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Modern AU, Kakuzu convinces Hidan to rob a small bank and it goes sideways. Deidara helps xD

Thanks for the fic request, @syndellwins ! I hope you don’t mind, but I made this a sequel to this anon one shot, because I really like this universe. 

I was having trouble with the fight scene later, so I split this into two halves. The second part is TBA.

Kakuzu is shoved down to the floor, barrel of a gun pressed to his head. The metal is so cold that it freezes the sweat dripping down his neck. Across the bank lobby, a long-haired blond stares at him from behind a gas mask, ticking. His arms are buried in wires, fuses, and sticks of nitroglycerin. Nearby, a woman gasps.

When all of this is over, Kakuzu is going to kill his flatmate.

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The one thing I’m never gonna get over is the fact that now Rick and Michonne have to set his boots on fire (which are probably the reason for his bow legged strut) all because that trash bitch decided to shove her ripe ass feet into places it don’t belong. Side note I’m especially glad there was no sexual connotation to the Rick and Trash interaction and he didn’t see her naked and we didn’t see her strip him. Alls well.

Yeah, that was upsetting on so many levels. Granted, those boots have needed to go for a while now, but to see her in his shoes, how dare you. Michonne is the only one that can wear his clothes. 

Anyway, yeah, I’m glad nobody had to actually see anyone naked and the whole trash plot was kept to a minimum, really. Of course there’s still next week, but I’m slightly less mad than I thought I’d be about that situation.

New Ship

I’ve never been a big fan of Jon*rys (This isn’t hate, I swear, just read on) I’ve always just sort of…Felt blah about it. Because to me it’s just two Targ’s hooking up as they have been for hundreds of years- but I am such a slut for the Targaryen falling for the Stark. Since that’s a running theme but we never see it produced before our eyes.

Which has lead me to ship Dany with multiple other Starks, like Robb and Arya; only just recently have I begun shipping Dany with Sansa. Like…Hard. And I’m ashamed because I’m not a huge fan of Dany but I just LOVE the idea of it. And then it hit me as to why I love Sansa and Jon so much. (Other than for the obvious reasons I have pointed out a thousand times).

Now, I can’t get the OT3 out of my head- and it wouldn’t be the regular ‘oh, they both love Jon and decide to share him like most Targaryen sister wives’ sort of deal, (I’ve always hated how it just surrounds Jon and there is no real basis for Dany and Sansa and it just sort of…sucks I guess) because remember I am a huge whore for Targaryen’s falling for Stark’s.

And so I found something in myself today, that I am now willing to admit. I NEED Dany and Jon not pining after each other but after Sansa. Like, collectively falling for the Stark girl and just wanting to kiss her and love her. Just imagine Jon looking all pretty and Dany obviously likes what she see’s, but then Sansa comes into view and Dany is all like ‘move bitch!’ and shoves Jon aside (he understands what she is going through it just sighs with her) and is like ‘now I understand Rhaegar and I need you’. (For once I would like some genuine lady loving, come on GRRM don’t pass this up!) Everyone else is like ‘Yeah, we totally didn’t see that coming.’

I probably sound insane, because it wouldn’t be a competition it would be more of a mutual understanding/pining between Jon and Dany because they totally understand each other, because they’re Targ blood needs that Stark loving- I NEED TO WRITE A FIC.

(I am not nearly as ashamed as I should be to admit I love Sansa enough to do this. Give her the Targs. All of them- Just YES).

“You’re worthless”
“Jump in front of that car right now. Right now. Right NOW”
“They are plotting to kill you”
“They all hate you”
“Shove those pills down your fucking throat”
“Fat, ugly bitch”
“Kill yourself”
“Don’t eat that”
“Punch yourself in the face in 3…2…1…”
“There’s cameras over there, and over there. LOOK”
“Take that blade and cut open your face or they’ll hurt you”
“You can’t go out today”
“Stop listening to everyone else and listen to us”
”You don’t need help
“He’s going to drown you”
“You’re a fucking psycho bitch”
”They’re coming to get you”
“Break up with him”
“They’re watching you through mirrors”
“They’re watching you through x-ray goggles”
“Tell your family to fuck off for good”
“Run away and be alone with us”
“End it all”
“End it all for us”

How did this happen?
How did this fucking happen?

  • me on a date: what do you think of eridan?
  • date: God he's such a piece of shit I hope he never comes back
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry I have to go home right now immediately
  • me on a date: what do you think of eridan?
  • date: Oh my god he's so cute and he didn't do anything wrong, it's all fef's fault she is SUCH a bitch!
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry I have to go home right now immediately
Chapter 1


“ Fuck yea girl ” I grunted grinding my hips . My breath was stuck in my throat while my chest heaved up and down . With my teeth in between my bottom lip , I was holding back on another grunt .

Flexing my jaw , this girl was working her jaws just right around my dick . Tilting my head to the right , my fingers got caught up inside of her hair . Guiding her head further down , I was trying to hit the back of her throat .

“ take this dick bitch ” I mumbled shoving her head all the way down . Letting out a loud grunt , she gagged .

“ that’s right gag on my shit bitch ” thrusting my hips in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace, she started gagging even more . Watching as her eyes watered only enticed me to speed up .

Soon enough her gags turned into to a full blown choke . Feeling my nut building up I didn’t try to ease up on her . ” almost there baby ” I chuckled as she squeezed her eyes shut .

“ ooh fuck ” I groaned busting down her throat . Struggling to swallow , I pulled up my boxers followed by my jeans .

“ you better learn how to take dick lesly .” I chuckled spitting in her face . Licking over my lips , I sat down on top of my desk and started going through these files .

“ Rico ” I mumbled lowly . Reading over his file . He was next on the hit list . Big brother of 3 you get sisters , mother is single & father died two years ago . Oh that’s right I killed him .

Chuckling lowly , my eyes averted over to leaky who was sitting in the same spot I left her in . Clenching my jaw , she knew the drill . Suck my dick and get the fuck out .

“ Get out lesly ” I grumbled pointing towards the door . Scurrying to her feet , she rushed out of the room closing he door behind her self . ’ bitches ’ I muttered under my breath plopping down into my chair .

” August ” janay said walking in my office , speaking of bitches .

“ What?” I spat looking up at her.

“ Your needed” she mumbled not wanting to make any eye contact .

“ By who?” I asked

“ Boss man ” she said before walking out with her head down . Clenching my jaw at her scary-ness I shook my head . sighing This nigga say he been needing to talk all week I wonder what the fuck it’s about.

My vibrating iphone 5 , caused me to yet again tear my gaze away from the file I was reading . ” speak ” I ordered .

“ Watch who you talking to nigga ” Rick , my boss deep voice blared . Rolling my eyes , I chuckled at the authority he though he had over me .

“ What do you want fat ass ? ” I asked , I didn’t have time for his childish games today .

“ I’m pretty sure the message was already delivered . get to the warehouse Alsina , we have business ” he gritted hanging up . Laughing loudly , I knew my previous choice of words ticked him off , considering the fact he hates being called fat .

Closing the files that laid out across my desk , I placed them back into my single filed cabinets . Licking them with my key , I slipped it into my pocket .

Jogging down the stairs Chris was sitting on the couch with some hoe in between his legs while he rolled one up . Smirking , I shook my head at his ass .

“ what’s good son ?” I asked dapping him up . Licking the blunt , he concentrated on rolling it perfectly . Staring at the hoe who had her head hurried in between his legs , she had no shame .

Scoffing , she had no respect for her self . Chris looked up at me with the ’ I know what you’re thinking look ’ causing me to chuckle loudly .

“ Nothing much , rolling up getting my dick sucked ” he shrugged in a nonchalant manner .

“ you ain’t doing shit today ?” I asked checking a txt message from rick big ass , basically telling me to hurry my ass up .

“ The game tonight ! That’s about it ” he shrugged , letting out a low groan . Mugging his side profile , I shook my head as he nutted all in the girl face .

Snatching my key chain from the key holder , I walked out the house to my Bugatti . Getting in , I put my seat belt on before pulling out the driveway .

Raising the volume up on my radio , I sped off down the highway . I hope what ever this meeting about was worth it , cause I could be doing bigger and better things .


Pulling up in front the warehouse , I parked next to Mitchell’s car that sat directly in front the gate . Killing the ignition , I stepped out making sure I didn’t step in mud and get my shoes fucked up .

Slamming my car door , I jogged up the mini steps before stopping in front the black bobbed wired fence . Plugging in my code , I waited for it to verify so it could open .

After what felt like hours , the gate doors flew open . Walking through , my face hardened at the niggas standing by the door laughing it up .

“ what the fuck y’all suppose to be doing ? ” I scolded . Questing down , they all looked up at me with fear in their eyes except for one . Ricky , ricks son glared at me clutching to his waist hand .

I swear his bitch ass had a problem with me ever since i started working for his pops . Chuckling before hardening my face , ” you got a problem with me young blood ? I see you gotcha hand on your gun ” I asked sizing him up .

” you don’t want it with me August , you must have forgot who my daddy is ” he gritted pushing me back . Pulling out my gun , I aimed it to his face .

“ ion give a fuck about who you are . Boss kid or not , I’ll kill your ass on the spot ” I threatened .

Slowly placing my gun back into my waistband , I kept my eyes on him ” that’s what the fuck I thought ” I spat bumping past him .

“ do what the fuck y’all get paid to do ” I snickered . Pushing past the two big niggas , I scoped out the living room area . Bitches and money covered the floors and sofas . That’s exactly what I like to see .

” hey daddy , you need me to take care of you ” Miranda purred inside my ear . Pushing her body off of mine , I mugged her as she smirked .

Ignoring her thirst , I walked to the back where ricks office was located . Busting through the doors , he had all his main men sitting around the table with and empty seat next to him waiting for me.

Taking a seat all eyes were on me , and I started to get suspicious on why I was here . Usually when I’ll walk through the door , I’ll be greeted but this time , everything was a little different .

Clearing my throat , ” what I’m here or man ? ” I asked as Mitchell took a seat next to me. Eying him , he had a huge grin plastered on his face . Mitchell was my right hand man , and I could count on him for anything .

” Sit down Rick ” said staring at Mitchell . Along his seat , I bounced my leg up and down out of annoyance and irritation . I was ready to get this shit over with .

” I called you two in here because I have something to tell y’all , I guess you can call it Ricks surprise ” he chuckled causing everyone else to chuckle but me . Mitchell and I looked at each other confused then back at him.

“What?” I asked

“So y’all know I been planning on giving this shit up right?” He smirked rubbing his
Over growing goatee . Shit was fucking ugly .

” Yea ” Mitchell said smiling . This nigga was too happy for a damn pass down .

“ Well I chose one of you too pass my business down too ” Rick said leaving cowards on the table . Licking his two
Index fingers , they were covered in cheese from Cheetos . Fat ass nigga.

“Who?” We both asked at the same time. Looking over at Mitchell , he held his hand out for dap which Mitchell did Almost instantly .

“ My nigga Mitchell , I just want you to know that you my nigga forreal . You been rolling with me for 3 years and I appreciate you for never being untrue ” he said holding on to his hand . Looking down at my finger nails I waited for them to chop it up . I had a game to get ready for .

“ Yea boss man I understand ” Mitchell smiled a toothy grin . I was getting sick of this nigga smiling like a lil bitch .

“ well then you’ll understand why I’m passing it down to August ” he chuckled turning towards me . Instantly looking up , a smirk played on my face as Mitchell smile turned into a complete frown .

“ Me ? What ? ” i Pretended to be
Surprised .

“ August ? Out of all niggas August ? ” Mitchell shouted . I knew his ass was hating from the gate .

“ yea bitch nigga you heard him , ME ” I snickered . Averting my attention back to rick , he sat there with an amused expression .

“ continue boss ” I said waving my hand . Chuckling , he blew out smoke from his cigar .

“ like I was saying , I’m passing the thrown down to you . Your man is getting old and I got two more kids on the way . It’s about that time I give it up ” he said ashing his gar .

“ I appreciate that man , you know ima hold it down no matter what . ” I assured shaking his hand .

“ listen the fuck up , this is your new boss so I except for y’all to treat him how y’all treated me . If I get one phone call saying y’all ain’t acting right I’m killing you ” he yelled at everyone . I on the other hand have nothing to say because I don’t have any problems with these guys .

Most of them respected me more than they respected Rick and he knew that but I continued to let him rant . From the side of my eye , I could see Mitchell grilling me . Deep down in my gut I knew at some point Mitchell is going to feel the need to retaliate against me because of ricks pick .

Once rick finished stating what he had to say . I happily walked my ass out of the there not with out laying down some rules. Some shit rick let go on I won’t . That’s how niggas get caught slipping , people don’t do their jobs .

Pressing the peddle to the floor , I was in a rush to get home so I wouldn’t have to hear Chris mouth . Looking through my rear view mirror , I squinted my eyes at who was behind me .

Swerving on side of me , the person behind the dark tinted windows rolled their window down . Chuckling at this nigga Chris , he stuck his tongue out at me . Childish ass .

“ race you home ? ” he smirked . Dropping my shades below my eyes , I rolled my passenger window back and sped off .


Stepping out of my scrub , I placed my top and bottom inside the hamper that sat neatly on the side of my dresser . Twirling , I fell flat on my back and stared up at the ceiling .

Blowing air through out my mouth I was highly annoyed . Work today was a drag and all I wanted to do was come home , eat , shower then sleep but of course things don’t go as planned .

Jay being the convincing little bitch she is , convinced me to go to this LA Lakers game tonight at the arena . The only reason why I agreed is because I didn’t want her to spend yet another day in this house crying her eyes out over some nigga that could give two fucks about her .

Jaylins love life wasn’t the best to say the least but she had her good days too . Obviously the bad days out weighed the good days which is sad in my book .

Many times I’ve caught my self trying not to think about heart breaks because it would only result into me lighting up for the night and buying three to four daiquiris . Sad , I know but when you’re in love that shit really can hurt once it’s all said and done .

“ Jaylin get up ” I spat playfully as she sat on the floor on a big pile of clothes .

“ I can’t find shit to wear ” she whined .

“ girl , all them clothes you have in this big ass closet you mean to tell me you can’t find shit to wear ? Get over yourself ” I waved her off .

“ go take your bitch ass to your room and find your own outfit before I stab you ” she threatened pointing her manicured finger nail towards me .

“ oh no , she’s gonna stab me . I’m shaking in my draws ” I pretend shook , causing her to fall into a fit of giggles . Laughing along with her , I shook my head as she began to put her clothes back neatly .

“ Seriously Lexi , maybe I do need to stab your ass just once do you can stop taking me as a joke ” she giggled .

Licking Over my plump lips , I took a seat on her bed . Watching her fold up the little clothes she had left on the floor , I was contemplating on getting into this conversation with her .

“ Soooo , are you gonna try to get a number tonight ? ” I winked crossing my leg over the other . She suddenly stopped , and looked at me with an irritated expression .

“ Alexis , I’m not trying to engage in a relationship with anyone ” she said rolling her eyes slightly .

“ Jaylin no one said you had to be in a relationship . I just asked were you gonna try and get in an relationship ” I defended holding my arms up .

Throwing her hair into a sloppy bun she sighed heavily and stared at me with an evil glare ” These guys aren’t worth my time ” she said softly .

Frowning , my poor baby was so messed up . I didn’t know what to tell her any more . Mark really fucked her up and got her with her guard held high .

sighing lowly , I didn’t wanna kill the vibe or make her sad” sooo , you need to get ready . Time is ticking baby ” I smiled faintly

“ yo shit , you’re right ” she yelled pushing me off of her bed . Rolling around the floor , I hit my head on her vanity leg . Cackling loudly, she haunched over holding on to her stomach .

“ come on Lexi , get out go get ready ” she whined pushing my body out of her door . Holding me weight down , I guess she got fed up and slammed the door on my head . Groaning loudly , I rubbed the back of my head up and down to sooth the pain .

Slowly standing to my feet , I sashayed myself into my bedroom . Rubbing the back of my neck , I grabbed a fresh pair of undergarments and walked inside my bathroom . Taking a look in the mirror , I smiled at myself . Using the scrunchy that rested on my right arm , I put my hair in a tight ponytail .

Twisting the hot water , I adjusted the temperature to a soothing feeling . Stepping inside my over large shower , I also most slipped causing me to let out a high ugly laugh.

Throwing my head back in the pleasurable feeling the water was sending my way , I let out a low moan . Licking over my lips , my fingers found it’s way down to my love box . Touching on my clit , my leg twitched at it’s sensitive touch .

“ Fuck ” I moaned lowly increasing my speed . My mind started to flood with dirty thoughts increasing the urge to cum . Sticking two fingers inside myself , I moaned loudly as my fingers became soaked . Moving my fingers in a circular motion , I felt my cum rushing through out my body .

Grabbing a hold of the towel holder , my body shook viciously as the powerful orgasm ripped through out my body . ” Shiit ” I screamed as I squirted all over . Relaxing my head against the cold tile walls , I grabbed the towel and squirted some tropical body wash on top and started to wash my body .


’ I just wanna say you’re mine you’re mine , I just wanna say you’re mine you’re mine . Fuck what you heard you’re mine you’re mine all I’m really asking for is you ’ I sang as I danced my way back into the bathroom .

Plugging up my curling irons , I turned to my closet that was connected with the bathroom . Searching for the perfect outfit , I was stuck . Any other time I would let Jay do it since she was the ” fashion police ” but tonight she wasn’t trying to help .

“ this is my jam ” I said snapping my fingers as Inside part 2 blared through my speakers .

Dropping my towel , I grabbed my velvet sugar body lotion from bath and body works and began to spread the lotion all over my body . Making sure all of the substance covered my body , I checked in the mirror .

Slipping on my Vicki secret bra with the matching Underwear . I began to curly this long hair of mine . Blowing on the curling iron out of habit , I held it for 10 seconds max .

“ I wish you get ready ” Jay said walking in my bathroom and grabbing a towel . Bumping my

“ I know you ain’t talking about me , you ain’t even dressed yet ” I mumbled with the comb half way in my mouth .

“ I’m taking my time because I know you gonna still be getting ready by the time I’m finished . ” she said as she walked out .

Turning up my beats by dre speaker pill , I continued to finish my hair . Smiling at my reflection in the mirror , I bounced around just to see my curls bounce .

Using my fingers I combed through out my curls to make them a tad bit loose . Applying light makeup to my face , I walked out into my bedroom . Staring down at my outfit , I sighed heavily before slipping into it .

Scurrying around my room , I could find the heels that I had wanted to wear tonight and I was getting ready to scream . Muttering words of obscenity under my breath , I rolled under my bed and felt around for my heel .

“ gotcha ” I smiled slipping it on to my foot . Standing to my feet , I adjusted my clothes .

“ jay you ready ? ” I yelled from my room .

“ I been done , it’s you I been waiting on ” she said stepping into my bathroom .

“ uh uh , where you think you’re going with my perfume ? ” I asked as she snatched up my nicki minaj fragrance .

“ Umm to the game” she said in a duh tone .

Jay was my baby sister , only by one year . Bitch was aggy at times , but over all she was cool.We barely fought , and if we did it was over stupid shit . Like ” who ate my candy ?” Type of fights . Nothing to serious .

“ what’s makes you think I want you smelling like me ? ” I asked with a raised eyebrow .

“ Girl bye , nobody Trynna smell like you . Last time I checked you didn’t even open this up yet ” she spat playfully walking into my bed room .

Narrowing my eyes at her ” I would cut you “

“ oh yea ? I would love to see that ” she laughed .

Snatching my perfume out her hand , I sprayed my body a few times before sitting it on my dresser next to the rest of my smell goods .

“ we have to go , it’s our 2nd week in Cali and we still don’t know our way around this place ” she huffed as she jogged down the stairs .

My two sisters Jay , Mariah & I decided to start a new life here in California to get away from boring ass Baton Rouge .

It was always hot as fuck there and the people all around were phony and fake . It was hard for Jaylin to make friends because who ever she made friends with would fuxk her over in the end .

With that’s being said if we weren’t talking to each other , then we spoke to no one well Jay spoke to no one . I on the other hand had three best friends .

“ Where Mariah ?” I asked looking around the spacious living room .

“ She’s gone , talking bout she got a date ”

“ a date with who ? And since when did she even have a boo ? ”

“ right that’s what I said , but she had the nerve to tell me stay in a child’s place . Baby I would kill her ” Jay rolled her eyes walking out the front door .

Chuckling , I checked myself through the full body mirror we had in the foyer . Making sure my makeup was in tack and lip gloss wasn’t dripping I pulled my coat off the rack .

It was pretty chilly outside . Well to me cause I’m not use to all this cold weather . Baton Rouge was either hot , humid or both at one time .

“ bout damn time bitch ” Jay said pulling off soon as I got in the car , not even giving me time to close the door .

“ the hell you in a rush for ? ” I asked .

“ Well if we didn’t leave just now we would be super late to the game and you know how I feel about being late ” she stressed .

“ baby pipe down , the game ain’t going no where ”

“ yea yea , put the address in the gps and shut up ” she mumbled trying not to laugh .

“ you don’t te-” I was cut off by her loading up the radio to the maximum volume . I swear at times this girl make me want pull my damn hair out .

Putting in the address , I sat back and enjoyed the ride while listening to whatever played on the radio .

” You know , when are you gonna get back into dating ? ” I asked as she continued to drive .

“ Alexis what did I say ? I’m-”

“ I’m not ready for a relationship just yet , yea I know ” I said mocking her .

“ well stop asking ” she spat .

Rolling my eyes , I just kept quiet for the rest of the ride . Jay always gets like this when I ask her about dating again .

I wish she just let that nigga mark go . He messed over her and lost out on something good not her. Yet she’s so oblivious to that . He’s the reason why her ass is so mean . I can’t deal . I just want my little sister to be happy .


Walking into the arena , my eyes lit up In amazement at all the flashy lights . With a big smile plastered across my face , I walked over to the glass box that held the most valuable trophies .

Taking a look behind me , Alexis was still outside of the arena waiting for the valet man to come park her car . Chuckling ,I don’t know why she spends her money on that shit when she can just park her car her damn self .

“ My bad ma ” This guy said as he bumped into me on accident . Looking up at him , I sent a faint smile his way . “ it’s okay ” I assured him . Smiling , he walked off .

“ It’s a shame that them guys took for we and a day to get my keys ” Alexis huffed.

“ bout damn time shit ” I mumbled heading over to the ticket booth . The feeling of my underwear being stuck in my butt caused me to twist my face up in irritation . Alexis turned towards me and mouthed ’ what’s wrong ’ but I didn’t answer . Instead I told her to get our tickets while I try to remove this wedgie .

” here you two ladies go ” the guy at the ticket booth said eyeing both my sister and I while licking over his lips.

“ keep your damn eyes to yourself ” I spat taking the tickets out his hand . It’s annoying when. No matter where you go , a nigga trying to play game .

“ I’m so sorry ” Alexis said to the man as she pushed me forward .

“ what was that for Jaylin ?” She asked . Oh lord now we on a first name bases . She never calls me jaylin , especially in public .

“ Quit with the government Alexis ” I sighed . She knew I hated people finding out my name , weird I know but if you don’t know me then you don’t need to know my name . Period no coma .

“ I don’t care right now , why you always gotta be so mean ” Alexis griped rolling her eyes .

I was trying to have a good night , not a night full of attitudes . It’s my first real outing since we’ve been here in Cali and I want to enjoy it .

“ because , I’m not alright ” I simply said as we walked up to the snack line .

“ you need to stop being like that okay , everyone is not gonna fuck over you like mark did ” she rolled her eyes while walking away .

Stuffing popcorn in my mouth , ” why she had to even bring him up ” I mumbled .

Mark was an ex of mine , that I’ll never ever go back too . But I’ll save that story for a lil later . I’m just trying to focus on me , and get my life back on track .

“ thanks for leaving me jack ass ” I laughed as I finally found the correct court .

“ You was being an ass , so I let people like you find their own way around ” she shrugged her shoulders . Bitch .

“ look I would kill you ” I said causing both of us to laugh .

My favorite thing to say was ” I would kill you ” .. It was something I would say when I didn’t have a come back or some shit . Taking a seat , I adjusted my cardigan that hung mid low .

“ give it up for the LA lakers ” The man on the intercom said into the mic . Dimming the lights , the spotlight I was sitting by the doors that lead from the locker room to the court .

“ Kobe Bryant ” Was all I needed to hear to stand to my feet and go crazy .

Thank god I wore my J’s cause hopping in heels just wouldn’t get it . But I probably still would have jumped up cause that right there was my favorite basketball player .

“ Kobe , I love you Kobe ” I yelled at him . Turning his head , his eyes landed directly on me causing my heart to flutter ,Watching him blow me a kiss , melted my insides . The great lord above took his time creating this one .

“ you’re so embarrassing jay ” Alexis chuckled .

Shrugging my shoulders ” hey , I’ll do anything for Kobe alright ? ”

“ let’s go Kobe ” some guy yelled from above us , causing me to laugh loudly .

“ see Lexi , I’m not the only one who think he’s the shit ” I laughed chugging down my coke . I’ve been a fan of Kobe since he first got signed to the LA lakers .

Every game that he would play close to him , I’ll attend . Including book signing , charity events & food drives . I did it all just to support him . I dreamed of marrying him some day but I know it’ll never happen .

Sticking my headphones into my ear , I raised the volume using my hand set . One thing I never did was listen to all the commotion going on around . It annoyed me at some point .

A lot of voices , going at one time . Refs blowing whistles , the guys in the booths hanging over the court breaking the game down for the idiots who didn’t understand , the whole thing was just crazy.

I even block my own ass out from yelling and screaming . I know for sure my shit is annoyingly loud . Taking a swig out of my coke , I popped open my sour punch straws .

“ Can I have one ? ” Lexi asked with a sweet smile . Rolling my eyes , I handed the pack over .

“ Fucking fat ass ” I muttered . I hates when she did shit like this , we has the opportunity to get whatever we wanted and she chose nachos and now she wants to eat up my snacks.

Sighing It was now the halftime and I had to pee really bad And I was tired of holding it. I swear my bladder was ridiculous , I just peed less than 2 hours ago . Maybe it’s because I drunk so much coke .

“ Lexii I’m going piss ” I said to her causing her to scrunch her face up .

Shaking her head ” ew I didn’t need to know what you were going do .. Get out my face ” Laughing I sat my sour punch straws in my seat before fixing my shorts and making sure my cardigan was straight .

“ excuse me , can you direct me to the bathroom ? ” I asked the lady who was standing outside the double doors .

“ sure , keep straight and on the first opening take a left . And the bathrooms right there ” she smiled .

Smiling I sent a quick thank you her way before making my way down the long path . Finally getting to the opening I made my way into the ladies restroom .

Squatting low enough so I could piss , I tried to hurry due to the game being almost over . Cleaning my vaginal area I pulled up my underwear and shorts and made my way over to the sink .

Rubbing the pink suds all over my hands and around my wrist , I stuck my hands under the water .Drying my hands underneath the automatic dryer , I checked my appearance out in the mirror before stepping out the bathroom .

Picking at the piece of linen on my shorts I ran into a firm body . Looking up , I was face to face with the most handsomest boy I’ve ever seen .

Taking in his appearance he had blonde curly hair , pretty brown eyes , straight white teeth except for one that crooked just a little bit but it fit him , and boy was his shoe game on fire .

Looking over his clothes he had the whole laid back look going on . I can tell he wasn’t trying to dress up just for some old basketball game , total turn on .

” I’m sorry ” I stuttered , still taking back by his looks . Baby boy was really gorgeous . Wait , did I just stutter ? Jaylin never stutters .

“ it’s all good lit mama but next time walk with your fucking head up” he spat in a thick Virginia accent .

Oh god his accent was just everything .. But why was he so mean ? Keep it cool Jay keep it cool , I coached myself .

“ well I’ll be on my way ” I smiled awkwardly stepping aside of him . Walking past his fine ass with out looking back I could still feel his eyes on me .

Building up the courage to look back , i was right . He was still standing there staring at me as I walked away . My cheeks flushed with a bright color red , before returning into the gym . My only question was why was was something so perfect , so mean ?

“ Why the hell you smiling ? ” Alexis asked as I skipped over to my seat . For some strange reason I felt like a little girl who just got a brand new toy .

“ Ok I bumped into this boy leaving out the bathroom and god Lexi he is so fine but he’s mean too” I gushed . I started rambling on and on about his looks and I could tell Alexis was trying to keep up but good gawd .

“ Jay Jay . Ima need for you to breathe ” she laughed stopping me from my on going blah blahness

“ Jay got a crush ” Alexis danced in her seat while pointing at me .

“ I do not ,” I huffed crossing my arms over my chest . How can I have a crush , when I don’t even know the guy ? For all I know that’ll be the last time I ever see dude a day in my life .

“ oh yea you do ” she laughed .

“ I really don’t Lexi & he was mean ” I whined lowly . Narrowing her eyes at me , I didn’t know what she was thinking .

“ what do you mean by mean ?” She asked. Here she go asking dumb ass questions .

“ bitch mean , just mean ” I scolded. . Knowing her she was glaring at me because I probably didn’t get his number . Why should I ?

“ you’re do stupid Jaylin .. ” she muttered turning her attention back to the game . Rolling my eyes , I heard obnoxious laughter . Turning my head , I looked dead at the boy I ran into .

Licking over my lips , ” That’s him ” I tapped Lexi arm repeatedly as the guy looked me straight in the eye with a mug .


Rubbing my goatee gently , I thought about shorty that was exiting out of the girls bathroom . Baby girl kept it sexy but classy . not too much but just right . Her legs had a nigga going crazy lowkey , I wonder if she plays soccer or some shit considering they was toned .

Too bad I ain’t Trynna engage in shit with her . These bitches don’t deserve no time or day from a nigga like me . Not that they would enjoy it any how . I’m not your average guy , believe me .

“ is you gonna walk in the bathroom or not ? ” This old man complained hitting me with his cane .

Taking his canr out of his hand I broke it In half ,” I don’t know what the fuck you think this is but I ain’t the one bitch ” I gritted dropping his now two canes .

Quickly taking my well needed piss I washed my hands and made my way back out to the court not before checking around for the girl I just bumped into . I don’t know what the fuck I’m searching for her for anyways .

Shaking my head , there was no signs of her so I just gave up the search . Looking one more time to be on the safe side , I walked back inside of the gym and headed for my seat . ” took you long enough ” August said as he threw me my sour punch kids .

“ nigga stop complaining , they had a hold up ” I mumbled stuffing 3 candies in my mouth .

“ was she bad ? ” he asked already knowing what I meant by a ’ hold up ’

“ nigga she was more than bad , baby girl was flawless ” I gushed hoping his ass didn’t catch that .

“ you got her number ? ” he asked looking over at me for a brief second.

“ Naw , it was like a lil bump oh I’m sorry type of thing ” I chuckled replaying that scene in my head . On some shit now I’m wishing I would have .

“ still should have got her number , could have been your future wife and now you would never know ” he laughed .

Maybe he was right , she could have been my wife and I wouldn’t even know . Usually I’ll grab a bitch number right then and there but something about the situation told me she was different and I don’t even know her . It’s like I can just feel that she’s not like these other girls I’m use to fucking with .

“ fuck these bitches son ” I laughed loudly dapping August up . Looking straight ahead my eyes landed directly on shorty from the bathroom . Maybe I would know if she would be my wife .

“ Aug ” I said tapping his shoulder never breaking eye contact with her . I’m surprised she even held a stare down with me considering I could feel my face in the position of a mug . I didn’t try intentionally , it’s natural .

“ yo nigga ? ” he rolled his eyes like a lil bitch grilling me . Chuckling in his face , he could be so In his feelings at times .

“ that’s the bitch right there , and I think she got a Friend ” I pointed across the court .

“ Bsby girl is bad and her friend even badder ” he smiled with a wave towards the girl .

“ yea them bitches bad ” I pitched in focusing back on the game .

“ Ain’t no body gonna want your ass no way the way you talks about them . How you call somebody you don’t even know a bitch ?you is the meanest nigga I know .” He chuckled mushing my head .

Pushing August arm off me ,I’m trying to focus and see if this nigga gonna lead us to victory or not . We win this game , we go to the championship. You know what that means , Miami bringing they ass on down .

Taking another look ,These girls were beautiful beyond measures . Corona California aint no big place. And I’ve never seen them before but they are by far the prettiest girls I’ve seen yet .

The one who was beside my lil fling , had a pretty mocha complexion that probably glistens in the sun , with pretty straight teeth and long beautiful legs .

I sat there in my seat amazed at her beauty while she laughed with her friend at something , probably about us I bet .

“ima try & get her number after the game.” I mumbled sipping on my sprite .

“ you ? Chris ? Gonna try and get a number with your mean ass ? Unbelievable ” He laughed .

“ just cause I’m mean don’t mean I can’t bag a hoe . ” I mugged

“ Ok you do that ima try & get at her friend” I said waving slightly . She looked at me and smiled faintly with a small wave .

“ you do that ” he smirked . Rubbing over my waves , I slipped my SnapBack on before taking one more look at her .

Looking over at August ,he was staring at shawty mighty hard as if he was trying to read her or some shit . For my sake , I need to watch my actions cause I dont know who im messing with .


The game was finally over and our mission to get these girls number was in full force . But when we looked the girls were gone .

“ So that’s it ? You just gonna give up . For all we know they could still be here ” I said to August who just shrugged his shoulders .

Shaking my head , I just decided not to worry bout it. We’ll meet again sometime if it’s meant for me to have her number . If not , no big deal . On our way to the car I spotted the girls standing by the doors waiting for the valet parker to bring their car around .

“ look son there they go ” I smirked pointing without making myself obvious . Walking off , August headed in the direction of them before stopping .

“ I can’t do it ” he said turning a round .

“ why not nigga , just go head . You never been this scared before ” I spat . Out of no where he decides to be a pussy ?

“ Nigga she different . I can tell she ain’t just some hoe . ” he spat back . Chuckling , what the fuck he knew about being different ? Every bitch he done fucked with was the same . Let me find out my nigga was going soft for someone he don’t even know .

“ look I’ll be in the car , go get your number ” he mumbled walking in the direction of my range . Shaking my head I pulled him back sending a hard smack to his face .

“ Stop being a pussy and get shorty number ” I spat lowly . Looking over to where lil mama and her friend was standing , they were watching us .

“ You right , come with me son “‘he said waking ahead of me . I’ll go with him but I ain’t Trynna get no bitch number .

” Excuse me ladies “ he smiled interrupting their small convo .

” Uh yea ? “ the one I had my eye on said .

” I seen your friend from the other side of the court and I couldn’t leave with out her number “ he smiled showing my grills that laid at the bottom of my teeth .

Stuffing my hands inside my pockets I rolled my eyes as this nigga tried to be sweet and cute .

” go head and give it to him lex" I heard her friend mumble nudging her side . Pulling my snap back farther down , I was able to look at her with her noticing .

“ I’m Alexis by the way ” she smiled pulling out her phone .

“ August ” he smiled back giving her his . Coughing , the girl on side of Alexis looked up at me before putting her head back down .

“ I’ll make sure to txt you Alexis ” he assured kissing her hand . Gay ass nigga.

“ cool , goodnight ” she smiled getting into her BMW . Shit was nice . It kinda reminded me of my mine I has back at home . Staring at them once more , I didn’t bother to say goodnight before walking off .

Jogging over to the car , August had done already started it . Slipping on my seat belt , I waited for August to ask me what ever he was fixing his mouth for .

“ got her number ? ” he asked . I should have known .

“ Nah , I should have though ” I smiled faintly .

“ my nigga they so bad thigh ” he dapped me up . My Dumb ass should have got the friend number , we could have did that dumb ass double date shit but if the girl knew what’s best off her , she wouldn’t try to engage in a relationship with me .

I would body the poor girl in a hot second . And just because I’m evil , I would ship her body parts to her mothers house because that’s just him . Half of the time ion see how I get them hoes I do have .

I’m dangerous and would do anything to anyone without hesitation or emotion . But who am I to tell someone what’s best for them . Alexis ain’t safe with me August but that’s not business . No not at all . What goes on in the dark comes to the light .

It’s amazing growing up and realizing how many men hate women. They’re sexually attracted to women, sure, but they’re so caught up in their anti-woman, misogynistic bullshit that to be in a relationship with a woman they need to put her up on a pedestal.

Men have to convince themselves that their woman is above all that catty/bitchy/whiny/girly bullshit that other women do; then the second their partner shows emotions they get shoved into the category of being a “crazy bitch”, like all those other women. What a disappointment that must be for them.