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Outdoor Exercise WOD: Shovel Snow

For all of the East Coasters out there, get your daily physical activity in by shoveling some snow. Get outside, get fresh air and get a good workout in, (difficulty of workout depends on driveway distance or time shoveling, minimal rest breaks, and how heavy the powder/how many inches of snow). Shoveling snow is the essence of what this blog is about: outdoors, fresh air, physical activity and strenuous exercise, clear mind, and doing it with family and friends. Health and Happiness

Be careful when shoveling: make sure you don’t get lazy and just bend from your lower back and round your lumbar and thoracic spine. Take the pressure of your back when shoveling by bending your knees and lifting up mounds of snow from the hips instead of just using your arms and back. If you shovel snow with improper lazy technique then you won’t be able t shovel snow very long before your back starts to tighten and you feel uncomfortable pain. You don’t want to hurt yourself shoveling snow, get injured and take yourself out of any physical activity for the next couple of days. My suggestion is to think of shoveling as a form of a deadlift, use the same proper technique you would use to deadlift a barbell that you would use to shovel up the snow and then rotate your hips and curl your arms and back as you throw the snow over to the side. Monitor how your body reacts to this outdoor activity to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.

Bonus: Reward yourself for the hard outdoor work and take a break to go sledding. Relive childhood pleasures and enjoyments. Recapture your youth and re-experience the blissful moments that defined your childhood. Unless of course you grew up in L.A. or Miami your whole life. For everyone else that grew up with snowy winters, then sledding is a universal pastime, enjoyed by everyone. You are never too old to enjoy life. Maturity does not mean restriction or prohibition of youthful fun activities. Lighten up, bundle up, and enjoy the winter wonderland.


Warm Up with a Hot Drink: Warm up with a hot cup of tea of your choice and a tsp of raw honey (Manuka and Buckwheat honey are my favorite and are filled with antioxidants), or try to boil some almond milk and stir in a tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder and a splash of Cinnamon or stick in a whole Cinnamon.