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Fall For You | Drabble 02

Summary: Sometimes the desire to hit up the hottest party runs thin. Luckily, you and Jungkook have other ways to pass the time.
Word Count: 3.730
Rated: M
Original Scenario: Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03
Mood Music: X

The end of a stressful week of midterms means the beginning of a weekend where you can spend as much time as you want wrapped up in blankets in your bed. For three blissful days there are no assignments from your professors, no responsibilities, and absolutely nothing to keep you from marathoning Netflix until your eyeballs fall out.

Hyeri had left a while ago after confirming that you were, in fact, still breathing from beneath all of your blankets. Saying something about being across campus with her new boyfriend if you needed anything, and now that the sun was beginning to set and sports were getting out for the evening, your solitude would likely be coming to an end.

Just as another episode starts playing, someone unlocks the door to your dorm, and Jungkook comes barreling into the room in all his post-baseball glory, throwing his gym bag into the kitchen without a care.


“In here,” you call back, not bothering to stick your head out of the blankets.

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Summary: Mickey comes to a Gallagher party after being released from prison. Ian has a panic attack and Trevor tries to help, when Mickey steps in, he finds something out he wasn’t expecting.

Word Count: 2228

Notes: Loved this request so much!! And I have a half marathon tomorrow so I’ll be super busy, I’ll try to get something in though :)

Mickey was released from jail and back home for about thirty one hours. He and Ian didn’t have time to talk yet, other than through Svetlana. He was informed that the love of his life has a fucking boyfriend, and what does one do in that situation? Mickey doesn’t have a single clue of who this guy is, but he already hates his guts.

Today though is supposed to be another Gallagher party, and Mickey cannot deny that he is thrilled to be able to go— he’s missed it, he’s missed that whole family. As he walked to the house with a cigarette between his lips, a sort of nervous sensation was growing in his stomach; he had a feeling that something was going to go wrong tonight, so he was going to do his best to be on his best behavior in front of Ian and his boyfriend.

Without knocking, Mickey walked into the house. To his surprise, Liam was the first to greet him. The little boy ran to him with spread arms, so Mickey picked him up and gave him a hug. “Missed you, Mickey.”

“Missed you too, buddy,” he smiled and put Liam back to his feet. “Where the fuck’s everybody at?” Mickey asked and searched the living room.

Liam pointed towards the kitchen. “There. Ian’s there too.”

For the same reason as always, Mickey’s heart fluttered at the name. “You know me and Ian aren’t together anymore,” he said with a sad smile.

Liam nodded. “He’s in there,” he repeated. “He’s a little weird today though,” the boy said with a shrug and then ran into the kitchen.

What does he mean by weird? Shit. It was inevitable for Mickey not to worry. He shook it off though, for the time being, and made his way into the kitchen.

Everybody’s faces broke into surprised smiles— except Ian. V jumped up to go hug him, which means she was a little drunk already. “Y’know Lana said you were coming, but I didn’t think they’d ever let you out of the slammer!” She giggled, and so did Svetlana.

Svetlana then got up with Yevgeny in her arms, and went to go place a kiss on the ex-convicts cheek. “Take baby,” she said. “Everybody miss you while you were gone.”

“I fucking missed you guys too,” he said in disbelief. He then planted a kiss on his baby’s forehead.

After that, everyone greeted him and told them how much they missed him. Throughout all of it though, he couldn’t believe how proud he was of Debbie and Carl. Yeah, Debs went nuts for a while to have the mindset of having a baby, but she’s good and being responsible. Carl’s a military boy, following in Ian’s footsteps.

The only person who didn’t run to hug Mickey was Ian. It was like he was intentionally avoiding eye contact with him. All he said was, “Hey, Mick,” in an extremely sad voice.

Following that though was the boyfriend. “Who’s this?” He spoke with no worry because he clearly had no clue— poor guy.

“I’m—-” Mickey started, but got cut off by Svetlana.

“Ex-husband. Yevgeny’s father,” she said with a smile. All of the people in the room were giving him the same apologetic look, but he didn’t lash out, he just nodded.

Trevor stepped forward with his hand out. “Oh, cool. I’m Trevor,” he was ready to shake Mickey’s hand, and the ex-con wanted nothing to do with it. After a hit on the shoulder from Svet though, he extended his own hand, and squeezed Trevor’s so tightly that a finger might have broke. “Ah, um, nice tattoos.”

“Yeah, nice to meet you, man,” Mickey said with his voice thick of sarcasm. He turned his head to look at Ian, who didn’t even seem to be paying much attention. He was rhythmically tapping his fingers, and only focusing on that. Mickey’s body tightened at the sight for some reason.

Fiona noticed all of the tension and stood back up. “Well okay, now the everyone’s here let’s get this party started!” Everyone let out a cheer and grabbed a beer— unless your Lip or Ian, they grabbed a soda. Mickey grabbed a soda as well because even though he and Ian weren’t together, he didn’t like when Ian felt like the odd one out.

After a few minutes of mingling, the group made their way into the living room, where there was more room. A few people asked Mickey about his time in jail, a few asked him what he’s going to do with his life now that he was out, and truthfully it was hard for him to answer either.

Suddenly, Frank walked into the house. “Party!” He shouted and ran to the kitchen to get a beer.

“Oh, fuck,” Lip said in annoyance. That annoyance seemed to be immediately replaced with worry though because he turned his head to see Ian’s reaction, but the redhead didn’t even seem to notice Frank, he was still fidgeting.

Mickey noticed both Ian and Gallagher father, who was coming out of the kitchen and noticing Mickey. He walked up to him with his usual cockiness.  “Mickey, how did the joint treat you?”

“Fuck off, Frank,” he shrugged.

“No beer?” Frank asked in shock. He then seemed to be hit with a sudden realization of Ian as Mickey was scoffing. Frank looked from Mickey to Ian, and patted him on the back. “Good man,” he said and then walked away.

Mickey shrugged again and sat down. It was killing him to not go over then and just jump on Ian; all he wanted to do was go kiss him and tell him how much he needed him, but he couldn’t. The sight of that scrawny little boyfriend made Mickey shutter.

Ian was uncontrollably tapping his feet. He wanted to go talk to Mickey so badly, but he was sort of scared. He had a boyfriend. Yeah sometimes he forgot to get a refill of his pills, but his life was together; he couldn’t set a match to it now. Suddenly, it started to become hard to breath. He turned to look at Mickey, but he was standing up. “I gotta piss,” Mickey said. Ian watched him walk until he was out of sight, and that’s when it started.

He was full on hyperventilating, but it wasn’t so bad yet. Then someone placed a hand on his shoulder and he jumped. When he turned to look at who it was, he couldn’t tell. Everything in his sight was blurred and before he knew it he was clutching onto himself like an anchor. Silent screams were coming out of his mouth, and tears were running down his eyes.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Trevor said in worry.

“Shit!” Fiona yelled and put her beer down to approach her brother, and everyone followed in her lead.

Trevor tried to rub his hand on Ian’s back, but Ian screamed and flinched some more. “No! No! No!” He yelled, causing Trevor to jump back.

“Mickey!” Debbie yelled for the Milkovich boy. She  knew that Mickey was the only one who knew how to deal with this, even if it’s been a few years.

On que, Mickey ran back into the living room. He saw the distressed redhead sitting on the ground, and his heart dropped. “Fuck, has he been taking his meds?” Mickey asked frantically as he made his way over. Everyone shared questionative glances, and then looked at Trevor for an answer.

“I-I don’t know!” Ian’s boyfriend said guiltily.

Mickey forcefully grabbed Trevor by the collar and flung him out of the way. Doing what anybody else wouldn’t, he sat on the floor in front of Ian and pried the boy’s hands away from his eyes. “Shhhh,” he said and wrapped his arms around him and soothing rubbed his back.

Ian’s sobs grew to be more violent, but his arms were clutching around Mickey. “I’m right here. Listen to my voice. Focus on me,” Mickey softly ordered, and when Ian obliged he spoke more. “You gotta breathe, Ian. Please breathe with me.” He started taking deep breaths and waited until Ian caught on. After a while he did, and they kept doing it until Ian could control it.

He was still crying despite the fact that he stopped hyperventilating. The redhead shoved his face into Mickey’s neck. “Don’t leave. Please don’t leave again.”

“I’m not fucking leaving. I’m not,” Mickey responded and kissed the side of Ian’s head. He did not plan on getting sent away anytime soon. “Hey,” he said to get Ian to look at him. “I love you.”

Ian nodded and another tear rolled down his face. “I love you too,” he whispered.

To everyone else it sort of looked like the boys were part of a movie. Though no one other than Trevor was shocked by the words that were being exchanged, it did make their hearts melt. These boys have gone through so much together that they’re practically bound to each other. No amount of separation can really end them.

Mickey was aware of all of the eyes on him, but he didn’t mind. He planted one last kiss on the boys head and pulled back to look him in the eyes. “Are you takin’ your pills?”

Ian looked down guiltily. “I, uh, kinda need a refill,” he mumbled.

“I’ll get it later,” Mickey said and then stood up with an undeniable rage in his eyes. He went straight for Trevor, and pushed him. “You’re supposed to fucking know this shit. You’re supposed to take care of him, fucking dumbass. You’re his boyfriend aren’t you?” He pushed again and got ready to punch, but Carl pulled him back.

Trevor’s mouth dropped open— speechless for a moment, then his eyes filled with confusion and anger. “Who the fuck are you?” Suddenly his eyes widened. “Holy shit. You’re who he talks about in his sleep.”

Mickey smirked. “That’s me, asshole.”

Trevor scoffed. “Y’know what, I don’t give a shit who you are. I’m with Ian now, you fucked up. You have no place being here—”

“Travis, Trevor, whatever your name is,” Frank cut him off. “I would like to inform you that won’t win this one. I’m up to see a good fight if you two want to go at it,” he nodded.

Trevor scoffed, but before he could speak, Mickey did. “You’re a fucking—”

“Mick,” Ian cut him off. “Don’t.” He shook his head and stood up. “I’m really sorry, Trev. I tried to move on from him, really tried, but it didn’t work.”

Trevor frowned. He was truthfully saddened by all of this. “Y-you love each other?”

Both boys nodded. “Yeah, we do,” Ian said.

For some reason, Trevor turned to look at the other people in the room. Some gave him a nod, others gave him an apologetic shrug. “Sorry, man,” Kev said.

Trevor let out a quiet sound of pain, and put his head down. “I-I’ll go,” he started to walk away.

“No. Now wait one second—”


“Ian, shut the fuck up. You people,” he pointed at everyone, “should fucking know better than to let his pills run out. Did you just fucking stop checking? Since I left you stopped worrying?” His voice was cold.

Fiona and the other siblings all looked down with loads of guilt. Mickey was right, they should’ve been more attentive. They’ve been through this before, they know damn well that it could get out of hand. “We still worry. Just thought he could handle it on his own—”

“I can handle it on my own.” Ian’s voice was stern.

“You still need help though, man,” Lip said. “Just like I do with the whole fucking alcoholic thing.” There was a mix of seriousness and kindness in his voice, it showed that he was not fucking around. Ian nodded.

Fiona frowned. “W-we’re sorry.”

“Guess I didn’t know as much as I thought about you, Ian,” Trevor shook his head and then proceeded to leave.

“Fucking asshole,” Mickey said before turning back to Ian.

The redhead looked mentally drained, like he usually does after a panic attack. He looked at Mickey with soft eyes though. He’s really back. All he wanted right now was to be held. “I’m tired, Mick,” Ian said quietly.

“Go on up,” Mickey gave a slight smile. “I’ll go get your pills and then I’ll be right there.”

Ian shook his head “I need you to come with me. Haven’t had a full night sleep since you got locked up,” he looked down in embarrassment. “Fi, can you go get them?” His sister nodded.

Mickey slowly walked over to the redhead and grabbed his hand. “C’mon, let’s go to bed.” He then led them up the stairs, leaving everyone in silence.

The Gallaghers, Kev, V, and Svetlana all looked around at each other. It truly was heartwarming to see a member of the Milkovich family care so much about someone— it even touched Svetlana.

Kev let out a dry chuckle. “Guess none of us should be surprised that that was the outcome of this night.”

“That’s because Orange Boy and Mickey love each other,” Svetlana said.

“They really do,” Debbie smiled. “I’m glad Mickey’s back,” and so was everyone else. With Mickey being here, everything’s the way it should be. Everything fits right.

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bokuroo + sleepy or bittersweet?

“Your eyes are literally closed, Bo.”

“Nnngh, they’re not.”

“Yeah? How many fingers am I holding up?”

“Your middle finger.”

Kuroo frowns down at his right hand, which indeed only had the middle finger up. “Okay, fine, but that’s because you know me so well. Bokuto, just go to sleep already.”

“No,” Bokuto tries to say, except he yawns halfway through, and never quite finishes the single syllable word. His head slumps forwards until it hits Kuroo’s shoulder, and then he just stays there, breathing soft and warm against Kuroo’s neck.

“C’mon, Bo. You just yawned in my face.” Kuroo yawns himself, even as his arm comes up to wrap around the other boy. “Why won’t you admit defeat?”

“Because,” Bokuto starts, and then he trails off, long enough that Kuroo thinks he really did fall asleep. Then, in the quietest mumble Bokuto is only capable of when he’s really, really, really tired, or when he’s feeling really, really, really bad, he says, “Because it’s our last night together.”

That makes Kuroo pause. His grip on the other boy tightens without him really noticing it. Slowly, he lifts a hand to Bokuto’s hair. It’s soft now, like it always is after he showers. Like down feathers. 

“I know,” Kuroo says, staring across the room at the single volleyball poster he’s put up in all the years he’s lived here. Even Kenma has more posters up in his room. But this is home. And with Bokuto here, it’s even harder to think about the packed boxes and suitcases waiting in the hall for morning.

“I know,” he says, “but we’ll have many more sleepovers in the future, okay? You can come visit me in my dorm, I’ll take the train to your uni. Yeah?”

Bokuto shoves his face further into the crook of Kuroo’s neck, and they both adjust into a now-familiar hold. “Mmkay,” Bokuto’s muffled voice says, slow and warm. “We’ll see each other a lot. On court, too, so I can kick your ass.”

“You mean, so I can kick your ass.”

“Nuh-uh,” Bokuto says, but it’s slurred now, and his weight is growing heavier in Kuroo’s arms. 

Kuroo smiles fondly down at the cuddly lump on his chest. He lays them both down on his bed, so small now with two grown teenagers stretched out on it. Bokuto’s breathing evens out, and soon after, Kuroo follows. 

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You Make Me Crazy

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1036

Warnings: swearing, slight angst (barely), arguing, smut.

**Just a silly little thing I wrote when I was bored… 

(Not my GIF)

Sam rolled his eyes at the two of you as he stood at the head of the map room table, his arms loosely folder over his chest. Here they go again. You and Dean had been fighting for over an hour about a new case Sam had found. Dean thought it was a pack of werewolves migrating up the interstate, but you knew better. The victims were found deep in the woods, most in various small caverns. Each victim was in a different state of… dismemberment.

“It’s a wendigo, you moron!” You shouted as you slammed your fists into the table, shooting from your chair. “Some of the victims still had their hearts intact! How does that still sound like a werewolf to you?”

Dean scoffed turning away from you. You knew you had him, he knew he was wrong. But he was a Winchester and would never admit it.

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All Yours (Connor Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2116

Warnings: Gets pretty steamy (I’ll seperate it in case y'all are uncomfortable with it), sad Connor, language, fluff

Summary: Connor has a (bad) habit of sneaking into his girlfriend’s bedroom when he’s feeling down. Y/N doesn’t mind at all.

A/N: This is a combination of two requests. One from an anon who wanted Connor sneaking into the reader’s room when he’s feeling upset, and eventually breaking down, and one from @lildipstick who wanted fluff or smut with Connor Murphy. Hope you guys enjoy!

I scrolled mindlessly through tumblr, the bright screen and The Book of Mormon cast recording the only things keeping me from falling asleep. I looked at the time on my laptop screen and exhaled when I read it. 12:30 AM.

I suddenly heard a noise that sounded slightly sinister and I pressed pause on the music, taking my headphones out. I said there in the semi dark, my laptop screen illuminating my face.

My window suddenly opened and I jumped, letting out a curse. “Connor Murphy, you bastard. Give me some warning next time.” I said, as Connor’s lanky frame clambered into my bedroom.

“I don’t know exactly when I’m going to need a break from my family, so I can’t give you warning when it happens.” Connor said smugly, shutting my window behind him.

“Whatever you nerd. You interrupted my nightly Book of Mormon session, so I hope you feel bad.” I retorted as Connor sat down on my bed, glancing at my laptop screen.

“You and your goddamn Broadway shows.” Connor mused, laying down on my bed. “Excuse you, Broadway is wonderful. It’s not gay if you listen to it, Connor. Jared likes it.” I said and Connor snorted, sitting up.

“Jared is gay.” Connor retorted and I felt my cheeks go red. “Bad example, but you get my point. Correlation, not causation.” I said, hoping I didn’t sound like too much of an idiot.

“I didn’t think it was possible for someone to get so worked up about musical theatre.” Connor said, his dark hair half up in a bun. I snorted and Connor looked at me strangely.

“If you think that’s me getting worked up about theatre, you should see me when someone tries to convince me that all musicals are pretty much the same. That’s getting worked up about theatre.” I said, huffing slightly. Connor just chuckled, reaching across and tucking a stray lock of hair behind my ear.

“You’re cute when you’re annoyed. Your face kinda screws up, and it’s adorable.” Connor said casually, and my cheeks went an even brighter red.

“We’ve been dating for 3 months and you still blush when I compliment you.” Connor said, moving my laptop out of the way and pulling me close to him. “I’m not used to people saying nice things about me.” I muttered and Connor let out a sigh.

“Neither am I, Y/N. I guess we’ll have to be each other’s firsts.” Connor said and my eyes widened, suddenly aware of how this might look to my parents. Connor chuckled at my expression, kissing my cheek gently.

“I didn’t mean it like that, Y/N, but if you want to.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows. I scoffed and shoved his side playfully, burying my burning face in the crook of his neck.

I inhaled his scent and noticed that there was a smell missing. A smell that usually coated him. “You haven’t been smoking.” I said, but my tone made it sound more like a question. Connor nodded, and I looked up at him.

“I stopped smoking when we started dating. Weed used to be my therapy, sure, but I’ve got a new form of therapy right here. That’s why I always come here when I need a break from everything that’s going on. Nothing helps me get my mind off things better than you.” Connor said, playing with my hair as he spoke.


I pressed feather light kisses up Connor’s neck, knowing exactly the spot to put a little more pressure. Connor took in a deep breath and shuddered slightly, and I could feel his heartbeat speed up.

“Y/N.” He breathed out shakily, and I looked up at him with mock innocence in my eyes. “Yes?” I said innocently, although the smirk on my face betrayed any innocence in my voice.

“God, you don’t know what you do to me.” Connor growled, his voice low and husky. “So then why don’t you let me know.” I replied, capturing Connor’s lips in a heated kiss. I slipped one arm around his waist, and tangled my other hand through his hair.

Connor eagerly kissed back, and I leaned forward, pushing him down onto his back. “Y/N.” Connor said, panting slightly as he slipped his hands under my shirt, his slightly calloused fingers running over my skin.

He quickly slipped my shirt off, and his hands moved further up my chest. My breathing quickly became laboured, and I could tell Connor noticed. He simply smirked, and I retracted my hand from his hair and moved it to the front of his jeans, noticing his expression change to a look of shock and bliss. 

“Shit.” Connor muttered, disposing of his shirt as my hands were… preoccupied. “You sure… you wanna do this?” Connor breathed out, his eyes half closed.

“Does this answer your question?” I said, undoing the zipper on his jeans and tugging them down, the bulge in his underwear significantly more noticeable now. Connor’s response was a low moan, and I smirked to myself, in awe of the effect I had on him. “I’m all yours, baby.”


Connor and I laid on my bed together, the both of us sweaty yet immensely satisfied. “Holy shit.” Connor muttered, nuzzling his head in the crook of my neck.

“I know.” I said, shivering as his breath tickled the sensitive skin on my neck. “I don’t not think this was how the night would go.” Connor said, snaking his arms around my waist.

“Neither did I, but I’m glad that’s how it ended up.” I said, glancing at the numbers on my alarm clock. 1:00 AM. “So.. what prompted tonight’s visit?” I asked after a stretch of silence. Connor took in a deep breath, and I immediately felt like I’d hit a nerve.

“It was mom and dad. They were… they’ve fought before, sure, but nothing on this level. They were screaming, and I’m fairly certain I heard something get thrown.” Connor said softly, and I let out a sad sigh.

“I… I can normally cope with it, because I always come to you, but for some reason, this is more than I reckon I can deal with.” He said, and I felt hot tears hit my skin. I turned around so I was facing Connor, his eyes red.

“Hey, hey, babe, I’m here.” I said, circling my arms around his waist and pulling him close to me. He started gently sniffling and I simply held him tighter, our bare chests pressed flush together.

“When it all feels like it’s too much. Like you can’t bear another day. You know exactly where to find me. Just sneak in through my bedroom window, and if I’m asleep you can just slip into my bed. I honestly won’t mind.” I said, rubbing Connor’s back soothingly, kissing his forehead.

Connor looked up at me with a look of astounding love and gratitude in his eyes. “I love you, Y/N.” Connor said, my breath hitching as he uttered those three words that neither of us had spoken to the other before. 

“And I love you. I love you so much, Connor. I don’t know what life would be like if I didn’t have you sneaking into my bedroom in the middle of the night.” I said, gently placing my lips on his.

This kiss was softer, gentler than the first kiss we shared this morning. This kiss conveyed love, and it left me feeling like a schoolgirl with a crush. My stomach was full of butterflies, and my skin heated up when Connor cupped the side of my face with his hand.

“How do you manage to still look so beautiful, even though you’re covered in sweat and have major sex hair?” Connor said and I blushed darkly, thanking the lord that it was pitch black.

“Maybe it’s because you can’t see me.” I said and Connor chuckled, tucking a strand of my majorly messy hair behind my ear. “That was funny, but it was also bullshit. I know that you look beautiful no matter if you’re wearing makeup or not, or if you’ve spent a whole heap of time working on your hair. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, although I will say that my favourite outfit is the one you’re wearing now.” Connor said and I punched his shoulder playfully.

“I could say the same thing for you, Murphy.” I said, smirking at him and scanning his body. “You know, you’re the first girl who’s actually seen me naked.” Connor said and I moved my mouth towards his ear.

“And let me tell you, it’s quite a sight.” I whispered, noticing how he shivered slightly at my words. “If you wanted round 2, you could’ve just asked.” Connor said cheekily, tracing his finger down my spine.

“Maybe later, big boy. Tomorrow is, after all, a school day.” I said and Connor pouted, sitting his hands on my waist. “We could just skip.” He suggested, and I frowned.

“I’d normally say yes, but I’ve got some exams tomorrow that I can’t afford to miss.” I replied, taking ahold of his free hand. “That sucks. Now that you mention it, it’s like 1:30. I should probably head back home so mom and dad don’t give me hell for running away or some shit like that.” Connor said, untangling himself from me and sitting up.

I immediately felt cold, and I shivered as a breeze passed through the room. “You can keep my hoodie. I know how much you love it.” Connor said, handing me the bundle of fabric. 

I held it close to my face and sniffed it, Connor’s scent filling my nose. “Thank you.” I whispered, slipping on the hoodie. “You’re welcome. I have, like, 5 more at home. I can spare one for you.” He said, pressing a kiss to my cheek as he pulled on his jeans.

“I love you Connor.” I said once he was dressed, the moonlight highlighting his sharp cheekbones. His usually cold face softened, allowing me access to a side of him very, very few have seen.

“I love you Y/N. I’ll see you at school, ok?” Connor said, and I nodded as he opened my bedroom window. “I’ll see you at school.” I replied, touching my fingers to my lips. They felt like Connor’s lips were still moulded with them, and I didn’t want the feeling to go away.

“I love you Y/N.” Connor whispered, blowing me a kiss before leaving my bedroom, shutting the window behind him. I laid down in my bed, Connor’s hoodie pulled tightly around me like a security blanket of some sorts.

I felt myself finally drifting off to sleep after the events of the past hour or so. “I love you.” I muttered once more before drifting off to sleep. Little did I know that Connor was muttering those same words as he walked home, that adorable, dorky smile resting on his face as he said them.

“Good morning Y/L/N.” Jared said, awkwardly pushing past people as he approached me. “Good morning Jared.” I chuckled, adjusting the straps of my backpack as I spoke.

“Hey, is that a new hoodie?” Jared asked, gesturing to Connor’s hoodie with his thumb. My cheeks flushed slightly and I nodded. “You could say that.” I responded, fiddling with the white strings of the jacket.

Jared’s brow furrowed, as he stared intently at the hoodie. Suddenly his eyes widened, and his jaw dropped so far it practically hit the floor. “That… that’s Connor Murphy’s, isn’t it?” Jared said, his eyes now trained on me.

I felt my blush darken as I nodded, and Jared smirked his trademark smirk. “So, you and Murphy, eh? I wouldn’t have imagined it, but now I can picture it.” He said, punching my shoulder lightly. “Whatever Jared.” I muttered, my cheeks ablaze as I opened my locker.

“Hey, it’s no big deal. I’m happy for the two of you, of course. I just, it’s unexpected, that’s all.” Jared said, and I looked at him quizzically. He let out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair.

“I’ve always thought of you as my little sister, Y/N, and I want to look out for you. I’ve heard horror stories about Connor and his… temper, so I just wanted you to be happy. And safe.” Jared said, concern clear in his eyes.

“You don’t have to worry about me, Jared.” I said and Jared looked like a considerable weight had been taken off his shoulders. “I love Connor, and I am both safe and happy. In fact, I reckon I’ve never been happier.”

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Imagine Harry after a gig fucking you in his dressing room and it's super hot and rough bc he's still got the adrenaline from the show... wow

And as soon as the door is shut behind you in his dressing room, he has you pinned to the door, hands already working on his leather belt. Normally, he’d take the time to work you up but now is not the time. He wants you here and now, in whichever way. Once it falls to the ground, it’s like you’re a magnet and he immediately latches himself tight against you. The adrenaline is still running through his body as he ducks his head down and suckles on your neck, palming your breasts roughly.

“Fuck, baby. Been thinkin’ about yeh all night on stage. Wanna see you, fuck, wanna see all of yeh—”

He places a knee between your legs, applying pressure in your most hottest area, causing you to cry out and grip onto his shoulders.

“Wanna fuck yeh so bad baby,” he’s panting against your skin, messing with his buttons of his expensive shirt. You want to rip it off and you probably will be able to with the amount of frustration you’ve compressed while watching him prance on stage and belt out lyrics.

“Yes, yes, yes,” you’re chanting as his shirt is finally discarded and pants down to his ankles.

He’s quick to remove you dress that falls around your own feet, forgotten. You’re lifted into his arms and he hastily instructs you to wrap your legs around him and hold tight as he uses one hand to work on your entrance.

“Bleedin’ hell pet. So fuckin’ wet!” he exclaims. “Could take me now, couldn’t yeh? Slide right in.”

Instead, he presses two fingers to your core and slowly slides them in, mouthing at your breasts, groaning loudly when your fingers harshly tug on his hair to maneuver him closer. In response, he takes one of your nipples into his mouth, sucking softly. The simulation of his fingers and his mouth is enough to drive you insane. His pumping is relentless, something he knows makes you cum quicker than anything.

“Fuck!” you cry out, throwing your head back against the door that makes a loud banging noise but it’s no match to your moans.

“Louder,” he almost pleads, smacking the back of your thigh with his massive hand causing you to jolt against the door. “Didn’ come off the stage jus’ t’ hear y'like this.”

“Harry!” you moan, roughly tugging on his hair again, and he presses a hot kiss to your mouth.

“There yeh go. Keep it up. Be a good girl fo’ me,” he pants, removing his fingers from your warmth, and then taking his hard cock, pressing it against you.

He grazes the tip just barely against your clit which makes you squirm against him.

“I wan’ yeh to be loud pet,” he reminds you, smacking the back of your thigh against more firmly. “Let everyone know who makes yeh feel this good.”

Your body arches against the door, as your hands slip down to his chest, balling up into fists against his sparrows. “Please,” you plead. “Lou will hear us—”

“I don’ care,” he mutters, slowly sinking into you, watching in awe as your back lifts off the door again, face contorted with nothing but immense pleasure.

This is what you missed. Adrenaline induced quickies after shows where anyone could hear. His schedule was so busy, sometimes you simply needed a reminder that he was still there, he could still bring you such pleasure.

He fucks into you roughly, shoving his face between your neck and shoulder, releasing a hefty groan against your sweating skin. Your arms are around his shoulders again, face planted in his wet hair, running your fingers through his short locks, grabbing whatever you can.

A particularly harsh thrust causes you to moan his name loudly against his ear, eyes screwed shut as he relentlessly pounds into you, pleasure coursing though her veins.

“Ungh, so f-fucking good Harry! There, there please don’t stop, there!” you babbled, shaking your head against him. His moans were also in your ear, low but clearly evident.

You can barely feel his lips pressing wet kisses against your slick body, trailing up to your ear, nibbling softly on your earlobe.

“Always so tight fo’ me,” he mumbles, licking just below your ear. “Taste so sweet, always. So wet, can feel you everywhere on me.”

There’s nothing you can focus on besides the hot flashes of ecstasy he’s giving you, something no drug could ever do for you. He was your personal drug, in fact, always there.

“Harry,” you whimper audibly. “Gonna cum.”

Harry peers up at you through his wet ringlets and then reaches a down between your connecting bodies.

“No no, it’s too much. I can't—!” you yelp as his fingers find your clit, rubbing a steady pattern.

“Yeh can, m'love. I know yeh can,” he pants, feeling her walls tighten around him. “C'mon, tha’s it. C'mon please give it to me. Give it, want it so bad.”

A high pitched scream falls from your lips as your body trembles with warm pleasure, pressing your open mouth against his shoulder. Once you’re finished riding your high, you fall limply on him, shuddering from the overstimulation as Harry continued, desperately chasing his own orgasm.

When he does cum, his veins in his neck bulged deliciously, a cry tumbling out of his throat. A long forbidden orgasm rips through him, his body quivering against yours, torso pressed against your breasts. He doesn’t unwind his arms but instead slides out of you, and sighed heavily. His forehead rests on yours, gingerly removing the hair that had stuck to your face, and kisses your cheeks softly.

“Too good fo’ me, y'know tha’? Way too good.”

You give him a sleepy smile and let your head fall back onto his shoulder when he lets your feet touch the floor. Your panties are the first that are shifted up your legs. Other than that, the remainder of his and your clothes stay on the floor, as you two hold each other.

“Now let’s get yeh home so I can take care of yeh.”

Because Of Snape// Fred Weasley smut

Warnings: Smut and swearing

Word Count: 2200+

Pairing: Fred X Reader

Requested: By 2 anons and @my-unique-mind

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Hate colors the soul with the finest of paints. It flows throughout the entire system, shutting down all other feelings, and becoming the focus of the life and the intent of a person. You turn your attention to other matters. For a time you’re driven in other directions, but then the wave of ill thoughts return with a retaliation. He was so annoying, loud, and irrelevant, yet, he made himself seem so important. Once again the soul is colored completely, and all the negative energy that one can muster is thrown into the imagined ill will racing wildly around the mind.

Snape liked Slytherin students more than any other house. But when he began to take a liking to a well behaved Ravenclaw student, it was a surprise. Fred Weasley was sure to make fun of you for it. Always teasing you about how you were in Snape’s good graces and how you slept with your teachers to get to the top. Fred made you so angry, you felt more hatred for him than you felt for Draco Malfoy. Fred thought of making you angry as an art, a subject he always got O’s on. So when you had potions class together at second period, he was sure to make it hell.

Snape left his room for less than a minute and Fred was already starting trouble with you. He was a table ahead and undoubtedly he turned around and started to cause a fuss. Instead of saying some vulgar remarks, he drops a mandragora root into your potion. With a splash, your bright blue potion turned dark purple. You looked up to the two snickering boys.

You wanted to cry. This was a hard potion; it was all going right until he came and messed it up. You glared at Fred madly as George looked at him with a warning stare. George knew better than to mess with a girl that was possibly smarter than Granger herself.

“HOW DARE YOU?” You yelled at him causing half the class to look at you and the other half to chuckle. They already had gotten used to the bickering. “You think this is funny?” you snap. He glares at you with hate in his dull eyes.

“You are an extremely stupid girl. Aren’t you? I’m guessing your mother had it in with Snape?”

Every time he opened his mouth you got angrier. You had to restart the potion before Snape got back or you would lose you status with him. You could not afford to lose a relationship with a guarded teacher that you worked five years to build. You worked harder and faster and managed to catch up to the class. Of course, the Weasel kept talking. “That’s not the right way, you’re supposed to put this before this.” You swallowed your retort and kept going.

“You brain-dead cockroach, I’d like to see you get a grade the way I get an O in this class.” Weasley stood silent, getting an O from Snape was unheard of. You looked at his potion and laughed wildly. “Also, your potion is supposed to be a blue color, not dark brown.” As if Snape read your mind he walked into class declaring that he would check everyone’s potions. Fred frantically looked at his potion and threw stuff in. Snape walked to you first.

“Great Y/L/N, I see you have a talent for making potions!” He walked away quietly turning back into his usual dull attitude. He walked over towards Fred’s cauldron and scolded. He took a little wooden spoon and dumped it into the brown sludge. He brought the spoon back to his nose and smelled it. He dropped it back into the cauldron, a frown took over his features. “Perhaps you could take a few pointers from Ms. Y/L/N,” he moved along. You laughed along with the Slytherin folks who were ready to see any and all Gryffindor’s fail. Weasley, however, was not happy.

After a long boring lecture in class, Snape called you and Fred to his desk where he sat down coolly. While the class got their bags and left, you had to stand inches from Fred. Snape gave you an apologetic look and then glanced at Fred.

“I do feel I have to say my apologies to Ms. Y/L/N,“ He spoke looking at Fred. "But you have been decided to help Mr. Weasley study for potions.” You rubbed your temples and sighed.

“Of course Professor Snape, I guess I could find Weasley some time.” You turned towards Fred, giving a warm Ravenclaw smile. Fred narrowed his eyes at you and replied with a cold thank you.

“Thirty points from Gryffindor! You’re lucky she’s helping you study, you might as well fail now, if not.”

Fred shrugged and walked out of potions class with a huff. You followed close behind him, waiting for him to give you a time to come by and study. Although you hated Fred, you could see how much this was killing him more than you.

“Meet me in front of the Gryffindor common room after classes.” He said sharply. You nodded and walked towards your third class.

As always you went to your next class. That night you wanted to hang out with you friends, but because of Fred, you couldn’t. If Fred improved, all the teachers would hear about it and be highly impressed. You always had to think of your reputation even though you hated most classes, teachers, and kids.

You reached the Gryffindor common room and waited by the painting for Fred to come by. Fred showed up in his sweaty Gryffindor quidditch uniform and made you cover your ears so you wouldn’t hear the passcode. As you walked in, he pulled you up the stairs silently to the rooms.

As a boy, he didn’t attract girls. He was skinny and his cheek bones just gave him a somewhat skeletal look. However, he had muscles from quidditch training and his sense of humor was probably the only reason a girl would like him. But when you looked at him all sweaty, you couldn’t deny the urge to think to yourself he was… well, hot.  There was softness in the eyes and gentleness in his smile, but this was hidden deep in your subconscious.

He opened the door and let you walk into his room. You weren’t expecting it to be so tidy, but as expected he had a poster of quidditch teams and some trinkets on the shelves. You walked over to his bed and sat down. You flipped through his last test. You chuckled, Snape didn’t give him much credit, he was quite smart.

“If you’re going to sit there and laugh get out now!” Fred said while looking at you from across the room. You looked at him and rolled your eyes.

“If you sat down and let me tell you what you’re doing wrong maybe I could—”

“I don’t need your help!” He looked at you wildly, walking over to his bed and pushing his book off your lap.

“If you don’t improve, it looks bad on me! I’m staying.” He looked at you from the edge of the bed and scoffed. He couldn’t believe he actually let you even walk through the common room door.

“You’re a know it all bitch, that wants to act all superior to me! Not going to happen.” You glanced at him madly and got up from his bed to leave. You looked at him rashly and smacked him in the chest, he stumbled backward and stared at you with disbelief.

“At least I’m not a trouble making idiot that doesn’t know the difference between wolfsbane and monkshood. I hope your mother is proud of your grades,” You turned to his door and was ready to open it, but you felt a sturdy grip on your wrist and a force turning you around and pulling you into Fred’s chest. He leaned down quickly and caught your lips in a needy kiss. In a second you kissed back, you didn’t know how much you needed him until he had you. He pushed you into the wall and held you there.

He was going to slow, teasing you on purpose. He didn’t want you to get bored, slip away from him. As if under a spell, his gaze was drawn to your lips, parted and full, and the sound of you shallow breathing made him fill up with a fierce longing for you. You kissed him harder, pulling away for a second. He smirked and chuckled darkly.

“You have no power over me,” you hissed. In slow motion, he bent toward you; closing his eyes to caress your mouth with his own.

“You sure about that?” A weak gasp escaped you as his hands slipped up your thighs. The taste of Fred’s soft lips was far more than you bargained for. He let out a raspy groan and with a fierce hold, he cupped the back of your neck and shoved your face into his, gently, possessive in his touch. Your fingers twined in his hair.

Beyond your comprehension,  both your bodies melded into each other with an answering groan, and he was shocked when your mouth rivaled his with equal demand. Desire licked through him setting flames afire. You’ve gripped his arms as ran your nails along his arm.

“You look great when you’re mouth is shut and you’re kissing me,” he whispered. He dropped his hold and exhaled, gouging shaky fingers through disheveled hair.  In a catch of your breath, he took your mouth by force. A faint moan escaped your lips and all resistance fled. It burned away by the heat of his touch and the warmth of his lips.  He was ravenous against the smooth curve of your throat, the soft flesh of your ear. And then in a frantic beat of your heart, he shoved you away. “Get on the bed now.”

You walked over to the bed and sat down willingly. He moved his body over yours, hovering inches above yours. He ground his hips into yours. You moaned out, bucking your hips and begging for more.

“Fred,” You breathed. He pulled off your robe and pulled your hair away from your face. You sat up and reached for your shirt, throwing it off your body. He did the same, you both unbuttoned your undershirts. He pulled down your skirt as you unbuckled his pant belt.  He pushed you back onto the bed. He kissed you breathlessly and pulled down your panties.

He pushed his lips onto yours again. You laid back down and pulled his body down with you. His hands were warm as they traced down your body and towards your heat. He had shoved two fingers into your core. You arched your back as he fingers moved back and forth. You moaned out his name, bucking against him. He curled his fingers inside you, smirking when you screamed.

His hand covered your mouth

“Do you love being my little slut?” He asked tentatively.  Your breaths came out in pants. “Do you want to sit on my face?” he purred. He moved off of you and laid down next to you. He held your waist as you lowered yourself onto him, hissing when his tongue hit your soft skin. He sucked harshly at the sensitive bud of nerves. You knotted your fingers into his soft hair, pulling at it every time he made you climb higher. Without warning he shoved his tongue inside you, groaning when you pulled at his hair to control yourself. You rode his tongue, swiveling your hips to gain the most from the pleasure.

“Fred,” you said weakly. He cocked his head, climbing over you and positioning his member at you. “I’m not done, Y/N. What kind gentleman would I be if I didn’t finish off properly?”

He thrusted into you.

You tossed your head back and whimpered, not expecting him to feel this large inside of you. At first, it was a little uncomfortable, but Fred was patient and gentle, kissing your shoulders softly and slowly pushing inside of you until you were ready.

He then began to thrust and quicken his pace. Once he knew you were comfortable, he pushed his full length inside of you. You moaned Fred’s name, encouraging him. There was a sudden urgency in the room—a rising passion. His hands were gripping your waist tightly, holding you in place. His breath was hot on your neck, and his deep moans ringed in my ear.

Heat flashed down your spine, and pleasure pumped through your veins. Fred groaned as you tightened around him, sending him over the edge as well. He released and then collapsed on the cheap mattress beside you. You rolled around to face him. His eyes were closed and he was breathing almost as heavily as you. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead and you snuggled up close to him while trying to catch your breath. Fred wrapped his large arms around you and kissed my forehead.

“Should we study the potions now?” His head perked up.

“Of course, darling.”

Movie Night

Summary: It’s movie night at the Gallaghers, and everyone gets their first glimpse of real affection between Ian and Mickey.

Word Count: 989

Notes: To the person who requested this, I hope your mom is pleased with it!! :)

It was a rainy Sunday night, which means it’s another movie night at the Gallagher household, and this week it was Carl’s turn to choose what film they were going to watch. The young delinquent chose The Italian Job, which is mainly

about theft— so of course Carl chose it.

Fiona was curled up on one of the couches with Debbie, Carl, and Liam; they had set up a bunch of blankets to cover them so it was super comfortable. Kev and V were cuddled on top of each other on the recliner. On the other couch, Mandy was sitting on Lip’s lap, while on the other side, Ian and Mickey sat side by side.

About two months ago, everyone had found out about Ian and Mickey’s relationship, but they haven’t seen a whole lot of physical affection shown by either of the boys. From what the Gallaghers, Kev, V, and Mandy have seen, sometimes it was hard for them to believe Ian and Mickey were even together.

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!” Debbie said in an enthusiastic tone. “I want to watch it!”

Veronica let out a small chuckle. “Me too, sweetie. If Mark Wahlberg’s in it, I’m so fuckin’ down for it,” she said and playfully stuck her tongue out as Fiona hummed in agreement. Kev just rolled his eyes and ignored his wife’s comment.

Fiona laughed and then took the remote to press the play button. “Okay. Here we go, everybody lee your mouths shut.” Doing as the eldest sister says, everyone silences and cuddles into the person their next to.

Ian and Mickey link their hands together under the blanket that they’re sharing. They’re leaning on each other as well, but that doesn’t say much about being a couple. A lot of the time, Ian wishes that they were more open— and Mickey secretly does as well— but it’s hard for Mickey to get used to the idea of love, and Ian understands that.

Within the first twenty minutes of the movie, Mandy starts snoring, which is when the private couple gets even closer to each other. Being that Mickey wants to kill him sister for being such an obnoxious sleeper, he needs something to distract him, and that is Ian.

As Ian noticed how close their bodies were, he takes a chance and twines their legs together, and puts his arm around Mickey’s waist. Surprisingly, Mickey doesn’t fight it. The Milkovich boy leans his hand on Ian’s shoulder and breaths in his scent.

Eventually the people in the room became completely silent, causing Ian and Mickey to slowly forget the presence of them. If no one’s around they can be as lovey dovey as they want, right?

Mickey huffs breath and leans his head in towards his boyfriend’s face. Ian moves his arm so that it is propped atop of Mickey’s shoulders, and he runs his hand through the boy’s dark hair. Mickey then reaches for Ian’s free hand and soothingly rubs his thumb in circles.

Finally, Mickey connect their lips. The boys wound up making out like two teenagers in love— which they were two teenagers in love, they just got accustomed to being a little mature for their age in this town. Their tongues are twisting and their hearts are pounding. Ian runs his hands through Mickey’s hair down to the center of his back— holding him tightly. He props Mickey onto his lap so the boy is straddling him. As Mickey finds his place, he brings his hands up to cup Ian’s face.

Suddenly, breaking them from their moment, was a whistle from Lip. He was laughing at the two boys in a loving way. “Shit, man! Never thought I’d see that,” he snorted.

Mickey nervously hopped to Ian’s side and shoved his face in the redheads neck. This was fucking embarrassing, but the other boy didn’t seem to think that. Ian was just trying to choke back a laugh.

Mandy started laughing as well. She shoved her face into Lip’s shirt to choke it back. She then got up to speak. “Disgusting motherfuckers,” Mandy scrunched up her nose. “It is fucking weird seeing my brother all over my boyfriend.”

Mickey shot up and threw a pillow in his sister’s face. “He’s not your boyfriend, bitch!”

“Holy fuck!” Kevin said. He pumped a triumphant fist in the air for Ian’s sake. “Good for you, man. At least we know you actually get some now.” The statement made Veronica hit her husband upside the head.

“Oh, I definitely get some,” Ian smirked.

Debbie started giggling and everyone looked at her with a cocked eyebrow. She was practically beaming at the two tangled up boys who were sitting on the couch. “You guys are so f’ing cute!” Debbie squealed.

“I think it’s cool,” Carl said without much emotion. Mickey was blushing so badly at everything that was being said.

V nodded. “I agree. I mean, I thought that Ian was nuts for wanting to date the dirtiest white boy in America, but I don’t know. You kinda grew on me, Mickey.” Fiona laughed at her best friends words.

“He isn’t dirty—” Ian started, but Mickey cut him off with a response to Veronica.

“Wow. Nice to know I fit your standards, bitch.” He spoke with no malice, but to get to the point, he chucked the finger as well.

Fiona started waving her hands for everyone to surrender for a moment. “Alright, alright. Leave the lovebirds alone,” she winked. She had finally started to accept the relationship between Mickey and her brother. “Let’s get back to the movie.”

Everyone was still snickering, but in reality, they were all glad to see Mickey Milkovich be so caring towards Ian. For fuck’s sake, Mandy hadn’t see this side of her brother since they were young. It was just nice for Mandy and everyone else to know that both boys had someone to love and care for them.

Let’s Conspire To Ignite

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Michael Gray x Reader

I had a few of the same prompts for a Michael fic, so I combined that with a few others. Kill 3 birds with 1 stone, if you will. 

“I haven’t slept in ages.”
“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”
“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

Warning: Sappy, domestic Michael up ahead.

*Peaky Blinders Requests Are Open*

Michael,” Y/N groaned, her hair sticking to the nape of her neck and forehead. Her skin felt clammy, sweaty, and it just made her all the more agitated. Michael continued to sleep peacefully, without a care in the world. Y/N could practically feel Michael’s body heat radiating off of him like a furnace, which usually was nice, but not tonight. Y/N wiggled herself to the left. No. To the right. Nope. “Michael, get up!” Michael shot up in alarm, almost throwing himself off the bed.

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anonymous asked:

cuddling w soda headcannons please


-this boy loves to spoon

-he can literally cuddle at all times like even without background noise, he will just lay there and take a deep breath and let out a content sigh while closing his eyes

-his hand is always on your waist 


-more often then not the cuddling gets real heated



-this smol boy will tell you all about his day

-every detail

-like you would know what steve drank with his lunch that day

-he hums songs on the radio quietly 

-he loves, LOVES to nuzzle his face in your neck like a little baby



-he cant sleep without a blanket

-he feels VUlnErAbLE 

-He also tells you the cheesiest pickup lines with this lazy smile on his face a giggle and just happiness

-He honestly loves cuddling so much

The Right One Pt. 1

Jackson Wang X Reader

Looking through the mirror of the antique vanity even you had to admit that you looked amazing. The hairdresser and makeup artist had both done their jobs well. You’re dress wasn’t slacking either. The corset top with it’s pearl beaded design pushing everything in and up, and the lace sleeves that covered your arms for a hint of modesty. As beautiful as you were and as you felt it didn’t matter, none of this mattered to you. Everyone would tell you how beautiful you were, they would mean it too, despite the unhappiness in your eyes.

The door to the private room creaked open and you looked up from your frown to the unexpected guest.  

“Jackson?” You said impossibly quiet, “What are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“Your father may not like me, but you’re sister is still a fan.” He smiled softly, “You look…so beautiful.”

“You have to leave. I don’t want you to see me like this.” Your eyes filled with tears, it hurt so much to see him in front of you, “If my father finds you here…”

“Come with me.” He said stepping forward, wrapping his hands around your wrists. “It’s not too late, we’ll run away, wherever you want. Just, please, don’t do this.”

“Jackson, please,” your lips trembled, “this is already so hard”

“You don’t love him, you love me.” panic set in his voice. “This is crazy. Your father can’t control your life like this.”

“I won’t let him hurt you anymore.” you whispered, a tear rolling down your perfectly made face.

“Not having you is the worst pain.” Jackson said collecting the tear on the pad of his thumb. “Anything else I can handle, but not this.”  

“Please, just let me do this for you.” several more tears slipped from your eyes. “Please, just go.”

He nodded, knowing very well by now when you were decided on something. He kissed the tears from your cheeks. “One last kiss? Please, can I have at least that?”

You nodded and he tilted his head. His lips felt like home. They were soft, warm, and so familiar. Everything about him fit you, it had the moment you met him. His personality complemented yours. His arms fit around you like a seat belt and they were just as safe. And his lips, his lips fit yours like a matching puzzle piece and together they created the most beautiful picture you’d ever witnessed.

You kept your eyes closed when the kiss ended. You kept them closed as he said goodbye and you stuttered out your own goodbye with trembling lips. You kept your eyes closed as you listened to the door close with a click. You’d keep them closed until all of this was over.

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anonymous asked:

I saw your tags and ASDFGJKKL JACKBUM HEADCANONS??? tell me everything

  • listen jackbum being domestic is such a THING 
  • there was the Gold™ situation with jaebum hogging the fan and we all know how that probably just ended with jackson waiting for jae to fall asleep and crawling into his bed
  • and the bed is already almost too small for jaebum 
  • jaebum being shook just waking up to shirtless jackson curled under his chin and the fan blowing Jackson’s hair in his face
  • he’d never been so happy to squished into the wall
  • “go back to your bed, jackson”
  • “make me, hyung”
  • jackson smelling really good so whenever they hug jaebum shoves his face into his neck or his hair and just staying there without moving
  • “are you really sniffing me right now”
  • “no” 
  • Jaebum tended to clean up after jackson. the staff are all like ?? cause jaebum just wipes Jackson’s lips when he eats messily or fixes his hair and throws away his snack wrappers and overall just treats jackson like a PRINCESS
  • Jackson getting a lil jealous when jaebum wears other member’s sweaters 
  • “do I not smell good enough you have to wear mark hyung’s hoodie” 
  • “shut up you know you smell amazing” 
  • jinyoung and jackson teasing each other and jackson being bitter™ when jaebum tells him to apologize 
  • “jj project favoritism” 
  • “jackson we’re dating if anyone would get favoritism it would be you”
  • “so why aren’t I getting it?” 
  • jackson being mad at jaebum ASDFGHJKL 
  • the other members would be losing their minds w frustration
  • poor jaebum making mistakes everywhere and trying to figure out what he did and how to fix it
  • upset jaebum would be so funny 
  • he wouldn’t tell anyone about him and Jackson’s fight except his cats
  • the members probably wouldn’t even notice something was wrong until jackson dragged in a teddy bear the size of his body a billion roses and all of jaebum’s favorite snacks
  • “I’m so sorry I love you so much I never meant to say that please forgive me or I might cry” 
  • a minute of silence and jackson goes to get on his knees
  • “stop! okay, I forgive you. you better be prepared to make this up to me”
  • “oh I will” 

Summary: Mickey has a nightmare about his mom. Fiona and Lip overhear him talking to Ian about her.

Word Count: 763

Notes: I’m loving your guys’ requests, keep sending them in!

Ian felt something moving behind him as he slept, but thinking nothing of it, he tried to ignore it. Moments later though, he realized it was Mickey who was causing the commotion. He was uncontrollably jolting around in his sleep. Quickly, Ian jumped up and tried to wake him. “Mick, c’mon, wake up,” he soothingly rubbed the other boy’s chest.

The thrashing and groans worsened. “Momma!” Mickey yelled out. Ian froze for a moment– Mickey has never spoken to him about his mom before. The Milkovich boy normally avoided all conversation about his mother so Ian knew it bothered him and that he missed her, even if he’d never admit it.

Ian then regained awareness and tried waking his boyfriend up. “Mickey,” Ian rested his forehead on Mickey’s head. “Open your eyes, please.” He continued rubbing the others boy’s chest as an attempt to relax him.

Finally, Mickey’s eyes started to open up. Ian frowned as he saw the tears that were welling in Mickey’s eyes. “Fuck,” Mickey said under his breath, and sat up with his face in his hands.

“Nightmare?” Ian said. For the first time he didn’t plan on invading Mickey’s space, talking about the Milkovich mother was too touchy of a situation.

Mickey nodded and shoved his face into Ian’s neck. “It was my mom,” he stated. Ian was surprised he even told him.

The redhead nodded. “I know, you called out for her.” When he saw Mickey’s face, he let out a weak smile that told him it’s okay.

“Terry was beating on her like he usually always was. I haven’t had that fucking dream in ages– must be the time of the year.” His voice was shaky, but he was doing everything he could to mask it.

Ian cocked an eyebrow at Mickey’s words but didn’t say anything. He just continuously rubbed his back.

Mickey lets out a sad croak– something Ian rarely hears. “He killed her, Ian. He fucking killed her and I watched. There was no real reason, he was just drunk and she pissed him off. It was in April of 2005, I think. I think I was 10,” he was surprisingly getting choked up. Mickey then looked up and into his boyfriend’s eyes. “She knew I was gay–”

“What?” Ian cut him off. His heart dropped. What type of man kills his wife? How did she know Mickey’s gay? Did she care when she found out?

“Don’t worry, man. She knew before I knew, and she was okay with it. Told me I had nothing to be ashamed of, but also that Terry could never find out.” Mickey put a hand on Ian’s cheek. “She would have loved you.”

Ian smiled. “What was she like?”

Mickey shook his head, but held a sad smile. “Just like Mandy. She was strong,” he spoke proudly of her. Ian nodded. It was nice knowing that he still had Mandy as a way to remember her.

Mickey’s smile then faded into another frown. “Since she died, I’ve never had anyone to take care of me.” Ian’s heart broke at the words. He pulled Mickey in for a tight hug.

As Ian rested his chin on Mickey’s head, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lip and Fiona standing in the doorway. He immediately tensed up. When Mickey felt Ian go uneasy, he turned his head to find the two eldest Gallaghers in the doorway. “Goddamnit,” Ian swore.

Lip lifted his head up to look at the boys. “Sorry. We heard you screamin’ in your sleep, Mickey.”

Fiona had a prominent frown on her face. “We’ll take care of you,” she said softly to the Milkovich boy. “You have us now. It might be a few years late, but you have us.”

Ian looked at Mickey in curiosity of his response. When he saw how his boyfriend was trying to hold back a smile, he leaned over and kissed his cheek. “We all care about you, Mick.”

Mickey nodded. “Yeah,” is all he could say. Fiona and Lip understood that he wasn’t good at expressing his feelings– especially to anyone other than Ian– so they took this as a thank you. Lip and Fiona nodded,said good night, and gave the boys the privacy that they needed.

Mickey laid down in the bed, and pulled Ian down with him. They tightly wrapped their arms around each other– like a lifeline. “You’re never gonna lose me, y’know,” Ian told Mickey, who nodded. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Gallagher.” He kissed him. “I love you too.”

He's Dating Puppies

“Peter, really?” Stiles said with a huff. Peter’s legs were draped over Stiles’ as he laid back on the couch, forcing Stiles into the corner.

Peter, the giant fucking puppy he was, was arching his back, belly exposed and whining. Stiles knew he wanted belly rubs, hell ever since the first time Peter now always wanted belly rubs.

“You giant fucking puppy dog!” Stiles said through his grin, finally relenting and rubbing soothing circles into
Peter’s stomach as he continued scrolling through

Peter started to purr, louder than probably necessary but it made Stiles laugh anyway. His boyfriend was adorable.

The front door opened and he heard Derek walk into the kitchen to deposit the groceries before he padded into the living room barefoot.

Derek glared for a few minutes, eyebrows crunched together and lips set in a firm frown. Stiles was just about to ask if something had happened when he was out but then Derek pulled off his shirt and dropped himself into Peter’s lap, laying back against Peter. He tilted his head back, stretching his neck and shoving his face under Peter’s jaw breathing in deep, arching his back a little and grunting out annoyed huffs of breath, wiggling in Peter’s lap while he used his foot to move Stiles arm closer. Catching up Stiles let out a laugh, placing his hand down again but this time on Derek’s stomach, tracing his abs and rubbing circles into the hard skin.

Peter wrapped his own arms around Derek, pulling the young wolf close and shaving his face into Derek’s neck and rumbling. Derek answered with purr of his own, letting out a very content sigh.

Stiles was dating two grown men who behaved like fucking puppies. He never knew he could be so happy.

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ok so victor is totally the type to ask "why are you laughing" while he's tickling yuuri at home and like obviously yuuri gets really embarrassed but like victor is the master of teasing so he keeps doing it and starts telling yuuri awful jokes and yuuri laughing hysterically bc his ribs are being ATTACKED with tickles but victor is like "aw you think I'm funny thanks babe" and yuuri is helpless but he's just squealing and shrieking things like "ur not funny vitya" and ahhh this two make me WEAK


and hes like “wow!! u never though my jokes were funny before!!” and yuuri is giggling and squirming and shaking his head back and forth all “your jokes AREN’T F-FUNNY!” and victor claws at his stomach and yuuri shrieks and victor is like “why are you laughing so hard then?? its because im hilarious right?”

and yuuri is gettin all blushy and he shoves his face in victor’s neck just “n-NO!” but he cant stop laughin and victor is mean and i love it

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could you do more hc for hybrid jungkook going into rut and jimin becoming like addicted to jk's cum

+ “Fuck!” Jimin moans as he grips the sheets.

+ Jungkook snarls in lust as he sloppily thrusts into Jimin, watching his master’s cock bounce against his quivering stomach.

+ Jimin is embrassed about how often he has been helping his hybrid through his ruts. Jimin doesn’t know if this is ethical but it feels so good.

+ Jimin has always been a hard man to please in bed, no human ever being rough enough or has the stamina to keep up with him.

+ Jungkook howls as he grips Jimin’s hips to get in deeper, making Jimin arch his back as he screams softly in pleasure. “Master! Master feels so good!” Jungkook snarls as he fucks Jimin.

+ “Yes! Right there!” Jimin moans as his eyes flutter and toes curl. Shamelessly enjoying the sex in the moment.

+ Jungkook slams so hard that Jimin’s bed frame breaks but they keep going.

+ Jimin cums after he starts jerking his leaking cock and Jungkook came a handful of thrusts later.

+ “G-good boy…” Jimin says panting as Jungkook pulls out exhuastedly. Jungkook whimpers softly at the praise as he moves to lick softly at Jimin’s entrance.

+ “I’m sorry master, you’re in pain right?” Jungkook says as he licks Jimin’s swollen area. Jimin moans sofly as he pets Jungkook’s hair.

+ “It’s ok. You’re ok.” Jimin says feeling a bit guilty. Jungkook isn’t in the wrong here, “come back up to master Jungkook. Let’s snuggle for a bit.”

+ Jungkook crawls up as shoves his face into Jimin’s neck as his master gently pets him.

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YAS New MM blog *~* Could you do scenerio where boys s/o really wants attention and cuddles? For Seven,Jumin, Saeran and Yoosung? :3

Hello, anon! I was a lil unsure whether you meant the boys would want attention from their s/o or their s/o would want attention from the boys, so if I apologize if I didn’t fit the request you were asking for ; ; Nevertheless, I love writing warm cutesy stuff! I FELT ALL WARM AND FUZZY WHILE WRITING THIS!! aha :> This kinda got long so most are under the cut! (god bless you if you manage to read them all) ALSO: SPOILERS IN SAERAN’S SCENARIO. u have been warned

  Yoosung had literally spent the past four hours doing nothing but twiddling on LOLOL, you could occasionally hear him raging on the team speak with his fellow guild members. You knew this was going to happen though, he had told you about this new seasonal event going on ingame and how there was new items that could be farmed from bosses. You loved your boyfriend and respected his hobbies so you didn’t intrude, but four hours? This was a bit ridiculous.
  You walked into the computer room, and god, was it a mess. There were empty soda cans on the floor and bags of Honey Buddha Chips that Seven provided him with were sprawled everywhere. You saw your dorky, little boyfriend scrunched in the black desk chair, clicking away at his mouse and keyboard. He didn’t even notice you entered the room which only made you more eager to get his attention.  
  “Honey~!” you chirped happily, wrapping your arms around your sleep deprived boyfriend. He jumped a little, all that screen time was making him wired. He looked up at you and at your sweet, sweet smile that he loved so much. You pecked at his lips, which tasted indistinguishably like Honey Buddha Chips. It must have been ages since he had a proper meal.
  “Give me a minute guys, my sweetheart just came in the room,” Yoosung said into the microphone. He pulled up the options of the LOLOL client and saved his game then exited quickly. “Do you need something, sweetie?”
  “I’m lonely~ I want my adorable, loving boyfriend to hold me tight and give me attention!” you pouted, sitting yourself on Yoosung’s lap. He grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled you onto his mouth. His lips pressed against yours and you wrapped your hands around his hair, making it disheveled and messy. “More! I want more attention…” you whimpered as Yoosung’s lips parted from yours, “cuddle with me please?”
  “…Well, I can always farm for that LOLOL item later right?” Yoosung smiled widely as you shoved your face into his neck, kissing the soft, tender skin. “Besides, that item will never be as special as you! You’re my most prized possession.” He pushed your hair behind your ear and pulled you close under the crook of his neck.
  “I love you!”
  “MC, I love you even more!

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