So one thing that bugs me is how many people hate Mickey. You can hate all you want but the reasoning sometimes just kills me. A lot of reasoning is that he is just a dick who’s jealous of Rose and the Doctor. Well, wouldn’t you be too? Think about this for a second. You are living happily with your girlfriend when some man who can show her the stars whisks her away, and then she falls in love with him. I’d be jealous if my girlfriend fell for someone else. But did he complain every second about it? NO. If fact, the man liked the Doctor. Sure, Mickey was jealous at times but he pulled through, and even showed some facts that are pretty true. May I direct you to “Age of Steel” where the Doctor needs to get Rose back, and he needs Mickey too. Mickey clearly states “You can only go after one of us right?” and he leaves. But really, you can’t blame the guy, and he was right too.

Let me rephrase some of this. His girlfriend leaves him for someone she just met.

Let him be a little bitter.

Sure, he left them in a parallel world, but he did it because he felt like Rose didn’t need him anymore and that he could do good in that world. He was his choice, and he did it because he felt it was the right thing to do. That’s brave, considering he would probably never see anyone he knew ever again.

Then, he comes back to protect his old world and his former girlfriend and does it knowing fully well how dangerous it was. He could have stayed behind but he went back to save the Earth. That’s pretty badass.

Also, Look at the above. A lot of people think he is a jealous prick. Does that face look like jealousy to you? No. He looks sad, and looks pretty frickin’ sorry for Rose, his old girlfriend who fell in love with another man. That’s pretty amazing, if you ask me. 

Then, he listens to her and goes with her to Bad Wolf Bay so she can see him again. He doesn’t argue and tell her not to go, he goes along so she can say goodbye. Again, pretty amazing.

I just really love Mickey Smith.