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I really like this blog for always being realistic; that said, there's a new meta out there written by Another Shade on operation-out[.]tumblr[.]com and I really wanted to know your opinion about it. Does it make any sense to you? Would the show go there? Me, being the realistic that I am, think that it's far far away from reality and wouldn't happen.

Funny you ask this, Anon. Because just the other day we had a convo (as in, long-ass deep, analytical reflection of the past four years we’ve all been doing this—and wondering of what the fuck the point of it is, anymore :) about the collective/individual thought developments in this fandom. Because ‘meta’ had an original intent that wasn’t all this, you know? It was supposed to be a systematic review of sorts, the one that includes the current knowledge, substantive findings, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic. Which was the case of for instance of what Calculaic (with the Sacred Book of Swen) or later @helebette​ (who extended dialogue onto media representation and systemic issues) and other similar good folks I can’t all list, now–did. But unfortunately the ‘rise’ of popularity of certain individuals such as Fethan (fake Ethan) who used their wit and Photoshop skills to keep stating the obvious (derived from that potential everyone and their nan saw in that possibly groundbreaking modern fairytale about two moms resolving old feuds by being united in love for their son, and subsequently–for one another) but with a twist of being humorous and ‘nice’ (because any and all direct criticism immediately classifies you as a ‘BA’?) changed things by amping up the ‘meta battle’ for followers, likes, reblogs and popularity points–by peddling HOPE. You know, that one elusive thing we all desperately clutched to at one point or another, when it came to this shitty little show?

So, no. Not every individual thought exchange, viewpoint, and especially not a collection of observations decorated with pretty pictures and gifs—is a ‘meta’. Especially if it was more often than not being done for wrong motivations, egotistical intellectual self-imposing, as ‘kings’, ‘queens’ and ‘prophets’, because jolly gosh–all people in this fandom are sheep and in a dire need of a leader that would guide the hive mind?

That said, the latest development is the ‘dumb positivity’ movement, which as we understood—is supposed to be a rebellion of sorts, fighting for visibility and stance by proving possibility of ‘positive’ things still being present and attainable despite this show’s insistence on ignorance, erasure—and blatant endorsement of harmful things implemented in their writing (heterosexism, misogyny, racism and homophobia) as well as writing/production team and cast’s insistence on ignoring and ostracization–and barely suppressed disgust towards femslash ship fans. But as positive and good-natured as it is, some things simply go under wishful thinking (due to all of that, at this point absolutely squandered potential of OUaT) and hopeful speculations, because while we WISH people with that much care for detail and depth like @anothershadeofgreen wrote the show–alas. It’s owned, written and narratively decimated by two middle-aged pale, male, stale men who ONLY seem to care about their white male-heroism driven hetero drivel. Which, I guess we’re all dealing with in a different way, some lost any and all illusions and left, some (like us ;) are still here spilling criticism and bile–and some are using (’dumb’, even though for the record–we don’t like calling it like that :) positivity as a shield–and throw bread at those who hurl rocks at them?

Personally speaking, the very last meta (in the true meaning of the term) that I found thought-provoking and brilliant in its own merit, was the one that dissected possibly subversive storytelling, of two absolutely parallel and corresponding storylines–the one we see onscreen (labelled as ‘canon’) for wide, mostly superficial masses, and the underlining, subtextual one lurking beneath the surface and being told in glaringly obvious way for those who read between the lines, the intelligent viewership body that caught all easter eggs, nods and coded narratives. But since then, said pale male stale hacks went out of their way to prove how little they care about that part of their audience that ‘coded’ storytelling was supposed to be aimed at, and spent three years showing us how bad, careless and ignorant they are at what they do–while continually shoving their heterosexist rapeculture endorsing ways down our collective throat, and nurturing their bigoted and homophobic part of the audience.

So, to reply to your query in an absolutely realistic way (because that’s what you were looking for? :) no, we don’t think show’s going anywhere else than down the path it started speeding down on–after ‘Dark Swan’ storyline got taken away from Emma Swan and show completely got twisted into Once Upon a Rapist’s Warped Redemption. ALL the props and kudos to the positive crew, but at this point, after at least three years of gradual and absolute disillusionment–we get enough of canon fix-its from good fics that seem AU just because of being consistent and well characterized. So, go figure.


Suga is thankful when the food comes, immediately grabbing some chicken. He looks up to see Jimin shoveling his mouth at an inhuman speed. “You must have some metabolism to eat like that and not be fat.”
Jimin swallowed a big gulp of soup. “I guess it comes with dancing.”
“You dance?”
“It’s my major. Emphasis in Modern Dance. I wanna join the National Performance Group.”
Suga nodded. That explains why Jimin’s thighs were so muscular and his butt rounder than a— No. Not at lunch. “I’ve heard I’m a pretty good judge if you wanna show me.”
“Like right now?”
“Sure why not? I can move the table.”
Jimin nods his head, patting at his fluffy sweater. Suga carefully pushes the table along the wall as too not make a mess.
“This is part of my dance for my final project It’s not finished yet so don’t laugh.” He said getting into a kneeling position.
“I would never Whenever you’re ready.”
Jimin started to a bit only he could hear. Rising from the ground, his demeanor changed, becoming more focused. As he watched in awe, he saw it. He knew what he was going to paint for the competition.