shovel anyone

  • Asterin: (arms crossed, eyes narrowed) Who are you, boy?
  • Manon: Asterin this is Dorian. Dorian this is Asterin, my Second.
  • Dorian: (extending his hand) It's very nice to meet you miss...uh Asterin. Manon has told me so much about you.
  • Asterin: (eyes his hand, then him) I doubt that. Have Manon home by sunset.
  • Manon: But Asteriiiin.
  • Dorian: (retracts his hand) Yes, ma'am.
  • Asterin: Oh, and Dorian? I've got ten iron claws and a shovel. I doubt anyone would miss you, boy.

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You and Brittane have an adorable friendship. Seriously. #friendshipgoals

That’s so sweet of you to say! Brittane is my ride or die. She’s been a blessing in this fandom and we both agree on a lot of things throughout. She’s also willing to give out shovel talks to anyone trying to pursue me, since I am an innocent cupcake! Her and @kara-danvers-lena-luthor keep me in check when I start freaking out over things.. like girls. Not to mention we come up with great headcanons together. I’m actually making them both a wonderful present because I love them dearly.

I do enjoy talking to everyone.. Brittane and I started talking because of a post I made about indulging in Katie’s movies. (x) And now we’re friends. Come join our friendship! We talk Katie and ever so often we play cards against humanity (that happened once) 

@lena-lipbite-luthor <—- I’m tagging you since you tagged me too. 

I wouldn’t worry about Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Historically, the combination of economic depression and ultra-nationalism has only ever ended well.