movements”.

Back to why the fuck does the NR’s navy use POLITICAL maps. It’s subtle like a mammoth under a rock, something is Wrong is the happy NR land. There’s troop and fleet movement, conflict has been going on a while. The political NR’s map I take to mean they do recognize the FO’s sovereignty in some parts of space (probs the ones they don’t care about I mean the backwaters of the galaxy I mean Wild Space and the Unknown Regions where they has no legitimacy)

Poe meets Leia

Major Ematt is all nice and well as long as we need an Ominous Emissary, but once the guy has brought Poe to the Resistance, he can go away, the Resistance has Leia Organa and we has emotional investment in her, so ofc she’s the one doing the exposition on what is the Resistance:

Have you heard of the Resistance, Poe?”

“Rumors, mostly.”

“Such as?”

“Such as there’s a splinter of the Republic military that…that feels the Republic isn’t taking certain threats as seriously as they maybe ought to be taking them. Specifically the threat posed by the First Order.”

“That’s a very diplomatic way to put it, but not an entirely inaccurate one.”

A splinter of the Republic military. Under the leadership of Leia fucking Organa. Who’s in the not-pro-military faction in Bloodline like 5 years before.

Fishy fish is fishy.

Also Leia says “I’m a soldier, Poe. Like you. A soldier with rank and experience, too much experience, perhaps. But just another soldier” so the General-Not-Princess point is driven home a bit more.

Of course she wants to know about the Yissira Zyde. After which she says “You’ve made some people very angry, you know that, Poe? Not letting matters drop when you were told to, disobeying direct orders. Technically, one could argue that you stole a Republic X-wing for personal use”

The fish keeps on getting fishier – who are the angry people, and why would they be angry?

Or, the FO is likely to have influence over a (if not the) major faction in the NR’s Senate. The NR as a whole really doesn’t want a new war, they’re apparently hoping ignoring the problem will make it go away.

(2) Poe joins the Resistance!

And deserts the navy. No but he does. With him comes his squadron, because this is a short story and there already are quite a few characters. He’s based on a Mon Cal cruiser, so apparently the moving-ship-bases are not just an FO thing. Also Mon Cal means Ackbar, “whom Leia herself had convinced to come out of retirement”.

Some exposition on the resistance

Now we get to learn what the Resistance is like, finally.

·         “small

·         “among its personnel were some of the most dedicated and motivated people he had ever met, coming from all over the galaxy. Most of the core command staff surrounding General Organa were veterans themselves, many with experience dating back to the Galactic Civil War […] But there were many who had never seen Endor or Hoth or any of the countless battles in between

An aside, this is ten times more readable than Aftermath (whose style I actually like, just not when overfuckingdone to the point it brings headaches)

“There wasn’t one of them in the Resistance who didn’t see the First Order for what it was, who didn’t believe that its threat was both real and pressing.”

Context porn

Now Poe can think about the MAPS. The MAPS.

Republic space and First Order space were separated by a buffer zone of neutral systems, and the peace that had been negotiated—a peace that many, including Poe, believed existed in name only—meant that military action taken by one side upon the other was considered an overt act of war. It didn’t seem to matter that evidence of First Order incursions into Republic space continued to mount; the Republic refused to take any action outside of the most formal diplomatic protest. Striking directly at the First Order was out of the question. As Leia explained it to Poe, Resistance action had to remain covert, at least until irrefutable evidence of the First Order’s violation of the peace could be presented to Republic Command

Okay this is where I really regret being so out of it rn, but

-          The buffer systems are probably the real losers in this conflict (I mean definitely they are)

-          The Galactic Concordance sets terms for both sides, and this is super important. The overt act of war is military action. On both sides. The armament course thing of the FO may not, technically, break the treaty. Of course it’s a technicality. So is the fact that ‘incursions’ doesn’t exactly mean attacks, though it likely does. So is the fact that the Resistance is in just as clear a violation of the treaty as the FO. Also the Resistance has zero legitimacy to deal with the FO’s violations, whatever they are, they are not the entity that set the terms, they have no official status, they are a godamned private force. So covert operations.

-          I remind you, because I’m so mean to it, the NR is probably, at this point in the timeline, still doing reconstruction started post RotJ (I hope), the senate is a tug war playpen for the different factions, and a whole fucking lot of citizens have probably zero want for a war versus the FO, and well, it is a democracy.

-          It’s not really a democracy it’s more a democratic coalition bringing different cultures and political systems together ofc is gonna be hard to agree on anything.

I am so drunk it’s not funny forgive me I can’t think I’m probably missing everything

What the resistance does

Aside from the early recruiting efforts to find additional pilots, most of it was confined to scouting missions, long-range reconnaissance, searching for signs of First Order movement and positions—an attempt to, as General Organa put it, “find the head of the dragon.”


Between scouting missions there were briefings, debriefings, and countless meetings, often with General Organa herself, and Ematt, and twice with Admiral Ackbar, whom Leia herself had convinced to come out of retirement.”

Okay, we know the Resistance is poor, small and can’t really take the FO head on. Their interest is in intel, at this point. It’s important to remember, because it’s probably the same goal driving them in the TFA: getting enough data to get the NR to act. It means Leia and everyone wants due process to take place, they don’t want to start a war as a private force, they want the NR, which they recognize as legitimate, to start the war.

Obviously the Senate blowing up puts a wrench in this.

Operation: Sabre Strike.

Remember the factions in the Senate and the maybe-probably FO’s influence? Meet Senator Erudo Ro-Kiintor, representing Hevurion. Looking at holos of the guy, Poe finds him “overdressed and self-important” (but recognizes “that may have been more his personal bias than anything else”, cuz he’s Good). Leia wants Poe to steal his luxurious ship, because she suspects the Senator has been “colluding with the First Order for years.”

Ta-TA-taa. Incidentally, why? “He’s delayed or derailed motions covering everything from sanctions to increased support for the Republic Navy. He’s taken numerous unscheduled and impromptu vacations to locations in the buffer region, in the neutral territories. There’ve been sightings of the Hevurion Grace in First Order space. Large sums transferred to his accounts through shells and third-party corporations via the CSA”, which brings Leia to the conclusion that “He’s not only in with the First Order, but he’s in deep, Poe. He may have access to the top, to General Hux. Perhaps to Snoke.”

Obviously what the Resistance would want is, to keep with their general policy, more intel to denounce the Senator to the NR. Apparently that means stealing his ship. Which Leia explains: “I want the ship, I want those logs, the navicomputer data, all of it, before anyone’s had a chance to cover their tracks, you understand?

You’ve been good, brain. BUT. That’s a Senator, from the NR, not the FO. Gotta be careful, Leia adds: “no loss of life, not even a bruise on the senator or any of the crew aboard if it can be possibly helped. And it must be completely deniable. Ro-Kiintor is a traitor, I’m sure of it, but until we can prove it, he remains a member of the Senate, and the Resistance will honor that. We must honor that, or we’re no better than the First Order

The Resistance has Moral Principles, no surprise. There’s a bit of Innocent Till Proven Guilty, but there’s also Fuck The Procedure, We Need Results. Poe accepts to steal the ship, after he says how complicated it will be: “It’s a tight window. We have to hit the ship the moment it comes out of hyperspace, we have to disable it, get me aboard, get the senator and anyone else on the ship into the escape pods and off the vessel, restart the engines, and then get out of there again. And we have to do it within eight minutes.” Also it has to be covert, so he will do he boarding under the name of the “Irving Boys!

Just so we know he’s a daring darling. He’s gonna bring his team from the NR, because there’s no time to introduce new characters yadda yadda.

Also, “It occurred to [Poe] that he, Karé, and Iolo were going to do to the Hevurion Grace exactly what the First Order had done to the Yissira Zyde” lol lol lol.

An aside because Leia is sad

During the conversation on Operation Swag Name, Poe reflects “That air of sadness had descended on her once more. His father had carried a similar melancholy after his mother had passed; Poe would see it descend on him like a shadow, settle over his shoulders like a blanket made of warmth and memory and longing and loss. Leia wore something made of the same material, and not for the first time Poe wondered how she had come by it and, perhaps more importantly, who had given it to her

Come on. My fucking feelings. Commenting on that is beyond my driunkennes. I’m a mess.

The mission

So Poe and his two old friends go on their daring mission, and stuff goes well, until “Uh-oh” (and a missed occasion for a bad feeling flies by), the FO arrives! Dramatic tension gets more dramatic. Two Star Destroyers, “one of them a new model Resurgent class” dropping tie fighters like flies. Poe’s conclusions: first, ”whoever was flying those TIEs had more enthusiasm than sense; second, that whatever information the Resistance might discover in the yacht’s computers was likely to be worth its weight in gold; and third, as a result of the second fact, the First Order was very serious about keeping him from escaping

Dat tension. One wonders how the FO knew the ship was boarded, and if Poe makes it a specialty to have close runs with the FO. At least the FO can shoot, alas, “single-mindedness cost them”, and luxury ships are more manoeuvrable than you’d think, the lampshade is hung. Poe can escape with the ship and the intel (and probably definite proof of shady dealings in the NR).

He gets to be the one telling me the obvious, when debriefing with Leia: ”A member of the Republic Senate was in so deep with the First Order that when he put out a distress call they came to try and rescue him, and when they did it, they pulled out all the stops. Two Star Destroyers and I couldn’t count how many TIEs, and maybe they knew he was no longer aboard but maybe they didn’t, but they wanted Hevurion Grace destroyed. They were willing to kill their man to keep us from taking that vessel.

I call that efficiency because I’m too drunk to mince my words. Anyway Poe, who does say “I keep thinking, this man, Ro-Kiintor, he’s a senator. He’s in the heart of the Republic, our Republic. And he was a traitor. And I’m wondering how many more are just like him, how many more are working for the First Order, how many more have sold us out”, still believes in the Republic. Because he remembers his parents telling him how awful life was under the Empire, not because he knows how awful life is under the FO, I note. We get an allusion to Luke linked to hope and how it went away and has to be found again, and it’s a very nice bit, and FINALLY, we get a bit on the Yissira Zyde intel from Leia: “We obtained a lot of information from the computers aboard Hevurion Grace. A wealth of information. But there was something else, something that…others may have missed. A piece of a puzzle I’ve been working for…for a long time to solve. I think the First Order is trying to solve it, too, Poe. We have to solve it first. We have to find him first.”

IS THAT ALL. Okay, not really. It is a prequel to TFA, and the intel brings us to it, cuz the FO is searching for Lor San Tekka, and Leia tells us why “They think he knows something. I’m hoping he does, too.” Leia took his hand and folded his fingers closed over the data chip. She met his eyes. “I’m hoping Lor San Tekka knows where to find my brother, Poe. And Luke Skywalker may be the only hope we have left.

Ta-TA-taaaa, the end. I’m gonna drink coffee now, and pontificate later.

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