You Should Try Not Resetting When Units Die

Its a play style that is criminally underappreciated, and I feel that its not because people don’t like it, rather that people don’t even think to try it.  Resetting is just deeply ingrained in most Fire Emblem players.  So heres my case for playing Fire Emblem without resetting:

  • Shouzou Kaga, the creator of the series, seems to think its the proper way to play: Seriously, if you read any interview with Kaga, whether its about FE1 or Vestaria Saga it is very clear that he expects players to lose units as they go through the game.  Now, just because the creator wants you to play a certain way doesnt mean you have to, but its certainly worth at least seeing what hes on about.
  • Ironman is a misnomer: If you didnt know, “no resets runs” are often called “ironman runs” in the FE community, which makes it sound like its more difficult than reset runs, when in my experience it isnt easier or harder its more like…
  • It’s a different and new game experience: Since units will keep coming of of the bench to replace fallen ones you get more gameplay variety, one where you use more prepromotes and field unpromoted units later than normal.  And the ones you have been training from the beginning get even stronger than normal since they are shouldering more of the burden.  In the process, you grow to cherish them even more and get even more emotional if you lose them.
  • It makes the story better: Fire Emblem is supposed to be a game about war, and in war people die on both sides.  In the main story you get the tragedy of war in npcs, parents, and sympathetic enemies dying, but rarely your own characters.  Not resetting is how you get the full experience.  Oftentimes climactic story battles are some of the hardest battles where you lose the most units.  In my last run of FE7 I lost Priscilla, Lowen, and Isadora protecting Zephiel in the Battle Before Dawn, and it really increased the dramatic irony of the situation to have lost good people in defense of the future conqueror.  Even when people die in mundane battles thats its own kind of tragedy.
  • It makes you become a better Fire Emblem player: When every decision is actually life or death, you really need to become a more attentive FE player.  You love your characters and dont want them to die, so you work hard to play better to keep them alive, so before you know it you will find yourself playing better than you used to. 

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I'm confused who is Kaga and why does he hate axes?

Okay clarification time. Shouzou Kaga is the creator of Fire Emblem and worked on the 1st five Fire Emblem games until his departure after the development of Thracia 776.  

Here is a photo of him. That there is a man whose life force is fueled by our suffering. Praise be!

Anyway it’s become a joke that Kaga hates Axes if you look at the history of axes in Kaga’s games.

In FE1 axes kind of suck. In Gaiden axes are enemy only.

In Mystery, axes are only usable in Book 1; they still kind of suck but you get 1 decent axe user. In Book 2 they’re completely absent, in fact you get plenty of silver axes but no one to use them.

In Genealogy, axes really do suck except for the Brave Axe. Good luck getting it without a guide because its super cryptic to get it. In Thracia axes are actually pretty good and you get several good axe users.

INB4 Tear Ring Saga where Kaga once again in his infinite wisdom nerfed axes with only 2 reasonably good mono axe users.

This also ties in with Kaga’s love of trees. Look at Gaiden, Genealogy, and Thracia. THERE ARE TONS OF TREES. 

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Shouzou Kaga

Our Lord | Know My Name | BEHOLD | Praise | Denounce your False Axes | Supreme God of Suffering | Truth | Wisdom | Just Amazing | Full of Charisma | Badass | my God | Worthy of Praise | want to worship | favorite

Stop me from making memes. I CAN NOT BE CONTAINED. 

Your sign as a Yamashizuku song
  • Aries: Tengoku to Jigoku
  • Taurus: Boukoku no Nemesis
  • Gemini: Synchronicity
  • Cancer: Himitsu ~Kuro no Chikai~
  • Leo: Chou to Hana to Kumo
  • Virgo: Haitoku no Hana
  • Libra: Meisou Rhapsody
  • Scorpio: Bad End Night
  • Sagittarius: Party x Party
  • Capricorn: Kaizoku F no Shouzou
  • Aquarius: Shikiori no Hane
  • Pisces: soundless voice

ok ok there’s no official statement yet but it’s pretty much confirmed that tao will play the male lead on the movie 夏天19岁的肖像, an adaptation of a Japanese mystery novel by Shimada Souji 夏、19歳の肖像 (Natsu, juukyuu-sai no shouzou - Summer, portrait of a 19 year-old).

the official weibo of the movie opened yesterday, they follow tao and his studio’s accounts. and today they posted about him. they said he received negative press since his return and quoted what he said in the ‘people in news’ interview “if you have more things than others, you have to make more efforts..” . the planning manager of desen international media, a movie production company, forwarded the post and told tao good luck. 

the movie will be released in 2016. A summary by candypeachtao on twitter