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I don’t ever plan to go into much detail about her, cause I personally like that some parts of Rick’s past are a mystery, but Richard is married to Beth’s mom. (Or at least, he was for a long time..)

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I know it's not even October yet but I'm craving some spooky headcannons! I'm talking ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc. fluff, smut, angst it doesn't matter. It's fall and I'm ready to shove a pumpkin up my and Sid's ass rn

HAHAHA!!! imagine gentle witch sidney, the resident kindergarten teacher, well loved by all for his ability to heal boo boos and dry tears. 

“Hi Sid,” a voice says behind Sidney, as he’s charming the whiteboard to clean itself, and the construction papers to neatly pile back into its place. “Is good time?”

Sidney turns around and smiles at Geno, one of the early arrival parents to help Sidney set up for the bake sale. “Hi, Geno. You’re just on time.” He runs his hand through his hair, trying to be as nonchalant as he can. “Is Sofia here?”

“Sofia with her friend, she say help friend’s mom with unloading cookies. Tell me, ‘Papa, go away, go help Mr. Sid,’ you know,” Geno laughs softly. “I tell her, no turning into bear today, be good. So no problem.”

“Sofia is one of my best-behaved students. And really, thanks so much for helping me decorate,” Sidney says, floating some chairs and decorations out the door to the set up location. He notices Geno gaping. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Is–magic.” Geno shrugs, but it’s hard to hide how fascinated he was. “Your magic, is beautiful. Make everything so convenient.”

“There’s some finer details that are still better done by hand,” Sidney says wryly, but he throws a secret, encouraging smile at him to hide how warm his face feels. “Although when I was little, I was kind of jealous of the weres at school. Seems more exciting.”

Geno looks stunned. Then, “Oh, I don’t know. I’m not turn into anything.”

Sidney blinks. “Oh, I’m sorry. Are you–a–” Geno doesn’t look like a vampire–maybe a spirit manifestation? But he was so tall, a werebear didn’t seem out of the question–

“I’m human,” Geno says. “No magic at all. I’m move in to magic neighborhood when I adopt niece. Is easier for her, is what–” He looks lost, pained. “What Sofia’s mom would have want.”

“I see,” Sidney says, mortified. “Oh, God, I’m sorry for presuming, I wasn’t–I wasn’t trying to–”

“Sid!” Geno lays a large, warm hand on Sidney’s shoulder. “Sid, is okay. Not mad.”

Sidney’s about to respond, when one of the kids outside start getting rowdier, by the sound of it. Geno’s expression is gentle. 

“We should go outside now, help parents sell sugar,” he says. “Maybe I’m threaten kids I’m turn into bear if they not behave, you think they believe?”

“Absolutely,” Sidney says, dazed. 

Drunken Kiss - John Shelby

 4 and/or 62 with John please?

The Garrison is near-empty tonight. You sit by yourself with a tall glass of water on the table in front of you. There are a few men stood by the bar, locals no doubt, and a muffled rumble of noise coming from the private room to your left. For the Garrison’s standards, this was derelict. But what else would you expect on a Monday afternoon? You sigh and sip the water. No drinking tonight. Big day tomorrow. You’re interviewing for a secretary position in the morning and no amount of alcohol is worth messing that up, so, water it is. 

The door of the private room swings open and the ruckus of noise from inside spills into the pub. Three, four lads come stumbling out, singing and laughing, their faces red from whatever liquor they’ve had.

You watch them lazily. No one you know. Lucky. It’s a blessing; you have no desire to humour a bunch of drunken men on what might be your last day off. You look back to the newspaper in front of you, as another, final man leaves the room. 

“Oi oi!” The male voice calls across the room to you, “If it isn’t my favourite bird.”

You recognise it immediately. John. Sighing, you spin in your seat and offer him a small wave. Naturally, he takes as an invitation to come and join you. 

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Yuri let the tears pour down his face in rivulets, and lets Otabek squeeze his fingers. 

Otabek’s own eyes are watery, but it’s no consolation, not when Yuri knows that whatever Otabek feels can’t compare to the searing burn in Yuri’s chest.

“I’m sorry, Yura. I’m so sorry.” 

Yuri rips his hands free. “Why? Why would you tell me this now? I was finally happy.” 

“I know, Yura, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t–

He cuts himself off and Yuri screams, “You just couldn’t what, Beka? Couldn’t stand to see me marry the new love of my life in peace?!”

Casual Degradation of me

One of my favorite things is casual degradation.
Especially when it’s cute. 
Cuddle me tight, kiss my forehead, and call me your dumb little cocksocket. Call me that in the same tone you would call someone “love” or some other cute nickname.
If I’m taking a bath come in to talk about my day and casually unzip your fly and piss in my bathwater, without changing tone.
When I’m making dinner shove a barely lubed plug up my ass while kissing my neck and asking what we’re having.
Make my degradation so casual and part of every day that it becomes a language of love, that without it I worry you’re mad at me.

The Arrangement: Chapter 13

Author’s Note: You’ve all been sooo patient with this one! Thank you for the support and kind words, enjoy :) 


Originally posted by reylo-trash-lives-here

“Hmmm, go away,” you swatted the hand that was trying to lift you up, “I’m trying to sleep.”

“You’ve been asleep for the past few days, Y/N.”

“What?” Your eyes opened and your head snapped up immediately as you looked at Kylo, who was standing in front of you, “days?”

A low chuckle came from his helmet, “More like fifteen hours, but at least that woke you up.”

You sighed, falling back down on the bench before furrowing your eyebrows.

“Where are we?”

“Nearly back to Starkiller. This is the recovery starship.”

“B-but… I mean, when did we…”

“You were still sleeping when it arrived, Hux advised against waking you so I carried you on board,” he shrugged as he answered your confusion.

You felt your cheeks heating up in embarrassment. Not only did you spend the night clutching to him for warmth, but this morning he actually carried you rather than wake you up?

“Don’t give me that look, I carried your luggage on board too. I don’t know what was heavier.”

“Hilarious,” you mumbled as you stood up, straightening your clothes out as you did so. The events of the previous evening suddenly rushed back to you and the heat on your face persisted.

“How long until we arrive?”

“We’re making our descent now… Your Highness,” a nervous sounding Storm Trooper added as Kylo snapped his head towards him.

You nodded. You felt oddly excited about returning to Starkiller Base. It was as if you were coming home after a long time away and you couldn’t explain why.

“We’re behind on your training,” Kylo said as you looked out of the viewport. You would be arriving in seconds.

“It’s only been a few days,” you told him.

“Nevertheless, I want you in the training room as soon as soon as we disembark.”

“Alright,” you sighed, the burden of being Kylo’s apprentice as well as his wife was now weighing down on you for the first time in a few days.

Kylo noticed this, but thought better than to entertain it further. He had to remember the true reason you had been brought to him.

As requested, you made your way to the training room at once. The familiarity of it all was almost comforting after the whirlwind you had just been through.

You heard Kylo enter soon after you. He took off his helmet now that only you were in his company, “Ready?”

You nodded.

“You’ll get back into the routine soon enough,” Kylo said. It was his own way of trying to console you.

You nodded before the room went quiet. “So… That um, Kyber crystal,” you started.

“The one you shoved back into my hands?” Kylo asked, surprised you were bringing it up.

You rolled your eyes, “You mean, the one you gave to me to say sorry after choking me?”

Kylo ignored your last remark, instead he dug through the pocket in his robe before producing the small crystal.

“I knew you were carrying it with you,” you mumbled absent mindedly as you immediately stepped closer to Kylo, feeling the pull of the stone as soon as you laid eyes on it.

“I didn’t want to lose it, so I’ve been keeping it close,” Kylo explained. Though in some, far-fetched way, he felt that it was like keeping part of you close to him and that’s why he hadn’t put it down.

You reached out for it, “What are you going to do with it?”

We are going to craft your lightsaber from it.”

“What?” Your eyes widened, “Really? When?!”

Kylo quickly put it back into his robe pocket as you became eager, “When I think you’re ready.”

You frowned. It was like teasing you was amusing to him.

Soon,” he added, sensing your disappointment.

You beamed as Kylo handed you a training lightsaber, “First you need to show me you haven’t forgotten everything you’ve learned so far.”

You gripped the weapon, steadying yourself. You couldn’t help but remember your last sparring session. It had been the first time you had heard Kylo’s voice in your head. The thought sent a shiver through you as you were reminded of all the recent conversations you two had had about this bond you shared.

“Ouch!” You exclaimed when you felt the light sting of Kylo’s weapon on your arm.

You glared at him accusingly but he shrugged, “Focus.”

You narrowed your gaze on him, all the while pressing his mind in the hopes he might let you inside.

“Not going to happen, Princess,” he said as you felt the walls of his mind fortify.

You squinted slightly, trying to anticipate his next move. Kylo quickly swung and you ducked, spinning around and touching his shoulder with the weapon.

“Good,” he said as he paced around you.

Kylo struck again, but you barely dodged him this time.

Before you could prepare yourself, he struck again, and again. Each stroke became harder to dodge and finally he found a weak spot and the weapon hit your leg.

You groaned, “Do you have to actually hit me with that thing? I know it’s a training lightsaber but it still hurts!

"You’ll be fine,” Kylo said, ignoring your scowl.

You struck first this time, and soon you were both engaged in turns and tumbles, each of you trying to outdo the other.

As your breathing became heavier, you focused your mind on him. You were clearly not going to win this physical battle against him.

Kylo furrowed his brows as he saw your focused expression, “What are you–”

But before he could finish, you sent him falling to the ground.

You smiled, feeling proud of yourself. You still had a long way to go with your combat skills, but even Kylo couldn’t deny that your ability to mentally tap into the Force was your most powerful attribute.

“Well played, Princess,” Kylo groaned as he sat up, “But you can’t Force your way out every fight, remember that.”

You hummed in acknowledgement, walking over to him and extending out your hand in peace.

His gloved hand gripped yours tightly as he stared to get up, but in a quick flurry of motion, you found yourself cursing as you fell on top of him.

“The Force may be useful, but without physical strength, you won’t win.”

“My mental strength will make up for my physical one,” you huffed, trying to ignore the fact that you were basically lying right on top of him.

What was he doing?

“Proving that you’re not as strong as you think… I think we’ve established that you get all flustered if I so much as look at you for too long.”

“Not true,” you mumbled.

“Distractions will be the death of you, Y/N,” Kylo warned, but the small smile on his lips made it sound like a compliment. You couldn’t help but mirror his expression. You truly had no idea what had gotten into him since your argument on Ilum, but it was as if it had given birth to a completely different side of him. A side that you couldn’t help but feel a pull to.

That’s when you noticed him staring up at you, but instead of saying anything, you simply stared back. Gazing down at his face, analysing every little detail now that you were close enough to do so.

The delicate peppering of moles across his face… and his hair… oh, his hair. It was the sort of hair that you knew you wouldn’t be able to resist running your fingers through if his lips were on yours…

“Easy there, Princess,” Kylo said as you widened your eyes. Did you seriously just say that all out loud?

“Your thoughts are loud enough,” he hummed.

“And you said you were going to teach me how to control those thoughts,” you huffed.

“We’ve barely been back a day, Princess. All in good time.”

“Well stay out of my head, then,” you muttered, trying to stand up.

But Kylo pulled you down, “If I stayed out of your head, how would I ever learn of your true feelings?”

You were truly taken aback at that. “F-feelings? I’ve n-never thought about my feelings in front of you,” you managed to say.

“Maybe not, but you have thought them,” Kylo said, his voice barely above a whisper this time as he reached out to lightly brush his fingers down your cheek.

The sensation sent your brain into a frenzy and your mind couldn’t tell you fast enough to just get up. And yet your body remained still, leaning into your husband’s touch. A touch that was still completely foreign to you. One that you weren’t entirely sure why you were just now being acquainted with.

“You think too much, Princess,” Kylo mumbled as he lifted his head up towards yours, closing his eyes as his mouth grew closer and closer to yours.

“Ren, the Supreme Leader wants a word with you and… Y/N,” Hux said as he looked at the sight before him.

Eyes widening, you quickly distanced yourself from Kylo, standing up immediately. Your heart was still beating quickly at the suspense of that almost-kiss, and you couldn’t decide if you were relieved or angry that Hux had interrupted you. Maybe it was both.

“Knock next time, General,” Kylo spat, standing up as well.

Hux sneered, “Yes, clearly you were both heavily engaged in your… training.”

“I’ll be in the meeting room in a moment,” Kylo said, blatantly ignoring the General’s remark.

Hux turned to you, “Always a pleasure, Your Highness.” He bowed dramatically before he exited the room.

“I hate him,” you couldn’t help but laugh as you and Kylo both spoke at the same time.

Your laughter quickly fell into silence and you were the first to speak.

“I’ll just um– wait here, I suppose?”

Kylo nodded, “I won’t be long, Snoke probably needs a debriefing of our time on Ilum.”

You watched as he put the training lightsabers back on the shelf.

“Are we just going to pretend that didn’t happen?” You blurted out, gesturing to the area of the mat that you had both been lying on just moments prior.

“Nothing happened,” Kylo sounded indifferent as he put his helmet back on.

You scolded yourself for feeling disappointed at his words. But as Kylo left the room, you heard his voice in your mind and it was like you could hear the smirk that was surely on his face.

Not yet, anyway.”

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Braun Strowman/OC: Braun comes home from being on the road and finds you in another wrestler’s shirt. Jealousy. Some anger. Dom!Braun makes his return.

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Just Breathe

Summary: You go to support your boyfriend at his concert and end up having a panic attack.

Requested: Not At All 

I glanced out the window of the tour bus, anxiety rushing through my veins as I surveyed the rather large crowd. I took a deep breath as I bit the inside of my cheek. I’m here to support Shawn with his concert, but I didn’t know there was going to be a crowd outside the venue. 

“You okay. Y/N?” Shawn asked, adjusting the strap to his guitar case on his shoulder. I shook my head and backed away from the window.

 “I can’t do it, Shawn,” I said, unable to break my gaze from the window. He must’ve felt my anxiety because he pulled me closer to him and placed a kiss on my lips. 

“You’ll be fine. I’ll be next to you the whole time.” He said, placing another kiss on my forehead and tightening his grip around my waist. Just then, the security guard walked onto the bus. The screaming increased as the bus doors opened. 

“We are ready for you, Mr. Mendes.” The security guard said. Shawn looked at me and grabbed my hand, giving me a reassuring look. I took another deep breath as we made our way off the bus and into the sea of screaming girls and paparazzi. 

There was shouting and screaming all around us. Some asking Shawn questions and asking me some questions, but we just kept moving. I kept my focus on my breathing and the feeling of Shawn’s hand in mine, when someone grabbed me, shouting my name. I turned around to try and release my arm only to have a camera shoved in my face, temporarily blinding me when the flash went off. I blinked multiple times, trying to restore my vision. That’s when I realized Shawn’s hand was no longer in mine. 

“Over here, Y/N!” someone in the crowd shouted. 

“Turn around, Y/N!”

 “Are you and Shawn splitting up?” Another person asked shoving a recorder in my face. I looked around frantically for Shawn, feeling my heart rate speed up. 

“Is it true that you pregnant with Shawn’s child?” 

“Y/N, Look over here!” I couldn’t think straight as another person shoved their camera in my face. I could feel my hands shaking as I covered my face from the bright flashing lights. That’s when someone grabbed me, parting their way through the obnoxious sea of people.

 My chest felt tight as we made it to the door. Shawn was pacing back and forth while talking to somebody as we made our way into the venue. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw me.

 “Y/N, are you okay?” He asked, worry clear on his face. I nodded my head, trying to calm myself down, but Shawn knew there was something wrong. 

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s wrong?”   

“I can’t- I can’t-“ I repeated as my chest got tighter and tighter. My hands shook violently as I ran a hand through my hair, trying to breath when I got lightheaded. My legs gave out from under me, but Shawn caught me before I fell. 

“Whoa, Y/N? Somebody get help! She’s having a panic attack!” He shouted as he sat me against a wall and knelt in front of me, taking one of my hands. “Y/N, baby, take deep breaths.” I shook my head.

 The pain was excruciating. It felt like I was drowning and I couldn’t come up for air. I tightened my grip on Shawn’s hand, my breathing getting faster. I felt a tear slide down my cheek. Shawn ran a hand through his hair like he does when he’s nervous. That’s when he picked me up bridal style and made his way into his dressing room, sitting on the couch with me on his lap. My head rested on his chest just under his chin as he rocked slowly back and forth.

 “Breathe, baby, breathe.” He said. I listened to his steady heartbeat as he rocked me back forth and sure enough, my heart rate started to slow down, allowing me to breathe. I loosened my grip and Shawn’s hand and closed my eyes as we sat there in silence, relieved the pain was over.

 “Is she okay?” I heard someone ask. 

“She’s fine. Thank you.” Shawn answered, his voice vibrating under my ear. I felt him shift under me and I tightened my grip on his hand once again. “Don’t go,” I whispered, feeling weak. 

“I’m not going anywhere.” He replied, placing a kiss on my forehead.

I hope you liked it. Requests are open if you want to make one, just inbox me!

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Hii guys.. First of all I LOVE this blog ❤ and need to it to survive.. Also, any fics where Stiles and Derek are competing for the same girl and end up having feelings for each other? (Preferably, where both of them used to identify as straight and realises they aren't) 😊


Anonymous said:Hi Guys..Any fics where one (or both) of them realizes that they aren’t straight? Sterek please..<3

I couldn’t find any where they are dating the same girl, but here’s them realizing they’re not straight. Woo hoo! - Anastasia

Originally posted by perksofbeinghj

what are you waiting for (‘cause someone could love you more) by braedens 

(1/3 | 1,138 | Not Rated)

Thinking back, now, Stiles was sure he had done it on purpose. Sure, he could have left when he had saw someone there from yards back, even though this creek was his spot, his safe place. He could have left the mysterious boy there, the one who, despite Stiles having lived in the small town of Beacon Hills (population, like, 10) for his entire life, had never met before. But, the overwhelming urge, the itch, the white noise in his head wouldn’t quit, compelling him that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to know this boy.

God, he wishes he hadn’t now.

Oh shit, is this a closet? by seekeronthepath

(1/1 I 2,569 I Teen)

A lot of things happened to Stiles Stilinski in sophomore year, what with the booming werewolf population, death threats, kidnappings, mystery monsters, and multiple serial killers. So figuring out he was bi just kind of…flew under the radar.

i was down for you hardcore by provocative_envy (orphan_account)

(1/1 I 2,773 I Explicit)

“I’ve never done that.”

Stiles stares at him, incredulous. “Seriously?”

Derek fidgets. “Seriously,” he says. “There was never any reason to try, okay? Jerking off was jerking off, and I wasn’t going to ask a girl to shove her thumb up my ass while we were fucking.”

Stiles makes an exaggerated face. “Shove her thumb—oh, man, are you repressed,” he says mournfully.

Date me or my brother by Hepzheba

(1/1 I 2,560 I General)

Derek is straight and his usual grumpy self, Derek also has a twin who is Gay and a complete Player. Somehow, Derek finds himself filling in for his Twin because the Player has double booked himself on the dating seen. Enter Stiles… Maybe Derek’s not so straight.

It’s No Surprise by SterekWithoutUs

(4/? I 7,496 I General)

It was surprising, but then again, it wasn’t. Things had settled down in Beacon Hills over the past few months. Since the pack’s last run-in with the supernatural, the town had been oddly quiet and devoid of any major life-threatening, world-crashing disasters. That’s why it didn’t come as a shock when the room started to spin and his vision began to blur. He knew it was time for something.

Or the one where Stiles and Derek have a daughter that accidently travels back in time and sets their relationship in motion.

we should just kiss (like real people do) by i_am_girlfriday

(1/1 I 9,483 I Teen)

Stiles is the social zero of the sophomore class. Derek is the much cooler junior who befriends Stiles anyway.

Sleeping Next To You Is Like Magic by LadyDrace for PrettyInSoulPunk

(1/1 I 11,886 I Teen)

Stiles and Derek meet the summer before senior year. Stiles can’t sleep, Derek helps with that, and there’s a lot less cuddling and a lot more emotional crises than you’d think.


Stiles’ feelings happen so much, and learning how to deal with them takes him a little while. Good thing Derek is happy to wait.

Stiles’ Ultimate Gift by LillianDeLooney

(14/14 I 44,542 I Explicit)

Stiles is a spoiled brat who’s sent away to the Hale Family Farm to learn a lesson in respect and hard work. Naturally, he isn’t happy about it, but that changes when he meets a very special little girl and her amazing father …

“What about you Stiles?” Derek’s daughter, Kenny, asks innocently. “Are you gay?”

He chokes on his own spit and quickly downs the remainder of his coke, ignoring the blush stretching from his head all the way to his chest.

“I ah,” he clears his throat awkwardly and rubs a hand over his neck. “I might be?”

She sends him a knowing little smile and nods. “Good.”

~ A story about how to live life, not how to spend it.

There’s Nothing That I Wouldn’t Do (I Found My Way Back To You) by SuperMARVELous

(5/5 I 51,051 I Mature)

Four times Derek and Stiles pass each other by and the one time they find their way back to each other.

Not Quite “Technical” Difficulties by Besin

(16/23 I 90,935 I Explicit)

Scott and Stiles had planned to spend the summer before their Sophomore year in a stress-free haze of video games and junk food. And sure, maybe there was some “drug experimentation;” nothing too serious. But then Scott got bitten by a strange animal in the woods. It was only a matter of time before they were introduced to a world of not just werewolves, but mermaids, tree spirits, and creatures from disappointingly poorly documented mythology.

Alternate Reality in which Scott is bitten two months sooner by a non-alpha Peter and the Nemeton was never cut down. All tags will be incorporated in due time.

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psst i love ur art and i saw ur takin requests??? can i ask for silvally!Gladion?? ike, gladion as a silvally?? thankie and have a wonderful day n keep up the wonderful art!!!!


It’s Hard Being a Single Father - a JSE egos fanfiction requested by an anon

(If you want to suggest ideas for fanfics/stories about anything from Youtubers to musicals to…well anything really, just like this anon did, write me an ask here: ! You can also just ask me questions there if you wish!)

Hey everyone! I’m back doing a requested story! I absolutely loved this idea and thought the idea of toddler-aged egos was really cute, so I knew I had to write this XD I even managed to slip in some references to Kill Jacksepticeye! Can you spot them?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story and if you have any requests feel free to send an ask my way!



“Marvin! Jackie! Get down here right now!” Jack called. He was looking up at the lampshade as two toddlers flew around it in circles, chasing each other and laughing with glee. One of the kids was wearing a bright red t-shirt and trousers, and the other was wearing a blue t-shirt with a bin-bag cape and a cardboard cat mask covered in felt-tip pen that Jack and Marvin had spent the entire morning making.

“I won’t tell you two again!” Jack called, jumping up and trying to grab Marvin’s cape as he whizzed by, “Get down! You’re going to break something!” He jumped up again, swiping at Jackaboy’s leg this time but missing again. The two kids laughed harder, pleased that they weren’t getting caught, and suddenly moved away from the lampshade, flying across the room and into the kitchen.

“For fuck’s sake…” Jack muttered. He took a step towards the kitchen but was stopped when he felt something tugging on his leg. Looking down, he was met with another child. This one wore a grey t-shirt, similar to Jackie and Marvin’s, and was looking at Jack through the giant grey cap that Jack had given him earlier that day. The cap was far too big, however, so it slumped over one eye and seemed to swamp his head.

“Oh, hey Chase!” Jack said with a smile, “What’s up?”

“Do you like my picture?” Chase asked, shoving a piece of paper into Jack’s hand. Jack unfolded the paper and was met with a crude crayon drawing of a stickman lying on the floor. It had crosses for eyes and a shape lay next to him with the label “gon” (meaning “gun”) next to it. Red crayon was scribbled all over the floor around the stickman to represent blood.

“What do you think?” Chase asked, looking at Jack with big, hopeful, eyes.

“Um…it’s…great!” Jack said, unsure what to make of the context of the image.

“YAY!!” Chase cried, not noticing Jack’s discomfort and taking the paper back from him, “What should I draw next?!”

“Oh…um…” Jack replied, not sure what to suggest, “How about something less…bloody?”

“Anti! No! Stop!”

Jack turned in the direction of the sudden, shout. He was met with Schneeple and Anti, both of them playing Operation. Schneeple had the plastic tweezers in his hand and was trying to slowly and carefully take out the pieces from the body on the board, only for Anti to stab his plastic knife into the whole Schneeple was trying to work in, hitting the metal sides and making the board buzz and the nose of the body flash red.

“Anti!” Schneeple shouted again, his German accent becoming thicker as he got angrier, “STOP IT!”

“This game is boring!” Anti complained, placing the toy knife on the body’s neck and slowly drawing a line across it hard enough to scratch the sticker away.

“Anti no! You’re ruining it!” Schneeple cried, snatching the knife away from Anti.

“Hey! Give that back!” Anti shouted, grabbing the knife and yanking it back to him with Schneeple still clinging to it.

“Not until you stop scratching it!”

“Give it back!”


“I don’t wanna play this game!”

“Stop it!”

“That’s enough you two!” Jack shouted, finally having enough. He’d hoped the two of them would be able to sort the quarrel out peacefully, but it seemed now that that was impossible. “Schneeple, Give Anti his knife back! Anti, stop scratching the board!”

Jack was met with a slew of “but he started it!” and “that’s not fair he did something wrong not me!” from the two of them, but ignored it completely and continued.

“If Anti doesn’t want to play this anymore, why don’t you try and find something else that you both want to play?” Jack asked a little more calmly, “And if you can’t do that, why don’t you both play your own games for a while and come back to play together later?”

After a moment, Schneeple sighed.

“Ok.” He said. Anti simply huffed and stood up, striding away to play with his action figures, all of which had long knife marks etched into their necks.

Jack took a breath, just managing to calm down when suddenly the loudest crash sounded from the kitchen, making everyone jump. Chase immediately burst out crying at the sound.


The two kids hovered sheepishly into the room, heads down.

“Down.” Jack barked, and the two of them slumped down to their feet.

Jack took a deep breath and gripped the bridge of his nose.

God, it’s hard being a single father…he thought.


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anonymous asked:

Could you do a drabble where The Avengers try to get you and Peter together even though you have a boyfriend? Sorry if it's weird! #avengemenugget 700d

This is the last drabble for my 700 followers celebration! Thanks to everyone for participating. I’m probably not going to post any other fics this week on account of I just put up 7 new ones. Plus I’m going to camp this week and I still need to write my 15 requested fics. I hope you guys enjoyed it and feel free to let me know your thoughts. Enjoy!

“And I’ll be back this Tuesday to file the reports and later on Friday to train.” I said handing Nat a clipboard of my schedule. She smiled as she looked it over, making sure I had filled out the correct days. “Peter’s coming to train on friday too.” She said smirking. “Okay?” I responded lifting my backpack from the floor. Nat said nothing but confidently made a few marks on the paper. I rolled my eyes and shouldered my pack. “Oh and I’m bringing John over when I drop of the reports.” I said getting ready to leave. Nat stopped writting. “Who’s John?” She asked her eyebrows lifted. “My boyfriend. It’s our 2 year anniversary Tuesday and we’re going to a restaurant downtown. It’s easier if I bring him along.” I explained. Nat nodded, a twinkle in her eye I couldn’t quite place.

“This will just take a second.” I said as I released John’s hand and grabbed a stack of papers from my bag. “(Y/n) hey.” Peter said rounding the corner with a massive amount of books in his arms. “What’s up Peter?” I asked shoving my papers into a bin. “Nat told me to bring these books down here.” He said setting them down on the desk. He turned and noticed John for the first time. “Oh hey. I’m Peter Parker.” He said stepping forward to shake his hand. “Nice to meet you.” John said. “We’d better get going. The reservation is at 6.” I said grabbing his hand in mine. “See you Peter.” I said walking towards the elevator. “Training on friday?” He shouted as the elevator doors began to close. “Yep.” I said as the doors shut. “He seems nice.” John said wrapping his arm around me.

That friday I met Peter in the gym for our training session. After an hour of cardio, we decided to have a friendly contest. “Who ever can do the most pull ups in 30 seconds wins.” I said helping Peter off the bench. “Loser should get a forfeit. Just to keep it interesting.”  he responded taking my hand and using it to pull himself up. “How about the loser has to kiss the winner?” Sam shouted from across the gym where he was lifting weights. “Naw, then they both win.” Bucky said as he spotted Sam.

I blushed by managed to yell back. “I have a boyfriend you idiots.” “Yeah and its Peter.” Steve said as Bucky gave him a hi five. I rolled my eyes turning back to Peter. “I’m sorry about that.” I said. He shrugged. “It’s fine. At lease their not teasing me about being a kid.” I smiled and walked over to the pulled bar. Peter placed his hands on my hips and lifted me up so I could grab the bar. “Ohhhhhhhh damn Peter” Tony said as he entered the gym with a few weights. “What is he doing here anyway?” I asked, adjusting my grip. “He made heavier weights in a more compact disk so you can stack more on the bar. I nodded and took a beep breath. “Ready?” he asked getting his phone out. I focused my eyes on a point in mid air and did a pull up.

“That’s 33! I beat you” Peter yelled happily dropping from the bar. I tried to prevent a smile from growing on my face, but Peter’s expression was too contagious. “Congrats” I said shaking his hand. “What’ll it be?” I asked. He thought for a moment, weighing his options. “Can you make me a batch of those cookies” He asked eagerly. “As loser, I will make you cookies.” I said tying up my hair. Peter pumped his fist in the air. “Aww you could have asked for a kiss kid.” Sam said from the water cooler. “She has a boyfriend.” Peter said crossing his arms and flexing his muscles.