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i wanted to do a ff cause its been a while since ive done one and i love giving a shout out to all the people i love on here!! 

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Hey guys! It’s been like??? ages since I’ve done a follow forever (and it was really sad too lol oops) ANyways, I really appreciate everyone I follow and everyone who follows me and obvi not everyone is one this list because that would be like?? 1000 more people???. I’ve met some really amazing people along the way here and sOMEHOw this blog I started 5 years ago turned from a nerdy Marvel/BBC fangirl blog (still feel that lol) into a kpop blog officially like eight months ago and it wasn’t until joining the kpop fandom that I really made friends here on tumblr. This is just a giant shout-out/thank you/I love you to my favorite blogs and mutuals :)

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Sick Babygirl

Enjoy this dumb little scene I randomly thought of because I’m sick lololol  💙 ✨ Btw, If people want a smuttier part 2 to this, feel free to tell me and i’ll be more than happy to do one~ ✨

Genre; Fluff SLIGHT (V V V SLIGHT) Smut 

Length: 1,100+ words

Kinks; Daddy kink with mentions of Dd/lg

Originally posted by curlstae

It was 7 o’clock in the morning, the winter sun in Seoul trickled into your boyfriends bedroom. Unfortunately, instead of waking up feeling refreshed like you usually did, you woke up feeling like death. Your body ached, you were congested, and your throat felt like you had just been face fucked at least a thousand times in a row. 

You pouted, tapping the bed as you searched for you boyfriend, Jaebum, who of course was already up. “Please still be here..” You repeated to yourself before you called out to him. “Jae!!!!!” You shouted out, your voice hoarse and following it up with your weak whimpering.

Jaebum rushed into the room, combing his hair back with those deliciously long fingers of his. “Jagiya, what’s wrong?” He asked as he walked over to the edge of the bed, taking a seat beside you. 

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Lie to Me

Written in response to @breeeliss and @siderealsandman‘s challenge to the ML fandom to write for Femslash February. (Based on this post.) I rolled a 7 and a 9, and I came up with this.

“This project is pointless,” Lila grumbled, setting aside her tablet and folding her arms over her chest.

“It’s about Ladybug.” Alix shot her a glare.


“I thought you said you knew her.”

Lila scowled. “I was wrong.”

“Shocking,” Alix muttered.

“Ladybug wasn’t the person I thought she was,” Lila snapped, scooping up her tablet to focus on something else besides her own lingering disappointment.

“She called you out. So what? You lied to everyone.” Alix frowned.

“I just-” Lila grimaced. “Yeah, I get it. I screwed up, and now everyone hates me.” She sighed. “It’s fine. We’ll probably be moving in a year anyway.”

“Oh, boo hoo. New kid in class. Cry me a river.” Alix dropped her tablet and scoffed. “You act like no one else has ever moved to a new school before. Last year, I was the new kid.”

“Yeah, but you’re cool. People like you.”

“So? You’re pretty and you’re smart. People would have liked you if you hadn’t lied then went around insulting Ladybug.”

Lila’s grip on her tablet tightened. “I just don’t get why everyone likes her so much.”

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my experience with jake mcelfresh -

i was in denial for the entire summer of 2014 that i was being sexually harassed by jake mcelfresh. i was a mess after an awful breakup nearly a year ago, and i numbed the pain by being a drunken mess and posting nudes for all of the world to see. i was a fan of front porch step for a very long time, and his music had helped me through the breakup and the death of my uncle in the beginning of 2013. i saw him as someone everyone should idolize, and it made me sad that not many people were aware of his music. i began showing him to all of my friends, who still continue to listen to him. i didn’t have the heart to tell them what happened. i was always a people person, but by people person, i meant a changer. i always tried to change people. i always believed that i was some supernatural force that could change everyone’s views in opinions in just the blink of an eye. well, i don’t know how i could be so wrong..

my experience with jake mcelfresh started on my birthday in february of 2014. i had just turned sixteen. i tweeted that all i wanted for my birthday was for jake mcelfresh to sing to me. i think that was my biggest mistake.

he direct messaged me on twitter and asked for my number. i gave it to him, and he immediately called me and sung happy birthday to me. i was extremely happy because i had no idea what he had previously done to girls. i thought i was special. i felt wanted for the first time. the video is still featured on my instagram of when he called me:

so that brings us to the following month. it was march 29th to be exact, and i finally got to see front porch step preform live. it was at the mixtape festival in patchogue, new york. i was ecstatic because i was basically the only girl who knew every lyric to every song. here is a video of him shouting me out for my singing:

i hung out with him for awhile at the show. he was literally standing by all of the merch tents and no one even knew who he was.

i left mixtape festival rather early because my cousin had gotten punched in the face and she had a bloody nose. i live back out in long island so it was a lengthy drive to and from the venue. upon arriving back at my house, i got a dm from jake mcelfresh. he asked me if i was still at the mixtape festival. i told him no and i remember he replied “:(” i asked why he was frowning and he told me it was because he was going to ask if i wanted to go out and drink with him and his friends. i literally said yes because i’m a fucking idiot and he asked how old i was and once i told him i was sixteen, he stopped talking to me.

may 2014, he began talking to me all over again as if he never ignored me. he would call me over ten times a day and we’d have conversations that lasted longer than two hours. he told me about all of his sex experiences and i told him all of mine. he always wanted to have phone sex and that was something i was never comfortable with. i did it anyways, because he was famous and i didn’t want him to leave me. i probably sent him about 50 nudes a DAY and he sent me two nudes in the total time that we’ve talked. i deleted them and i really wish i hadn’t, because he was sitting on the toilet and you could see his leg tattoo perfectly.

our conversations were always sexual, but i romanticized this gross notion inside of my head that jake mcelfresh genuinely liked me the way i liked him. like i said earlier, i developed feelings quickly and this situation was no different. we had a deep conversation one time about how we both struggle with depression and anxiety and that’s when i started to feel bad for him. that was also around the same time a girl on tumblr started talking about her experience with jake mcelfresh. i was going through the same thing, but i fucking stood up for this scumbag. 

i called jake once when i was having a panic attack, and he helped me a lot. he started talking to me less but he would call me at really late hours of the night when he was masturbating and it started to scare me. i told my mom about him in the past and she agreed to let him stay at our house when he came to new york for warped tour. she would always talk about it and i wanted to tell her to forget it but i just couldn’t. my thirteen year old sister quickly developed a huge liking for this pedophile, as well.

here are the only texts, kik messages, and twitter direct messages i have left:

i swear to this day, he’s even subtweeted me before:

when he came to new york warped tour, he said he was coming down with a cold and refused to go to ihop with me because my mom was going to be there. my mom honestly didn’t care because she didn’t know the sexual aspect of our relationship. i think the true reason was because i had a best friend at the time named zack who jake absolutely despised. jake cursed me out on a phone call because i told zack about “us” and accused me of cheating on him when we were never even dating. i stopped talking to guys because i was so committed to jake when he didn’t even feel a thing for me. i hung up on him and he called me back a total of 46 times. 

seeing him at warped tour was a nightmare. i tried to avoid him but he called my name and told me to go over to his merch tent and he hugged me and acted like everything was fine. he told me he was talking to this girl autumn and that he wanted to make her his girlfriend. i always worry about autumn. i know they dated.

after we took this picture, he told me i had to leave:

jake kept telling me to ditch my best friend, zack, and to go into his tour bus to have sex with him. he said it would have to be quick, but he’d make it worth it. we stopped talking.

we would talk occasionally. i would text him, wishing him a happy halloween, a happy thanksgiving, etc. only to get no answer :-)

the last time we talked, he was sad. he told me his girlfriend broke up with him. this time, i didn’t answer.

i honestly thought i was different and i try to find the humor in this, but there is none. jake mcelfresh fucking degraded me. i may just be one voice, but there are so many others. 

we need to stop him while we’re still given the chance. i can’t stand to see this happen to another innocent girl.

i shouldn’t have kept quiet for so long.

Not so good at hiding - Jongin Scenario

Written for: @gobble-gobble-jongin

Summary: After a brutal break-up, Jongin realizes he may never see the girl he loves again.

Originally posted by luderella

Living with Jongin was easy. Actually I think it’s always easy when you love someone. I thought it would be like that forever. Me and Jongin - an international idol. Forever hiding from the outside world in our little apartment, being happy with each other’s presence. It was always enough and I wanted to stay like that forever. 

I didn’t care that he couldn’t take me out dates where people could see. I didn’t care that he almost never had time to spend with me. Those few hours together were always enough for us. I thought nothing could go wrong, because the biggest of our problems had always been the outsiders. We didn’t fight because we didn’t have problems with each other. What I didn’t know was that life always finds a way to surprise you, to make something you thought was impossible happen.

It was just a regular day. I got off late from work, thinking that Jongin would be busy with his rehearsals for an upcoming comeback. But when I exited my office, I saw a familiar black car parked in front of the building. The windows were blurred, but I couldn’t miss it. It was a car I sneaked into almost every day.

A smile spread on my face as I hurried to him. I had barely jumped in his car when his arms hugged me tight. He was holding me as if it was the last time he would ever see me. As always.

“What are you doing here?! Why didn’t you text me you were coming I would finish earlier.” I told him, when he finally released me.

“You know I love surprises.” He smiled. “Now let’s go home, I’m so hungry!”

“You’re always hungry.” I laughed.

“And you’re always ready to feed me, that’s why I love you.” I chuckled at his response and kissed his cheek, as he turned on the engine and drove to our apartment.

We quickly ran to the building as always, trying not to draw too much attention. It had already started raining and we got completely wet, even though we didn’t have to walk much. 

In no time, we were already in our small home, laughing at our own misery, but I thought it was still the best moments of our life. If Jongin was ready to hide, it meant that I was important to him. Just like this relationship.

“I made dinner, come on!” I laughed at him and messed his wet hair.

“No, no, no! First a shower or we’re going to catch a cold!” he said and dragged me to the bathroom.

“Since when are you so thoughtful Kim Jongin?” I asked with suspicious eyes.

“I just want to see you in shower, don’t get wrong thoughts.” he laughed as I smacked his head, but we were still warming up under the hot water in less than two minutes.

“Little drops stay on your eyelashes, it’s so cute!” he beamed and wrapped his arms around me.

“You think everything’s cute!” I laughed as I hugged his body closer to mine.

“Because I love you.” he said and hid his face in my neck. I smiled to myself, because I couldn’t think of anything I had done in my life to deserve him. To deserve this puppy of a boy who could be happy because of some water drops.

“But seriously, I really, really, really love you, you know that right?” he asked as he pulled away and turned off the water. He was looking at me with such unbearably adorable eyes that I wouldn’t say anything else than a big positive “Yes”

I quickly jumped out of the shower, before he could get any more ideas and threw a big fluffy towel around my body. I ignored his groans as I entered our bedroom to change into some shorts and Jongin’s T-shirt. He followed me pulling on some underwear and comfortable looking sweatpants. I made a mental note to try those pants out once. Maybe they would go to the collection of clothes Jongin would never get wear again, because they looked better on me.

“Are you ready for dinner?” I asked him.

“As always.” he laughed and followed me to the kitchen, still lacking a shirt.

I was about to open the fridge, when we heard the doorbell ring. We exchanged glances, neither of us expecting any visitors as I shrugged and went to get the door. It was probably one of his members, so I didn’t mind to check, before opening. I was sure Jongin was still in the kitchen.

I was shocked to see a teenage girl standing on the other side. I was about to ask who she was, when her eyes widened as she looked behind me. Suddenly she took out a phone and took a picture in the speed of light. I couldn’t even realize what had happened before she was running away and disappearing into the hall. I turned back and faced Jongin who was frozen in place, still not wearing a shirt. His eyes had anger, panic and confusion mixed in them as he shouted. “Close the door, now!”

“Wha-what happened, Jongin?” I asked as he paced around the room.

“You don’t know what happened do you? I saw her when you got in my car at your office building, she must have seen me and followed us here.” he hadn’t looked at me once, while talking.

“She-she took a picture of us, didn’t she?” I said also avoiding his eyes.

“Y/N, stop acting like you have no idea what just happened!” he yelled suddenly. Never in my life had I heard him raise his voice.

“Why are you screaming at me? Did I ask her to come and take a photo of us?”

“It’s because you didn’t close the car door in time, Y/N! What am I going to do now, huh? She’s going to upload that photo to every single website she has access to!” 

“Jongin, just relax and sit down for a minute, I can’t look at you like this!” I also raised my voice, because he was being unreasonable. I was also in that photo. Everyone would know it was me with Jongin.

“How can you stand there and tell me to relax? Y/N, she even knows where we live do you even understand what has happened? What am I going to do now?” he was already getting on my nerves.

“Jongin, you making it sound like you don’t want people to know you’re in a relationship with me. Is it about me, or about your career, I can’t understand anymore.” my words made him stop as he looked at me dead in the eye.

“You’re happy aren’t you?” he asked.


“You’re happy that you won’t have to hide anymore. You wanted people to know you’re dating famous Kai didn’t you?!” his eyes were angry.

“What the heck are you talking about, Kai?” I said his stage name with a sneer. “Don’t make me doubt this relationship, because of a stupid photo!”

“A stupid photo?! That stupid photo is going to be the end of my life!” he yelled again.

“Well, I’m glad to know that people realizing who you really love is the end of your life! Or do you love me, Kai?”

“Since when do you call me Kai”

“Since you’re not acting like a Jongin I fell in love with.” 

“Maybe you fell in love with the wrong person.”

“Maybe I don’t feel that anymore so that’s okay.” I said without thinking.

“Then what are you doing here? Why are you still talking to me. If I don’t mean anything to you, just go! Is that what you want?”

“I want nothing more than to go and never return right now!”

“Then what are you waiting for? Go and look forward to seeing your face on the blogs tomorrow, I’m sure you’ll be happy then!”

“I don’t care about your words anymore, Jongin. But you’re doing a great job, right now! I’m going to protect you forever or what did you promise? You’re telling me to go away even though a crazy sasaeng is probably waiting at the entrance of this building. Goodbye, Jongin, I’m sure you’ll make up a great lie about why you were with me half naked. Or maybe it won’t be a lie, because it definitely wasn’t because you love me.” I said as i stormed off. I didn’t know where I was going, but I ran and ran as the tears started streaming down my face. I regretted almost everything I had said there, but I wasn’t going to return. I wasn’t going to return just to have him scream and blame me for everything. I was thinking of how perfect our lives had been just an hour ago as the bright light blinded me.

I realized that I was still running. I hadn’t stopped since I left our house but now I was too slow. I wouldn’t be able to outrun it and the car was driving to fast to stop. I knew what it meant. “Jongin…” Was the only word that came after me after the crash.

“Miss Y/N, here’s your lunch.” a young nurse walked in my room. It was my fourth day in this hospital and I couldn’t endure it anymore. The nurse was always very kind and gentle with me. She completely understood, why I didn’t want to inform anyone about my accident. 

You’re lucky that you’re alive, the doctors always said. People told me that coming out of this accident only with a broken arm is a definite luck. 

“You know you can go home today, right? The doctor will check on you once more and then you can leave in the evening.” she said as she set the tray on my thighs. 

“Yes, I know, I can’t wait to go home.” I said and picked up the spoon to enjoy my soup.

“Y/N, are you sure you’ll be okay alone? Don’t you want someone to pick you up?” she said with a worried look on her face. I thought for a second before answering. Maybe I should have called Jongin.

“No, I’ll be fine.” I said and smiled at her, even though I knew she was right. I needed Jongin’s help.

“Okay then, the doctor will come in twenty minutes so finish your lunch. Good luck, Y/N.” she said finally and left my room.

After I exchanged my last goodbyes with my doctor, I walked outside for the first time in four days. It was raining. The fresh air and cold raindrops on my face were somehow new to me and suddenly memories from the night the accident happened washed over me. Inside the hospital, I spent most of my time talking to my doctors, worrying about my broken hand and sleeping. I couldn’t afford to think about the reason I had to be in that overly white place in the first place.

But now, when I returned to the life that still existed outside of those white walls, the feelings came back. I remembered that horrible night. I remembered the words I had exchanged with the person I love with all my heart. 

I wanted to go home, but then I realized - I wasn’t wanted there anymore. Or so he had said. 

I was getting completely soaked and I tried to keep my broken arm from the rain. I was tired and I wanted to be safe and dry, under my roof, covered in blankets with his warm arms holding me tight.

I checked my phone, which now had a few cracks on the screen, to see that it was 8:30 pm. It was Monday and Jongin should have still be in SM, practicing, so the house should have been empty. I stopped a taxi and told the driver the address to our apartment. I was still thinking of what to do. What to do if Jongin was still home. Where to go if he wasn’t. Would he care where I would continue living? 

When the driver stopped the car, I paid him and ran to the building. Getting more wet, just like the last time I went here. I quickly ran up the stairs and stopped in front of our front door. 

If Jongin was inside, then he could definitely hear my deep breaths. My heart started pounding hard, as I opened the door slowly, only to see the darkness. I was alone and I didn’t know if that left me relieved or depressed.

I walked inside and carefully turned the lights on. 

The sight was definitely what I hadn’t expected.

The couch was lying upside down as if someone had thrown it in anger. The pieces of furniture were scattered on the floor broken in pieces. The curtains were ripped apart. Our small, cozy living room looked like a crime scene. 

I walked around the room, picking up shattered vases, decorations and souvenirs that I had bought together with Jongin. Every single one of them had meant something through our life and now everything was gone. Those symbols were broken just like our relationship.

I was crouching on the floor, when I saw few photo frames on my left. Our pictures. Our memories from our happy past. The broken pieces of glass were painted with blood. Jongin’s blood. Where was he? What had he done after I left? 

I walked around the room for some more as tears started filling my eyes. All I wanted to do was to get some money and clothes to go away from him, because he wanted me gone. But seeing the mess Jongin had made, made it hard for me to breathe, so I walked to the balcony, slowly opening the door and breathing in the fresh air. It had started to rain even harder.

“Who are you and why are you walking around my house.” A quiet voice startled me. I looked to my right and saw him. 

Jongin was sitting on the floor. Actually I can’t say that he was sitting, because it takes some energy to sit. He looked as if all life was sucked out of him. His head was leaning on the wall and he didn’t even look up to check who was standing next to him. The rain was pouring onto him and he didn’t even twitch once. One of his hands was clutching his heart, as the other one lay on the floor lifelessly. 

“You knew someone was walking in your house and you didn’t even check who it was?” I said with all the energy that I had. “What if I was a killer?” 

His eyes seemed in pain for a minute when he heard my voice. I walked out on the balcony and felt cold raindrops falling on me. 

“So what?” he asked and I noticed that he was holding something in the hand which was clutching his heart. 

The sight of him made me sad. It made me want to hold him tight and tell him everything’s alright, but nothing was. Nothing was alright with us.

“How long have you been sitting here?” I asked quietly.

“How long have you been gone?” 

“You wanted me to go.”

“You wanted to go.” he said. He hadn’t looked up as his eyes stared into nothing.

“What did you do to the house?” I ignored his question.

“It’s not like you want to live here anymore.” he said and I could feel tears in his strained voice.

“Stop making decisions for me.”

“I’m not. You decided when you ignored me for days.”

“If you only looked up, you’d see the reason for that.” I told him. 

He slowly turned his head toward me as his eyes laid on my broken arm. Shock and panic set on his face,

“Wh-what happened?” 

“A car crashed into me when I ran away. I had been in the hospital since so I’m sorry if I didn’t call you.”

To my surprise, he curled up into a smaller ball, his knees up to his chest. His hold on something he was clutching at his heart, became tighter as his body started shaking slightly. He was sobbing.

“Okay, that’s enough.” I said and crouched in front of him. “Get up, or you’re going to die here.” I held his arms and tried to get him to stand, but he had no strength. “Jongin, help me! I can’t carry you inside, my hand still hurts you know.” As I said these words, some sort of light appeared in his eyes and he straightened up. I supported him with my hand that wasn’t plastered and we returned to the living room. He immediately fell in an armchair nearby and I crouched in front of him. His hold loosened and something fell out of his hand. He had been clutching our photo all along. It was smeared with his blood, because he’d probably cut his hands when he picked it up from the broken glass.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I asked a little too loudly. His eyes darted to meet mine, but soon went back to stare into space.

“Why would you care?” he asked back in a voice so quiet it was almost a whisper.

“Why would I care that you are basically killing yourself? Or are you talking about destroying our house? I mean why would I care about that right?” 

“You don’t care about me.” he said suddenly. “You made it clear days ago when you said those mean words and ran away. And then you didn’t even bother to let me know that you almost died! Does that seem like a person who cares?” his eyes were boring into mine now and it was hard to keep his gaze.

“May I remind you, that you practically screamed at me because a sasaeng found our house?” I couldn’t keep my emotions in. He had started all of this. “You know what Jongin? I was scared! I was actually scared of you! Of course I didn’t call you from the hospital after everything you said. You don’t get to blame me for anything because it’s your fault that our relationship is shattered to pieces.” I said at last ,stood up and hurried to the door. “I almost died and all you’re doing is complaining about how I didn’t call. If that’s what you call caring, then I really have to go.” 

I opened the door and stepped outside when he suddenly yelled and stopped me.

“Don’t do that again!” 

“What?” I turned around.

“Why are you leaving me again?” tears were rolling down his face now.


“No!” he cut me off. “You left once and look what happened. Your hand is broken and I’m basically dying because I haven’t eaten in days. Why are you leaving, why can’t you just stay with me?!”

I looked down at my feet, because it was hard to see him like this - broken.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” I asked finally.

“Because I don’t want anything if your not here. I don’t want this house, I’d rather sleep in the streets! I don’t even want to eat. I don’t want to live without you, so why are you leaving me?!” He was crying hard now and he wasn’t even trying to hide it. “Please come here. Please. I’m going to die if you leave now.”

I did the only thing that was possible for me to do. 

I ran to him. I ran into his arms and they were as open for me as always. I was stupid for thinking that his feeling for me had changed. Our love was as still as strong as ever. 

I gently sat in between his thighs and threw my legs on my left, over the armchair. He was soaked wet but I didn’t care. My healthy hand cupped his face, as his own arms found their familiar way around my waist and held me closer to him. I started leaving small kisses on his face, as if filling him with energy he lacked so much.

“I love you, I love you, I love you.” he chanted and it seemed like he would never get tired of saying it. 

“I know Jongin. I know.” I said in his ear.

“No, you don’t”

“I would have gone already if I didn’t know.” 

“Do you love me?” he asked suddenly. “Can you still love me again after everything that I’ve done?” his eyes were filled with panic.

“I never ever stopped loving you, Jongin. I don’t think I’m planning to anytime soon.” I spoke to him and leaned my head against his once steady chest. “You need to understand why I didn’t call.”

“Thank you for not calling. I would have died right there and then if they told me that this happened to you because of me. I’ll take care of you so hard that you’ll get sick of me.” he said and kissed the top of my head.

“You won’t be able to do that in this state. I feel like dying when I see you like this.” I confessed.

“Then you’ll take care of me too. Let’s just protect each other, okay?”

“Let’s do that.” I said and snuggled deeper into his chest as if I would die without its’ warmth. 


Hope you enjoyed!! 


Memory Lane

I was taking a trip down memory lane in my SWTOR tag, and I gotta say, a lot of you folks who still follow me from those early days are super cool, and I just want you to know that. I’d tag you all but so many of you have changed your usernames/blog names since then. I wish I knew which of you was which, haha. Thankfully some of you have stayed consistent. So if you’re seeing this and remembering those days, here’s to you.

Suffice to say we went through a lot together, didn’t we? I was remembering how many of you were/continue to be positive forces in those early years in the fandom. Keep up the good work. I know I don’t post SWTOR much but I think about how many of you I met through this game. It’s really touching how long we’ve known each other. There’s a lot more ahead of us.

anonymous asked:

Spread Friendship And Love 🌸 Give a shout out to 5 of your irl friend or mutuals and say why you love them! Send this to 10 other people once your done 🌼

JUST 5? Sorry but I cannot follow the rules on that one bc there more than 5 who I want to mention here. So let’s go go go

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Hey there, people! How are you today?

It’s 5 p.m. in Brazil and I’m sleepy. Gods, school is def killing me! Also, HARRY STYLES! Totally freaking out about his album. Anyway, let’s continue.

I just posted the third part of Oh, players! (Joe Sugg | fanfic) and hopefully today I’ll be posting Testing Limits (Joe Sugg | smut). After this, I will post What do you want? (Oli White | imagine) and Fixed (Jack Maynard | imagine - I don’t have a clue if it will be this weekend still or on the next week).

So, this is my secondary blog and I can’t follow anyone back in here, so every Friday I give a little shout out for those who followed me during the week. Let’s do this!

Thank you…

And thank you to @thetruequeenofmermaids for being such an apple pie even if I’m shitty on talking.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Bye!


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Dance (Peter Quill x Reader)

(Credit for gif to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Peter Quill

Word Count: 470

Dedicated to Ryan <3

The sound of The Jackson 5 filled the Milano. You pulled your pillow over your head as the volume seemed to turn up, echoing through the rooms. Your head pounded in time with the beat. “Peter!” you shouted from your bed, “Turn the music down!”. You winced as pain shot through your temples, but the sound blared on.

You dragged your feet over the side of the bed, “Peter!” you called again, hoping you wouldn’t have to leave your room. However the music was your answer. “Ugh” you sighed to yourself, becoming more annoyed by the second. You threw open your door and stormed out, following the sound of the music to the main room.

Walking into the main room you saw Gamora and Drax sat around the table, while Rocket was sat in the corner, swaying lightly along with Groot, who was still growing in the plant pot. “Where’s Peter?” you demanded, watching as everybody turned to look at you. “He was here a moment ago” Gamora responded. “Will somebody turn this music off?” you suddenly shouted startling. “Jeez princess, lighten up” Rocket retorted.

You rolled your eyes and stormed over to the stereo. Your hand reached over to the stop button, being so close to the speakers made your head ache even more. The music was almost off when a hand wrapped around your waist, “Dance with me (Y/N)” Peter said, spinning you around.

“Get off!” you squealed, trying to push away from him, Peter chuckled and held you close. “C'mon (Y/N) let’s have a dance off!” he suggested, but you shook your head and tried again to move away. He gripped you tighter, “Dance with me first”.

“I don’t feel well Quill” you whined, placing your hands on his chest. “Dancing alway makes everyone feel better” he said swaying you slightly. You placed a hand on his shoulder and followed his lead. “Well it’s not working” you pouted. “Fine”, Peter tilted your head back, “I could kiss it better instead?”. You smirked, “Are you sure that would work?”. He started to grin and said flirty, “We could always try”. 

You smiled as his lips were placed gently on yours. The kiss seemed to last forever as you swayed in a circle. When you pulled back, you rested your head on his shoulder, “I’m still ill”. He stroked your hair and started to spin you slowly.

You danced for a while, Peter would spin you out then pull you back in, slowly rocking you. “Feeling any better now?” he said, breaking the silence. You shook your head. He came close to your ear, “Well maybe we could try going to bed?”. You laughed, playfully punching him in the chest.

“That wouldn’t help” you laughed. Peter’s smirked became wider, “Well you won’t know until you try it”.

holy. Collide was incredible, I love them all so much I can’t believe we’ve almost finished. 

I haven’t posted any homestuck in ages but it (still) means an awful lot to me. Shout out to any of my followers who were originally here for the hs if u exist u guys really stuck around and I appreciate it

young love o2 [jungkook&you]

Summary:  It was a sweetness of cute love, until arguments begin and Jungkook decides for you that you both should go on your separate ways. Unfortunately for the young boy, he regrets it heavily and tries to win you back.

sequel to young love o1

Originally posted by bangts

Three weeks into the lonesome breakup, and Jungkook lately haven’t been himself. Was he too harsh on you when you were actually salvaging the relationship, while he pushed you aside?

“I’ll be fine,” he remembers muttering to his hyungs, “it’s just her.”

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Me, gasping as I emerge from stasis:


I’m back, and I’m gonna do my damndest to stay that way.

Shout out to my new followers who came to this empty husk of a blog but still stuck around; drop in my inbox or something some time and introduce yourself, yeah?

Please remember, we don’t have to be mutuals to interact, or at least on my end we don’t. 

May I Deduce You? ~Sherlock Holmes Imagine~ Part 2

Hello humans! :) So here’s a part 2 to the thingy I wrote and I hope you guys like it! :) 

Part 1

*Not My Gif*

We arrived at the Chinese place, walked in and sat down at a booth by the window. We ordered our drinks and
began chatting about old memories.
“Do you remember the time neither of us had dates for the dance, so we watched horror movies all night? John asked,
laughing a bit.
"I do indeed. I scared you when I snuck up behind you with my Freddy Krueger claw.” I said smiling.
“I wasn’t that scared..” He said as his cheeks turned red from embarrassment.
“You screamed so loud, the neighbors heard you.” I said, laughing along.
We both broke into a fit of laughter before the waiter came back with our
“It’s so nice to see you after all this time and again, I’m so sorry about Sherlock.” John
“It’s fine honestly, I was just a bit embarrassed.” I said taking a sip of my drink.
“Yeah, he tends to do that. He doesn’t really know he’s doing it though. He’s a good man, but
sometimes…he’s just..well he’s Sherlock. He’ll save your life, but he has no problem putting
you in danger if he doesn’t know you.” John said.
As he finished his sentence, the door to the restaurant opened and someone ran in. John and I looked
over to see Sherlock, now standing at our table.
“Speak of the devil and he shall appear…What are you doing here Sherlock?” John said sounding annoyed.
“We have to go.” Sherlock said.
“Why? Can’t you see we’re in the middle of something?” John said.
“It’s Moriarty.” Sherlock said.
John expression dropped from annoyed, to concerned.
“Y/N, I’m sorry but I have to-” John started to say.
“Come with. You’ll be a big help.” Sherlock said, looking over at me with a smile.
I looked at John with a confused look.
“It could be dangerous, Sherlock.” John spoke up.
“Oh just come on!” Sherlock shouted.
We both got up and followed Sherlock out to the street. He fetched a cab, then looked back at us.
I grabbed my necklace and waited. When the cab showed up, we got in and sat down. I sat by the window
next to Sherlock. Sherlock told the driver the directions and then sat back in his seat as he started
“Nervous are we?” Sherlock spoke up.
I looked over at him as he stared down. I ignored him and stared out the window. After a few
minutes, the cab stopped and we all got out. I looked up to see we were in front of a public indoor pool.
I took out my phone to check the time.
1:43 am
I slide my phone back into my pocket and followed Sherlock and John into the building.
“Who’s Moriarty?” I whispered quietly to John.
“Just a friend.” Sherlock lied.
I didn’t quite believe him, but then again..maybe I didn’t want to know who Moriarty was.
We walked in and I looked around at my surroundings.
The water from the pool was still except for a couple waves and it was more chilly than usual for some reason.
“I know you’re here!” Sherlock shouted.
Two red dots appeared from the ceiling. One was pointed at John’s chest and the other was pointed at Sherlock’s
What the hell was going on?
A door on the opposite side of the pool opened and a tall man in a Westwood suit came walking out.
I could only guess that he was Moriarty.
“Hello boys.” The man said is a songful tone.
He walked toward us and looked at Sherlock and John. Then he laid his eyes on me. I automatically froze. He has big
brown eyes and he smelled of cologne and gun powder.
“Sherlock, you didn’t tell me you were bringing a friend. I would of got a gun for her too.” He said walking up to me.
“She’s alright without one, thanks.” Sherlock said.
Moriarty was now inches away from me and I was terrified.
“Jim Moriarty….Hi! He said.
I looked down at my shoes and played with my necklace.
"You’re a quiet one.” He said with a smile on his face.
“Leave her out of this.” John said in a serious tone.
“Pretty one you got here Sherlock. Better keep her close. Now what did you want? I’m busy.” Jim said.
“Actually that’s why i’m here.” Sherlock said.
Jim looked over at him and stared. He look interested now.
“Y/N won’t stop talking about you. She has a thing for criminals I guess. She’s been dying to meet you.” Sherlock
What the hell?! No I haven’t! John was right. If he didn’t know you, he had no problem putting you in danger.
I wanted to speak up and say it was a lie, but fear kept me frozen in my place.
“What?” John said.
“Is that so?” Jim said looking back to me.
I gulped as he walked closer to me. He moved a piece of hair from my face and smiled.
“Meet me here tomorrow night darling. No tricks though. I’ll know if you’re trying to trap me.” Jim said.
All I could do was nod.
“He smiled and walked away from us. He left the building and I felt the shield of fear drop. The red dots disappeared
and Sherlock walked out immediately. John and I followed behind. The cab ride was silent, until we pulled up at 221B.
We walked in and Sherlock hung his coat up.
"What the hell was that?!” John and I shouted at the same time.
“What was what?” Sherlock said looking absolutely clueless.
“I’m going on a date with a criminal?!” I shouted.
“Ah yes.” He said with a small smile.
“Are you insane? Why?!” I shouted again.
“If you date him, it’ll distract him from what i’m doing.” He said as if I should of know.
“What the hell, Sherlock!?” John yelled.
“I barely know you and you’re already using me as bait?!” I said.
“No hard feelings then?” He said.
“I’m not going on that date.” I protested.
“You have to. If you don’t, he’ll think i’m up to something and probably kill us both.” He said.
“You’re unbelievable.” I said.
“Please, just do this for me.” Sherlock said.
I looked into his eyes and stared at him. I couldn’t stand him at this point, but another part of me wanted to help him.
“Fine. I’m going home. Goodnight John.” I said as I turned around and walked downstairs.
John followed me as I walked to the front door.
“Thank you.” John said as I stepped outside.
“For what?” I asked.
“Doing this for Sherlock.” He said.
“I don’t really have a choice.” I said as I laughed a bit.
He smiled and looked at me.
“I know you. You would find a way out of this. You’re doing this to help him out.” John said.
I smiled and looked down at my shoes.
“Goodnight John.” I said looking back at him.
“Goodnight Y/N. Stop by before you’re date.” He said with a smile.
I smiled and nodded, then turned around. I looked at their window one last time and saw Sherlock staring at me again.
I looked away and walked home.

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its been way too long since i made a follow forever (i still have last years edit for a follow forever i never made rip) so here it is! 

first of all i just wanna thank all my followers for deciding to follow me lmao. shout out to those who stuck with me through my 4 inactive months last year when i had no wifi rip. thank you for staying with me through 2016, especially those last three weeks of december in which i basically turned into a skam blog with a 1d url oops. but also thanks to all the new followers i got last year!

love you all! 

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midnight pomegranate

summary: mall au, where mark works at hollister and dislikes his job for very personal reasons. (aka no one can be a hipster.)

pairing: markjin (jr/mark), super slight jackbum (jackson/jb)

length: one-shot, nearly 23k … wow

rating: pg13 (swearing, underage drinking, immature tomfoolery… etc.)


author’s note & link to story under the cut~

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So it happened! After being on here for about only 4 months, I just reached 500+ followers! I can’t thank you guys enough, really, I want to thank each and every one of you personally. But since that can’t happen, I’ll just make a post :3

I love each and every one of you, and there hasn’t been a follower who I disliked because of their personality! You guys are the sweetest followers I have ever met. You guys make my life so much better and I don’t even know what some of your names are! I’ve met some amazing people on here who soon came to be great friends of mine! And I can’t thank you guys enough for that either! I also met some amazing artist on here too, who encouraged me to keep on drawing~! This isn’t a follow forever because I’m going to shout some people who don’t follow me, but I’m still shouting out to the people who do!

First and foremost, thank you e-vay! You are such a great artist! I love your art and you inspire me so much to keep on drawing! You also make me ship so many characters it’s unbelievable! ShadowxAurora have become my OTP, right behind Sonamy! And after that it’s CCxTails! Nonetheless, I love your work and I know you will continue to make such amazing things in the future!

Second, I want to give a shout out to radicalruster. I haven’t talked to you personally, but I want to thank you for hosting Sonic Boom every Saturday. You give up your sleep to make sure that the people who can’t watch boom are able to watch it. I wouldn’t be able to do that xD Without you hosting, I would have missed some episodes! So thank you!

Now, a shout out to some amazing artist who also inspire me to draw! Some of you follow me and even watch me on Deviantart and I can’t thank you enough! danielasdoodles, ask-alex-hedgehog, miiukka, stylishgamer, nciryalissonicwind-01, chibiirose, stingybee365, proboom-art, sherryblossomgirl, auroblaze, freedomfightersonicart, speedofsoundsketches, angel-sonamy,blue-chica, nakkart, sugoi-lillie-sugoi, whitejung1e, chillsart, and everyone I have seen on DA (I know I forgot some people so I’m sorry)

Now for the people who made my experience on here worthwhile! These people became some of my greatest friends or just friends in general. I love you guys till no end, and I hope we continue to talk each and every day! (There are also some of my favorite blogs in this too)
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I know I probably forgot A LOT of people and I’m sorry if I did, there are just so many of you that I talk to that it’s so hard to remember off the top of my head!

So, to end this, thank you so much! Just to think that I’m half away from 1k followers! I know that is still long down the road, but just the thought of it makes me happy! I still can’t believe it’s only been 4 months since I’ve been on here and I gained this many followers. But obviously, that didn’t happen with the help of you guys! My life outside of Tumblr is just boring. I do the same thing everyday, but ever since I joined Tumblr, I found myself being more and more happy. And that’s all thanks to you guys! I’ve lost some followers and I gained some, but to the people who stuck with me since day 1, thank you! I love you and I hope you know that! Thank you again~!! <3

(I’m sorry for reposting it, I tagged a wrong person!) 

art credit first of course. YEAH the long awaited follow forever i said i was going to do since the beginning of forever. i’ve swapped a lot of accounts and yet a lot of you fuckers have still stayed, and that’s just super dope. if a giveaway happens it’s going to be separate, but for now, this is what i wanted to roll out. i’m gonna start with the shout-outs to people who are cool and senpais and shit and throw the specific rants under a read more hERE WE GOOO.

SOME LOVELIES ( specifically people in ow or ocs with ow verses! ):

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okay, so i don’t understand this but  T H A N K   Y O U   so much .  I recently hit over 100 followers and i just wanted to say how much i appreciate every single one of you - for following my linc and loving him as much as i do. i’ve only been on here for a few weeks but there are so many of you who have made this entire experience so wonderful so i’m going to do a shout out thing? so i apologize for how stupid this is about to get

to all of my octavia’s… ( whispers  i always need more )

@strisis  -  seriously, thank you so much for being the first person to accept me and love me. I was so nervous to talk to you because you were are so amazing and I’m still in awe of how you write octavia. thank you for letting me send you random linctavia things and for showing me finnish songs. i swear i love them

@ofgrcunderiisms​  -  first and foremost, STOP WITH THE ANGST just kidding i love it but seriously thank you for letting me talk to you in mostly caps all of the time and for not being overwhelmed by my crazy. thank you for being the octavia to my lincoln and for sending me the pizza gif yes, you know which one i’m talking about on a daily basis because it always makes me laugh just like you. and shout out to your octavia because i love her

@amelioratc​  -  i don’t even know where to begin because everything you say makes me so  H A P P Y . and i love that after every episode or when i post random things you always say something and wow it makes me feel like you care so much. i love that i can be hella spazzy with you and for letting me ramble about linctavia nonstop

@xnotafraid​  -  honestly, just thank you for existing. you are one of the first people that i talked to and i was so scared but you were so  N I C E . so keep on being you and playing octavia like you do

to my costia…

@yujkeryon​  -  you. are. amazing. i don’t think we’ve stopped messaging since we first started talking ??? and i’m not sure how that’s possible but i love talking to you and i love that we can talk about pretty much whatever. but more so, thank you for sharing your costia with linc and for basically creating the entire lincostia backstory and timeline because it’s essential probably for science or something and thank you for treating me like costia would treat lincoln. you and your oc’s are incredible

to all of my followers

i don’t understand why you follow me but i love you and thank you for making this smol writer who loves lincoln so happy. you all are incredible and make me love this fandom so much. keep slaying, friends