my mom said she’d get me things when she can for my phil collection

i’ve never actually had a collection go anywhere before, i usually just had like one or two things when i’d try to start one and they just sat there and i never got anything to add to it

and then i lost interest and it just died

or it never lived in the first place

but i feel like phil will be my favorite thing for the rest of my life and i am excited

even if i stop listening to his music and i stop making gifs of him, i will never get over how great he is and he will still be my favorite and he will be the first one i think of when anyone asks what my favorite band or artist or actor or person is, even if i’m obsessed with somebody/something else at the time

my phil things will never leave my shelves/walls


NEW VIDEOGAME REDRAW!!! Make sure to stay to the end for a (secret special surprise ;o)