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Sick Babygirl

Enjoy this dumb little scene I randomly thought of because I’m sick lololol  💙 ✨ Btw, If people want a smuttier part 2 to this, feel free to tell me and i’ll be more than happy to do one~ ✨

Genre; Fluff SLIGHT (V V V SLIGHT) Smut 

Length: 1,100+ words

Kinks; Daddy kink with mentions of Dd/lg

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It was 7 o’clock in the morning, the winter sun in Seoul trickled into your boyfriends bedroom. Unfortunately, instead of waking up feeling refreshed like you usually did, you woke up feeling like death. Your body ached, you were congested, and your throat felt like you had just been face fucked at least a thousand times in a row. 

You pouted, tapping the bed as you searched for you boyfriend, Jaebum, who of course was already up. “Please still be here..” You repeated to yourself before you called out to him. “Jae!!!!!” You shouted out, your voice hoarse and following it up with your weak whimpering.

Jaebum rushed into the room, combing his hair back with those deliciously long fingers of his. “Jagiya, what’s wrong?” He asked as he walked over to the edge of the bed, taking a seat beside you. 

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art credit first of course. YEAH the long awaited follow forever i said i was going to do since the beginning of forever. i’ve swapped a lot of accounts and yet a lot of you fuckers have still stayed, and that’s just super dope. if a giveaway happens it’s going to be separate, but for now, this is what i wanted to roll out. i’m gonna start with the shout-outs to people who are cool and senpais and shit and throw the specific rants under a read more hERE WE GOOO.

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What would this be without some amazing personal blogs who have been rad af:

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its been way too long since i made a follow forever (i still have last years edit for a follow forever i never made rip) so here it is! 

first of all i just wanna thank all my followers for deciding to follow me lmao. shout out to those who stuck with me through my 4 inactive months last year when i had no wifi rip. thank you for staying with me through 2016, especially those last three weeks of december in which i basically turned into a skam blog with a 1d url oops. but also thanks to all the new followers i got last year!

love you all! 

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holy. Collide was incredible, I love them all so much I can’t believe we’ve almost finished. 

I haven’t posted any homestuck in ages but it (still) means an awful lot to me. Shout out to any of my followers who were originally here for the hs if u exist u guys really stuck around and I appreciate it


I couldn’t wait for my kid figure to arrive, so here’s the family as of right now! So many plushes! There are some figures I still want and I want the final plush that I need (until September, that is), but I’m really happy with my collection.

Now that I have this much, I probably won’t pursue items as aggressively as before. Some of my plushes don’t have the hang tag and I really wish they did so maybe I’ll just look for those for a while. I’d also like to pick up some It’s Demo merch at some point.

5 years

This blog has existed for 5 dumb years and I can’t make it stop. Frankie Edgar had just KOed Gray Maynard a couple days before this blog started. I was still a freshman in college and now I have two jobs and tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Fuck.

Thanks for riding it out the crazy world of face punching and people tossing with me folks. Looking forward to even more dumb nonsense to come. Here’s hoping in 5 years we’re not talking about a Cody/Tyler East vs Greg Hardy Heavyweight title fight.

Special shouts to besties @thesportssoundoff and to @minilaptop410 who was my first follower ever.

Sorry for the header I was too lazy to remake it…. A few days back I reached 6K followers, which still surprised me til today. I made this blog 2 years an a few months ago, not expecting I’d have 6K followers at some point. You lil’ butterflies have witnessed me change url and bias quite a lot of times, but I managed to stay for almost 1 year with this url and bias (which I am happy about btw). 

So here  a little shout out to some people who have been following me for quite a long time and sticked with me + some networks I am in (sorry if I forgot someone)

Thank you a lot for filling my dash with awesome posts (including memes)!!

~🌸🌸~Lil’ blossoms~🌸🌸~:


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quick shout out to all of the harrie larries who have always been respectful & kind to louis and are still here happily supporting larry & a huge thank you to the ones who helped louie larries get through these past few months ... i know some people make you guys look bad but don't worry we all know we have some good ones with us so please know that you are loved !!!!!!!! love y'all ❤❤❤

So it happened! After being on here for about only 4 months, I just reached 500+ followers! I can’t thank you guys enough, really, I want to thank each and every one of you personally. But since that can’t happen, I’ll just make a post :3

I love each and every one of you, and there hasn’t been a follower who I disliked because of their personality! You guys are the sweetest followers I have ever met. You guys make my life so much better and I don’t even know what some of your names are! I’ve met some amazing people on here who soon came to be great friends of mine! And I can’t thank you guys enough for that either! I also met some amazing artist on here too, who encouraged me to keep on drawing~! This isn’t a follow forever because I’m going to shout some people who don’t follow me, but I’m still shouting out to the people who do!

First and foremost, thank you e-vay! You are such a great artist! I love your art and you inspire me so much to keep on drawing! You also make me ship so many characters it’s unbelievable! ShadowxAurora have become my OTP, right behind Sonamy! And after that it’s CCxTails! Nonetheless, I love your work and I know you will continue to make such amazing things in the future!

Second, I want to give a shout out to radicalruster. I haven’t talked to you personally, but I want to thank you for hosting Sonic Boom every Saturday. You give up your sleep to make sure that the people who can’t watch boom are able to watch it. I wouldn’t be able to do that xD Without you hosting, I would have missed some episodes! So thank you!

Now, a shout out to some amazing artist who also inspire me to draw! Some of you follow me and even watch me on Deviantart and I can’t thank you enough! danielasdoodles, ask-alex-hedgehog, miiukka, stylishgamer, nciryalissonicwind-01, chibiirose, stingybee365, proboom-art, sherryblossomgirl, auroblaze, freedomfightersonicart, speedofsoundsketches, angel-sonamy,blue-chica, nakkart, sugoi-lillie-sugoi, whitejung1e, chillsart, and everyone I have seen on DA (I know I forgot some people so I’m sorry)

Now for the people who made my experience on here worthwhile! These people became some of my greatest friends or just friends in general. I love you guys till no end, and I hope we continue to talk each and every day! (There are also some of my favorite blogs in this too)
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I know I probably forgot A LOT of people and I’m sorry if I did, there are just so many of you that I talk to that it’s so hard to remember off the top of my head!

So, to end this, thank you so much! Just to think that I’m half away from 1k followers! I know that is still long down the road, but just the thought of it makes me happy! I still can’t believe it’s only been 4 months since I’ve been on here and I gained this many followers. But obviously, that didn’t happen with the help of you guys! My life outside of Tumblr is just boring. I do the same thing everyday, but ever since I joined Tumblr, I found myself being more and more happy. And that’s all thanks to you guys! I’ve lost some followers and I gained some, but to the people who stuck with me since day 1, thank you! I love you and I hope you know that! Thank you again~!! <3

(I’m sorry for reposting it, I tagged a wrong person!) 

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to fuckyeahlink

Hello, creator Farore here. I’ll keep this short. I just want to give a quick thank you to everyone for following this blog. An even bigger shout out to those who’ve been following all 5 years. Can you believe this blog is still going strong? There’s times I can’t! 

To this day I’ll still never remember why I decided of all days to make this blog on St. Patrick’s day, but it’s pretty fitting, huh? I mean with the green and Link’s iconic green tunic and all. 

Thank you so much every single one of you, for continuing to enjoy this blog. The real thanks goes out to all the gif makers and fan artists who we reblog for keeping this blog alive. All the messages people send in, talking about how happy this blog makes them when they first discover it, puts a smile on my face and reminds me why I enjoy running this blog.

Have a wonderful day and a happy St. Patrick’s day! Keep safe! 

— fuckyeahlink

B1A4 will have their day off suddenly interrupted when someone knocks on their door. Answering it, they see two police officers. Before they even say anything, CNU bolts to his room. The boys ask the officers to wait a moment before going after CNU. “Why are you freaking out?”

CNU stops fidgeting behind his bed to answer. “You guys have to keep them out of here! They can’t find my operation!” The others, shocked, don’t ask any questions, opting to go and distract the cops. Unfortunately, they had followed the boys into the room after being ditched at the door.

“We know you’re running this, kid!” they shout at CNU, who is still panicking near his bed. “We know you’re the grower here! We tracked you down when your sellers ratted you out!”

“You got nothin’ on me!” he shouts in return. “They wouldn’t squeal, I know it!”

The other boys, confused, ask the cops what CNU did wrong. “He’s been supplying all the sellers in this city with illegal leaf,” the officers explain. “He’s the kingpin.” The boys are utterly flabbergasted. They knew CNU was chill, but never that he would be the source of the chill. And he had been doing it right under their noses?

The cops shove CNU out of the way to get at his crop. “No,” he wails as he falls to the ground. “My organically grown, pesticide-free kale operation is finished! My empire!”

Wow it’s been so long and I’ve finally reached this milestone. I am so grateful for all of you! Also shout out to the people who’ve been following me since the beginning because I’ve changed fandoms so often. Without further ado, here’s the follow forever! Please don’t mind the sloppy graphic. 

It’s like 1AM and I’m supposed to be doing HW so I’m forgetting a lot of people sorry!! I still appreciate all of you. 


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There are a lot of underappreciated Simblrs here on Tumblr and I want to help them/you! These shout outs are for Simblrs with less than 800 followers who feel like they’re underappreciated! This is basically a way to show you guys what amazing simblrs are still out there if you’re looking for more simblr to follow :)

► How to participate:

  • Go to my submit page, here. This is where the magic will happen! I want you to upload a picture that represents your simblr! (so you click on the option to upload a picture, not text) It could be a collage of multiple pictures, just one, edited or not, it doesn’t matter! (Just be sure to only upload one physical picture!!)
  • Write a short passage with information about your simblr, why people need to take a look and what type of content you post (think about legacies, photoshoots, custom content, etc.)
  • Be sure to include a link to your simblr!
  • And accept the terms to send it in!
  • You can also send in a shout out for someone else if you feel like a simblr is being underappreciated! :D
  • I will post all submissions, except when I notice that people are sending them in multiple times on purpose.
  • Shout outs are for simblrs only (no reblog simblrs) and both sims 3 and sims 4 simblrs may send in shout outs! :)

► When will these shout outs be posted?

I’ve never done shout outs before, but if I am correct, I can only post a couple of submissions per day, so they will be added to my queue :)

That’s all! If you have any questions, feel free to message me and ask them! these shout outs will be open for as long as there are shout outs coming in! :) 

hey everyone!
today 27 October my blog is turning 3 years *throws confetti*
i can’t believe i still have this blog, is the most constant thing in my life lmao. and i’m happy that i decided to stick around bc the more time i spent in this website the more awesome people i got to know. some of these people i actually met in my first year here and i still follow, talk to them and care about them and this is amazing! a special shout out to these beautiful people that put up with my shit since the very beginning (you know who you are ♥) and to everyone i’m following, thank you for making my dash the beautiful place it is.

a lot changed from my crazy captain swan blogging to what my blog is now, but some other things never change so to keep the “tradition” of making a follow forever per year, here we go! italics are mutuals and bolded are faves:

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+blogroll bc all the people i follow is awesome.
a very important shout out to my followers idek why you guys follow me but ily, thank you and keep on being awesome!

And the blog has hit 10,000 followers! This is honestly unbelievable, and for a blog that i created as a ‘secondary’ blog to come so far is something that i still havent been able to wrap my mind around. Thank you all for following, and thanks for sticking around so long. Without further ado, here are some amazing pewdiepie & marzia blogs that most of them i have been following for a very long time now. check them out! (though lets be honest you probably know them) [bolded ones are very longtime mutuals]

@partypewds, @kjellbergpie, @everydaywithpewdiepie, @brosipans, @doctorpewdiepie, @marziahungary, @pewdiepies-bro-army, @punkmelix, @pewdiepievevo, @suckmyassedgar, @pewds-is-so-kawaii, @pewdstwitterfanarts

(also want to give a special shout-out to @peeewdie who sadly left the fandom a short while ago. she was such a sweet person and we miss her)


my blog turns 2 today yay!!!! wow Its been two hole years since i accidentally deleted my first blog and Had to mAke a new one. i have no idea when i made That onE cause iT was a long time before i actUally used it. iM so glad i started tumBlr tho cause ive made so many friends, Love you guys, and ive just become a happieR person!  i’ve gained So mAny followers since i made this blog, and im Very apprEciative that you followed Me.  i still rEmember last summer I wanted to get to 300 By the End and i ended up Getting tO like 600 and i was just amazed at the Fact people followed me. im still amazed tbh. so thank You tO those whove been here since the start, to those of yoU who are brand new and all those inbetween.  there is no hidden message in this. there is no war in ba sing se 

also just wanted to give a quick shout out to my first ever follower on this blog dragonsblink! i think you were my first internet friend as well!!

also i wanna tag a few other people who i have become friends with @thatoneirishgirl @michaela-ships-stuff @glitterishtronnor @domocreeper    @sayhijenneisha @almondgf 

and then my irl friends @the-merry-maiden @you-need-to-try-to-think @floral-ribcage @welcometotheusofa @emmielove81 @i-squished-a-bug 

some more people i have become friends with but dont talk to that much  @imslightlyconfused @darian-does-art @josh-hutchercousin @thefaultinoursuperwholock @lavadeityy @itsashax @i-am-groot–groot-i-am @theglowingeyes @r3d5t0n3 @makotos-sexy-back @effortlesslynerdy @as-i-try-to-walk-away @unfilteredsarcasm @flyingmintbunny2 @aconfusedprocrastinator @meandmystrangehabits @merrybuttbuttsivan @ilysmtronnor @moll-dog @ironic-cat-whiskers @paytonispepe @gleekywolfer @geekykelsey @kittymattrazzsworld @zozoisthebae @fangirlspov @tylers-little-queen @valarie-with-2a-s @living-life-ironically @ashesofmusic @flyinggayflag  @sparksofjade @thefrontghosts @apocalypse-ple4se @daenerys-smaugborn @nebulasloth @your-lusus-is-on-fire @aphangirluniverse @thedancingpegasus @fabulousjordan @supermassivesaladbowl @memeslut-af @thedenouementofjessica @phan-waver  @amricana @slaying-troyler @emmy-the-fangirl-murray @justanothersillylife @palecupcakekid

you should follow all of these people

Edit: just added more people i am v sorry if i forgot you feel free to make a call out post about me

I just found out one of my absolute favorite blogs in the LoK fandom elected to delete. Some of you know why. I’m sad to see it gone. And the girl who ran it is so sweet. I honestly loved messaging with her.

Book 1’s premiere back in April of 2012 was what started my tumblr experience. I’d never been a part of a real fandom before - I just experienced stuff on my own, making drawings no one would ever see and headcanons that no one would ever know, not even knowing to call them “headcanons”. I remember having about 4 followers for the first month or so (shout out to those 4 if you’re still here).

Korra and the entire Avatar series has been a big deal in my life. I know some say “it’s just a cartoon, guys”, but that’s not how it works. Stories are the most important thing we do. Stories are what drives how we deliver our history, our morals, and influences how we produce our art and process our emotions. Stories lead our lives. We invest the most precious things we have in them: our creativity and our time. That’s why people are so passionate about these narratives and characters, and why so much debate can ensue over their outcome.

I advocate Death of the Author. Immensely. I do not condone a creator acting like there is only one right way to interpret a piece. Intention doesn’t dictate how things come across. To assume the opposite is to be a poor writer and artist. I think it also proves to be a very harmful way of addressing those who have chosen to invest themselves in your story.

Being on this site expanded my love for the LoK series in so many ways, and I am grateful for that over these past 3 years. I’ve met a lot of beautiful people. But I’m starting to realize more and more that tumblr is not full of the most efficient creatures. The mob sensation is so quick and easy here. People will jump on anything to make themselves feel in the right, to make themselves feel superior to others. If there’s a chance to condemn someone, people will flock. It’s unreal. And it’s so scarily easy to attack others from behind screens, especially as anonymous entities, where humanity becomes a bit lost in malice on both sides without having faces to put the names to.

I’m not leaving. But I am starting to feel myself recede back into my own bubble of isolated experience… I guess I’ve also never been a part of a fandom after our series ended. I don’t like this conflict of validation thing going on. I know myself and I know my reaction to the end of Korra, and I know that I am not alone in feeling the way I do, and that those feelings are not wrong.

So I ache for anyone who’s felt invalidated in their feelings, no matter where you lie in all of this. Try to remember that one person’s actions doesn’t represent a whole group; that one misspoken paragraph doesn’t define an entire girl. And also…

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” -Dalai Lama