Walking around town, I hear someone fall in a pitfall I rush over and…

Butch. Caught red handed with a shovel in his hand. Margie has literally been here one day and you are already bullying her. 

Looks like this is another job for justice mayor!!

So long Butch…

 It was not nice knowing you.


Girl gets hit with shovel.


You ever wish you could fit more onto your spoon? Like, you’re just sitting there with your bowl of Frosted Flakes thinking “man, I wish I could have like a mountain of flakes on this sauce shovel.”

No, you probably haven’t.

But anyway, here’s an old spoon with lots of pretty stuff on it. It is bent in such a configuration that it sits unassisted on a shelf.

#painting #painted #spoon #vintage #texasvintage #odd #dallas #dfw #midcities #art #sauce #shovel

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