shoving faces in his neck

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Lol this is a weird request..(just to clarify this is not NSFW) so what would the s/o Do that would make the 2PS be like "OMG SHE IS SO CUTEEEE" like the S/o doing random things that the 2PS find adorable and the 2PS are just putty in their hands when she does it?

2p France: When you two sleep at night and you think that he’s asleep so you hug him closely and tightly and shove your face into the crook of his neck and oh my god he thinks is the honest to got cutest thing. Usually ends up with him giving away that he’s not in fact asleep and hugging you close too.

2p America: When you try to sass him and be angry with him but just end up bein more cute. That’s why he always started babying you when you get made cause your a cutie and he just can’t take you seriously.

2p Canada: When you try to do the manly stuff that he does just as well as he does. He’s all for you helping him and stuff but it’s cute when you try to do something like split wood and you end up daily and then get huffy and knock everything over and say it’s stupid and let him do it.

2p England: When you get super excited over something and start talking too fast. He finds it adorable. But has to tell you to calm down because he can’t understand what you are sayin.

2p China: When you try to be flexible like him but end up falling out of position or get tired easily. He just finds it cute because you get so pouty and make the cutest expressions.

2p Russia: When you try to be slick but clearly your hiding something like a prank of the fact that you may or may not have broken something around the house. You always get all nervous and sweaty and stumble over your words and viktor finds it cute.

2p Italy: When you get angry and grab a knife or something and start calling out threats. He just can’t take you seriously because he knows your just a smol cute little bun.

2p Germany: When you wake up from a nap and your hair is messy and you look sleepy and cute. He can’t handle it tbh.

2p Japan: When he catches you reading hentai and how embarrassed you get when you get caught. He’s in love~~

2p Prussia: When you get super excited over sports. He thinks it’s cute when you start yelling at the tv like the players can hear you.

2p Romano: When you both are out in public and you make snide comments under your breath about what other people are wearing and how they’re acting. Cause you both P E T T Y A F.

2p Spain: When you try to yell at him for something and then all your anger disappears cause you love him so much and you can’t yell at him once you look into his eyes and he feels so love cause tbh he’s an annoying little shit when he gets comfortable with someone.



Yugyeom (ft. Bambam) Scenario - ‘Don’t misbehave, noona’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

You wouldn’t call yourself a cruel person. Not at all. In fact, you’d be quick to call yourself as thoughtful as any other normal, average person.

           But your boyfriend wouldn’t waste a second in contradicting that statement. Probably because you had your hand firmly pressed to his junk while the rest of the members were less than nine feet away.

           “Hmm.” Yugyeom whined in your ear, making an effort to keep his volume well under the volume of the TV as the group of you all sat in the dark living room watching some movie you had no interest in. You and Yugyeom managed to snag a loveseat for yourselves, while Bambam, Jackson, Jaebum, and Jinyoung squeezed on to the couch, leaving Youngjae to sit on the floor. Bambam being the closest to you and Youngjae being the farthest.

           Yugyeom shoved his face into your neck, doing his best to keep quiet, but you were making it very hard for him. Sitting in his lap, you could feel him push his pelvis up into you, trying to give himself some kind of relief. You pawed at him harder through his jeans, kneading like a cat. You felt one of his arms snake around your waist and squeeze you closer to him, muffling one of his choked moans. You heard him hum into you.

           “Noona… You need to stop…” He sounded absolutely defeated and you loved it. You were grinning ear to ear, slightly distracted by the response you were getting out of him, you accidentally squeezed too hard, causing him to let out a yelp that was loud enough to cause Bambam to glance over toward you two. You were unfortunate enough to lock eyes with him for a few grueling seconds before he caught on to what the two of you were doing and cracked a malicious smile. He licked his lips once, eying you up and down, before bringing his finger to his lips in a shh gesture. Witnessing this interaction go down was too much for poor Yugyeom and he jumped up, still hanging on to you as he ignored the other members questioning looks, carrying you straight to the nearest available room- the bathroom.

           Once safely inside the privacy of the washroom, he practically threw you onto the counter, yanking your legs open and wedging himself in between them. Before you could speak a word, he attacked your mouth with his, even biting your lip a bit. You moaned into him, your fists clutching at his shirt, desperately trying to bring him closer. You were surprised when his hand gripped your wrists and pushed them away from him.

           “Oh, no, noona… You have to pay for that little stunt you pulled out there. You know how bad Bambam’s gonna get at me for that? I think you deserve some punishment.” He snarled in your ear as he began to help himself with ridding you of your clothes. The tone of his voice made you shiver and ache at the same time.


           “Shut up.” You gulped at the harshness of his voice, but you felt a tingle between your legs. He continued, “You’ve already misbehaved enough, it’s time for you to be a good girl and take your punishment.”

           You merely nodded in response, unable to find the words- nor the brain power- to say. He had your shirt and pants off in seconds, your breath becoming more frenzied. He pulled you toward the edge of the counter, so you could set your feet on the floor, before looking into your eyes intensely.

           “Turn around and bend over the counter. Hands behind your back. Ass in the air.”

           You spun fast, laying your palms flat against the counter top, hiking your ass up as high as you could get it. You felt him smooth his hand over you clothed ass, fingers playing at the lace bands. Your legs shook, but you waited patiently. Yugyeom raised his hand and just as he was about to bring it down-

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Who is it? I’m busy.” Yugyeom shouted through the door, trying to keep the frustration out of his voice.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“I said-“ Yugyeom began to say, as cracked the door enough to see out, but not enough for anyone to see you. You were a bit confused as to why it was quiet all of a sudden, when you heard whispering between him and whoever was at the door. You almost flew off the counter and your eyes got as big as the moon when Yugyeom opened the door wider to let Bambam inside. Your younger boyfriend turned towards you with one of his sweet expressions.

“Noona, baby… I hope you don’t mind if Bambam joins us?” Yugyeom sounded shy, but you knew better. And the zoned-out look on Bambam’s face as his eyes traveled your body, still bent over the cold counter, said he knew better too.

Michael coming off stage after playing Madison Square Garden, and he has a huge grin and he just walks up to you and wraps his arms around your waist while shoving his face in your neck and he just stands like that without saying anything and he’s really sweaty, but you don’t care because the love of your life finally achieved his dream and you’re so happy for him, and then you’ll feel him kiss your neck and he’ll pull away so that you can see his face and he’ll tell you that the best part was being able to look backstage and see you dancing and singing along to all the songs he wrote and whydidIdothis

Mornings - Sehun fluff

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The morning tugs at your eyelids, urging them to open and start your day. But your eyes stay closed as you wind your limbs around the tall body next you, looping your arms around his torso and shoving your face into his neck - a shield from the sunlight. 

Mornings like this were a rarity with Oh Sehun, his schedules usually resulting in you waking up to an empty bed. You are seconds away from slipping back into your slumber when he interrupts the silence.

Rather than hear it, you feel it first. The slight vibration in his neck as his morning voice grumbles through barely open lips, “Jagi…”

You lightly hum in reply, forming words would take too much effort when it was this early.

“I’m hungry.”

And this pulls a giggle out of your sleepy lips. There is no sweet I love you or Good morning with him, of course his first words are something like this. 

“Good morning to you too, jagi,” you mumble against his skin. His fingers trace their way up and down your bare spine as he presses a long kiss against your forehead, breathing in the smell of your hair. His other hand gently cups your jaw and tilts your head up towards his own. A whispered saranghae escapes his mouth as leans down to capture your lips between his in a soft peck. You grin against his mouth and reach up to thread your fingers through his messy hair. Barely pulling away, you place a kiss on the tip of his nose, prompting a short chuckle to come out of him. You lay there for a moment, simply staring into his eyes and drinking in this gorgeous man who is just as in love with you as you are with him. 

You watch with amusement as his face scrunches up in a yawn, his stomach growling quite loudly. Ruffling his hair, you sit up while clutching the sheet around your chest, “You make the bed and I’ll get started on breakfast,” you smile at him. Your legs swing over the edge of the bed and you reach down to grab his white button-down shirt sprawled on the floor. Slipping it on and buttoning it up, you stand, the ends of the shirt grazing your mid-thigh. 

As you walk out of the bedroom, Sehun whistles at you. He smiles at your ringing laughter as you head to the kitchen. Sehun quickly makes the bed and picks up the clothes strewn on the floor, tossing them into the hamper. He puts on a pair of loose sweatpants before making his way into the kitchen as well. 

There was his angel, scrambling some eggs in a pan. He can’t resist as he fishes out his phone and snaps a quick pic of you. Your eyes shoot up startled at the shutter sound. “I probably look like a mess in that,” you whined at him teasingly. 

“Yeah… but a beautiful mess. My beautiful mess,” he answers. 

Your nose crinkles at him in response, “Oh Sehun, that was much too cheesy to be said at this ungodly hour.”

His laugh echoes in your ears as he walks behind you and places his head on your shoulder, arms around your waist. “You know most girls would die at a line like that.”

“Yeah well I’m not most girls. At least, that’s what a man told me once.”

“Hmmm,” his face tilting up towards the ceiling in a feigned expression of pondering, “this man… does he happen to be your husband?”

“The one and only,” you beam back at him. He steals one more peck of your lips before allowing you to continue cooking the eggs. You fall into a comfortable silence, bodies molding together by the stove. 

The finished eggs are scraped onto a serving plate and you move to untangle your body from Sehun’s to get the bacon, but his arms tighten slightly around you. “I want every morning for the the rest of my life to be like this,” he admits softly into your shoulder.

You wiggle around to face him and fold your hands on the nape of his neck. You slowly rise up to the tips of your toes and pull him towards you. When there is just barely a centimeter between your lips you whisper, “Well it’s a good thing we promised forever, isn’t it?”

His eyes crinkle in a child-like way and the corners of his mouth twitch up before he closes the gap between you. And though he doesn’t say it out loud, you can feel the whisper of forever on his lips as they move against yours. 

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im Dead gentle-dom harry and newly-figured-out-hes-a-sub louis talking out their kinks and louis is SO SHY and SO EMBARRASSED because he has hardly admitted these things to himself so when harry says "choking?" or "spanking? with or without paddles?" louis is shoving his face directly in harry's neck and whispering his answers and harry just strokes his hair and gives him little forehead kisses

Taehyung; mission possible

✉ another week, another mission, with Kim Taehyung
❝I had planned to make this… sort of angsty(???) but I don’t think my heart could handle that so I didn’t SO HERE’S THE FLUFFIER AND LESS COMPLICATED ONE. YAS. ; u ;
►3583 words | scenario, spy!au
© (photo credit)

“Tae! That’s cheating!” You huff, about to do a round horse kick to accommodate his shit-eating grin but then he chuckles, lowering himself down until he’s to your height and he blows a raspberry, “Aw, is someone sad that someone outsmarted her?”

“You said no equipment!” You lightly flick the string of wire holding him up and he sets himself down, standing in front of you and he slings an arm around your waist to tug you closer, “How about we share to compensate your lost?”

“I didn’t lose,” You snap, shoving his chest but then he holds you close, nuzzling his face in your neck, “Augh, so cute when you’re feisty,”

“Kim Taehyu—hey!” You’re about to smack him on the face but then he retracts the coil and the both of you are being reeled up to the ceiling and it makes you squeal, not because you’ve never done this but because it catches you off guard when you least expect it and you hold onto him while he hooks a leg over your waist to steady you while being at least twenty feet above the ground and it’s not near how high you can go because in this room, Namjoon’s personalized it to the point where it can reach almost fifty feet and Taehyung’s always one of the few who uses it the most.

“Namjoon’s going to kill us for this,” You breathe, an arm securely around his shoulder while the other holds onto his arm for support. He chuckles and puts his face in your neck once more, securing his place there with his lips because it’s one of those days you’re wearing a tank top and he just likes to settle on this specific spot that has you—“Tae! We’re twenty feet off the ground!”

“And you’re still my girlfriend, doesn’t change anything,” He snorts, his addictive laughter echoing twice as loud when he’s so near you yet so far from gravity if he fucks up on the controls… let’s say, it’s happen before and it ends up on him being on a wheelchair for two weeks and you without a partner and that’s not good at all. Plus, Namjoon’s given the pair of you a warning that just because you’re a couple, doesn’t mean you can neglect priorities and rules as your jobs—which is true, tch, when it comes to Namjoon, when is it ever?

Taehyung’s about to persuade you to forget about it, that it’s safe and as long as you’re with him he won’t let you fall, at least, not with you on the landing victim as he tightens his hold around your waist with his mouth opening just to groan when the intercom buzzes and his voice projects—“The both of you, get down from there,”

Taehyung rolls his eyes and looks over his shoulder, aiming his gaze to the corner where he knows Namjoon’s staring, “Can you not? We’ll be fine!”

“Not taking any chances,” Namjoon’s stern, “Get the fuck down before you break your leg again,”

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Trapped by Teddy

You look at Teddy and your heart breaks a little. Those big eyes staring at you. Who wouldn’t stop and say hello to him? I did. He started wiggling his butt when I stopped and put all of my attention on him. He has that kind of butt wiggle that makes him nearly fall over to one side. I had time after I was done taking photos to go into Teddy’s cage and say hello to him. I sat down with him for a while. I mean, look at this face. I wanted to take him home. A few minutes with him was enough for me to decide I really wanted to take him home. I’ve desensitized myself to such urges over my years of volunteering, but Teddy had me.

He loved the attention I gave him. He’d shove his head against my hand, and after that he’d spin around for me to scratch his back and neck. Then he’d shove his face at me again. Teddy is definitely lap dog and shadow dog material. I can imagine him following his owners all over the place.

As much as I wanted to stay with Teddy all day, I needed to head home. And I wanted to visit with other dogs. But here’s where the catch is with Teddy. Teddy is quite the evil* little dog. His eyes are an evil device used to trap innocent victims who dare to enter his kennel and spend time with him. As soon as I tried to leave, Teddy jumped up on the door and stared back at me. Heartbreaking, I know.

He wouldn’t let me out. I tried to lure him back to his bed to no avail. He’d turn right around and follow me back to the door, begging, pleading to be let out. For me to take him home.

I tried to block him from the door, but there he went using those eyes again.

Don’t worry - eventually I did escape and other needy dogs got some extra, needed attention. Moral of the story? The Teddy’s out there in shelters will lure you in and trap you - both body and heart. Sadly I do not have room for another dog. Perhaps you know someone who could set Teddy free and answer his pleading eyes?

*Note: Teddy is definitely not evil. He is a total sweetheart and while he did indeed trap me, I loved every minute of it and wish I had more time to give to him.

One direction BSM #61 Family vacation. Age 8-11

A/N: Robin is described as Y/N’s father because otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. IDK, okay, as per usual, humor me. I’m a shit writer who should do more research, I know, but c’mon.

And Doris and Ernest aren’t born yet. Too many kids to include.

Request: Family vacation. Age 8-11

HARRY (age 8): You were half-asleep on Harry’s hip when you finally boarded the plane to Spain. Your mother, Anne, and your sister, Gemma, were chatting animatedly behind you, and your dad Robin was heaving the luggage behind him. It was when he begged for help you groggily came to and instantly panicked. You grabbed the curls at the nape of Harry’s neck and shoved your face into the junction between his neck and his shoulder. “Plane,” you whined as a steward finally came to grab the suitcases from your panting father. “It’s a private plane, bug. It doesn’t get safer. I promise,” Harry murmured gently as he struggled up the steps to the airplane. “Here Harry, let me take her,” Anne said and Harry willingly handed you over. You immediately curled into your mother’s embrace as Harry brought your iPad out from your backpack. “C’mon love, you can watch a movie with Harry yeah? I’m sure he’d love to watch Barbie for the seventh time,” Anne coaxed as she winked at Harry over her head. In reply, Harry simply beamed. “O-okay,” you stammered as Anne placed you gently in the expensive leather seat next to your brother. Harry raised the armrest and drew you in close. You rested your head on his chest and drew a deep breath as Harry started rubbing your back. With Anne and Robin talking quietly in the back, Gemma humming and riffling the pages of a magazine and Harry commentating on the movie, you were asleep within minutes, and didn’t wake up until the plane touched the ground.

ZAYN (age 9): “But you promised we’d go to the pool first thing!” you whined at your mom as you stalked her around the huge hotel room. You bit your tongue as you fell over one of your sister’s shoes and almost smacked your face into the hardwood floor.  “Yes but I have to unpack first. Make your sisters take you. Or Zayn.” You groaned and sat stubbornly on the floor. “He hates water. He won’t come,” you grumbled sourly, arms crossed over your chest like a petulant child. “You could always try,” your mom hinted with a little smile as she folded one of your t-shirts and shoved it into a closet. “Fine!” You heaved yourself off of the floor and stomped into your brother’s room. You knocked and barged in without waiting for an answer. Your bad mood evaporated quicker than an ice-cream in the sun when you found Zayn fast asleep. He was snoring slightly, and he hadn’t even managed to get his clothes off before he collapsed. You were on your way to tip-toing out again when you accidentally kicked his suitcase and sent it skidding across the floor. Zayn woke up with a grunt, but the furrow between his brows disappeared when his eyes fell upon you. “Hey Y/N. What’s up?” he asked lazily with a scratchy voice. “I just wanted to know if you’d go to the pool with me. But you’re sleeping,” you stated obviously. Zayn seemed to mull it over before he opened his arms. “Come join me.” You stood considering for a moment before shrugging and diving into the bed and into your brother’s arms. “Just for a minute.”

NIALL (age 10): “Look at this one! Or this one! Oh god this one is purple!” you squealed excitedly. Your slender fingers were wrapped tightly around Niall’s wrist as you dragged him from booth to booth. You were in Italy and had stumbled upon a little market a few blocks away from your hotel, and had continued to drag your mom and older brothers there without hesitation. “And this one is green,” your brother Greg mocked, but you didn’t catch the sarcasm and simply barreled forward with a look of utter joy. Niall was letting himself be tugged wherever you wanted to go, and even managed to look delighted while you asked for his opinion on various clothing articles. “You enjoy it far too much,” Greg laughed and punched Niall’s arm half-heartedly while your mum bought you a headband you claimed looked like Harry’s. “I don’t see her often enough. I’d be happy to do just about everything,” Niall admitted, accent heavy with emotion. “Chin up. You’ve got a break from tour soon. Plus, we’ve got two weeks here,” Greg reminded him with a nudge as they jogged to catch up to you and your mum. “Ni! I look like Uncle Hazza,” you giggled delightedly as you poked the askew headband placed messily in your hair. “Let me fix that right up for ya,” Niall chuckled as he effortlessly tied the headband around your head. “There! Now let’s send him a snap chat.” Niall crouched down to your level despite the protest in his knee and took a quick selfie. When you looked away, he filed it away in his phone and uploaded it to Instagram with the caption: “I look like uncle Hazza!”

LIAM (age 11): You clutched your stomach tightly as you bend over laughing, actual tears slipping down your cheeks. “You-“ you attempted to wheeze as you pointed uselessly at Liam’s affronted face. “Y-you look so offended,” you finally managed before you cracked up again. “Yes yes, very funny. Ruth! Will you scold our little sister for dropping a scoop of ice down my swim trunks?” Ruth turned around with a startled laugh, as did Nicola, and soon all three of Liam’s sisters were laughing at him while Liam stood pouting on the patio of your private villa. Mallorca was the perfect escape for your family when Liam had some time off, and you had jumped on the first chance of privacy when offered the secluded mansion. “How did she even manage that?” Nicola squeaked. “I don’t know,” Liam groaned as he scooped up the ice cream and dropped it on the tiles. “What’s the ruckus?” Geoff asked as he joined you on the patio. Karen followed right after and gaped at the ice cream. “Why is there ice cream on the patio Liam?” she asked sourly. “I didn’t do it!” Liam screeched. “It was Y/N!” Karen raised an eyebrow in your direction, and in return you stuck out your bottom lip in a pout. “Liam said he would throw me in the pool. I panicked!” you admitted with an innocent smile lighting up your face. “Aww,” Ruth cooed as she pinched your cheek. “You can’t get mad at that,” Nicola continued and ruffled your hair. “I can,” Liam grumbled, but he was smiling stupidly with a fond look in his eyes.

LOUIS (age 11): “Lottie! Is Y/N with you?” Louis called into the dressing room as he bounced a fussing Phoebe on his hip. “Yup!” she answered as the curtain finally drew back. Louis smiled and you could swear you saw a tear catching in his eyelashes as you and Lottie did a twirl in the identical dresses. A simple black, to the knee dress with a bow on the front. “Ready to get some spouses, huh?” Louis teased, but his voice caught. “Getting a bit teary-eyed?” you shot back as a giggling Fizzy and Daisy rounded the corner of the little shop, Dan and Johannah following them with matching blinding grins on their faces. Johannah stopped short as she caught sight of you and Lottie and a soft ‘oh’ escaped her slightly parted lips. “My girls,” she squeaked, fanning her face and taking a deep breath. “Mum, don’t cry,” you laughed. “She can. Louis is crying too,” Lottie stage-whispered, and Louis’ shining eyes snapped to her immediately. “Am not!” he retorted. “Be nice,” Dan scolded, but there was a waver to his voice as if he was ready to join the weeping elderly bunch of the family. “Will everyone stop crying? It’s just a dress,” you reminded as you and Lottie spun around once again. “Maybe, but we’re all together and it’s just so nice,” Johannah said as Dan snaked an arm around her waist. “Yeah. I’ve really missed you girls,” Louis said as he smacked a kiss to Phoebe’s forehead. “Yeah yeah, sap,” Lottie started. “We’ve missed you too,” you finished as Lottie grabbed your hand and squeezed. What a family. 

“Did you mean it?”

Sam blinks into the darkness, turning to face Dean in bed.

“Mean what?” He whispers.

He’s glad its dark, he’s having trouble looking Dean in the eye lately. His stomach rolls and he bites at his lip when he tries.

“What you said earlier. In the cabin,” Dean swallows, his voice shot.

What? That Sam can’t lose him? Can’t go on knowing Dean is a demon again, that he failed again?

“Yes. You know I did, I do,” Sam whispers back, his long fingers finding their way to his brothers scruffy face.

He feels Dean close his eyes slowly, letting Sam map out the strong jaw, his lips, his eyes.

“I know you doubt yourself, Dean. I doubt myself. I understand,” Sam says softly.

Dean grunts in embarrassment but only pulls Sam close with an arm around his waist so he can shove his face into his little brothers neck.

“I just need you to believe in me, in us,” he sighs and wraps his arms around Dean’s head, carding fingers into soft hair.

“I do. I do believe in us. I’m just…I don’t trust all these spell books and people who say they can help me. It’ll all back fire, baby,” Dean murmurs into his neck.

Sam thinks about his plan. What he’s about to do tomorrow. Who he’s going to go see.

“I don’t either but we have to figure this out. So we can have our feet in the sand, Dean,” Sam breathes.

Dean sucks in a shuddering breath, rolling Sam onto his back. Sam spreads his legs, knowing this is comfort.

“Please don’t do anythin’ stupid, Sammy. I can’t lose you either, baby boy,” Dean begs, mouth opening against Sam’s neck.

Sam opens up to Dean’s mouth, both of them breathing hard and desperate.

“We gotta get our feet in that sand, Sammy,” Dean huffs against his mouth, one hand to Sam’s face and another cradling the back of his head.

“Yeah, yeah, Dean. I know, I’m gonna get us there,” Sam gasps, Dean pressing his lips to his neck as they press against one another in fearful need.

Sam’s gonna get them to that beach.

5sos Pref: Morning, Noon, & Night

Ashton/Morning: Mornings with Ashton were always a bit of a wild card. There were the mornings that were a beautiful mess of rumpled sheets, wrinkled clothes, and mussed hair. These days he’d slowly trail his fingers to trace the length of your arms, his soft exhales brushing your cheeks as he’d whisper sweet nothings to attempt to awaken you with promises and bargains, “Baby If you wake up right now I swear I’ll make you banana flavored pancakes for breakfast-and you know how much I hate those!” and “Look sweetheart, the sun came out to greet you!” to which you’d respond to with halfhearted grumbles as you shoved your face against his neck (which he construed as a gesture that you wanted to cuddle when in reality you just wanted to gain a few more moments of silence by blocking your ears). These were the morning of soft kisses, inaudible sighs, and the creation of warmth that radiated from your bodies of tangled limbs. But when you did finally wake up, you’d be greeted with a tray of breakfast in bed and a dimpled smile resting on Ashton’s cheek that was so bright, you swear it could match the brilliance of the sun. There’s morning that are rushed and hasty, the pair of you accustomed to each other’s routine that you’d both expertly swivel and pivot to avoid collision as you’d reach for the morning newspaper and he’d frantically search for his left shoe. These days were chaotic as Ashton did not do well under pressure (“Baby, where are my keys?” “Did you check your pocket, Ashton?” “Of course I did, I’m not stup– oh” which would be followed by the sound of jangling metal and a sheepish “Thanks”) And on these types of mornings, the only moment of peace was when he’d hand you your coffee just the way you like it (3 sugars and 2 creams) and you’d lean against his chest to adjust his hastily worn tie, applying slight pressure as you’d lean against him to press a swift kiss on his cheek (and when Ashton went to work, he’d pretend not to notice that you left a bright lipstick stain so that he could parade around the office with a sign of your affection plastered on his skin –especially since Joe from accounting couldn’t keep his eyes off of you from the last work party he had brought you to). And the absolute best part of any morning with Ashton was that the two of you would always wake up to each other, to the intertwined limbs that sought each other in the middle of the night and to the bleary eyes that shone with adoration, and to yawns and sights that escaped that were laced with the happiness you two shared.

Calum/Night: Dating Calum was an adventure. He’d be sure to keep you on your feet, showing you sights and experiences that you’ve never seen or had before (he’d claim it was because spontaneity was bred into this bones, hiding the fact that he was still trying to impress you despite a year of dating, and he feared you’d one day get bored of him and he’d somehow let the best thing he ever had slip through his fingers, which he vowed to never let that happen) which is why when you heard three consecutive raps against your windowpane, you weren’t surprised to find your boyfriend precariously clinging to a tree, his grin as wide as the Chesire cat. “What are you doing here Calum?” you’d demand, trying to scold him but being betrayed by a slight tilt in your voice indicating your amusement. “I just missed you,” he claimed, noting the way your bed hair fell into perfect curls that framed your beautiful face as his heart beat a little faster to respond to the way your thin, oversized shirt slipped down your shoulder, “do you want to go somewhere with me?” “Where?” you asked, giving the pretense that you wouldn’t do anything for the beautiful boy sat across from you. “I don’t know, anywhere,” he smiled, high off the curve of your lips and the shadows on your cheekbones casted by your long lashes, he amended “everywhere.” “Wherever you want to go,” he shrugged as if he wasn’t a love sick fool drunk as he took in the way your elongated neck was exposed to him, the frayed and worn collar doing nothing to shield the warmth of your pulse from his trembling lips. With the light of the moon guiding your path, you’d take his hand as he lead you to his truck (the same rustic vehicle where he first kissed you, nervous and scared his shaking hands steadied against the gearshift as he all but hurled lips towards you only to stop short and shyly brush against your skin, until you reciprocated and Calum had drove home eliciting content sighs and with a smile he felt was permanently etched onto his face). Intoxicated by the familiar sight of your feet propped against his dashboard and the touch of your hand entangled with his, he’d slowly drive into the night as the radio softly played music and the open windows allowed the cool breeze to rake through your hair and it became so difficult for Calum to tear his eyes from you to focus on the road that he immediately pulled over to park on an empty street. “So seriously,” you’d whisper, as if you were afraid to break the serenity of the moment, “where are we going? What are we doing here?” Pulling you closer to him, the rumbling sound of the engine the only sound, he’d mumble his confession into the nape of you neck, his warm breath fanning across your throat and leaving a trail of goosebumps on your skin, “Didn’t really want to go anywhere. Just wanted to be alone with you”

Luke/Afternoon: Luke wasn’t always around and he hated the thought that he was the reason the two of you were often physically apart, so when he was given time with you, he was determined to make the most of it. You’d be tugging on your hair in frustration as you poured over your homework or absentmindedly loading the laundry into the wash when Luke would awaken from his nap (he loved travelling but hated jet-lag) and pull you close to him with grabby hinds and clingy fingers as he entrapped your chest against his, holding you with his arms, and his fingers that wound against the material of your shirt (which was actually his, but that was all semantics). “Let’s go out,” he’d suggest all the while ignoring your ramblings about your essay you had to finish or the massive chores that were left unfinished as he’d grab the keys and lead you out the front door. And each little afternoon date he planned was enough to content his heart and staunch the sorrows of missing you so much during his tours. There was the day he took you to the small café that you two would always claim to visit but never had the time to go (and his belly might’ve been full from all the different assortments of truffles that you fed him, but it was nothing compared to how full his heart filled as he watched you laugh whole heartedly at all of his bad jokes and the way your body naturally angled towards him so you were never too far away). Another afternoon passed and the two of you found yourselves in a clichéd picnic setting, sitting atop a blanket and surrounded by lunch items as the two of you enjoyed each other’s company, talking about nothing and passing time by watching the clouds (“That cloud looks like a dinosaur, and that one is shaped like a heart! Luke, you suck at this” “No I don’t, I’m just distracted by the color of the sky. It’s the same shade as your eyes” “Aww, that’s so swee-“ “Oh look! That cloud looks like balls! Haha, I have to take a picture or Michael will never believe me!” “You just ruined a potential moment”). Luke took you on strolls in the park, boating on a nearby lake where the two of your rowed in the waters and fed the ducks, and treated you out to ice-cream from local shop. Every day was something new and the only constant thing he cared about was that he got to do these things with you.

Michael/Evening: Touring was amazing. There were sights that Michael used to dream of seeing when he would stare out the window during classes during his pre-fame years, stuck in a town that didn’t believe in him and trapped in a room where people constantly told him that he wasn’t destined for better, and there were places he’d been that were so great that he could never even fathom them, let alone actually going there. He was always left soaked in an indescribable feelings of euphoria when he left onstage, his skin adorned with goosebumps after a particularly riveting performance where he sang and bared his soul to a crowd of strangers and they sang back the lyrics that he wrote long ago when his heart used to be tucked and hidden deep inside of his chest, instead of exposed and expanded for all the world to see and share. The food, the sights, the people, the experiences: all of those things didn’t hold a candle to coming home to you and none of that compared to spending quiet evenings at home with you. The picturesque scene of tranquility, you would wrap yourself in one of his hoodies while reading a book and he’d be perfectly content to lay his head on your lap, his hands holding his controller while engrossed in a video game. There were evenings where you two would sip your drinks (tea for him, coffee for you) while basking in the retreating shine of the receding sun, just lounging on the patio furniture and spending time talking about everything and nothing while bathing in the brilliance of the colored sunset. Some evenings, you two would step out onto the front lawn and pass the time catching fireflies like you used to when you were just kids, when he was the boy with colored hair with big dreams and little confidence harboring affections for the quiet girl with a soft voice and a loud heart. And these were the moments and memories he cherished when the ghostly hands of time tapped his shoulders, reminding him that he had another tour, or a press conference, or had to be pulled away to go to the studio. And when the stress of everything weighed against his slumped shoulders, his evenings with you were enough to lift his spirits and keep him going so he could return to you.