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Would you have time to write a little piece about Natsu and Lucy going to the library together not too long after getting together? Lucy keeps getting sidetracked and Natsu is impatient, but they're trying to remember to be considerate... 😉



“Natsu, quit fooling around! We have a job to do,” Lucy shushed her boyfriend as she crouched through the restricted section of the library. They needed a book for an assignment, and so they got special clearance to get a book from their literature professor.

Natsu’s heart thumped in his chest. His girlfriend was badass, and it made him like her even more.

It was weird to call Lucy his girlfriend. They’d been friends for so long, and he started to have feelings for her ages back when they first met. He had pushed the feelings aside in order to maintain their friendship, but one day it became all too much. He stood up in the middle of the cafeteria and proclaimed his love for her and swooped her up in his arms and kissed her.

That kiss was the one thing he couldn’t get off his mind. They hadn’t kissed since then to be careful to not go too fast in their budding relationship, but he hungered to taste her lips again.

Lucy bent over to search a pile of books and he could just barely see the outline of burgundy panties peeking out. Holding back a nosebleed, he began to search a different pile himself.

After a few moments of searching, he looked over to Lucy where she was now sitting curled up with a book. Her eyes were aglow as she read the fantasy novel. It was enchanted with magic to glow bright gold, and her face looked even more beautiful basked in the beams of light.

“Lucy,” Natsu said, his mouth saying her name before his brain could even register it. It was more of a growl than a spoken word, and she looked up with a smile.

“Yes, Natsu?” she said, peering up at him over her gale reading glasses.

Knowing that they were in one of the quietest places on campus felt good to Natsu. It felt dangerous, and even he felt a little badass in the midst of the silence. Books were everywhere, and Lucy felt completely at peace.

Natsu wanted to test the limits of his badassery, and so he tasted the words on his tongue for a moment before saying them. Lucy stared up at him expectantly, waiting for what her boyfriend had to say.

“C-can I kiss you again? We are in the restricted section of the library after all. No one’s gonna see us,” Natsu said, the words tumbling out awkwardly.

So much for badassery. Natsu sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets, kicking a stray book to the side. No way would she say yes to some crazy thing like that–

“I’d like that,” Lucy answered, and Natsu’s eyes flicked over to his girlfriend. She cleared the books next to her and patted the empty space, and his heart thumped for the second time that day.

She was going to be the end of him, he just knew it.


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